Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



Brain Scratch – John Lordan
Part 3: 


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  1. MD says:

    Watched this story on ID again. So many blog comments to go through. Hoping justice comes soon. Things that struck me as odd or should have been looked into –

    1) It has always bothered me that the bf’s mom called her friend after the murder with the same strange accent (her identity verified and exposed when the friend called the number back) – I think she may have denied doing it but phone records would easily prove who is telling the truth. If that call was made the mom is involved. No other explanation could make sense.

    2) BF (and his mom) are shown crying but the majority of times no tears – just a lot of eye wiping. Felt very disingenuous.

    3) I believe the bf is a realtor too? If that was the case why didn’t he go into the house with his friend and pose as another realtor (which he is) with the friend playing a different prospective buyer. Why wait in the car? The couple wouldn’t have known he was her boyfriend and it’s very common to have multiple realtors show up to a property at the same time.

    4) the bf’s mom claimed she took a walk with Lindsay and Lindsay claimed to be afraid of Matt her prior bf. I can’t imagine speaking with my new bf’s mom about my ex. Odd and not believable.

    5) have the cops investigated sale records for that dress? Looked into hotels to see who was staying in the area? Checked cell phone tower records to see what phones were pinging in the area? Even if they had burners they most likely had their real phones with them.

    6) if the cops know the identity of the purchaser of the burner phones they have the identity of the killer(s). Time for arrests.

    Everything I see points to the boyfriend’s mother. Does she have an alibi?

  2. Ken Miller says:

    Jeff…..I was touched by your heartbreak. I have 3 daughters and 8 granddaughters. I cannot imagine what you felt at the time and feel now after all these years.

    The boyfriend. What would be his motive? His not going in to the house
    is bothersome. I was in real estate a lifetime ago. No reason for him staying outside. This was planned, but, professionals would not stab Lindsay 40 times. That is rage. A couple with that much rage? Have there been other victims in North America that match that MO? Or even broaden the scope to worldwide. Similar cases?

    This has to be a paid job. A random killer might be involved, but, two? Both committed to killing this sweet young lady? The killers walked to the house? From where? Did neighbors see this couple, with the lady wearing a distinctive dress, just stroll by and then stroll back to their car? So many loose ends. I just wish I could help give both Lindsay and Jeff peace……

  3. Jennifer says:

    I just watched this on dateline and read a few stories.. questions I have.. if the suspects ran off do they know how they got there in the 1st place? And the cellphone.. was there a follow up on the fake address to that business and the fake name? And who is the lady sitting next to Lindsay’s mother in her 1st public plea?? Thank u..

  4. Kat says:

    I think they need to investigate Shirley! She may have decided she didn’t like her on that “family vacation” and maybe Lindsey told her on that walk that she was missing her EX and no mother would want to hear her son wasn’t good enough. She may have already been jealous of a younger pretty lady in her office that would end up outselling her!!! Check Her!! When Lindsey said something wasn’t quite right about the phone call, Shirley should not have allowed her to go alone. Just saying!

  5. Search
    Lindsay Buziak Murder
    Have You Seen This

    Jessica Douglas on December 14, 2020 at 5:26 PM
    Is that the exact dress looking to be identified or a dress used for illustrative purposes? That exact dress was made by Nine West.

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    Blog at


    • Svetlana says:

      Nine West was sold by Sears and The Bay. But I think it’s impossible to trace it now – maybe back then if police actually did something about it. But today, with Nine West being an American company and went through Bankruptcy I am not sure if you can find this particular dress and how many were sold in BC and to whom. You can try with present owners Authentic Brands Group in New York.

      • lbmurder says:

        Solving Lindsay’s murder isn’t the problem; Saanich police are the problem!
        Cover up!

        • Lady Wendy says:

          With regards to the “dress,” I am the one who found it. To my recollection, It was not made by Nine West, and was not sold at the department stores you mentioned. It was from a chain store that you could find in the mall, eg. Like Mayfair Mall.
          Not sure where you got your information from? And….just for the record, I am quite sure SZ could ever squeeze into that dress!! (Even with Vaseline)

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            We don’t know that was THE dress. Was probably one in a size smaller than the one worn on the day of the murder. Also, SZ could have weighed less at that time.

  6. Just A Canadian Citizen says:

    Why is Lindsay’s petition not getting more signatures? Do people really just not care or don’t want to get involved? Signing your name for Justice will not get you involved. Of course I signed and my sister did too. I have shared as I am sure many have. This case is known all over the world now so where are the signatures needed? I really don’t understand. I signed because “What if this was my kid?”

  7. Mike A says:

    Cell phone tower “pings” show that the phone traveled on the ferry from Vancouver the day before the murder… was there ever any result from CCTV footage of passengers at the exact time of the ping … narrowing down the number of people significantly to sift through, let alone probably looking for the couple???

    • Svetlana says:

      They had this key information. They had lots of clues actually. Even the place where the cell phone was purchased. How can clerks not remember their clients! Even if they didn’t get questioned by the police, do they not watch the news? Did any say something to the police but it was kept from public knowledge?

  8. Jeff Buziak says:

    Dear Chief Scott Green, Saanich Police

    13 Years – No Arrests
    3 months No Update

    It has been 3 months since I was in Victoria for the Annual Walk for Justice for Lindsay Buziak and to do media interviews which you appear to avoid. Therefore, I am writing to you as head of the police organization tightly maintaining control of the failed Lindsay Buziak murder investigation, that has had no results or concrete reporting for 13 years now, for answers. Myself and thousands of others locally and around the world would like a detailed update to what exactly Saanich police are doing to solve Lindsay’s murder, specific steps being taken to move things forward and target dates for arrests.

    We all take this very seriously and would like to hear from you Chief Green as head of this organization and not a rookie public relations officer blathering meaningless words over and over as in the past with no results thereafter. Please respond in detail as that is your duty as head of the Saanich police a public entity sworn by oath to be accountable to the citizens. Your organization is failing at one of Canada’s highest profile murder investigations and we want to know why and what you are doing about resolving this serious matter in detail.

    The killers and conspirators involved in savagely murdering Lindsay Buziak while at work have been walking free in Victoria, BC for 13 years now while citizens live in fear they could be next. The only time we hear from Saanich police is when I am in Victoria on February 2 for the annual Walk for Justice and it is usually meaningless pr talk from some rookie police officer assigned to pr duty. This is not acceptable Chief Green. We want to hear from you! What is being done Chief Green and when should we expect arrests and charges?

    Chief Green it is no secret that you have held various senior positions, including Head of the Detective Division, at Saanich police since Lindsay was murdered on February 2, 2008 and that you have been involved directly and indirectly with Lindsay’s unsolved murder. It is your responsibility now as Chief of Saanich police, even more than in the past, to see there is resolution in Lindsay’s murder investigation or the best part of your career as a Saanich police officer and now Chief of police has been a failure. What is being done in detail Chief Green and when should we expect the announcement of arrests and charges? It is your duty to report and we are asking you for that. Please provide a detailed update report with targeted arrest dates.

    Jeff Buziak, father

    Justice 4 Lindsay Buziak

    • Robin says:

      Such a Jackass he is and rude one at that! No accountability should mean no paycheque. How did he get to be Chief anyway? Oh yah promoted via union called “The Old Boy’s Club”
      No monthly fees needed at that union just follow the yellow brick road one by one til it’s your turn. What a joke and a sham.

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      Saanich police keep the file classified as active over the years even though most of the time they are doing nothing so no one has access. If its classified as active, no access. if it’s classified as cold there is access. Saanich play police control the classification. Recently, because people are finally seeing how inept they are and capital media are challenging them in court, they are shuffling around playing police again to show its active so no one can access the file, they tell the judge they are on it and show Minister Farnworth they are active but it’s all just a smoke and mirrors game they play to cover up something and justify keeping the investigation classified as active. 13 years is ample time for anyone to get what they need to do their job. They arent capable and more importantly their leadership do not know what to do to be successful and really don’t care. They wait for things to resolve themselves while spending time convincing us how important and capable they are when in reality we see they haven’t got what it takes. They are trying to save face more than solve a murder which is really sad and unacceptable. Chief Green even ducks and hides from the media on the topic of Lindsays murder because he doesn’t want to bullshit the public because they have nothing and have accomplished nothing! So, they send out a rookie pr officer who knows nothing about the file to spew what leadership tells him to which is basically misleading the public because they are nowhere and can’t get it together. They just want it all to go away, especially me! How about arrests and charges? As we see they don’t know how! Chiefs bumble along until they retire and pass the hot potato to the next overpaid chief who can’t solve Lindsay’s murder because they aren’t capable! Time has proven this out hasn’t it. 13 years and nothing with not a peep from turtle Chief Green.

      • Saanich Resident says:

        Jeff what if they are capable of solving this file, but are and have intentionally derailed the investigation because it would implicate past and present members of the SPD with super shady stuff?

        Have you ever spoken to a civil lawyer about suing them and or the Minister Of Public Safety, not necessarily for financial purposes but to get access to information through discovery?

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        I don’t live in BC but live in Canada and am truly shocked that there is no one out there that can take this case away, make it a cold case, and allow others to start all over to solve it. I really think there is too much corruption involved for this to be called a cold case. Unfortunately I think Lindsay saw or heard something that was much bigger than she ever imagined so she was executed to save face for those involved. Lindsay was just a young woman working and trying to succeed in her chosen career. She dated the wrong fella without knowing. This is so hard to comprehend. ENOUGH

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I agree. Either we agree to this blindness or we have to seek justice. Equal treatment to all.

    • Svetlana says:

      There’s something very suspicious about this. Who are they covering up or protecting?

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      For those of you who don’t know and those of you who want to know this is how things work at the highest level at Saanich police and how they interact with the police board. It is backwards to today’s standards and uses the unacceptable antiquated AK System of promotions not applicable today and barely acceptable as far back as the donkey era but allowed in Saanich because police hierarchy rule and go unchallenged.
      The Chief Constable is always promoted from within and the police board is informed who it will be along with the deputy chief hand picked by the incoming chief prior to being installed in HIS position. They are masons. Normally, a police Chief position should be put out publicly to open competition by the police board and a chief hired by ability, qualifications, merit and experience but not at Saanich. It is strictly done in house by the police using the AK System of appointment and the police board is not involved. Ability, qualifications, merit and experience rarely play a part in a Saanich police chief appointment. Their appointment is based solely on the AK System rarely used anywhere in the modern world any longer.
      All inspectors, of which some are head of individual departments, are chosen carefully using the AK System of appointment of position by either the current chief or prior chief and the police board are informed who the individuals are and what position they will be appointed to. These jobs normally are applied for and awarded by merit and should be reviewed with the whole process involving the police board but not with Saanich police. It’s the AK System that has always been used and will continue to be used. The police board is not involved and merit does not have a priority in the AK System.
      Interaction with the police board is strictly done through the chief. This interaction is on budgetary matters only and does not involve hiring or appointing of positions. The police board are informed by the chief and always ceremoniously approve. Questions by the board on budgets for individual departments including their administration are answered by the chief and not the individual heads of the departments who often don’t attend police board meetings. In Saanich, the AK System appointed chief of police rules; even the police board. The Mayor, approved by the police heads the police board. Any mayor opposed to the Saanich way and not a mason is harassed by police as proven in Saanich by the illegal fiasco surrounding former Mayor Richard Atwell under Chief Downies rule whose wife was the Mayors Executive Assistant. Yes, that blatant and bad!
      Saanich police rule their own kingdom unaccountable to anyone and everyone and are not challenged until now. If they are challenged by anyone gangster like action is taken as I’ve experienced and people current receiving threatening letters from police lawyers who should be ashamed and reported to the Law Society of BC. Saanich police are, however, slowly being exposed and it is only a matter of time before their well established kingdom falls. Ultimately fractional policing in Greater Victoria must end. There needs to be one police force and the old self controlled fiefdoms like at Saanich police need to go along with the AK System of appointment of positions. I know the current BC Government is fully aware of this problem and are taking steps to be more involved with changing this. Policing in Saanich MUST change. It is dangerous to the community. Murder is allowed!
      Please write letters to Premier Horgan and Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth.

      Jeff Buziak, father

      Solving the Lindsay Buziak murder isn’t the problem; Saanich police are the problem!

      Justice For Lindsay

      AK System = Ass Kissing System

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Illegal fiasco is right! The alleged conduct of the SPD surrounding the unexpected mayoral win by Richard Atwell was nothing less than CRIMINAL HARRASSMENT. Shockingly the local media didn’t bat an eye when Richard went on local radio and let the public know what they were up to. |I don’t know what was more shocking the alleged illegal behaviour of the SPD, according to Richard they pulled him over multiple times without JUST CAUSE or any kind of cause for that matter, or the deafening roar of complete silence from the media and officials. Crazy! Richard saw the problem with the old boys club in the SPD and was going to do something about it. The SPD were DESPERATE to stop him. What’s up SPD? What are you so desperate to hide from the public? Saanich council was in on it too. Who gave them the right to freeze out and spy on a duly elected official?

    • David says:

      Sorry for your loss. I have a 22 year old daughter now, and can’t even imagine your pain for the last 13 years. I hope something breaks in the case, I posted a few comments just now on my thoughts after seeing the case on TV and reading the articles associated with the case. My thoughts are with you and your family.💔

  9. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Sign the Petition

    I have a very important meeting on May 12th with the BC Government. I really need your help please. We need to get as many signatures as possible on the Lindsay Buziak petition to have Saanich police replaced. Please Help. Recruit everyone you can to sign. We need this petition to crest 10,000 signatures. Thank you.

    Solving Lindsay’s murder isn’t a problem; Saanich police are the problem!

    Justice 4 Lindsay Buziak

    • lbmurder says:


  10. Paige says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I watched the case on brain scratch and learned about this site. I am 26 years old myself and am very close to my father and I think you are AMAZING for keeping her car alive. I had a idea that you’ve probably heard but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to say it. I’ve heard you can do something to where you can see who views your website and how often. I’m not sure exactly how it works but it’s also common that murders like to watch and stay updated on their own crimes. So maybe the killer has visited this site and probably often. Maybe you can look into the top views of even every viewer just in case it could lead to the killer. Like I said I’m not sure exactly how it works but if you can do it maybe it could help? I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m sorry if this was a waste of time. I read a book were the husband of his missing wife did this to try to get a lead of who took her. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  11. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Qualities Expected of a Police Chief

    What makes a good police chief?

    The strong morals, honesty and communication skills demonstrated by a leader with integrity will reinforce the agency’s mission statement and the community’s expectations of professional policing. Without integrity, there is little hope for trust and legitimacy to be perceived by the officers OR the community.

    Justice for Lindsay Buziak

    Murdered 02/02/2008 Unsolved


    Chief Scott Green, Saanich Police


  12. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    FEBRUARY 15, 2021 AT 1:07 PM

    Lindsay Buziak Murder Review February 2021

    Hello Everyone

    Here is my February 2021 review of the unsolved murder of my daughter Lindsay Buziak murdered on February 2, 2008 while at work. Her murder is being investigated(sic) by Saanich police of Victoria, BC CANADA. I attended Victoria recently to do the annual Walk for Justice for Lindsay on February 2, 2021. Saanich police released a public relations video at that time dated January 21. I will keep this as short as possible while still clearly giving the most accurate assessment possible of the whole scenario.

    Saanich police are given a mandate to fulfill for the citizens, by the citizens and the Minister of Public Safety on behalf of British Columbia to uphold and enforce the law and they individually swear an oath to perform their duty as stated. In the case of the Lindsay Buziak murder, Saanich police are supposed to react, investigate, arrest and serve charges to all those responsible for killing Lindsay in a swift, efficient, professional manner while communicating to the family and public, who they are responsible to and work for, and to keep us fully informed as to their progress.

    What have Saanich police done in this past 13 years since Lindsay Buziak was murdered at work the day after 7 senior Saanich police officers retired? They reacted! However since their initial confused reaction they have not arrested or charged anyone. They certainly have not kept us fully informed as to what their progress is, what they are working on, if anything at all, and they have not kept us updated with any type of meaningful progress report or target date for arrests and they work for us! They have not released the names of suspects and we don’t know if they even have any. They have given us countless explanations and excuses why they have failed at their job of investigating and solving a murder with arrests and charges. They have attacked, with threats, members of the public and me for holding them accountable and exposing who they really are. They have used public relations techniques to attempt to fool us that they are actually doing something by saying more than once over the years they are committed , recommitted, reviewed, working with the RCMP and now dropping the name of the FBI to attempt to create the illusion that they are on it working hard BUT, there are no arrests, charges or results of any kind and we are supposed to still believe them!

    Saanich police are simply using any tactic they can to cover-up for their failure to perform their duty. They do this only when I show up every year on February 2, Murder Day, to Walk for Justice for Lindsay or in the event of a major show I’ve participated in which they now refuse to participate. What are they doing and what are they informing us about, as they should be doing, the rest of the year while we all fret, worry and do everything we can to assist and remind them killers are walking free in Victoria? Yes, Nothing but hiding behind their blue line of silence and ignoring. Once a year they appoint some low ranking newbie smiling police officer to speak on their behalf and basically lie for them by dropping names of other agencies, reviews, videos and hollow words while their Chief of police hides in shame at some dog announcement and avoids reporters questions because he is ashamed and totally embarrassed at their failure. They react, not by working and arresting, but by playing an annual public relations game to try and fool everyone. They’ve failed! Saanich Police RATING “F”.

    What have we been doing? What is our duty in this mess created by Saanich POLICE by their failure to perform their duty? Our job first and foremost is to recover from the excruciating shock of being informed a wonderful young woman was senselessly and savagely murdered while at work in Saanich, BC. Our duty/job is to observe and make sure police are doing something about the terrible crime against a woman. Our job is to assist police to provide them with information we know or hear about this terrible crime. Our job is to support police by providing them everything required to do their job as professionals. Finally and most importantly our job is to hold police accountable and make sure they are performing their duty owed to us because they work for us. Guess what? We are doing our job. We have been remarkable at our job! We have done everything and more that we are supposed to do! We have informed police, we have poked under every rock, we have discussed all aspects of Lindsay’s murder, we have encouraged others to go forward with information, we have done numerous shows, podcasts, letter writing, walks, media interviews, maintained a website, got the whole country involved, the world! We have acted above and beyond our duty as people, as citizens. Our Rating “A+” without doubt. BUT, NO Arrests! Why?

    SAANICH POLICE!!!!!!!!!!

    If there is a problem with drinking drivers killing people what do you do. As we see, the province gets more harsh with penalties. If the problem persists the penalties become increasingly harsher to the point of zero tolerance and people go directly to jail. Police increase their presence and become way more serious and aggressive. Police do what is demanded by the people to eliminate deaths by drinking and driving. What do police do in Saanich when a young woman is murdered at work? Yes, NOTHING!

    Saanich police are a department at Saanich municipality. They are a department along with maintenance, parks, sanitation, roads, water and sewer, fire etc. Please think about this. What if all those other departments acted like Saanich police do. No communication, an annual brief hollow press release but no parks get maintained, no repairs or janitorial services at Saanich buildings, parks not attended to, roads not repaired nor water or sewer repairs are done and fires are not put out or your cat rescued from a tree. What would that be like in Saanich? Would everyone sit back and say oh well they are trying? No! Why do we allow police to get away with murder or not doing anything about murder? I certainly won’t allow them to and I know you don’t want this fiasco either so lets step it up.

    Saanich police need to arrest and charge all those responsible for killing Lindsay Buziak or resign from the investigation in shame and defeat. No more hollow words, stupid pr videos and another useless recommitment to the case to fool some people. Arrests and charges are all Saanich police have left to save face or we need to completely expose and dismantle their little empire they have created to produce jobs leading to comfortable retirement plans. We need to continue to be more serious about holding Saanich police accountable and extend the accountability to elected officials responsible. For the last 13 years Saanich police have not been protecting us, they have been protecting criminals who murder. We have been doing our job however, there is something seriously wrong at Saanich police!

    After recently meeting with Saanich police at their request and listening to their new commitment they thanked me for arranging with volunteers to put them in touch with the FBI. Unfortunately, they won’t tell me what they are doing or when we can expect arrests. They tell me they are serious which I’ve heard for 13 agonizing years now. They were adamant I only use their appointed contact at Saanich police to share thoughts and information. When I asked for the contact information of the other officer present at the meeting as back-up I was refused that with a raised voice. I came across information so I called last Thursday and still haven’t had a call back from Saanich police. They continue to show me/us who they really are.

    Lets step it up and work harder this year. Please. If we stop nothing gets done at Saanich police on Lindsay’s murder. If I don’t show up there won’t even be a public relations release by a junior Saanich police constable who knows nothing about Lindsay’s murder. Chief Scott Green will retire with his big fat pension like his 3 predecessors have done since Lindsay was murdered. Another Mayor will come and go. Lindsay’s murder will not be solved unless we take action. We need to pressure Saanich police and senior politicians more.
    Please write the following individuals regularly demanding action in the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. Everyone from anywhere in the world but especially in Canada, in British Columbia, in Victoria, in Saanich. This is very important and it does make a difference. This concerns all of us.

    The murder of women must stop. It is the ultimate abuse.

    Killers Walk Free in Victoria, BC!

    Murder has been allowed.

    Premier of BC, John Horgan

    Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General of BC, Mike Farnworth

    Attorney General of BC, David Eby

    Mayor of Saanich, Fred Haynes

    Saanich police Chief, Scott Green

    Thank you very much for your time and support. Lets Do This!

    Justice 4 Lindsay

    Jeff Buziak, father

    • Confusedius says:

      If Saanich police are the corrupt, incompetent, complicit, etc., etc., department everyone here suggests, why then should anyone ever trust them with information, tips, etc., to help solve this crime? If this conspiracy is true, why not advise everyone immediately to stop supporting SPD with useful information/tips and instead direct everyone to provide useful information to another organization you actually trust (FBI?, RCMP?, Private Investigator?, etc)?

      Jeff, why should people who you suspect have information come forward to give this info to SPD, possibly risking their own safety, if you continue to tell people not to trust SPD and demand they be removed from the case?

      I 100% appreciate your frustration and agree SPD has been a total failure. I’m just confused with the logic.

      • Jeff Buziak, father says:

        I know people like to come on here and play games which is fine as it is an open forum. I appreciate your dialogue but I know you are trying to play with words in your comment to erode the credibility of people on this site and myself. The message has been very clear for quite some time from myself and others. You have failed to read that message and either simply don’t get the point but by your well written comment you just want to play mind games. Nonetheless allow me to continue assuming you have failed to get the point. The point is you are correct. The point is Saanich police need to be replaced not helped or assisted because they have wasted everyone’s time and 13 years with their spotty, amateur, failed effort if it can even be called that. They need to be fired from the job. That has been my message for quite some time now and it has been very, very, very clear. I’m sure you understand that and have read that.

      • Rosanne says:

        Turn your question around. Why in 13 years has Saanich Police department not received the tips and information to solve the case? Have you ever thought that while a grieving father was coming to his conclusions that the criminal element with information and/or involvement knew it might be their own murder to be the next unsolved one if they talked! The right thing to do is send the police any scrap that might help them after all it is their job to be focused on anything that might solve this case. Why would Saanich keep providing Mr. Buziak with more tips and evidence that they aren’t going to get this job done?

        • Ole P Hildebrand says:

          Likely they have received several tips, however it seems to be kept in secret all through the soon to be 14 years. Loks to me and many others that someone has a “HOLD” on Saanich Police.

  13. Mark Cardona says:

    I saw the story on Own and I read the site info. Here are the things that stand out to me.
    1). People are creatures of habit. The Cell phone bought in the name Paulo Rodriguez stands out. Here in south Texas there are hundreds with that name but in Canada, I doubt it. People don’t just use random names. Since there was construction in the cul-de-sac and the Zailo family has construction company associates I would search if there is anyone working in construction with a smilier name. I would search for both First or last name or both together. The fact that they choose Mexican names and accents means there is an association all you have to do is find it. Since they are in real-estate they probably have illegals working make ready, odd jobs and construction as well as a side drug business.

    2) The burner Cell phone. It was purchased months before used. Again organized well planned crimes have patterns due to being creatures of habit. I would try to investigate any purchase phones under similar names and locations. If the killer purchased this phone chances are they purchased other phones and maybe they have camera footage or other purchases. The timing of the purchase of the phone tells me they have done this before.

    3) The dress. It was so unique that someone should be able to track back where the dress was purchased from.

    4) The phone call to Nikki. This is so strange and what it tells me is that Nikki is trying to say without saying that Shirley has something to do with it. This is so out of place that is sticks out.

    I feel for the Dad. I would want someone to help me. If I were the cops, investigators, DA or the dad I would focus on the Zailo Family. All roads lead to them. Shirley and any friends of Jason with drug connections. I would pull back the layers of the Zailo family IMO.

    • Svetlana says:

      On True Crime Daily youtube video UNSOLVED: Who killed Lindsay Buziak? Realtor believed to be targeted, Chris Horsley says “..was he perhaps somehow involved in the planning? Well he successfully passed the polygraph…”

      What does the professional FBI say to that?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Just goes to show how out of touch and incompetent they are when it comes to solving a murder. Either that or they are trying to distract the public from who they should be looking at. Either way completely LAME.

      • Juscause says:

        They have been quiet…after rhr big news announcement…FBI working on case…..hmmmm

    • Svetlana says:

      And he says “We do know from the forensic evidence that both the man and the female did go through the home”

      Why not say man and a woman? Or say male and a female?

      Was it possibly two males? Is that in the redacted report?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        What forensic evidence SPD? Seems to me that any amount of forensic evidence could crack this case wide open…….

        • see closely says:

          That is correct(connect the points)If there was any forensic evidence,the case would be solved long time ago.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Exactly. So when Horsley says ” we know from the forensic evidence that the man and the woman went through the house ” what forensic evidence is he talking about?

  14. Svetlana says:

    Zachary Scott Matheson. Known as Ziggy and an undesirable and good friend of Jason’s. What was his alibi on February 2nd 2008? Were calls made between him and Jason? Did police take DNA from him and check him out? Is he still in prison?

    • Robin says:

      No he’ll be out by now. 5 yrs and he was sent to prison in 2017 for 5 yrs so approx 2 1/2- 3 yrs mean he’s back being a father a husband and a honest working citizen paying his share of taxes by now…… lol… yup I bet he’s attending church on Sundays and helping out at the soup kitchens or for sure helping the homeless people work on their addictions if ya know what I mean. 😉

  15. Saanich Resident says:

    Something so big that those involved want kept hidden and in the shadows in which trickles down into dirty saanich police cronies stinks like fish here.

    When you have crown counsel members in Victoria doing back door deals to sweep Hells Angels and associates drug investigations under the rug and letting them be if they move up to shawnigan lake and out of Victoria you have a big problem.

    I’ve heard that something big is going on behind the scenes in Victoria that has RCMP at the Federal level are involved in and potentially connected to the B.C. Legislature Investigation involving those cronies who bought wood splitters and billed the legislature.

    My gut feeling is that the Saanich Police have been “hands off” on this file because closing it would open a giant can of worms that would have SPD members, past district of saanich office holders, corrupt lawyers, judges, and union club cronies implicated in some really dirty business.

    • Svetlana says:

      Saanich police is busy looking for stolen cell phones.

    • see closely says:

      My belief is that it is a very personal “business.”
      Still,I don’t understand why AG office seem to keep away from this affair-if not directly steering it to stand-still.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Ms Lindsay Buziak should not have been killed because of all the scum and low lives that live in BC. Time for all the scum and low lives to pay the price. Firing squad comes to my mind with a sharp shooter for sure. Then beautiful BC can start over with people that have morals and values. The province of BC needs serious policing because of the ocean and all the crap that comes in off of it. The real estate prices are sickening and why? I bet there are many that can answer that. In a perfect world all the corrupt politicians, cops, lawyers, accountants, money lenders, real estate people, whoever is making money and not paying their taxes………., would all be removed. We do not live in a perfect world but this young woman deserves justice and she deserves it NOW. I do not live in BC and never will until it gets cleaned up somehow!

    • Lillian says:

      Yes, I’ve always suspected an indirect connection with Victoria MLA’s.
      Plecas was privy to some very incriminating evidence involving several politicians, policing and officers of the courts. Much like the BC Rail scandal this dirty drug money by the Zailo’s real estate front is exactly what’s happening. I suspect information (tangible or otherwise) was what Lindsay had “seen.” Big enuf she knew to keep quiet for the interim but a prime opportunity (and motive) for the Zailo murderers’ to not only enact personal revenge on an innocent women, but to disguise it as some other motive. (drug thugs)

      Tap House (not it’s name now) used to be a big meetup point for all these entities to gather, here is the connection as printed by the local news……

      “Tap House’s co-owners was James L. James, a step-son to the former clerk of the B.C. legislature, Craig James.

      Today, James L. James is a mortgage specialist and pre-qualification specialist working for Jason Zailo’s Dominion Lending Centre franchise, an alternative lender.

      Zailo had been Buziak’s boyfriend at the time of her murder.

      Then there’s Buziak’s former co-worker from Re/Max, the one involved with the mid-level drug dealer. She quit Re/Max the day after the murder and has been described as a less than cooperative person-of-interest ever since.

      She had connections with the former government and went on to take a job in the finance ministry, as a corporate compliance clerk in the registration and certification division after the murder. The division’s responsibilities include lotteries and gaming integrity.

      Later she became a program assistant in the ministry’s corporate information and records management office which has responsibility for the government’s access to information operations, privacy and government records service.

      She no longer seems to work for the government and was unable to be located for comment. Her government email address and telephone numbers are no longer in service.”

      Let that sink in…… she is not only hiding for her life, but she too is privy to substantial incriminating evidence. After all the Stupid Police have been able to hide the killers of Lindsay for 13 years, this girls death would be of little significance, if she isn’t dead already!

    • Robin says:

      Something like that last paragraph for sure.

  16. Lisa Knapp says:

    Watching this case on Dateline- Own. I am from Iowa and we have a similar case, Real Estate Agent, Ashley Okland from Des Moines, IA. Wondering if there is any connection. Praying both cases get solved.

  17. Tammy bullock says:

    Heres my two cents. A younger sibling of someone in Lindsay’s world came up with an off the wall idea to do SOMETHING. maybe a few things fell into place and this person landed on having Lindsay present herself to show the house, again, planning in advance of committing some sort of crime , but only deciding on where and what and who the crime would be involving, really at the last “minute”. It sort of seems that they were in walking or running distance of the crime scene. Possibly, right next door or very close. Maybe they had a fence that has a gap and they slipped right off the crime scene and into their own backyard or a shed in a backyard. It’s possible that the person was already scheduled to be leaving town the next day, like off to college, or maybe getting married and moving away, something already part of life plans, and no one even would dream the person could in any way in a million years even be interested in reading about the crime NEVERMIND COMMITTING IT. the hardest crimes to solve are stranger crimes, because linking them is IMPOSSIBLE . so I don’t know, maybe research any people indirectly connected that had some big move or change in their life shortly after Lindsay’s death. Maybe someone ended up coming into the life of Lindsay’s boyfriend, or someone, maybe the motive was for example, little sister committed the crime so older sister would naturally be there to comfort Lindsay’s boyfriend and they end up together….just a thought.

    It seems like sometimes a crime is unsolved because the leads become so wide range and the answer is super simple, but only simple if you have one inkling of where to look close to home. close to home, but so far from obvious.

  18. Tupac says:

    Panicking calling the police before breaking in and running straight upstairs to Lindsay to make sure your DNA is all over Lindsay and the murder room is a dead give away that Jason is involved, also his major fuck up about saying how he knew she was dead because she was cold, if she was killed at 5:30pm or even 4:30pm no f’n way she was cold.

    Any competent Detective would/should be able to pick apart his elementary school level “alibi” & story of events, heck random people on the internet can it seems like the only people that can’t are the Sannich police aka the stupid police department. What the fuck do those morons do all day over there???

    • Wyatt says:

      So true. Elementary to inspector Clueso and Watson. Then again, SPD employees nothing but Clueless police. Straight from the Chief to Constable. What DO THOSE FKERS DO? Oh that’s right…. find cell phone thieves. Raise money by taking a swim in the chilly waters of Saanich. Trip over each other. Stumble into catching backyard thieves. OMG … they are sooooooo competent in the services of policing. It’s unfortunate that the women of Saanich are in great danger to be violently murdered by killers unknown, 13 YEARS ON! I think ALL women in Saanich should move out of that community, it’s just not safe and policing is far less than adequate to ensure their livelihood. Who’s next? Who’s the next one who annoys the Zailo’s and crushes their ego’s? Clearly they have gotten away with murder, why not use that subtle threat on others?

    • Svetlana says:

      Calling the police to tell them he’s breaking into the house is odd behaviour.

  19. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    What is happening with this new investigation FBI etc? If nothing why is no one questioning them? We all wanted to believe that something was going to happen so now it dam well better. Where is Shirley Zailo now???????

    • Wyatt says:

      Nothing “happening” or going to “happen” it was all a ruse statement to appease us die-hards who are not giving up on this file! It was declared on the “anniversary” date…. an obvious indication that the SPD continue to be full of 💩💩 misleading the public and lying through their rotten teeth! When are the police, who police the police, going to get off their fanny packs and actually start disciplinary/investigation against the criminals operating at SPD? Oh, I know. Never! Time to disintegrate the SPD cause their professional abilities are inept. They are a joke. The SPD bring all levels of shame to policing.

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        I truly had hoped that someone was going to do something. I don’t live in BC, I have written letters that have been ignored or responded with you have to send your e mail to so and so and the BS just goes on. Who on this site lives in BC? Time for all of you to stand up as a group, there is strength in numbers. I know you can’t go to the cops for nothing but there has to be someone out there that if for not reason than to get their face in the news, that will help solve this case and bring the corruption crashing down. I am not violent but this whole case makes me want to punch someone really hard in the face.

      • PandaBear says:

        Still have hope that they are gathering evidence as I type this so that they’ll put JZ in handcuffs.

        • Wyatt says:

          Sorry mister, I got a bridge to sell ya too. The reality is, they do nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, just like Schultz in Hogans Hero’s.

  20. DP.Keller says:

    Jason, her boyfriend, was involved in her murder.
    1- Supposedly- he was supposed to attend the showing with her. But according to what he said in the interview with Dateline, he didn’t not want to go into the house upon his “late arrival” because he didn’t want to seem like a nosey boyfriend. That makes no sense she was expecting him! No reason for him to wait outside, unless he was waiting to make sure the team was finished.

    2- immediately upon entering the house he ran upstairs to the master bedroom. He didn’t search the garage, downstairs, backyard, but rather knew that he would find her in the master bedroom?!?! No at all suspicious 🤨

    3- in his own words, in the only interview with the media, he reports he knew immediately that she was dead because she was cold!! Impossible! A body takes at least 6-12 hours to get cold. He didn’t say He knew she was dead because of the massive amount of blood loss, or because of the number of injuries, or because He couldn’t get a pulse, or because she wouldn’t respond. But certainly she was not cold, as he claimed!! As a physician I can say that it is very difficult to determine if someone is dead despite massive blood loss and no appreciable pulse. Additionally with resuscitative measures many people who may appear to be dead have survived.

    By his own admission he didn’t even try to resuscitate her because “she was cold!”

    For anyone in the medical field that is a glaring lie!!

    • see closely says:

      Of course,your point is contingent on the assumption that she was killed in that house.
      Somebody else suggested that she may had been killed in other location and brought to this house afterward.In that case Jason would be right when he said that the body was cold.

    • vicres2021 says:

      I believe on dateline he said ‘I knew she was gone’. Which media interview did he say ‘cold’? Please elaborate.

    • Svetlana says:

      Did his buddy CO see him give CPR?

    • Svetlana says:

      Who amongst them would know if Jason or Shirley had ever been to the De Sousa house before? Workers? The listing agents Di Castri/Lidstone or other Remax Camosun employees? Neighbours? Mr and Mrs De Sousa?

    • Robin says:

      Very interesting. Good post

      Taken from google

      Muscle cells live on for several hours. Bone and skin cells can stay alive for several days. It takes around 12 hours for a human body to be cool to the touch and 24 hours to cool to the core.

      Jason the liar. Jason has some explaining to do doesn’t he. What exactly is the Crown council in B.C. doing.

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        Wow Robin, I found this hard to read but sure does show up Jason to be the liar he is. Someone in authority needs to be found so those that know can speak their truth without fear. I believe there are quite a few that know what happened that are not corrupt at all but fear for their lives. I don’t know anyone involved as I don’t live in BC. Just from reading for a few years now, it is so obvious. Ms Lindsay and her family so deserve peace. Too bad we can’t turn the clock back and change everything. Lindsay had concerns her B/F set her up. Justice for Lindsay Buziak and her Family is overdue.

        • Robin says:

          Justice will prevail one way or another. Lindsay’s murder will not be forgotten I can promise you this JACC. We are not going away until Justice and it will be stepped up the longer the SPD fk around. Lots of eyes are upon those MFkrs. B.C. Sucks. It’s corrupt and more to come and more to be answered for. Be glad u live in another province!

      • jon says:

        It’s not surprising to me that she was cold. She experienced tremendous blood loss which probably caused her peripheral vessels to constrict. That means her skin would have been cool to touch.

  21. see closely says:

    You mentioned -in the past-about the “narcissism” of particular person that you no longer associate with.Does that type of narcissism “vibes” with perceived narcissism of Constable Horsley?

  22. eight says:

    BC’s Police Act at section 38(1)(b) says municipal police have:

    “jurisdiction throughout British Columbia while carrying out those duties and exercising those powers.”

    and at section 38(4):
    “If a municipal constable or special municipal constable performs duties outside the municipality, he or she must, if possible, notify the provincial police force or municipal police department of the area in which he or she performs the duties in advance, but in any case must promptly after performing the duties notify the provincial police force or municipal police department.”

    So even within BC, police in any area outside Saanich would have to be notified in advance of Saanich police activity.

    But any Saanich police officer travelling to Calgary would be out of his or her jurisdiction and would require some special and specific regulation by the Alberta government, since BC does not have authority to appoint peace officers to operate in Alberta.

    So the question becomes under what authority Horsley was operating in Alberta. Who authorized him to act extra-jurisdictionally and under what legislation? This action would require both BC and Alberta approval under specific legislation.

    It is very doubtful he had those legitimate approvals, especially since the purpose of the visit was just to harass a grieving out of province citizen into silence. The liability issues involved alone would scare off most sane administrators, even if a legal authorization avenue existed.

    We know the Saanich police brass will maintain their customary silence, but I wonder what the Calgary police department thinks of this?

  23. LiamNeesonFan says:

    Liam Neeson playing the role of Jeff Buziak solves this murder in 90 minutes!

    Liam Neeson would first get the information he needed from Lindsay’s friends and JZ’s ex girlfriend, by any means necessary, because he’s Liam Neeson. Liam Neeson knows there’s no way Lindsay didn’t tell her best friend what she knew. Liam Neeson knows there’s no way JZ’s ex and her large, successful real estate family, who are also friends of the Zailo family, doesn’t know what Lindsay knew.
    Liam Neeson knows there’s a reason both those girls got calls from the woman with the fake accent after the murder. The calls weren’t random, they were sending a clear message to frighten these girls into silence or they were next.
    Liam Neeson would get the names of the undesirables from these girls by any means necessary and hunt the undesirables down, one by one, uncovering the corruption, the money laundering, the cover-ups, the deliberately botched investigation.

    Liam Neeson would get justice for Lindsay, by any means necessary, in 90 minutes.

    • Svetlana says:

      I wonder how long JZ and his ex were apart before he met Lindsay.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay confided personal things to her close friends.

  24. Mark Roush says:

    Once upon a time in America,there was a man named Alphonse Capone, he had a used furniture store as a “FRONT” for his Criminal empire. Shirley Zailo’s “FRONT” for her criminal activities was her position at Remax. Al Capone owned (not all) police,Judges and Politicians. Who did Shirley Zailo own within the Saanich police department and possibly elsewhere ? How many properties did Shirley Zailo buy up for her drug dealer’s and their stash houses ? Shirley Zailo bought up properties with drug money that she laundered through Remax. So what did Lindsay see ? Was it envelopes of cash for a few DIRTY,CORRUPT Cops within the Saanich police department ? After all, the STAGED crime scene happened in Saanich !!!

    • OceanWaves says:

      Some questions about this podcast.
      1) How is Zander an “outsider” when he said in a written piece that he had been working at Re/Max Camosun (although it was not clear if it was during the time, after the time or before Lindsay worked there)
      2) Lindsay had been found to have “Dropped off the internet in the days and weeks before the murder” which was not her typical behavior. I assume that others outside of the Zailo family said that they spoke to Lindsay by telephone and on the internet in the days and weeks leading up to her murder. Were there other days prior to the murder that Lindsay was completely out of contact with anyone besides Jason and his family?
      3) The two phones. Behavior, behavior. Human behavior. A person planning a murder that has chosen to pick up two phones for that gig, murdering Lindsay, has in the past prior to the murder been operating with more than one phone? Simple.
      a. Who in her close circle (how many people) always operated their life with more than one phone?
      b. Who in her second circle always operated with more than one cell phone (or combination of cell phone and pager)?
      Why do I say this? A person who has always operated with one phone would not immediately see the need for two phones if they were planning a murder. They would only see the need for a single phone that was not their own. We assume that two phones were used to make a more elaborate ruse or a better scheme. However, given a pool of potential suspects that met other criteria (Jason, Matt, Shirley, Rianne, Nikki, Sabrina, Joe DeSousa, Paul B.) you can eliminate all those on the list that never had two phones prior to the murder.
      Said another way: a person who has seen the value of using two phones rather than one would do it a second time when planning and executing a murder.
      4) The comment “dogs unable to search southern perimeter because there was too much police contamination”. Huh. This comment sticks out like a sore thumb. Why?
      a) Either the Southern Perimeter (and someone is going to have to tell me where that is? The garage? The living room? Where?) was where Lindsay was murdered (and then placed in the Master if the Southern Perimeter was not the area where the Master bedroom is)
      b) And or the southern perimeter was contaminated on purpose so as to avoid scrutiny as the Southern Perimeter contained evidence of the murderer (s) that happened to be police or other crime scene officials
      i) The Southern Perimeter was contaminated purposely by police or other crime scene officials purposefully to cover up crimes of friends and or family members of police or other crime scene professionals. Such as, you guessed it, Shirely Zailo and Paul B.
      It would help to know where the Southern Perimeter is.

  25. Saanich Resident says:

    Is Chris Horsley still involved in this file?

    • lbmurder says:

      Of Course! Saanich police wouldn’t let the major player go.

      • Saanich Resident says:

        Part that flabbergasts me is that Horsley and another officer went to the extremes to book travel, board a flight, and fly to Calgary to visit Jeff, surely they could have done a simple conference call.

        Why on earth would they go to Calgary to harass and threaten Jeff?

        • Rosanne says:

          Why on earth would they do anything that might cause more pain to a victim or their family. There is no defence for that behaviour and it is blatant proof they don’t think right. A stupid move like that tarnished their own reputation. I am pretty sure victim harassment isn’t in their job description.

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          Because he is a cunt.(sorry, Brits will understand. Best one word explanation) I’ll answer at length later. Actions like that though tell us clearly why Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved!

          • Nick says:

            😂…yup that’s what he is, I’m a kiwi and that word fits him perfectly. It’s only North Americans that are afraid of that word. Chris Horsley should have been removed from Lindsay’s murder investigation right then and there. He’s what ya call a bully too. He tried to bully Jeff. Horsley is a wanker too. Good on ya Mate.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          The whole purpose of that visit was to intimidate Jeff. Not too easy to intimidate on a zoom call.

        • Jeff Buziak, father says:

          A supporter asked me recently to comment on the two Saanich police officers, lead by Constable Chris Horsley, who flew to Calgary to threaten and intimidate me and nothing was done about it even though I demanded Saanich police look into it. I sat in person with Chief Green and Inspector Morgan demanding they investigate and they refused. Morgan claimed the officers account was different. I requested a polygraph on myself and the two officers to support my truth. Inspector Morgan refused. Here is my answer:
          The message this kind of behaviour sends is disgusting. Egomaniac police officers like this think they can get away with anything and they do. The message this sends to people from Saanich police says their officers do whatever they want without being accountable. Superiors like Chief Green and inspector Morgan could care less and show us by protecting this type of behaviour by their officers. The disgusting part is they promoted this police officer and gave him a raise. The message this type of behaviour sends to the public is that police are not accountable to the public they serve and politicians do nothing about it. The message this type of behaviour sends to the criminal offenders is that police are useless, politicians are useless, the system is useless and they, the criminals, can literally get away with murder. If you don’t believe this, ask Lindsay’s friends and family.
          My daughter was savagely murdered while working and her murder remains unsolved for 13 years and the best police and politicians can do is allow a rogue officer to fly to another city a 1,000 Kms away with a back up officer and his gun, at cost to the taxpayers of Saanich, to threaten a grieving father wanting Justice for the most heinous crime against humanity; the savage murder of his daughter while at work! This is disgusting regardless of the concocted reasons Constable Horsley gave his superiors for the trip or didn’t. What else have Saanich play police accomplished with Lindsay’s murder in the last 13 years. Exactly, F**k All!
          As a graduate of the University of Victoria with a degree in Psychology, this type of behaviour from an individual is common with an egomaniac narcissist who has come to believe he has demigod like status and can do whatever he wants or manipulate anyone to believe what he is doing is right. Sicko. Sick system! Sick police culture. Any normal man worth his salt would have apologized for this type of abhorrent behaviour and made peace with the individual he abused but not a man who believes he is what I described above. He may not be typical in the Justice system but individuals like this have been allowed to operate within the Justice system which is eroding the system and not protecting the public like it is intended to do. He is allowed to operate at Saanich police because their culture allows and promotes this type of behaviour as I/we have witnessed. As long as we the public allow this type of behaviour, officers like this will continue to torment us and further degrade our Justice system to the benefit of criminals. Just ask me. Ask Lindsay! Speak Out!
          Saanich police Constable Horsley needs to be removed and/or dismissed. Who is he protecting at the cost of the savage murder of a wonderful young woman while at work. What are Saanich police protecting besides their incompetence, criminals and their silent abysmal leadership? What is Premier Horgan, Minister Mike Farnworth, Mayor Fred Haynes of Saanich protecting besides it is okay to murder a woman at work in British Columbia because they have loads of explanations, excuses and buck passing to protect that behaviour, incompetent police, themselves and murderers.
          Solving Lindsay’s murder isn’t a problem; Saanich police are the problem!
          How many times do I have to repeat this? Please Help.
          Justice for Lindsay Buziak
          Unsolved murder since February 2, 2008

          • Svetlana says:

            How would they feel if it happened to their daughter? The RCMP should have looked into that intimidation. It’s unacceptable.

        • Darwin says:

          A fish rots and stinks from the head down. Horsley’s bosses are complicit. They either allow him too much freedom or micromanage him to the extent that he is ineffective. In either scenario he is ineffective.

  26. Shirin says:

    Does anyone know if Jan Poepl, the Vancouver realtor who stabbed his girlfriend, had any connection to Lyndsay? Might be grasping at straws, but for some reason I thought of her after I saw the photo of the woman he murdered. A gorgeous brunette too.

  27. Juscause says:

    Jann peopl

  28. Juscause says:

    I may be wrong….but i believe I once read on here that Lindsay was stabbed 47? Times…just watching the news about Jann pool a realtor from the island who stabbed his gf Nicole 47 times…I know a stretch…and I know I be likely angering some who have those they believe are behind this….but…and to be honest both girls kinda look similar pretty dark haired girls…sadly…both tragic stories.

  29. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Lindsay Buziak Murder UNSOLVED 02/02/08

    Where is Justice in British Columbia for murdering a young woman?
    What the hell are Saanich police really doing besides nothing to protect women?
    Where is protection for young women in British Columbia?
    Obviously NOTHING and NON-EXISTENT!!

    Solving Lindsay’s murder isn’t the problem; Saanich police ARE the problem!

    Justice 4 Lindsay!

    Please watch this news clip from 2010!!!!!!!! PLEASE SHARE

    • IHeart80s says:

      New technology will catch them. I am running photos of both of these dresses through Samsung Bixby, an App and other programs as we speak. Whoever did this to Lindsay should turn themselves in stat. You don’t need to be an FBI agent to use modern technology. I am already getting matches. There is an eerily similar dress made by Alexander McQueen. That’s a designer. Not an everyday dress as the Saanich PD would have everyone believe.

      • Robin says:

        Check the Canadian designer named
        He had many of those exact styles back in 2008. Also his stuff was sold in Victoria store.

        • Frank Columbo says:

          I know about the dress and the police know about the dress, seems law enforcement don’t want to acknowledge this, I’m fairly sure the SP has taken the dress on display at their HQ down.

      • Svetlana says:

        I think it would be hard to find this dress and just how accurate was this dress described by the witness(es).

        I can picture Shirley buying Joseph Ribkoff clothing. It’s one of the nicer lines and better quality which of course is a bit more expensive than other standard brands in the stores. If she or someone else ever wore that type of dress someone hopefully would have said something. If it was bought in 2007 or January 2008 then the police should have looked through all “suspects” bank/credit card records of purchases for clothing (if not paid in cash). But if a clerk sold that dress wouldn’t it have rung a bell, that is if they watch/read the news? Some people have no clue what’s going on in their cities.

        I found a similar patterned Ribkoff dress but it’s blue.

        • Robin says:

          SZ has a few dresses like the one described the day Lindsay was murdered. You can google her name and see pictures of her with that swirl pattern and same style. I have seen a black and white one on her. There are so many things the SPD could do but I have very little faith in them doing anything to make arrests or solve Lindsay’s murder. It just seems more along the lines of covering up and hoping people forget is what they want. I hope I’m wrong but so many things seem off there in Saanich, B.C.

          • IHeart80s says:

            I used Bixby Vision.
            First I ran the police dummy dress and then I ran the dress that was found at the local second hand store. Both yielded good results. There were 2 dresses that were such a good match- McQueen and Ribkoff it was chilling to see.
            Although similar styles, I do not think Shirley has the money or the time for Ribkoff or McQueen. Ribkoff is a pain because you have to go into a store to buy something rather than find out the price online or order online. He has several stores in Canada. Anything that was purchased by credit card can be traced. I just saw a pants and a top I would order on his website, this will not likely happen because there is no price or order link. In 2007 and 2008 people shopping for clothes were much more likely not to buy them online but in the store.
            The dress the police used to give an idea what the witness description looked like, that is a much more common dress. Not the one the murderer wore.
            I invite everyone to also try this Bixby vision if you have a samsung smart phone. The police know about this technology. All of this technology is available to the general public because it was made for and by military, government and policing authorities. Murderers will be caught. And soon.

            • Robin says:

              👁 ❤️ 80
              SZ most certainly has the money to afford Ribkoff…. Hellooooo…
              c’mon she’s not rubbing nickels together to get a quarter. Do you have any idea how much money is made from the proceeds of crime?? You do realize Lily, Herman and Ede drive luxury vehicles and have for years. They own huge homes on Bear Mountain.
              Lily can own whatever she wants to. She’s not sitting at home thinking about ways to do the laundry she’s damn well doing the laundry. There is a store in Victoria called Suzanne’s and Ribkoff is sold there. It’s bizarre that style is liked so much by her. Google her name and you’ll
              her in a similar dress I bet. Lily will never be caught in another dress that looks like it again. She’s burned them or cut them up I bet. They wouldn’t even be donated, straight to bon fire once people started talking about “the dress” being her style.

              • IHeart80s says:

                It’s not how much she makes, her bottom line is how much she makes and how much she spends. She can still make a lot of money but be cash negative buying her dresses from discount stores. A sign of a common dress are not necessarily the colors but also the fabric and the cut. I’ve seen other photos of Re/Max Camosun employees who have better taste than Shirley. I am not trying to put her down. The swirl dress pattern is for someone going to a party or for a woman who tends to be a little overweight because you want to disguise or draw attention away from body fat. I would never call Shirley skinny but I would call her obese or even portly. DeSousa’s wife would more likely need a swirl dress to hide her chubby bits.

            • Clifford says:

              Not to be a ‘negative Nancy’ but through documents released recently it’s already been revealed the police know who owned the phone which made the calls to Lindsay…. this app you are speaking of isn’t going to solve the murder.

          • Rosanne says:

            Around the time of the murder, I had a top exactly like this dress that was bought at Pennington’s, from a rack of skirts and dresses that were the same. Black back and sleeves, red from the shoulders and white in the middle in the same swirl pattern. This style was common at that time. When the pictures of the dress came out a year later I did wonder if it might be a skirt and top, because of my top.

            • Svetlana says:

              It could’ve been a skirt and a top. At that time they were making matching separates, nowadays they don’t make matching tops with the bottoms.

  30. Allan says:

    I just came across your daughter’s case and am so sry to hear it.

    It’s definitely a personal grudge or an assassination 40 stabs shows anger or confirmed kill/kill secure!! And if there was no evidence left the killers were professionals, not ordinary amateurs who leaves proof behind which indicates a high-level group that was hired if someone went through all this to kill her with no sign of struggle from her which means they clearly know when to strike.
    She definitely knew something which was meant to be kept a secret.
    It’s a group which is not been identified yet which only the poor lady knew.
    A lady working for real estate will have a lot of high-level contacts.. in her cell phone or contact diary that killer or related to the killer is present somewhere definitely!! I just wanted to inform you of my intuition. Hope you catch the killers. No matter how clever they are. They always leave a clue behind please check every contacts even when she travelled away somewhere there will be a footprint even the killers would have forgotten..!! The killers could also be someone unrelated to real estate as well who she may have met in her travels.. might have exchanged numbers!! just giving you the possibilities..!!! Take care..

    • Darwin says:

      The murder of Lindsay Buziak- or what took place during her murder- is a succinct story, that can also be repeated as fiction. In other words it’s really happened and, it’s a fable. It illustrates a moral at the end which is “don’t show a vacant house alone at night without your boyfriend being there to people you do not know or to those who you cannot verify”. A lesson was being taught by people (Murderers) in the real estate world to people (Lindsay) in the real estate world. The only people that would concoct such a story are those living lives within the same story. It’s a story that is familiar to the murderers and everyone they do business alongside. It’s so familiar to them that they can’t see the weaknesses in their own tale. You know the phrase in Hollywood that goes “Straight outta central casting”? this one is “straight out of the MLS- multiple listing service”. It’s orchestrated by person (s) who know real estate inside and out. They know how to deal with a “green” agent, a newer agent, a young agent. They may not necessarily be realtors, brokers or agents, but are in business with them daily such as mortgage lenders, housekeeping services, managers, landlords or a combination of all of the above.
      Yes, you can believe that posts on this website are rattling the police and Lindsay’s murderers. Yes, you can believe that people are worried someone is talking. These murderers have avoided prison for 13 years. No more.
      I want to know: While Lindsay was living in her potential mother-in-laws rental unit (s) did Shirley Zailo take out insurance on Lindsay and Jason? Landlord insurance? Renters insurance? any kind of insurance?
      The province in Canada that recognizes common law is British Columbia. That means that both Jason and Lindsay were able to receive benefits that others just dating and not living together were able to receive.
      Taxes are due on April 30th each year. Lindsay was murdered on Feb 2nd, 2008, a full 68 days till taxes were due. Let’s pretend as if Jason was found to be amongst those who murdered Lindsay- an accessory to her murder. Why? Could the drug bust that occurred been more cash than what was reported to have been seized? upwards of $300K, but maybe it was more like two million? Where would the money go? if you are the girlfriend of cops and you are a realtor, perhaps they ask you and your mortgage broker son so spread the money around. The drug bust is a connection but that connection had to have spilled over closer to Lindsay. What she saw she should not have? Money laundering? falsified documents? stashes of additional cash and drugs?

    • Svetlana says:

      Do phone companies have digitally recorded conversations over cell phones? I know that with a landline it’s not possible unless it’s bugged intentionally. How about old voice mail messages? Can police retrieve old voice mail messages from Zailo’s and Lindsay and others?

      I really hope the FBI are coming along with the deletion of Facebook messages.

      • OceanWaves says:

        Had the RCMP been on this case which appears to cross multiple provinces from from the beginning they could have brought in one of the nearly 200 trained bloodhounds or trained dogs to trail the couple that was supposed to have met with Lindsay. What the govt. and police are not doing/ did not do is another reason why Lindsay’s murderers have not been found and arrested. It’s as if the authorities felt that it was so common for a realtor to be murdered on the job that it was a run of the mill investigation. There is nothing common or run of the mill about Lindsay’s murder. Murder is not normal. Please not accept any excuses from law enforcement.

  31. Kris says:

    Hello comment section. I’ve read most of the answers to my questions somewhere a while back but can’t seem to find them…Are there any solid ideas as to what it was that Lindsey saw that made her so worried? I know people in the drug trade are the scum that lines the gutters of society but I fail to comprehend how merely witnessing something could get one killed in such a awful manor. Why a knife and not a silenced pistol? Why wasn’t Shane Wilson stabbed instead of being shot? Did the Calgary bust happen before or after her visit to Alberta? I’ve heard LE knows the id of the burner phone purchaser is this true? Ive read through the comment section here and gone quite deep, and maybe I didn’t go deep enough but there seems to be an absence of discussion about a certain group of people that stick out in my mind as people that would at least have an idea of what happened.

  32. Ryan says:

    March 3, 2021: SZ calls Jeff
    March 5, 2021: Shane Wilson is murdered.

    What was posted on this site in the days immediately preceding that might have triggered these events? What new theory/post might have gotten someone or some people very worried that someone is talking?

  33. Sand says:

    I ve never seen such easy case unsolved , and police being totally useless.
    Sadly many things went in killers favor, including drugs thing, but they still made so many errors that point straight at them.

  34. Wyatt says:

    “Police and property officials say elaborate scams using fake passports and deceptive online techniques have been used in attempts to sell property without the owners knowing — including a case in Oak Bay that was only thwarted by a curious neighbour ……. Oak Bay police said a property in the 2100 block of Bartlett Drive was listed for sale without the consent of the legal owner and was being shown to prospective buyers before the scam was discovered.
    There was very limited suspect information to work with given that none of the witnesses had ever met in person with the suspect,” Oak Bay police said …..that the investigation with the assistance of Saanich police “is now concluded.”

    Ok, here comes my sarcastic side.

    So the Saanich PD “assisted” the Oak Bay PD to conclude this investigation, do you suppose the OBPD have any knowledge of the real estate corruption at the SPD with Horsley, Green, Zailo’s and Desousa? Were the SPD successful in yet another endeavour to divert suspicion from their real estate scandals, drug deals and money laundering? How is it that the SPD are able to maintain scandalous operations and blatant conflict of interest rules right under the noses of all those fine police agencies that surround the Saanich detachment? There’s a whole lot of chickens (literally) in the SPD and a whole lot of willful blindness being practiced in the house of lies and deceit. So in the end, my summary is – I didn’t believe the SPD were capable of assisting or solving ANY crime so I’m not biting this one!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Yes, Someone else asked how is it that no one else with some kind of political or editorial clout isn’t speaking up about this? I think it is because so many people are caught up in it and/or are afraid to speak up. That is the sad state of affairs.

    • Darwin says:

      Deceptive online techniques? What about video tampering? Jason is seen in the shot on Dateline Dream House Mystery video walking in the SHC parking lot. When he traverses the lot there is no paperwork in his hand. But all of a sudden- OUT OF NOWHERE you see paperwork in his hand just before he gets into the vehicle. The editing on that video was done by an amatuer. My blind in one eye grandmother could have done a better job. What you say? the cops have not arrested him? they have not charged Jason with this crime? Take the video from the Dateline Investigation ID episode here:
      the SHC lot following Jason to his SUV. Then use the setting on youtube playback speed to slow it way the heck down.

      Here is how to do that (slow down the video to .50 or .25, turn down the volume or it will be annoying) on your PC:

      And, here is how to slow down the same video on your iphone, ipad or smart phone:

      The time you are looking for just in this video are 10:23 to 10:27, right around 10:26 you see something white flash before they enter the vehicle.
      You can do that with Jason to his in person police interview video as well (slow down the speed) and watch his movements.
      The do it again to this video- Dateline Dream House Murder Episode 2. Here’s a completely different video (much lighter, without a second person) of Jason walking across the parking lot. Slow it down to .50 or .25 and watch him and the surrounding area.
      Two completely different videos of Jason walking across the parking lot at SHC. Ones dark the other is light. One has two people in it one has one person. One has no paperwork till the end and the other has what seems to be paperwork the entire time.
      What gives?

      • Svetlana says:

        How do they know that the time stamp on that video was correct? I am not sure if their camera adjusts for daylight savings time or if it has to be done manually?

        • OW says:

          Svetlana: I think you are right. The time stamps may also be fake. A result of video tampering and splicing. We can (before the police) probably prove that the time stamps are fake by finding out the camera brand, what the time stamps are supposed to look like and if there is a difference between what they are supposed to look like and what is on the alibi video for Jason. We find out, take it to the cops, the cops do not arrest Jason, someone can make a citizens arrest on Jason. The police have to accept that. Jason can also just turn himself in. It’s simple.

        • IHeart80s says:

          It’s given away that the time stamp is not legitimate if its across the bottom of the screen in a rather large font. If that is the actual footage, no one puts a time stamp at the very bottom of the screen because it blocks out some of the vantage point of the view. If your goal is to catch someone doing something inappropriate in the parking lot of the office park there, you would make the font small enough, so that you can cover a wider area of site. If the time stamp is not legitimate then neither is the entire video. It’s a fraud. I also see there is a day of the week listed in this sample.

    • Saanich Resident says:

      I think more conversation on specifics of SPD corruption and their ties to organized crime are much needed here.

      Wyatt, can we elaborate?

      • Rosanne says:

        I am going to say, it isn’t the ties, it is what looks like hands off that is concerning. Something is wrong when Victoria can make a 30million dollar drug bust and arrest 17 dealers in another operation and right next door in the same year Saanich makes the news for 12 arrests and they had to arrest some of them because other agencies were also working on cases and one almost ran into a Saanich police car to get arrested. Also 2 were made in almost the same location on 2 consecutive nights. I don’t know what this means, but I do know someone who was set up by someone who thought they were responsible for putting them back into jail. She loaned her truck out for the weekend and while driving a borrowed vehicle she saw the police on her block all weekend. Then the first time she drove her truck she was pulled over immediately and knowing she had no drugs on her she allowed a search, the officers went straight to between the cab and the box of her truck and pulled out just enough to get her arrested. So my experience with 2 arrests in almost the exact spot points to the police being there because someone wants someone else off the street. Then you come to Lindsay’s murder. The owner of the burner phone is part of a conspiracy to commit murder walking free. The reluctance to release information about suspects for a year, try to stop a reward, wasting precious solve time going after the victim’s father and making announcements that delay getting information to the public HAS TO MAKE the slowest slug wonder what’s going on there? Oh and then you got a police chief there, who running the show, doesn’t mention or give any decent excuse on if or why Saanich isn’t getting this job done. He is not even bragging about Saanich! I see the Victoria and Westshore bosses giving kudos to their departments. What other conclusions do you think we are supposed to come to?

        • Darwin says:

          I completely agree with this statement. It also appears as if some of the evidence that the police have put forth may be misleading. For example, the dress that the female suspect was wearing is a INC for Macys or Dillard’s dress. Those three colors come up all the time in their collection. It can be commonly purchased. On the other hand the dress that Lindsay’s Father found through a contact of his at a thrift shop appears to be more in line with what a news anchor or news weather girl would wear. I wonder what brand or label that dress has? The one that was found in the thrift shop?

  35. Kenneth John Bender says:

    This was an “inside” job so to speak. Look closer to the Real Estate office she was working at the time of her murder. Realtors are aware of showing homes to a single individual might be risky, but showing to a “couple” might put her more at ease. Only someone who is in the Real Estate business would know this. Also, why disguise a voice with a phony Spanish accent when calling her on the burner phone? Because there is a chance Lindsay would recognize it. who would gain at the Real Estate office? was it a jealous co-worker? management? did someone get fired BEFORE Lindsay started working there and was angry?

    • April says:

      Kenneth: Your idea is good one. In fact, the basis of the case is built on real estate. So all signs point to real estate and every detail is likely connected to real estate including a possible unknown motive. Here are some various directions to take these ideas
      perhaps we can put a website together to to help Saanich police
      I don’t want to judge but it seems fairly easy

      • Rosanne says:

        This couple is safer theory, does not work here as the man(husband) called Lindsay earlier in the day to say his wife wasn’t going to make it to the showing. So Lindsay showed up thinking she would be meeting with a lone male. That would mean Jason would be thinking that was the situation too. So when she said the Mexicans, plural were there, why wasn’t Jason surprised? How did he know she was meeting a couple when Lindsay didn’t even know that? I am sure his interrogation was done before “witnesses” were interviewed. He only saw one male walking out the door or shadows through the glass, depending on who is telling the story. Did he mention a female at all during his interrogation because he shouldn’t have known there was one there.

        • April says:

          The woman in the police sketch looks more Asian to me. Not Mexican. If the police sketch is accurate, and I have heard they are fairly accurate, has anyone had a forensic profiler try to come up with the ethnicity of the female from the police sketch? It’s the people that put together the heads of the dead that they only have bones for. I do not know what the official job title is of those who do that type of work. It seems like it might help to get one of those persons in that line of work to give a verbal analysis of what type of ethnicity (s) are connected to the sketch of the woman seen greeting Lindsay the night of her murder.

  36. Sand says:

    I m interested how did neighbors see what they saw? Where they looking in that direction? Did they hear a noise?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think one was driving by and two were walking the dog.

      • Sand says:

        From what I read they gave pretty detailed count of the events, considering they just walked by.
        I mean telling police they saw them hand shaking and “they didnt seem to know each other”
        I wonder if either they were pointing gun at her/ If they just didnt really see anything.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Yup. And also the description of the woman is a description of someone who looks a lot like Shirley in a dress that was very much like what she is known to wear. Also the same approximate height and weight, just blonde instead of brunette. And the SPD cleared her. They need to get this solved.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Yes, and it was dark. This has always sounded suspicious to me. None of those people were paying attention to what was to them routine stuff as they were driving by in the dark and walking their dog. When people are lying they forget to take into consideration unrealistic stuff. This case is full of that.

    • Svetlana says:

      I’m interested to know exactly where did Lindsay go after the lunch at Sauce restaurant. Would there have been any cameras along the way from there to her condo?

      What calls did Jason, mother and brother make or receive?

  37. Astrid says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Shirley the mother in law is shady as hell??? Either it has nothing to do with drugs OR Shirley is involved in the drug trade. Shirley is shady. I don’t even think Her son knows how shady.

    • Robin says:

      Surely she is shady. U r not the only one Astrid. Her sons know. They are as shifty as Mommy, surely they are. Drugs, oh yes. Money laundering, oh yes, Mortgage fraud, surely. There are lots of shifty shitbags parading around Victoria and Gangford as upstanding people. It’s a constant parade of fk ups getting away with Murder and Mayhem!
      SURELY the community has figured this much out FFS.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Shady is putting it nicely.

  38. Frank Columbo says:

    If the Task force is acting in unison ( talking on a daily basis ) FBI, RCMP, Saanich police the people involved in this murder better start running because they may not have enough to arrest them but they will know who is responsible I have no doubt. I think the Zailo’s need to accept the FBI polygraph and interview, so much scorn has been thrown at the Saanich police for so long the Saanich Police polygraph and interviews really lack credibility. If the Zailo’s had zero to do with this murder they can get this monkey off their back once and for all by accepting the FBI polygraph and interview. The police are not in the business of framing people they are only interested in the Lindsay case, if you had nothing to do with this be honest ! take the polygraph get your name off the list out of the news.

  39. David Gray says:

    Stranger murder of opportunity is the most difficult to solve. This case is solvable. Was there forensic evidence at the scene? DNA? Good luck to the family in finding a resolution.

    • Svetlana says:

      Obviously it was from her circle. They were so confident that outsiders will not show up unexpectedly at the house. They controlled who comes and goes. A plan set up by someone close to her from that Camosun office.

      • Robin says:

        Hmmmm I wonder who that could be? Surely u r correct with that thought Svetlana. I totally agree with you. Surely the SPD have figured this much out. Surely “Chief cat got my tongue” has been able to lead his team that far. I wonder if the silent one speaks to his team. Surely he does.

        • David Anderson says:

          SPD is bought and paid. They know Shirley orchestrated this hit. I email Shirley quite a bit and tell her she’s a murderer. She used to reply to me. Not anymore! SPD reminds me of Keystone Cops. Or, Barney Fife from Mayberry RFD.

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