Lindsay Buziak Murder


Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

605 responses to “Poll – Who Do You Think Murdered Lindsay Buziak?

  1. enrico says:

    why the killers choped off her breasts and implants psycho or what

    • Norm says:

      I never heard that she was chopped up.

      • Melanie Brooks says:

        I don’t think she was chopped up either but I am in disbelief they haven’t found her murderer or murderers.

        • Norm Matter says:

          There could be so many involved, that no one dares talk for fear of their life. Someone will tslk someday, they always do. Another great case is Jodi Huisentruit in Iowa City Iowa.

          • Jim says:

            Been following that one for decades, my guess is the father son jealousy and the access to construction sites/ equipment

  2. Dontknowme says:

    Definitely has to do with the hells angels, and I think possibly Jason or his mother put a target on her as a snitch. Causing a professional hit. My condolences, I wish the police had done more from the get go.

  3. lbmurder says:

    Lindsay did not say she was planning to return to MacDuff to anyone. Please refrain from stating false information. Lindsay did state she was leaving Zailo and the office Zailo’s mother managed.

  4. Pavlo says:

    I seen the episode on Dateline I think someone was already upstairs in the house awaiting for Linsey and the couple that showed up to meet with Lindsey could have asked to see upstairs. She took off her shoes and lead them up the stairs, after the attack the three left out the back while Jason was sitting in his car for ? minutes in front of the house. Sound logical to me!

  5. Susan Blake says:

    I think it might be a case of mistaken identity it’s happened before .

  6. steve h. yarmie says:

    Have the police searched Jason’s mother’s house for destruction of evidence? Namely the fireplace cleanout where the ashes would have been swept down!! Destroy evidence by burning it. Check that out detectives!!!

  7. Dawn says:

    Current boyfriend’s mother

  8. Tracey C Wrighter says:

    Why hasn’t Vid been arrested, and pressure put on him if he had the phone? He has to know who killed her?

  9. Wendy Hocking says:

    I am a strong believer that coincidences do not happen. Jasmine Parsons reported getting a strange phone call right after Lindsey was murdered, she put herself dead center into the situation. Jasmine was also a realtor she also dated Jason previously. I still think my love triangle/jealousy theory should be checked into.

  10. Russell Taylor says:

    Shirley Zailo had something to do with it and so did Jason.

  11. cathy combs says:

    Lindsey said: I saw something I shouldn’t have. Well who is she around the most? Jason and his mom
    she sees things in the real estate office in the moms house in cars she lives with Jason and sees all of his things. It’s them just a matter of time

    • Russell Taylor says:

      I agree strongly with your statement.

      • Fergal ÓhÉarga says:

        I don’t think the police are completely clueless. I don’t think that any professional would organise such an elaborate hit on a low level sales associate. I don’t think an insecure boyfriend would either. And I don’t think a guilty hit organiser would sit, very openly outside the murder scene while it was occurring. The solution to this awful event lies somewhere else entirely.

        • lbmurder says:

          Appears you do a lot of Don’t Thinking. How about telling us what you are thinking or is that not part of your game playing here?

    • Jim says:

      Ask yourself what would push and already jealous boyfriend over the edge, something powerful enough that would make the most jealous boyfriend crazy with rage, knowing he was on his way out of her life, and she most likely had eyes for other men at this point. Going clubbing with girlfriends, attracting more attention than usual with a new breast enhancement. Coincidentally never gets to go out with her friends,& no chance of any other man courting Lindsay.

    • Melani says:

      you’re spot on, can’t believe they’re getting away with it

      • Sweetkeyz88 Evans says:

        Because the SPD failed Lindsay and her family! Jason deleted everything off Lindsay’s computer….zailos were cleared too early! Lindsay did not love Jason. It appears Shirley could have been angry at Lindsay as both her sons were dumped by Lindsay and Lindsay was a threat to her future financial gains within the real estate market! So much secrecy, silent partners in deals within Langfordn and Colwood! The new Mayor of
        Langford was a silent partner in the log house pub purchase! Why? Zailos probably involved in Ponzy schemes as well! Jason’s mortgage co at uptown was always empty? Has anyone ever looked into that? I believe it was the Mom! She had an empty house close by where she could clean up after what she had done and returned to the house!

  12. Mike says:

    If was not a Spanish accent it was Portuguese. Locate all of the Brazilian and Portuguese females in the area at the time and you will identify the caller and eventually the killers. This has for me ALWAYS been the key, the motive and plot will be revealed. I favor an intricate thrill kill.

  13. Eric says:

    I feel, with the limited amount of information I have, that it may be the woman in the couple who was the mastermind. Lindsays trip to Calgary doesn’t seem to be of much importance because the burner phone was bought prior to that. I think it is clear that the phone was bought for the express purpose of planning the murder. Even though it seems like a professional hit job, the fact that TWO people would participate, and that they would do so at a location picked by Lindsay, seems unlikely. In my opinion, (with little knowledge of Lindsays personal life) I feel that she was involved in some sort of entanglement. This could have been years in the making. I just wish I could talk to the witnesses in the neighborhood and the friend from work

  14. Jim says:

    Like I mentioned before, there’s a good chance the boyfriend’s family launders money for the cartel and it wouldn’t be surprising , if we could get our hands on Lindsay’s file and find out most of the important details were missing. The original head of the file and the mother(remax manager) have a very interesting relationship, he was in control of what went into the file so I’m sure the important details either didn’t make it in, or have been removed. That’s why people are scared to give information to police out there.

    • Eric says:

      I don’t buy that theory at all. Jason’s family was dissected by investigators so Im sure they would find a money connection if there was one. The thought that anyone would be scared to go to the police about this because of fear is absurd; you can give tips anonymously

      • Jim says:

        The head of the file would have been in charge of what information would have been acted on, it’s not about a money trail per say. It was already discovered that some crime stopper tips did not make it into the file, when people realize that there is no trust with the police the fear begins. When the head of the file fly’s out to Calgary to threaten Jeff to back off, that’s a huge red flag 🚩. When they publicly clear the Z’s early into the investigation that’s a red flag 🚩. Not getting out to view ferry video until it was too late is a red flag 🚩 . People are scared to say anything because they see the pattern here.

        • Mark Mendel says:

          I’ve never thought it was Jason or his family. And I still don’t. It was likely a ‘send a message’ killing, but what is remarkable is that it hasn’t been solved to date. That’s not only terrible for her loved ones, but perplexing given the evidence trails.

  15. Sweetkeyz88 Evans says:

    Has anyone investigated JP? Jason’s previous gf prior to Lindsay? She was and is currently is a realtor who appears to have a history of chasing and selling million dollar listings and appears to display a similar lifestyle! Maybe Lindsay uncovered something bad that happened between Jason and his ex that was t quite completed? Ex gf felt threatened by Lindsay’s beauty and drive and didn’t want to share the profits with her?

  16. timothy adams says:

    As Lindsay’s father said this was and is a case of many twists and turns and complications and its so sad and tragic that the police or anyone has not even arrested anyone yet in over 10 years already in connection with this case. However, after having said that, and reading about the case in detail, the evidence and facts point to a very clear answer and its shocking the police have not made any arrests. I don’t blame her father for being upset, he just wants justice not only for his daughter but for everyone out there.
    Having said that, lets go over exactly what we know so this case can be examined more closely. First of burner phone was purchased by the culprits to speak to Lindsay back in November 2007 i believe it was and was activated in late Jan or Feb of 2008 soley for the purpose of comm with Lindsay to lure to the residence for a showing. Drug cartels are infamously known to do this to purchase large amounts of burner phones in advance and then use them for crimes and activate them right before commiting so its harder for authorities to trace them since the phones are purchase long in advance. The killers used to the fake name Paolo Santiago we now now this very common name in Brazil like John Smith here. Only someone of latin descent or hispanic descent would know this so this again points to the idea of light skinned hispanic or latin male and his female accomplice at the scene. We all know this- and the cell phone pings from the actual phone showed it going from across the ferry to Victoria very clearly showing this crime was commited by an outside couple outside of Victoria and that Lindsay referred to them as having a heavy accent, possibly of Latin or Hispanic in origin she was not sure. This lends credence to the idea of a couple outside of Victoria who did not know Lindsay but seeking retribution for the drug bust of the Sinloa cartel as payback or message to others not to try to rat out the cartel, since the previous month the largest drug best ever in Canada was for millions of dollars in cocaine. It
    Eyewitiness accounts on the scene very much match a couple of height 6’0 male and women with blond hair which completely matches a brother sister pair of the drug cartel who one of which was already previously busted for drugs- for someone to commit such a heinous crime it would not be surprising at all that they were already involved in crimminal activity and that a brother sister or husband wife pair who were close to each other to do the act and to totally throw lindsay off and others by being there both present to fool others to think it was an actual couple viewing the property-the presence of female accomplice again clearly points to these as the prime suspects low lifes with no remorse- the next question is of course who ordered them to do this and who were the conspirators its a drug ring so who knows they were were known for trying to scare people and waking in them of up in middle of night in victoria during the drug bust to ask who have you spoken to- women in the middle of the night a massive witchhunt- to try to scare people this drug cartel are losers low life bag scums beyond comprehension. Rem it is also mentioned that in Victoria everyone knows everyone else thru even 1 person so Lindsay probably just happened to know who these people were who were associated with the cartel even tho she didnt have anything to do with it- its reported that even one of the local drug delaers saying her death was a “mistake” Also another big piece of evidence is Lindsay said she saw something very bad to her father and those close to her, but didnt mention what it was right before her murder, this again points to the theory of her either being thought of as informant, or a message sent to the informant to not snitch by these low life thugs who cannot even make 1 cent the real way, and are cowards but as far who was involved closer to lindsay is harder to say since they knew who lindsays former real estate clients were they might be one of the local drug dealers since cell phone pings to certain residence there of the burner phones in victoria which is such big evidence. It would have helped tremendously if lindsay had been able to say where she saw what she didnt mean to see if it was up in calgary or in victoria to her father and others but regardless the evidence all points to the above. As far as Jason arriving to the house late, his mom etc they are just bad people and jason is a loser who just didnt even have the guts to show up to the showing in time to protect lindsay- he was defnitely not the killer nor was shirley but it could be possible that lindsay saw something at remax she wasnt supposed to see or that she saw something when she went upto visit her father but either way arrests need to be made!!! Her father just wants to see justice for his daughter and others out there.

  17. Kim says:

    There is no way Jason did not see anyone leaving the house! This was so theatrically staged!! Jason and the mom
    are involved…no doubt!

  18. gabriele says:

    the MOM the SON and the POLICE

    • Jim says:

      Horse ly was in charge of the file , I would bet that there is nothing of major importance left in the buziak file. We all know he had a “connection “ with the mother, he was in charge of what went into the file…..enough said right??

  19. charles says:

    I think Jason’s mother set her up she found out Lindsay was going to dump her son and quit working for her and Lindsay might have seen something illegal they were doing. my money on the mother did she take a lie detector test I bet no and she won’t

  20. Gregg Soppet says:

    To me, there is a distinct inconsistency about the time the boyfriend arrived at the house and his pulling out of the cul-de-sac. Why wasn’t he able to account for anybody leaving the property? Also, who was his companion on the evening of the murder who scaled the fence and let him in?

  21. Gregg Soppet says:

    I would look closer at the association between Leslay and her boyfriend’s mother who worked with her at the realtor’s office. Also, Lelay’s visit to her father and the connection between people who were drug dealers and her must be fully explored.

  22. Carrie says:

    Did Matt’s wife ever get interviewed/looked into? When Lindsay’s friend and dad mention Lindsay said she missed Matt before her murder, and then they reveal Matt had a girlfriend then who is is now his wife, the light bulb went on!!

  23. Barb says:

    According to weather reports (sorry if already on a different or earlier thread) the weather on Feb. 2, 2008 was chilly ( 5:00 PM-41 °F) and partly cloudy. The sun was setting at 5:14 pm. Slight wind. I live in the Midwest, USA. 41 degrees with sun setting and slight wind I would wear a coat or sweater. I’ve always wondered about the eyewitness account of the couples clothing. That said, the bf passed a polygraph. His cell records and being seen on tape where he said he was pushes him farther down the list. The bf and mom could be a red herring. Lindsay was the target or perhaps mistaken for someone else as one police interviewee stated. My curious mind is how the perps escaped the scene so quickly. Commit murder in about 10-15 minutes then escape the house. I’m more curious how the perp committed crime and got out of house. It may only be one person. There have been cases where someone in prison was convicted due to false eyewitness accounts. The burner phone is also a curious thing to me. Losing an adult child is devastating and I hope her parents find the person or persons responsible. Canada has an excellent cold case unit and I’m curious why Lindsay’s case has not been reopened as a cold case recently. The PI hired by Lindsay’s family threatened by local LE would have me concerned. The timeline posted with just the facts of the case on this website is a good one.

  24. NORM MATTER says:

    It’s a cold case now. They will need to start over with new people.

  25. Pam says:

    Jason and mom no who did it. So many believe they had something to do with, that has mean something. Bad vibes from Jasons mom.

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