Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Mark Roush says:

    For 13+ agonizing years, fact or fiction has been our main concern regarding the Saanich police department and their claims that Lindsay Buziak’s case file is in fact an “Active and Ongoing” Investigation. It’s been long past due that this dilemma must end for ALL citizens that are near and abroad and verification and validation is provided by Competent, Trustworthy Law Enforcement Officials !!! Instead of having another Saanich police department “spokesman”, ALL citizens of Saanich,Canada, and around the world wants is the Truth behind the Saanich police department’s assertions that Lindsay Buziak’s case file is Indeed Active and Ongoing leading into the 14th Unsolved year of Her Heinous Murder without being forgotten and apparently this is what the Saanich police department has been attempting to do with their shallow spokespeople over the years. How “Active and Ongoing” is Lindsay’s case through the Eyes of the RCMP and FBI ? The RCMP and FBI Need’s to have their Spokesperson’s step up to the podium of TRUTH !!!

  2. Rob says:

    Omg can’t believe this but do you know if there was 2 sets of bloody foot prints or just the woman’s because if it was just one then the man was in a separate room and told the woman to make sure you killed her and that was why she was stabbed from behind so many times and the only person who would have had to change clothes was her and I bet the one who knows the woman is the friend . If this was a drug thing they would have just shot her or if a guy stabbed her they probably would not have done it in her back. I can’t believe the boyfriend said he helped his friend to get over the fence was it 8 feet tall of course not because apparently on purpose the back French door was ajar isn’t that convenient. Jeff you need to have a awesome interrogator question both of those fuckers . Doesn’t matter where the friends phone was before the murder it could have been in the boyfriends car the whole time whether he was with him or not. Jeff could you please check your email because that’s what I initially wanted your help with and then I started to read the whole story about your daughter. Thank you

    • Svetlana says:

      I find it weird that two men didn’t walk around the patio to see if there was a door or opening in order to find another entrance, that is if the house door was locked. They would’ve found the knocked out fence boards. Was it all an act, this jumping CO over the fence? Did Police gather DNA from the whole enclosure? Probably not…

  3. Rob says:

    Jeff this makes perfect sense the friend wasn’t there to be a witness that was only a cover story. Don’t tell the stupid Saanich police buy your time and get in touch with the FBI or the Provincial Prosecutor if there is such a thing the less people who know the better

  4. Rob says:

    Someone said they were not friends (on this website )at the time they were acquaintances.Big red flag 🚩 when the friend opened the front door he was letting the boyfriend know we are done.

  5. Rob says:

    Did your daughter know the boyfriends friend? If not this would make sense. The friend is the one with the lady they killed her they changed their clothes the lady leaves out the back door and he goes down and unlocks the front door and lets the boyfriend in. There is no way I would let my friend jump the fence if I believed my girlfriend might be in trouble. I would be first in. Isn’t it strange he would show up at this house and there is no other vehicle there especially if you’re girlfriend said something doesn’t seem right and he waits outside. He waited because he gave his friend and the lady time to get changed.

  6. Jeff Buziak says:

    Murder, Murder, Murder
    For over 13 agonizing years I/we have been pursuing a simple thing written into every law book in every country around the world. Justice for Murder. The arrest, charging and conviction of those responsible. The most heinous crime know to humanity. As far back as mankind has recorded in writing murder is against the law. Thou Shalt Not Murder! Saanich, BC Canada authorities do not seem to have any concern or priority for murder though in their little twisted fiefdom.
    Two men there in complete control totally ignore the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak. Saanich police Chief Scott Green and Mayor Fred Haynes. Not only do they ignore Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder as if it never happened, they completely ignore me, Lindsay’s father, with some kind of twisted, psycho pride. I cannot fathom what these two men think or discuss when they choose to agree to ignore Lindsay’s murder publicly and me both publicly and privately. Weasels and cowards come to my mind. These are both mature men, fathers, husbands who certainly know better but still they act like assholes really. What does this say about them as men, as husbands, as fathers and as community leaders responsible for maintaining the peace and safety of the citizens of Saanich? What do their actions and behaviour say about their concern for the safety of women? What does this say about their concern for women period? I think the answers are obvious! They could care less. Their titles, their privileges, their salaries, their retirement packages and their egos are all they really care about. Certainly not the people of Saanich certainly not women as for the past 13 years the killers and conspirators of Lindsay Buziak have been walking free in the community conducting business unpunished and free as birds.
    I cannot believe the arrogance! I cannot believe the citizens of Saanich allow these two irresponsible men to remain in their positions. Every council meeting and every police board meeting should be packed with people demanding they be removed from their positions for failure to perform their duties and neglegent conduct. Thank you.
    Solving Lindsays murder isnt a problem; Saanich police, police Chief Scott Green and Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes are the problem.
    Justice for Lindsay Buziak
    Please Share

    • Jeff Buziak, father says:

      Lindsay’s murder is a task, a project, a duty, a responsibility assigned to the detective division at Saanich police. It is their responsibility and that of the superiors at Saanich police and The Mayor of Saanich, head of the police board, to make absolutely sure the task is completed fully in a timely manner or they, the superiors are held fully responsible. They are supposed to be professionally trained and have the power of the laws of Canada at their disposal along with all techniques, resources and tools required. Please tell me that at your workplace you would get away with non-performance for 13 years and a project or task is left undone. Of course not, the statement is preposterous! Why do we allow the police, police chief Scott Green and Mayor of Saanich Fred Haynes to get away with this derelict of duty and be smug about it? I won’t stand for it will you?

  7. Nine says:

    Most people believe in faith
    The perpetrators zailos mother
    Convinced most locals she’s good
    Her sons do everything she says

    • PandaBear says:

      How can people even do business with her or her sons or have any friends. They obviously are turning the other cheek.

  8. Oliver says:

    Anyone who has taken a serious look at this case can see the obvious. Jason Zailo
    had some former knowledge of what was going to happen to Lindsay the night of the murder. If he only did one thing that didn’t seem quite right we could pass it off as circumstantial. However, you have a multitude of oddities this man did in the days leading up to the murder and the day of the murder. Every move he made was seemingly scripted and those moves can’t all be circumstantial., and certainly they cannot be ignored. This guy has always known why Lindsay was murdered, whether he actually played a role in the planning is still in question. Once the Saanich Police take the cog out the spokes will fall and so will Jason Zailo. Justice has been delayed for far too long.

    • Svetlana says:

      In the USA they jail people a lifetime on hardly any evidence yet here everything points to the boyfriend and he’s still free.

      • Juie says:

        I wouldn’t want people convicted on no evidence. But I think there is evidence that just hasn’t been properly investigated

  9. Nancy Drew says:

    Hi Mr Buziak. I am so sorry for your loss and not being able to get some sort of closure for the last 13+ years. My heart aches for you and the extended family.
    I was wondering if it will help getting posters (with all the perpetrators, the outfits and the wig) up around Saanich, Victoria, the ferry terminals and Vancouver would help. Maybe reach out to Trina Hunt’s family for personnel that could help with posters and decals.

  10. Bob Bennett says:

    I believe that both Jason and mom Shirley are the two people who hated Lindsay and plotted and planned in advance and finally killed her. The authorities need to keep the pressure on them both until they are both behind bars! I hope justice comes soon!!

    • Svetlana says:

      And why bring a friend!

    • Oliver says:

      If any member of the Zailo family was an accessory after the fact they will be guilty of an indictable offence and could receive a life term. If they assisted the conspirators – the principle or party to the crime they can also be held criminally responsible.

      1. assisting the principle by giving him information or aid.
      2. hiding the principal offender
      3. concealing evidence
      4. giving false information to authorities including participating in a fake alibi

      It is most unfortunate that the circumstantial evidence all points in their direction. Their silence all these years has lead to their demise.

      • Robin says:

        If the Zailo’s are innocent they would not be silent! They would be in the media defending themselves. Very telling.
        IMO it is obvious the SPD are involved somehow. How can 4 police chiefs retire without getting this solved? The SPD needs to be ripped apart to see who they protect and who is paying them to not solve Lindsay’s murder.

  11. Rosanne says:

    The thing I keep going over in my mind is that In the very first moments of talking with the people involved in her murder, they said a “previous client” of Lindsays referred them. What a strange coincidence that they could not be contacted. Also Lindsay had said she was waiting for some commissions to come in as the reason she had not already left Jason. Then somewhere she has a conversation with Jason wanting to drop out of the suspicious deal and he reminds her about another deal similar that went fine. Lindsay tells her father she saw something but couldn’t tell him what. I feel the answer is in one of her past sales. Did any involve a cash payment? Or payments from less than sham companies? Past sold houses keep popping up to move or not move Lindsay forward and out of this path. She could not have had that many that a few resources should not have been spent seeing if a detective could spot what Lindsay saw.

  12. Rosanne says:

    The thing I keep going over in my mind is that In the very first moments of talking with the people involved in her murder, they said a “previous client” of Lindsays referred them. What a strange coincidence that they could not be contacted. Also Lindsay had said she was waiting for some commissions to come in as the reason she had not already left Jason. Then somewhere she has a conversation with Jason wanting to drop out of the suspicious deal and he reminds her about another deal similar that went fine. Lindsay tells her father she saw something but couldn’t tell him what. I feel the answer is in one of her past sales. Did any involve a cash payment? Or payments from less than sham companies? Past sold houses keep popping up to move or not move Lindsay forward and out of this path. She could not have had that many that a few resources should not have been spent seeing if a detective could spot what Lindsay saw.

    • IHeart80s says:

      Originally I keep focusing on February 2nd which is the day Lindsay was murdered. But I keep reading that her Facebook chats and posts were swiped off starting on January 24th 2008. That’s a big clue. If that date is true, and she had 700 Facebook friends, whomever did this to her, person (s) that was close to her, did not want authorities to know something that transpired with them starting on January 24th. Eerily, January 24th is National Girl Child Day- focusing on the inequalities girls face. January 24th was a Thursday that year, a leap year. I’d be pealing through City records, Re/Max records and all of suspects financials on that specific day as well as the day before leading up to the 2nd of February. Otherwise why would those records be swiped out that far back? Why can’t the police get copies of those Facebook posts and correspondences when all they would have had to do is contact Facebook?


    I watched today this case on Dateline. Something I couldn’t take lightly is the boyfriend saying that it was hard to deal because she was alive today and dead next day. Excuse me! He saw this girl dead,he had her bloody body in his arms and all he can say is “today here,tomorrow gone”? Interesting that later I watched another case that a father took his own life and 18 years later she recalls,still troubled by the memory of seeing him dead. His mother may know something. First, she came up with the fear story no one to back up. Second,as he was pressed why not emotion,he faked drying tears,his mother looked at him and did the same as it was a good idea. For me, he hired a hit,he knew she was leaving him,he needed a friend witness, and worse of all:he wanted to see her,dead. Should check his former relationships.

  14. Mark Roush says:

    Vancouver news/”Have to have Trust.” Change needed for PUBLIC COMPLAINTS process, B.C. Commissioner says. Ralph Kaisers,the President of both the Police Association and the Vancouver police Union,said,”There is little to no trust whatsoever in the office of the POLICE COMPLAINT COMMISSIONER by way of Police member’s in this Province.” Kaisers said, “Investigations are an ONEROUS process for Officers to go through, and more Oversight is needed of the Complaints Commissioner.” Published January.11,2021 The Citizens of the WORLD need to flood this Man’s Office with there CONCERNS and PETITIONS Concerning the SAANICH Police department and there “TOP BRASS” CORRUPTION !!!

    • lbmurder says:

      Police are going to push back because they have become autonomous and DO NOT want to be held accountable.

  15. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Your Worship Mayor Fred Haynes, Saanich, BC

    Sir, since you were elected mayor of Saanich and head of the Saanich police board you have neglected to address your districts and Canada’s highest profile unsolved savage murder of a young woman while at work. You have also blatantly ignored any and all of my communication to you about this very serious matter. I would like to know why. Thousands of people would like to know why and the media would like to know why you refuse to address the most serious crime perpetrated on a human and in this case a wonderful young woman while at work that has dragged on for over 13 years by your municipalities police department which you are in charge of? Are you aware Mayor Haynes that ignoring is one of the most serious forms of psychological abuse there is? Are you an abuser Mayor Haynes?

    Mayor Haynes do you not care about the safety of women in your municipality? Lindsay Buziak was savagely murdered while at work on February 2, 2008 and her murder remains unsolved. Mayor Haynes does this not resonate with you that there are conspirators and killers in your midst and that they could choose another woman to viciously execute because they have not been reprimanded and Justice hasn’t been served? Mayor Haynes, I have a University degree in psychology and my education tells us that any crime left unpunished makes it okay. I know you have some education as well so I’m sure you understand that for 13 years and going forward the message is murder is okay in Saanich because your police force do nothing about it but hide and bs the media once a year when I show up for the Annual Walk for Justice for Lindsay Buziak which you or you chief of police have never attended. What is going on with you Mayor? Don’t you care Mayor? Do you not care about women Mayor?

    Mayor maybe you just accept violence as a way of life right? She deserved it? She should have fought back? It’s her fault? Blame the victim right Mayor? I see you are some kind of violent fighter with an 8 Danny or something in some sensless violent sport people seem to be proud of and base their macho man on. Well Mayor, I’m a peaceful man and I don’t like fighting and violence. I believe physical fighting and violence shows the weakness in a man. It shows he can’t sort things out intelligently or contain his emotions so he has to resort to violence. Apparently you can be extremely violent with your 8 Danny in some kind of physically violent sport. Does this make you immune to violence Mayor Haynes? Apparently so as you don’t seem to care about the violence savagely perpetrated against a 5’2” 99lb young woman while at work in your municipality.
    Mayor Haynes is it that you are afraid of me so you won’t meet with me or speak to me? I don’t understand that as I’m a peaceful man not known to violence ever and you are this 8 danno violently trained killer. What are you afraid of Mayor Haynes? Are you not man enough to sit down as a father to father and have a discussion why Lindsay’s murder languishes in silence and no action has ever taken place by your inadequate police force. Mayor Haynes you have nothing to be afraid of. Bring some of your violent 1-8 danno degree trained killers with you if you are that afraid. I’m just a regular dad wanting Justice for my slaughtered daughter in your municipality. I’m not going to beat you up sir. Is that too much to ask for Your Worship. Don’t be afraid Mayor. You are a trained master at a violent sport and I won’t hurt you sir. I promise. Wear that pajama thing you guys wear with the colored belt if it makes you feel more secure. ill go by some pajamas too mayor. I’m just a dad. I just want to talk. What’s wrong with that Mayor Haynes? What is wrong with you sir? What are you hiding from? What are you afraid of? Please talk to us. Please talk to me. I miss my daughter really bad. I just want Justice to be served. Is that too much to ask for after 13 agonizing years Mayor Haynes?

    Jeff Buziak, father murdered realtor Lindsay Buziak, Saanich, BC 02/02/08

    Solving the Lindsay Buziak Murder isn’t the problem;
    Saanich police and Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes are the Problem!

    • I❤80s says:

      Does Mayor Haynes want to leave a legacy about grocery bags? Or does he want to be the Mayor who helps get Lindsay and her family justice? “While serving as mayor, Saanich adopted a plan to ban single-use plastic grocery bags”…I don’t know what could be more embarrassing. A police chief that catches bubble gum thieves or the Mayor that put them there.

      • Robin says:

        It is pretty obvious Haynes is good with the garbage bags and Chief Dubble Bubble does not care or we would hear from him. These guys are just an absolute disgrace to the community of Saanich. Why aren’t the people of Saanich demanding more action after you are the employers of these guys. To think that the community is so complacent to murder shakes me to my soul. Better wake up people there is a precedent getting set there.

    • Svetlana says:

      They must have their list of suspects but why are they sitting on it? Where is this digital evidence or DNA evidence? This has to go to court asap.

      When will Capital Daily be able to get more info on the redacted items on the police report?

  16. Mark Roush says:

    The “Meddling Jason.” How does it feel Jason Zailo to live your life now with a GUILTY CONSCIENCE because your Own Mother had a seething hatred for a woman that no longer desired to be in a relationship with You ? 5:30 PM, Jason text,NOT LINDSAY, but his mother who now has CONTROL of Lindsay’s telephone inside the 1702 desousa place address after arriving there from SHC Autographx after Murdering Lindsay there between 4:30pm-5:00pm. This 5:30pm text was to let his mother know that his alibi, Cohen Oatman arrived and that they were INDEED on their way. This 5:38pm text “A couple minutes away “was given to his mother for her Que to create the FALSE TIMELINE and dial out a random number and to “MUFFLE” her voice to DECEIVE ALL INVESTIGATORS into believing that Lindsay was being murdered between 5:38pm-5:41pm inside that house. Oh,and there’s one more text that Jason mentioned, the one at approximately 6:00pm,the one He said made him “WORRY” and prompted him and Cohen to “INVESTIGATE” for lack of a better word. So Jason, You TEXTED your Mother 3 times within 30minutes, between 5:30pm-6:00pm as She was in Complete Control of Lindsay’s telephone after Murdering Lindsay at SHC Autographx,as your mother was showering and putting on her colorful dress for act 2 as the homebuyer in the driveway,You Murderers prepared Lindsay for transport to 1702 desousa place. If it was ACTUALLY Lindsay inside that house, showing that house, Wouldn’t You say Jason that texting her 3 times within 30 minutes is “MEDDLING”??? Jason’s story of not wanting to be the MEDDLING boyfriend is RUBBISH !!! Because We All know that this Murder of Lindsay was a True life Murder plot that was ACTED out by You Jason and your HENCHMEN !!!

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      I agree. These people are psychopaths and don’t have any conscience. They only care have feelings for themselves. There is no empathy or tears for anyone but themselves. I had a relationship with one and bought books to try to understand how a human could have no feelings.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        A great book to read is “Without Conscience” by Robert D Hare. Us humans that have compassion will never truly understand any of it.

    • Svetlana says:

      I also think she was murdered before 5:40. Meeting time of 5:30 is too close to what so many people knew and when you plan a murder you won’t want people knowing too much about the timeframe of your plan. Something happened after the lunch of 4:20 but before 5:30, if indeed that was Lindsay at the restaurant.

      It’s obvious that those texts/calls are pretend.

      Was SZ’s alibi and RZ’s alibi concrete for that afternoon?

      To make themselves look innocent, SZ says she took a walk with Lindsay the night before and told her she was afraid of Mat. Did police buy this story?

      • Leisha says:

        I’ve been following this case for a while and I agree that something or the murder itself probably happened before the time of the set time of the showing. I cannot remember every detail, but logically, wouldn’t Lindsay want to get there before the potential buyers to assess the house and check if everything was in order? This possible deal was a huge one for her so I would think so.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think she was there at the appropriate time and did not go home to change. She was dressed for the job when she was at the restaurant. I have no doubt about that as that was just the way she was.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Agree 100%

    • Totally agree that Shirley & Jason and are in this together!! Why can’t the police seem to put the pieces together? The FBI? This family deserves justice!!! Such bs!!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        What if the police are one of the pieces? Then you would see exactly what we are seeing. Clearing the Zailos way before ANYONE should have been cleared. The what looks to me like
        criminal harassment of both Jeff and Mayor Richard Atwell. The pieces of this puzzle would all make sense…….

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Also, the changing of the front door smoke and mirrors story. Was it two figures seen through smoky glass as first reported or was it two people coming out the front door and then turning around when seeing Jason pull up? Which was it? Two very different stories.

  17. Jeff Buziak says:


    How many of you followed the Lance Armstrong saga? Really sad! Brilliant athlete caught cheating at the highest level because at the time drugs were common in high level cycling and to be competitive and win he felt using drugs and illegal tactics was what he had to do. Was that the sad part? Probably not! The sad part was the length of measures and attitude he utilized to hide what he was doing along with his teammates under his direction. If you study the interviews of Lance and teammates on his team you will see his ego got the best of him and he did and said what ever he had to do to try and control the whole situation and the people who knew what was really going on. He lied, he deceived, he bullied, he threatened, he used pr trickery and he used lawyers to intimidate , deceive and shut people up while portraying an image of being a good guy, working hard, and winning. Unfortunately it was all smoke and mirrors. A scam. A ruse. A really bad deception involving a lot of people and seriously affecting the lives of a lot of people. Isn’t his debacle much similar to what Saanich police have been doing with the Lindsay Buziak murder non-investigation. Let’s look at the similarities.

    Saanich police claim they are very qualified and capable. They refuse to turn Lindsay’s murder over to VIIMCU which they refused to even join. They try to control the friends and family of Lindsay right from the beginning. They make their involvement seem a monumental task and every thing very complicated but keep it all mysterious, non rational and confusing. They clear people but refuse to clear others and give no details. They hold press releases which local media lap up making them look very serious and committed but give no details, reports or timelines. If you get out of line, they get harsh and try to intimidate and guilt you. They threaten and bully if you refuse to follow their program. They ignore, they gaslight and they try to make you appear to be crazy when you question them or attempt to hold them accountable. They send out threats to people from lawyers to stop talking. They refuse to be accountable even though they are public servants sworn to duty by an oath to serve and protect. Who are they protecting? What are they protecting? Certainly not Lindsay or the public as the conspirators and killers of Lindsay are free and have been for over 13 years.

    Lance Armstrong lied, deceived, cheated and bullied people to protect and hide what was really going on in his team sponsored and supported by the public through the United States Postal Service. It was all illegal, a sham, a scam! Saanich police are doing nothing different than Lance Armstrong did. They are lying, deceiving, bullying, threatening and using all means possible backed by the law, local media, politicians Premier John Horgan, Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth, Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes and are seriously funded by the public to hide something and the scum involved in the murder of a wonderful young woman while at work in Saanich. They have been pulling this scam off for over 13 years now. Isn’t it time to put a stop to this insanity? Saanich police need to be exposed. Saanich police need to be replaced. We need a public inquiry and not by another police agency or supporting lawyers/ex judges. A public inquiry. Saanich police are doing exactly what Lance Armstrong did except they are hiding and protecting conspirators and murderers! What/who is it that they are hiding and why? What is the extent of their involvement in Lindsay’s murder?

    Please Support Justice for Lindsay Buziak.

    Solving Lindsay’s Murder isn’t a problem; Saanich police are the problem!

    Please Share

    • Ken Chappelle says:

      IMO the Saanich Police have available to them massive fire power, the RCMP they have solved a string of really hopeless murder cases one of those the Marrisa Shen murder. The people from the FBI special agents that can look at what is known and tell you what this was all about and who likely is responsible and so much more. If the Saanich Police are working with the FBI as well as the RCMP on an on going basis this could be a whole different investigation 100%.

      • lbmurder says:

        Yea, they’ve shown us what they are made of; silly putty.

      • Robin says:

        Or it could be a big cover up for police, politicians and drug dealers which is far more likely, hence the B.C. Rail documents that are still withheld from the people of this province. How about that? Seems a lot more likely considering the status of B.C. Real estate, money laundering and CASINO GATE, hence the ongoing public inquiry by Austin Cullen. C’mon this is a cover up if I ever saw one. The powers that be just never expected there would be so many riled up people supporting Jeff
        Buziak. It’s a GD shame what is going on here. Quit putting lipstick on 🐷 pigs!

      • Oliver says:

        Ken, are you suggesting that the investigators on the case today may be looking at suspects they did not have on their radar years ago? Clearing the entire Zailo family only two years into the investigation made no sense at all and I have to wonder if the police are taking a second look at certain members of this family. There is plenty of circumstance evidence that points to their involvement, unfortunately it’s not enough to make a case.

        if SZ was the informant as has been suggested it will be hard for the police to ever prove she made that call for nefarious reasons. More likely than not she will stick to her original story that she made that call because she is a good person and she considered it her civic duty. For the investigators to prove otherwise they would need a witness to come forward who can prove that her reasons for making that call were not honorable. It will not be her sons, they would never turn on their mother. The only person who could break her story is Zachary Matheson because whatever happened he has some involvement. Right now though the police have no leverage as Matheson has no outstanding charges, so how do you cut a deal with someone who has nothing to lose?

        • lbmurder says:

          Word on the street is Matheson is going to be given an all expenses paid holiday to visit his buddy Shane Wilson. How Lucki! Bye Ziggy. Have fun!

        • Ken Chappelle says:

          Oliver, I am familiar with one of the profilers and their involvement is a game changer, these people are invaluable anybody that thinks they are cleared and not being looked at better think again. Profiler’s can among many other things revisit polygraphs that were recorded and the best thing innocent people can do is cooperate and tell the truth they can’t find evidence of guilt if their is none. here is a guy on youtube explaining what FBI profilers do here is the same guy on youtube explaining how FBI profilers tell if somebody is lying, now remember what I said about replaying previously recorded polygraphs.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            “If we look at how the crime was committed that leads us to why the crime was committed and that leads us to who committed the crime.” Jim Clemente. Who also says that they look at the information that leaks out from a crime. This crime leaks like a sieve. If I were the Zailos, or anyone who is privy to information about this crime, I would be very nervous right about now. If FBI profilers are indeed on the case I expect arrests soon.

            • Ken Chappelle says:

              The Saanich Police had a problem with finding a clear motive they said it was unclear to them. Believe me the motive and who likely did this is written all over this case to these seasoned FBI Profiler’s. Somebody mentioned a while back that it was a team of FBI Profiler’s looking at this not one person. If I was NBC I would be all over this case right now this is awfully interesting stuff I would love to read their Profile right about now my guess is they know clearly if this was boy friend girl friend or the Cocaine guys, or both.

              • Oliver says:

                The evidence, as circumstantial as it may be, points directly at the boyfriend and his mother. If the cocaine guys are involved that is how the boyfriend’s mother planned it. As for the girlfriend she just may be another innocent victim the mother used to accomplish her mission.

              • Svetlana says:

                If computer messages were deleted after Lindsay’s death then I am inclined to think it was anger by boyfriend with support from his mother. The deleted messages could’ve revealed their emotions if they were between Lindsay and Jason, or messages to her friends telling them about her relationship with Jason. He probably came upon them, maybe when Lindsay had her computer opened, and got resentful especially after investing in the condo with their “money”.

  18. BrittB says:

    Also to note — the killers that supposedly came over on the ferry from Vancouver asked to view listings with all the exact ‘specifics’ of the Gordon Head home. It was almost as if someone knew this house would conveniently be the only ‘million dollar home’ available for viewing. I believe it was premeditated between Jason and others, and Jason and/or his mom was able to give the others proper instruction and layout of house for a smooth escape. If you’re going to another city to look at a home you’ve never been to, how are you able to plan an entire murder and escape the boyfriend and his friend all upon 15 minutes of arrival? This was a team collaborated effort. Police officers aren’t properly trained to handle a murder investigation with their measly training, get rid of them. This case deserves so much more light than it’s receiving. I grew up here in Victoria and will not stop until this is solved.

    • Svetlana says:

      Definitely, the inside group knew exactly what they were doing. Despicable people. Despicable liar JZ. It’s a shame how police handled it. It’s shocking for a country like Canada. You’d think they would have experts on it. How lucky the culprits are so far but hopefully their luck will soon run out and they can only dream of their riches and corruption in jail. There needs to be justice.

      • Richard Bilyansky says:

        I was aware of Lindsay murder some time ago and spoke to Jeff who is an amazing man and father and I have just recently watched the event om youtube. What stood out to me this time is why would Jason text Lindsay that he would come to the viewing as he left lunch with his friend as if it was the first time Lindsay had expressed concern to him about the clients because she has already expressed this concern. The he texts again 5 minutes away as if there is great urgency that he get the to the viewing ASAP. Then he arrives claims to see something suspicious with the clients entering and closing the door but does nothing. He then waits a while and texts if Lindsay is OK. His expressions of concern appear to be almost contrived waxing and waning over time. This I find inconsistent. Did he bring his mate for an alibi? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE

        • Svetlana says:

          He texts her because he knew she wasn’t alive and it was to cover himself.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Exactly. On the way there he is texting her for no other reason ( supposedly ) other than he knows how concerned she is about this showing and he is running a bit late. She already knows that he is going to show up there so the only reason to text her is to reassure her that he is on his way. Then, when he gets there he hides out in his car for an extended period of time. Let’s think about this. On the way there, taking the time to text her that he is only minutes away and then when he gets there he doesn’t even get out of his car to go and see her. WTF!!!!!! His story stinks to high heaven. And the police clear him AND the rest of his family………….

  19. BB says:

    I heard that Lindsay had messages deleted from her Facebook that couldn’t be recovered. Does her father have access to her email address attached to the Facebook account? Unless settings were turned off, all her messages would also have been sent to her email, not just Facebook messages.

  20. Jessi says:

    I just recently watched the Dateline episode about Lindsay. A few things stuck out to me:

    1) Jason stated upon entering the home and finding Lindsay that he attempted CPR but stopped when ge realized he knew she was “gone” by feeling her body temperature. If the attack had just happened, she would have still been warm. Questions: did the autopsy confirm the time she passed was consistent with the timeframe the murder allegedly happened? If so, his statement about feeling her body temperature should lead to additional questioning 2) was DNA taken from Lindsay’s face/mouth to substantiate that Jason in fact attempted CPR.
    2) How much time passed from the time she went to visit her dad and met up with two of her old friends on that trip? Were those two friends interviewed? I’m curious to know if she shared anything with them abbot her personal life such as the status of her/Jason’s relationship? Has there been any statements that would elude to her being more than friends with either of those two friends she visited?
    3) Waa Jason aware before the murder of Lindsay that she met up with those two friends? It’s odd to me that he is in complete denial that they were a happy couple despite all of her close family/friends saying otherwise. Something happened that enraged him enough to plan a thought out murder. Him and his mother are in real estate – the unknown couple who called Lindsay to setup showings said all the right things to make it too good for Lindsay to pass up. They were coached by someone knowledgeable in real estate to say things that no realtor could pass up.
    4) if he was in real estate, why wouldn’t he knock on the door and represent himself as another real estate agent and not a controlling boyfriend if he was so concerned about the situation? He pulled around to the side of the house so his friend couldn’t see if those people walked out.

    • Robin says:

      Exactly Jessi, well thought out comments. JaSIN is guilty of something no doubt about it. He most definitely could have knocked on the door and even pretended to be showing Cohen Oatman the property if he cared. It is obvious he knew exactly what was going on inside the house. His mother planned it. The Saanich Police need to be removed ASAP, they have no intention of solving Lindsay’s murder. Complicit police somehow. Covering up for corruption in Saanich.

      Please sign petition to get SPD removed

    • Svetlana says:

      Good point about the coaching and knowledge, so who would be calling Lindsay many times from Vancouver at that time? How do we know that SZ was in Victoria and not in Vancouver? She could’ve been the one making those calls and knowing how to coerce Lindsay to show the house.

      • see closely says:

        Svetlana.Like any real estate agent,Lindsay did not need to be coerced to try to sell this particular house.Real estate’s agents job is to sell houses,there is no coercion involved just necessity to sell houses for a Real Estate fee.

  21. Jessi says:

    I recently watched the Dateline episode on Lindsay. A few things stuck out to me:
    1) Jason stated upon entering the house and finding Lindsay that he first attempted to do CPR but realized there was no point as when he touched her body he could tell by her body temperature that she was already gone. If the attack had just happened then she still have been very warm. If the autopsy confirmed her time of death then it’s not possible that her body wasn’t normal temperature. Also, was DNA collected from Lindsays face/mouth to support Jason’s claim that he attempted CPR?
    2) When he was being filmed when taken back to the house to re-enact when he entered the house, it is very obvious there is no genuine emotion. He starts to act upset then as soon as the detective walks in front of him his emotions stopped, like it was an act, until he realized that someone was filming him and he looked like a deer in headlights.
    3) How long before Lindsay was murdered did she go to visit her dad? Were the two old friends that Lindsay met up with when visiting her dad interviewed? I’m curious if she told them anything about her personal life including anything about her current relationship.
    4) Was Jason aware that she met up with these two friends? If so, was he upset that she met up with two friends while she was there?

  22. Mark Roush says:

    I’m curious to know if Lindsay’s car was checked for foreign fingerprints and DNA ? I’m curious to know if Lindsay’s clothing, especially the insides of her pockets were checked for DNA ? I’m curious to know if Lindsay’s Shoes were checked for fingerprints and DNA ? I’m most curious to know if Lindsay’s phone was checked for fingerprints and DNA ? Shirley Zailo’s DNA is ALL over Lindsay’s telephone !!!

    • lbmurder says:

      Of course Saanich police won’t tell us that.

    • Svetlana says:

      They must still have all of the things found at the murder scene. How can they not have checked for DNA and compared to the Zailos DNA? It’s very frustrating to know how incompetent the detective work was.

    • Svetlana says:

      and to compare DNA to the criminal gangs that they associate with. For example, Ziggy.

  23. Robin says:

    Hey Everyone
    Jeff will be on CKNW with John Daly tomorrow at 11:00 am, that’s June 19. Let’s see if John Daly can get Lindsay’s unsolved murder moving forward. John is a seasoned journalist and he will be a huge asset as we keep on seeking JUSTICE for Lindsay and her family. 980 on the AM dial tomorrow morning. Jeff with John Daly.

    Award-winning investigative journalist John Daly is making his comeback to broadcasting with a new talk-show, Back on the Beat, airing Saturdays at 11 a.m. Daly is best known as a reporter for Global News BC where he spent over 35 years breaking stories, including the sudden plea bargain of one of the Surrey Six murderers and the simultaneous take-down of notorious gangster, Jamie Bacon.

  24. Mark Roush says:

    Has the SO-CALLED investigators ever considered the opening in the patio fence, that was created by Joe Desousa for Shirley’s and Paul’s Grand ILLUSION of Acting their PARTS as the IMAGINARY “couple” that greeted the IMAGINARY Lindsay in the driveway ? The only question is, who was it that played the part of Lindsay ? Was it Shelagh, Nadia, Rianne ? Where do these Wonderful investigators think the Murderer and Her accomplices came from ? Do the Investigators think that these EVILDOERS dropped out of the sky in parachutes ? The Murderer and Her accomplices, except one, drove straight into the garage from SHC Autographx after the murder and preparation of Lindsay to transport to 1702 Desousa place. The “other one”, Shelagh ? Nadia ? Rianne ? Followed them. Driving Lindsay’s car, parked in the driveway and on Que, played the part of Lindsay as the Real Estate Agent !!!

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I have always wondered about the ” coincidence” that the description of the buyers from people who were either walking or driving by matches Shirley in a blonde wig wearing a dress just like the kind she is known to wear and Ryan in a trench coat to a T. Coincidence?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      And then add that Shirley showed up to the crime scene on foot.

  25. Grant Crawford says:

    As a father who lost his son at the age of 29, I feel your pain Jeff. I am a retired P.I. and have had some success with Police in small towns. I was able to catch Daniel P. Reeve despite the Kitchener police refusal to and he got 13 years. Want to help however I can and have some ideas how to proceed. Call when you can 416 447 2695

    • Rosanne Day says:

      Just insist that your help is not next year’s announcement of “help”the Saanich Police Department is using to delay getting their job done! Or if the FBI came through, that the Saanich Police are now just is hiding it! I can almost hear that public announcement now! The Lindsay Buziak is moving forward with the help of the FBI and the addition of Private Investigator Grant Crawford……

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Thank you Grant!

    • IHeart80s says:

      I’ve been reading about T9 / Predictive text. If I were investigating this, would have wanted to look at both Lindsay’s and Jason’s blackberry phones at the time of her murder. The claim of a pocket dial happening during the time Lindsay was being attacked, it sounds reasonable on the other hand also sounds like part of the overall ruse to make investigators and the public think that the time slot Lindsay’s murder is accurate. It just sounds like an extra layer of fallacy to cover up the time slot and the person (s) who committed the crime.

      • Conrad says:

        Who did Lindsays phone accidentally dial?Was it actually an accidental dial?Did the person hear anything?If I got a “pocket dial” and picked up to hear screaming..I would pretend it’s muffled too.I would want zero involvement..Especially knowing how our Canadian justice “system” works..

        • lbmurder says:

          Saanich play police will not reveal this information and the person called has not contacted Jeff.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Apparently a friend she had not been in touch with for a while.

            • IHeart80s says:

              See the following article w photos of blackberries.

              Lindsay would have had a 8700 or more recent model. Look at the keys which contain multiple letters. Say you’re calling, fir real ir hy accident, a friend whom you havent spoken to in a long time. That persons name starts w “S”. In the keyboard it could be an S or T or U person that you are calling. Just so happens that it’s the only number you can get to quickly because a person is coming after you. Let’s say you wanted to leave a clue about who murdered you. The person you called. 1) could be the person who set you up 2) on the same key “c” “d””e” that you dialed or 3) it was a pocket dial. Again, could be something more to it. In order to solve, I’d need the exact phone she was using, the persons name who got called, and how they were called (either on a 1 key memory dial or a scroll). In scenario A, Lindsay knows who it is and is leaving a clue. In scenario B it’s just a pocket dial.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                I think the murderers knew what they were doing and attacked from behind in such a way that gave her no chance to defend herself or send any clues. The killers could have used her Black
                Berry to establish a time line though. Or it was a pocket dial. Were Black Berries prone to pocket dials?

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                It’s a great theory and fits the crime given the other steps they took to establish a time line and alibi’s. I do think though they took her by surprise and disabled her immediately. Whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing and had killed before whether it be another human or some poor animals. They were skilled at disabling their victim from behind. They knew exactly what to do. That’s why no defense wounds. The murder was well thought out……or so they thought…….So well thought out it’s obvious who did it. Right Jason? Still going out of your way to open car doors for your friends and making a point of staring up into security cameras? LOL

                • Svetlana says:

                  I would add “Right Cohen?”.

                  • ConnectTheDots says:

                    Yes. I do think though that at the time that Jason was picking Cohen up he had no idea what was about to happen. He was probably asking himself what was going on with Jason, someone he knew as an acquaintance, being so desperate to have him go for dinner with him. He must have put two and two together pretty quickly though after the murder. If I’m wrong then he could very well be guilty too. While they were acquaintances at the time they are thick as thieves now which I think speaks to what happened on that day. Cohen must either have been involved from the get go or realizes he was duped in the worst way and now is just trying to keep himself and his family safe. If the latter is true he must deep down, even considering the considerable favors that I think must have come his way like maybe his job, resent Jason for dragging him into this horrific murder.

  26. John says:

    I heard that the moving company 2 Burley Men in Victoria whom do frequent trips to Calgary is ran by Hells Angels.

    Anyone know if there’s any connection between them and any of the people of interest in this case?

  27. Svetlana says:

    The Zailos seem to have lots of relatives and none had any suspicions? Where did they get their money from to buy fancy cars – apparently JZ had an expensive car. How many people in their 20’s can afford that pus mortgages with a single mom?

    I think there would be clues in that laptop of Lindsay’s where the messages were deleted after her murder. I hope FBI is recovering the messages even from Zailo’s accounts from that time period. He probably deleted his too if Lindsay’s was deleted.

    The burner phone that was purchased could’ve been just a criminal’s usual purchase and not intentionally bought for the murder. They could’ve bought many of them at the same time from that store. That store could’ve been lying to cover themselves because they know very well that criminals buy those phones. There is no way that those clerks didn’t know who bought phones from them on that day in November 2007 I believe.

    I am waiting for the news headlines showing the boyfriend in an orange suit.

  28. Camilla Long says:

    I just heard about this case on the Morbid podcast on YouTube. I hope it brings more attention and signatures for the petition. I pray that you get Justice for your daughter.

  29. Saanich Resident says:

    One of the Lawyers acting for the Capital Daily to get disclosure of documents is Richard Neary. Richard Neary is well known in Victoria for representing people of organized crime, he happens to also share a law office with Brad Hickford who has represented numerous individuals mentioned on this blog and whom Shirley Zailo hired to represent her son.

    Does anyone not see this as a potential conflict of interest and or issue?!?

    Capital Daily should have done their homework and hired a tier one law firm from Vancouver like BLG whos at arms length from the Victoria drama.

    • Robin says:

      What’s the matter with Capital Daily? How can you be that stupid unless u r sabotaging your own journalist. Lol… what next. Even I would run if I saw Brad Hickford because I would want the snake oil to get on me. How can you run a paper and not figure that out? When I see what goes on around me I know I’m a genius!! FFS 🤦‍♀️ Richard Neary 🤷‍♂️

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Very interesting. Could it be that Richard Neary is privy to the horrible injustice with this case and has a conscience? Maybe has daughters of his own living in Victoria?

    • Wyatt says:

      Very interesting. The plot only gets thicker. My first question was; does this information have ANY connection to the journalist who was dismissed from Capital Daily shortly after their article? I suspect this lawyer is acting as a double spy, if you will, while “representing” Capital Daily, is he telling secrets/maneuvers to the SPD? That would explain the SPD’s sudden “reactivating” Lindsay’s file and their subsequent success in having the judge quash their FOI requests. This certainly puts Capital Daily in a very shady position. Just when we thought there was honest journalism……

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        It seems to go deeper and deeper. Please someone stand up and be honest and let this young woman and her family have the peace and closure they deserve. That is all needed nothing more.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          It does go deeper and deeper. That is the problem. People have thought for decades that Victoria is this quaint piece of paradise but money and relative obscurity have taken advantage of that.

    • Saanich Resident says:

      The simple fact that Richard Neary shares an office with Brad Hickford, one of the most low life scumbag lawyers on Vancouver Island who is directly affiliated with Jason Zailo and other people of interest in Lindsay’s file is flabbergasting. Just think about that for a couple seconds, do you really think that Richard Neary hasn’t had conversation with Brad Hickford and that he’s free on conflict by representing a media outlet that is trying to uncover facts and truths behind this file?!?!?

      I just emailed one of the co founders of Capital Daily about this.

  30. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    WHAT IF 7 time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady and the NFL Super Bowl LV Champions The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to Victoria, BC to seriously play the Victoria Spartans 2019 BCFFA 9 man Midget Champions football team for One Million Dollars. Who do you think would win? In addition, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get to referee the game, not have any penalties against them and supply their own score keepers. Do you think it would be fair and The Spartans would have a chance? Of course not! I’m being ludicrous and just plain goofy right! But, AM I?

    Yes the Buccaneers and Brady are serious professional athletes and playing the Spartans would be a waste of their time unless it was for charity and fun but not serious. The Spartans are no doubt a very good midget football team but obviously play in a different league than the Buccaneers and Brady. Its a NO BRAINER who is going to win and not because the added advantage of officiating the game, no penalties and keeping score. Amateurs vs serious pro athletes. Yes it would be a treat for Victoria but a waste of time for the Buccaneers and Brady.
    Now lets look at another very lopsided serious, serious game that should also be a “no-brainer” but it isn’t! WHY?

    Victoria, BC has a professional police force in the Municipality of Saanich called The Saanich police. They are supposed to be highly trained professionals. Experts in their field (according to them they are)! They are highly paid, they are seriously trained (according to them) They have uniforms, badges, firearms and the backing of the municipality of Saanich, the city of Victoria, the Province of BC and the Laws of Canada! They are not penalized doing their jobs, they are the referees (even load the OPCC with retired members) and basically they can do whatever is required from covert operations, phone tapping, arresting, search and seizures, viewing financial records, driving records, criminal records, passport activity, accessing video surveillance cameras etc…..etc…. Basically, the Saanich police can do as they feel to solve crimes if they feel like trying to solve crimes between days off, leave, promotions, pay raises and their biggest focus retirement. Their jobs are not related to success or accomplishment in any way so no pressure. Their quarterback, Scott Green, is a turtle and will not address the public he is accountable to and the game of the murder of Lindsay Buziak drags on and on with a serious win for some idiot loser amateurs who are the Saanich police’s only opposition.

    Who is this opposing team in this serious game of lets call life, death, murder and the safety of woman in Victoria, BC. Well Saanich police won’t tell us because they are too insecure to do that. What we know is they are amateurs, losers and local from Victoria. They knew Lindsay! They have very little if any training, they are loosely coached and managed. They are not professional, have no benefits and are not highly paid, organized or managed but for thirteen years they have been kicking the fat lazy asses of the professional Saanich police. Lets call this team THE Goofs.

    How could this be? This scenario should be the same as my first example with the Buccaneers and the Spartans but nooooooooo the Idiot sticks at Saanich police, who should easily tromp The Goofs in a heartbeat, are horribly failing at this supposed lopsided game and have been for 13 bloody years to the detriment of the friends and family of Lindsay Buziak, the people of Victoria, the people of BC, the safety of women and the people of Canada. Can you imagine 13 years!! WTF is going on with Saanich police and their ineffective police board lead by another turtle, Mayor Fred Haynes! Who should we really name The Goofs?

    Saanich police are a disgrace to people everywhere who believe in law and order. Shame on you Saanich police, Shame on you! Chief Turtle Green, you need to read this and resign. Probably immediately. This is a much bigger joke than the Buccaneers vs The Spartans except the pros are losing terribly and this game is life and death and no laughing matter! The only joke here is the self proclaimed professional Saanich police. We would be better off with The Spartans Football team investigating Lindsay Buziak’s unsolved murder than The Joke team called Saanich police.
    Truly shameful and a disgrace!

    Jeff Buziak, father

    Please Share

  31. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Is it too much to ask?

    Is it too much to ask for justice to be served by the country you love when your precious child is savagely murdered while at work?

    I didn’t think so even though as any other parent I want to kill those who savagely murdered my child. How long do you have to wait and listen to the lame explanations and excuses from Saanich play police and politicians why justice isn’t being served before you just handle it yourself? 6 months? 2 years? 6 years? 12 years?

    Saanich police are fucking useless and need to be disbanded!
    There is no disputing this now. Chief Green you should be ashamed. You’ve spent most of your police career upgrading your education on Saanich taxpayer’s dime so how about making a couple arrests there buddy with big education. Prove your value or pay back every taxpayer dime you used making yourself look good and avoiding police work.

    The next politician that passes the buck on Lindsay’s murder I am going to personally pee on their constituency office door. Arrest me. I don’t give a flying fuck. Do your fucking jobs! Act for citizens, protect citizens, listen to citizens or piss off. Women are being murdered and nothing is being done about it. Where the hell are the women politicians standing up for their sisters?

    Lindsay Buziak was savagely murdered while working in Saanich 13 years ago and useless Saanich police cant find the keys to their cruisers not alone solve a bloody viscious murder of a woman. Politicians stick their heads in the sand and shuffle off to get their teeth whitened instead of protecting citizens. Head of the Saanich police detective division is more interested in tugging woman’s skirts than defending their lives!

    What the hell is wrong with our system and politicians? Isn’t there a real person who cares out there anymore in those positions? Are they all fake wannabees? Do we need to take arms and defend ourselves? Do we need to mete out justice ourselves because our system, police and politicians are failing us miserably?

    I’m just turning more sour and cynical as time drags on with Lindsay’s unsolved murder and my disappointment with my birth country; the country I used to love so dearly and brag about and defend everywhere I travelled. WTF is going on out there?

    I’m losing faith!

    I’m losing faith!

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      We are with you Jeff. Never give up. Somehow one day these criminals will pay. They have to. No one can do this to a young woman and get away with it. If nothing else all of those involved will burn in hell.

    • Lillian says:

      Here’s some correspondence I engaged in a couple years ago, when Elizabeth May was Federal MP and Saanich was her riding. It was very disappointing as I thought I would be able to stir the pot as she was a ‘woman’ – a ‘mother’ – and had the influence to make a difference. Such was not the case. She ended up being just as good at lip-service as any politician. Very disappointing.

      The first letter was my initial complaint and effort to engage her in the subject. Then she replied, asking ME to provide EVIDENCE of corruption and deceit within the SPD! Imagine that? Asking ME, a layperson, to provide ‘proof’….. I said I’d oblige if I could have access to the SPD internal files and documents as that would be the ONLY way I would be able to provide “evidence” of corruption. Us laypersons, only have our experience, intellect and instinct to substantiate our complaints. Can you imagine if we had access to the files and documents? Yes, there is the FOI requests, but its not rocket science to witness how cumbersome that process is (Capital Daily) and the legal maneuvers required to even get close to their secrets.

      We continue to be ignored and dismissed in regards to Lindsays file and the allegation of systemic corruption within the SPD has but fallen on the old political DEAF EARS! Too hot to handle I suspect, they don’t want to go there. Like money laundering, the finger pointing is so insulting that they discredit themselves in the process.

      BUT…. Don’t stop trying. Sooner than later, although 13+ years is ridiculously later, we will crack and break that wall at SPD and when the dirty pigs are busted, we will be vindicated and Lindsay will finally RIP. Until then….. don’t stop!

      Letter ONE ….

      To Elizabeth May, MP (since retired)

      I have complained to each of these parties in regards to the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak which I have come to understand is being deflected from being solved because the Saanich Police Department is riddled with corruption, deceit and dirty cops!  There is a mountain of evidence to substantiate a thorough investigation into the deep and dark line of corruption in practice at this detachment yet it has been extremely difficult to motivate those with the power and authority to clean it up.  I feel like the perpetual one-winged house fly who is just spinning my wing, circling and getting no where!  Despite each and every entity having their own set of policy, procedure and balances in place to address and prevent the seed of corruption from forming, the only reply I receive from the lowest level (department) is a pointing of the finger in another direction and to refer my concerns to “someone else.”  I assume from past faults that the policing industry has implemented strict measures to ensure that corruption is ‘nipped at the lowest level’ and managed in a preventive manner.  However, it would appear that the Saanich PD has had ample opportunity and time to build and perpetuate this line of corruption to a level that there are more of those who have ‘joined them’ then fought ‘them’ and the line of corruption is much, much longer then anyone wants to admit.  

      I’d like to believe you are extremely concerned for the citizens, their safety, their confidence and trust in policing for the Saanich community.  The safety of women and those who have been subjected to a heinous crime of murder are provided with the exceptional duty to police their community, to make it as safe as possible and above all else, have integrity.  Corruption left unaddressed, can fester and affect the vast majority of law abiding citizens, in that there is more potential for less public co-operation.  The indigence of corruption can have grave consequences. Citizens view the lack of action from the policing bodies governed to ensure corruption is prevented in its infancy are left with mistrust, no confidence, no security, no safety and contempt.

      The corruption and deceit in the Saanich PD is beyond incompetence and simple misconduct.  There is a high degree of systemic corruption and sustained effort to maintain this embedded line of corruption.  A minute level of research will yield the ominous facts of not only WHO is knee-deep in this corruption but just how far that line travels.  And it travels far.  From the bowels of the department, to the Chief, to the Mayor, to the Board of Directors, to the OPCC….. so far, my information seems to cease at these high levels of the police who are to be policing the police!  

      Ms. May. Can you see the scandal?  Do you have the political will to make your community safe and secure?  Do we have the integrity to clean up the Saanich PD?  What does it take?  How deep?  How long?  How entrenched does it become before that someone, with the power and authority to make it right comes along?  Where does the willful blindness cease?

      The citizens of Saanich, the citizens of BC, we beg you to help.  Restore our faith, our confidence, our security, our safety back into policing. 

      Signed: Lillian
      June 23, 2019

      Ms. May’s Reply:

      Dear Lillian
      September 5, 2019

      Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I am sorry to hear that this case has been passed around to such an extent, and I apologize for my delayed reply.

      The unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak is a very disturbing case. Women are disproportionately the subject of systemic violence. Sometimes this violence is committed or perpetrated by the very systems and institutions that are supposed to protect them. Sometimes police are simply unable to find any more information about a case. As a federal Member of Parliament, I cannot interfere in municipal jurisdiction. However, I am often in communication with The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, about BC law enforcement.
      If you have any evidence of police corruption in this case, I am certainly willing to review it. If convinced, I will take the appropriate action. It is very important to me that my constituents feel they can trust local law enforcement. I will continue to pressure the minister of Public Safety and to advocate for the safety of women in Canada.
      Thank you again for writing.

      Elizabeth May, MP

      Letter TWO ……… in response to Ms. May

      Dear Ms. May Q.C
      Member of Parliament
      Leader of the Green Party of Canada

      RE: Police Corruption and the Saanich Department

      Thank you for your recent email in regards to my complaint on the above captioned.

      It is intriguing to read your assessment regarding violence against women and your assurance that you will continue to be aware of those cases that go unsolved due to poor and inept investigating.

      I am perplexed to understand your request of me to provide ‘evidence’ of corruption within the Saanich Police Department. I am a lay person. A community member, a civilian who wishes to complain along with many other community members of BC who only have their personal experience to share, which collectively is evident in itself that there are some serious dirty cops, corruption and deceit in the SPD. I am not privy to that ‘evidence’ you desire. I do not hold power or authority to extract that very ‘privileged evidence’ that is obtained from within the Saanich Police Department. This ‘evidence’ could only be extracted from an external investigation with integrity and reputable members who have that power and authority to access the internal files of the SPD. There have also been numerous articles in the local paper and outside media that have made that connection with the killers of Lindsay Buziak and the SPD associating and socializing with the real estate money launderers and drug cartel. Upon my amateur sleuthing, I can list to you some of the obvious associations that has transpired in the last dozen years, one would have to be in total denial to not be aware of these hoodlums:

      Jefferson Del Alcazar
      Erickson Del Alcazar
      Aaron Perez
      Eldriegson Del Alcazar
      Emerson Del Alcazar
      Zachary “ZIGGY” Matheson
      Ovidio “VID” Acevedo
      Rhys Bolton
      Medardo Rivas
      Dennis Bergshoeff
      Michelle Lum

      AND the Money Laundering, Real Estate and KILLERS are:
      the ZAILO’S, Shirley (real estate) Jason (son) Ryan (son)
      all setup by Joe DeSousa – building contractor
      Shamed and corrupt BC Legislator, Craig James & his stepson, James L. James, both working for the Zailo’s real estate/mortgage broker store fronts for the criminal world

      SPD – corrupt, deceitful, dirty cops
      Chief Downie, Chief Green,
      Chris Horsely (well known in the criminal association & known to do drugs)
      Mike Mallard, Steve Morgan

      Office of Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC)
      Current sitting Commissioner Clayton Pecknold
      Past Commissioner Don Morrison & Stan Lowe

      Mayor of Saanich, Haynes…. also filling the shoes of Chair for the Saanich Police Board
      Saanich Police Board – do nothing!

      The province has TWO entities (OPCC & Police Boards) that are expected to govern and secure the police forces, both which have failed miserably to do anything in this case. I suspect the line of corruption has stemmed from the SPD to the OPCC and the Police Board because they have shown absolutely no concern or initiative to ensure these complaints are processed. In fact, I dare say they have destroyed the complaints in an effort to cover up their involvement. I suggest the dirty line of police has been successful because the dirty cops from SPD just get promoted within the department or slide on over to the OPCC. There is no excuse for the Police Boards to be corrupt, they are the ones who are to police the police but in the SPD case, I again suspect the ‘old boys club’ is thriving in existence.

      As you can see, there are plenty of suspects in this long line of corruption dating back in history and which is practiced systemically today. I can not impress upon your office enough to understand there is serious intervention that needs to be activated. Starting with Lindsay’s case being pulled from the SPD and assigned to a team of dedicated, experienced investigators who have absolutely no connection with the SPD. I understand your unwillingness to ‘interfere’ in provincial jurisdictions, but I am the belief your Office does hold the power and authority to initiate (or influence, if you will) the momentum to get this department cleaned up! Its been ignored and denied for far too long and the line of corruption is difficult to expose. Too many ‘important’ people have too much to lose.

      Mrs. May, please give us that political will that is required. While Lindsay’s murder has prompted me to research the entire process of her unsolved case I have inadvertently learnt of the bigger picture that governs this very corrupt, deceitful department. Countless complaints have been filed, few, if any, are registered, at least I can not locate any public records that depicts a complaint against the SPD for corruption and deceit. They are out there. They have mysteriously ‘disappeared’ or been filed under 13 (slang for shredded/garbage) and there is no one guarding the hens! The foxes have total control. No one is policing the police!

      Signed …… Lillian
      October 4, 2019

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        Wow Lillian your letters are so well written. So sickening that these letters were not met with someone that gave a shit to help. I actually feel at this time that BC should just be cut away from Canada and be allowed to just float off into the ocean.

    • Haha says:

      Vid Acevedo you’re a loser, you ruin lives of people and now you’re threatening people — remember when Jeff confronted you & the same people you’re ratting to you hid behind cause you’re a bitch? Ya we all remember that — Vid I hope you and your buddies die without anything cause that’s what you deserve losers. nobody gives a fuck because you’re a scum bag and so is anyone who associates with you.

      • Robin says:

        This Vid, the ones that assaults people and causes bodily harm? This guy is still
        in Canada? Gee I thought for sure he would have been deported back to Serbia or Mongolia wherever he’s from by now! WTF
        C’mon haha does Canada can get along better without him.

        5-Sep-2020 CCC – 264.1(1)(a) Uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm Commit ACEVEDO, EDGAR Ovidio Vancouver BC
        259709-2-KC 1 15-Sep-2020 CCC – 810(1)(a) fear of injury/damage to another person Cause ACEVEDO,

        • Svetlana says:

          He is South American I believe. Maybe that is why you thought Mongolia. or Siberia? Not Serbia, it’s close to Croatia which is a European country. But he did go to Croatia with his friend Jacine the lion killer 😦 Wasn’t he good friends with Rianne G?

    • Jackie Pratt says:

      Mr. Buziak I am so sorry you have to endure this nightmare. My family watched the heartwrenching story of your lovely daughter and your family. We are shocked by this senseless murder and saddened there are no arrests as of yet. We had a gab session with friends around the round table and oddly enough 4 couples all believed the MIL Shirley Zailo has a hand in this murder and so does her son and his friend. Do you think this murder was arranged for Feb 2 because there was the retirement party for senior police the night before? Could this be that calculated? We want the SPD to bring back Dudley Do-Right to solve this obvious murder. Mr. Buziak was there life insurance on your daughter and if so who got it? I work in the insurance business and we have had to make sure polygraphs are done before insurance can be paid out however recently we discovered a client who should not have been paid out. Said person passed polygraph test but has since been charged with actual said murder. We all really feel your pain. We are awaiting for arrests sooner than later In this cowardly act on your beautiful daughter. May she RIP.

    • David J Anderson says:

      Can’t blame you at all, Jeff. the Saanich Police Department is a joke. They KNOW who killed your daughter. We all know who killed Lindsay. And if they don’t, it shows their incompetency. And for the SPD to cover it up, that’s called criminal. Heads should roll. But nothing happens to these scumbags. Protect and serve?

  32. Mark Roush says:

    Jason Zailo’s act 1. Jason wheedle’d Cohen Oatman into meeting him at SHC at 5:30pm before meeting Lindsay at the Sauce restaurant at 4:PM. The sauce restaurant was Jason’s act 2. It’s common knowledge that Lindsay was emphatic with her Father and mentioned to certain co-workers that Jason was going to be with her. So one may ask then, why is Jason beginning his day making an appointment with Cohen Oatman at a place called SHC for 5:30pm when he’s supposed to be with Lindsay at that time ? SHC was Jason’s act3. One may also ask, why the very brief “late lunch ” at the sauce restaurant,within 30 minutes they were in and out the door, but he stayed 1 hour at SHC between 4:30pm-5:30pm,a place that Joe and John Semren owned at the time of Lindsay’s murder and closed at 2:00pm on Saturday’s ? There has been two stories concerning Jason’s appointment at SHC for 4:30pm,Saturday, February 2nd 2008. One story says that Jason was to drop off a contract. 2nd story was that Jason was to pick up papers for Lindsay to sign. BOTH STORIES ARE RUBBISH !!! Jason Zailo LIED to Lindsay !!! Jason Zailo DECEIVED Lindsay!!! Jason Zailo LURED Lindsay to the Sauce restaurant and from there to SHC Autographx, with the Cooperation from the SEMREN Brothers, Joe and John and into the hands of his own Mother, Shirley Zailo! Lindsay was murdered at the SHC Autographx and then Transported to 1702 desousa place. People need to take into consideration the REASONS why Jason, upon his and Cohen’s arrival at 1702 desousa place drove into the culdesac, past the house,opposite side of the street with the rear of his car facing the house. Jason’s mother and her accomplices were already inside the house upon their arrival. Its probable that Joe desousa was awaiting Shirley’s arrival from SHC to SIMPLY OPEN the GARAGE DOOR with his GARAGE door REMOTE control BUTTON or Shirley Zailo SIMPLY had the GARAGE door REMOTE control BUTTON on Her person upon their Arrival at 1702 desousa place. The REASON Jason Zailo waited in the culdesac for 10minutes is He was simply waiting and KEEPING his EYES on that GARAGE door to OPEN for his mother and their accomplices to FLEE the STAGED crime scene !!! After they Fled, Jason drove out of the culdesac and onto Torquay drive for another 10 minutes and the REASON for this was His mother and their accomplices drove to a place 10minutes or less from the House. Hasn’t it been reported that Shirley Zailo owned a Property 10minutes or less away from 1702 desousa place ??? The ZAILO’S are GUILTY as SIN !!! When they walked on stage for dateline, GUILTY was WRITTEN all over their Faces !!!

    • Rosanne says:

      A couple of things that don’t work with Lindsay being killed somewhere else and moved. A coroner would know instantly if a case with this many wounds has left any blood at another location or even in a bag moving the body. They would see smears as well. There would also be missing splatter evidence where a stabbing motion would leave tiny droplets following the path of the knife. Corners are on the alert for anything strange or missing, In my opinion I doubt they would have missed this.

      One of the above responses mentioned that there was no evidence of 2 people but there was male and female bloody footprints found in the house. that is evidence.

      There are 3 things that bother me about Jason and family.
      1. Jason should have been and it had been planned that he would have been right next to Lindsay. Only 3 outcomes if it went as Lindsay planned, it wouldn’t have happened at all, Jason would have been stabbed to death or defending Lindsay and the criminals would have probably left some blood evidence of their own. It bothers me with all his running around, picking up an alibi witness and especially waiting outside the house that he was clueless his fearful girlfriend didn’t need him. It bothers me more that following the murder there does not seem to be any signs that any of the Zailos were concerned for his or their safety. Let’s face it, you are going to be talking and telling a lot more to the person you are sleeping with than you would tell your father. If they wanted to shut up Lindsay, why leave Jason running around with the possibility of knowing anything, especially now he is talking privately to a bunch of police. There is somewhere it says Jason went upstairs in the condos where he lives, close to the murder night to ask another person living there if it was done by the boys from Vancouver? (I may have bits wrong but close) Let’s think about this, Jason thinks he may know someone who may know someone who murdered Lindsay and instead of running away he goes alone towards them. He must have been pretty confident he wasn’t a target. Why? 2. Jason was Lindsay’s common law partner, and said there was no problems going on., the charter of victim’s rights allows him to be an advocate for Lindsay but I can’t find where he is overly concerned. I have only ever read stuff saying Lindsay’s father is concerned and pushing for a solve. Where is Jason demanding that her murder be solved? This brings me to my third concern. 3. I can not even imagine how much time and effort that the Zailos put into getting themselves “cleared” . It had to be enormous! For the Saanich police to do this and so quickly. Lindsay’s murder was “an intentional murder that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought. Felony murder, a charge that may be filed against a defendant who is involved in a dangerous crime where a death results from the crime, is typically first degree. ” . “To convict on first degree murder, the Crown must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of planning and deliberately killing the person.” The actions of the Saanich Police handed the Zailos a get out of jail free card because you won’t get beyond a reasonable doubt conviction when the Police department says you are not involved! I would doubt a case against any of them would even be accepted for trial because the likelihood of getting a conviction would be so low. I can not even find a case where someone had been cleared and then convicted, but sure can find a lot where a person was convicted and then cleared and it takes years to officially get the job done. Paul Morin was proven innocent in 1985 and not exonerated until 2020??? Paul Bernardo confessed to killing a woman in 1987 that a man named Hanemazyer had been convicted of murdering and Mr. Hanemazyer was NOT CLEARED until 2008??? Clearing suspects is not something done in Canada unless it is very sparingly and has meaning!!!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Which makes the SPD clearing the people closest to Lindsay who would have the most motive, common law partners are number one suspects in a case like this, so bizarre. And not just Jason, the whole Zailo family all cleared at once. Lindsay’s mother in law , boss and brother who had been jilted by Lindsay and should not be forgotten in this. The SPD’s handling of this case needs a thorough independent investigation. That is how Lindsay’s murder will be solved.

      • Svetlana says:

        In the reenactment that JZ did with the detective at the house a few days after the murder I can see his face shows the guilt. Same when he got interviewed on the Justice walks.

        It’s sickening to know police have their suspects, kept quiet, and let these people live like free birds.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Cohen Oatman. I am sure that he has been taken care of well, and watched closely, but there must be a part of him that deeply resents being duped into playing a role in this horrific murder.

    • Svetlana says:

      Aren’t the Semren brothers Croatian? Isn’t the Zailo friend, Jacine Jadresko the evil huntress of poor animals also Croatian – maybe related to them?

  33. teknobeam says:

    Too many coincidences here. Number one flag is Zailo racing up the stairs directly to the murder scene without eve having being in the house. This means that he may have not colluded in the murder, but was a player on the chess board.
    Polygraph evidence is not admissible in a court of law because science hasn’t fully validated it. It is used as a forensic tool to narrow down suspects because it has been proven tp be correct, and overwhelmingly accurate in many cases. It doesn’t meet the standard or burden of proof at this point , and it is arguably fallible unlike DNA evidence proper questions, etc.
    So, possibly Zailo was able to pass the polygraph because he simply did not know about the murder in advance. It’s also possible that the operator of the polygraph machine ether failed to properly calibrate the machine, or failed to structure the session properly ie: lame questions.
    Zailo may have been unaware of the planning of the murder. He may also have been unaware that his girlfriend was about to be murdered, and leading up to and including the actual timeline and duration of the murder.
    However, what is extremely notable and in my opinion a huge red flag is that he was on record worrying about high level gangsters coming after him, That’s been overlooked. It’s as though he somehow understood why this murder of Lindsay Buziak occurred. Also notice that he had very little sense of remorse for the victim, but almost immediately focused on his own safety.

    So great, Zailo managed to pass a single polygraph exam. If he’s involved, he would have definitely been in contact and been apprised of developments and concerns from others that may have been directly involved. Why not test him again NOW. Let’s see how that test comes up.
    In fact, they should be testing Shirley Zailo, Ziggy Matheson, and anyone remotely connected to these people.
    Lindsay Buziak was not a drug lord player in the BC crime world. She was just past her teenage years with a bright future in front of her. Yes, she got mixed up with an attractive young man with some bad connections. But she figured that out and was about to make a change because she was inherently decent, honest and virtuous. Then she was murdered.
    Something here is so obvious. Something here exists that is so apparent that it’s a proverbial smoking gun. The amount of potential evidence and synaptic connection to people here is overwhelming, Why has this murder not been solved. Why have the criminlas not been arrested.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Just look at all the common names Zailo, Ziggy, Desousa and the first name that probably helped set it up Rianne Garcia. All related in crime, the drug world and the Real Estate World. Not too hard to solve if you have a PD Dept that is not deeply involved with this criminal behaviour.

      • Svetlana says:

        Since she was Lindsay’s friend plus worked at the same office (not sure when she started at Camosun) – she could know very well know some things. Add this person to the list for FBI to check out. There’s a photograph of her on a motorcycle with Vid.

    • Rosanne says:

      Jason got a lawyer not a body guard and that was right away. I must have missed where he was worried about his safety. I see things pointing to he thought he was a player. I do agree that there might have been a slim chance he knew something was going down but didn’t exactly know what it was at the time.

  34. teknobeam says:

    Another obvious element here is that the “real estate” aspect of this murder is directly tied to the crime scene and the victim. It then get’s exponentially obscure when you add the boyfriend who just happens to be connected to nefarious people and is also a realtor, and his mother who is also connected to that world and actually owns the real estate business that the victim is working for.
    This wasn’t a random psychopath that lured a realtor so that they could murder her. Psychopaths also don’t hunt in pairs. They are lone wolves. Why this hasn’t been solved eons ago given the plethora of leads and connections available is mind boggling. Is our justice system that messed up that it has rendered it debilitated via the inability to pursue suspects in fear of violating their civil rights? Sound like Canada alright, I’v been following this case for years. It’s like watching a
    hockey game as you try to tell the guy with the puck to pass or score. He can’t hear you. Someone needs to score or pass the puck at this point because this seemingly slam dunk solvable murder hasn’t been solved. Something is very wrong with that. People in general should be very concerned about that, If a case like this can’t be solved, how safe is anyone?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      So true and good points except sometime psychopaths do hunt in pairs if they are connected in some way. Like Bernardo and Holmolka or family members who both have the same agenda.

  35. Mark Roush says:

    The Set Up. Highly unlikely for Shirley Zailo to risk feigning her voice to be recognized by Lindsay. A Portuguese dialect, Shelagh Desousa or a Lebanese dialect, Nadia Azouri are the likely Suspects. Shelagh is Joe Desousa’s wife and Nadia was Joe Semren’s girlfriend at the time of Lindsay’s murder and now his wife. Joe Semren and his brother John Semren owned SHC Autographx at the time of Lindsay’s murder.

    • teknobeam says:

      Totally agree. investigate every nook and cranny that’s connected. Eventually a crack will occur. This is all close to home. Also, more than one person has knowledge of this murder. I’d be willing to be a lot of people know about it. These things don’t solve themselves (sometimes they do but rare). who is working on this like it matters?

    • Wyatt says:

      Except squirrelly 🐿 Shirley disguised her voice on the late night “misdial” to Nikki.

      • Notsherlock says:

        I’m curious why SZ bothered to contact Nikki? This has been brought up a few times and I just don’t understand what purpose it serves. Did I miss something?

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          It was in the wee hours of the morning and I think she had had a tad too much to drink and wanted to reach out and intimidate Nikki. Nicki is privy to a key piece of this murder. She witnessed Jason eavesdropping on them when Lindsay told her that she was going to leave Jason as soon as a couple of real estate transactions were finalized. Jason has claimed that there were absolutely no problems with their relationship and as far as he knew Lindsay was not planning on leaving him. I think it was Jason overhearing that conversation that was the motive for Lindsay’s murder.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I disagree. I think she did just that…..after a few too many drinks. This murder was committed by brazen, and if you look at it, not too bright people. Staring up into the security camera while opening the car door for your male friend. Really? Texting while driving that you are only minutes away. Oops. It is the SPD that is in the way of getting this solved.

  36. JasB says:

    Shirley Zailo was the informant. Shirley Zailo set Lindsay up to look like she was the informant. The SPD have to protect Shirley Zailo. Shirley Zailo should have been murdered for ratting out the Calgary drug bust. Shirley Zailo framed Lindsay.

    • clifford danco says:

      Can you provide any more details…if you are going to come here and say that you might as well share a little more.

      • JasB says:

        There is no more to tell. You have access to the same information I do. Maybe you don’t have the street smarts I do. I have read everything there is and this is how I interpret Lindsay Buziak’s demise. 🐿
        ratted out the Del’s. She has to be protected. 🐿 is a 🐀. 🐿 was working for Zig Zag brain, and thru the food chain it reaches. Informants get protected. 🐀 are 🐀. They are all greedy don’t ya NO.

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          I don’t know any of the criminals here but I also felt that SZ was indeed the rat for the Calgary bust. I also believe her family and friends executed Lindsay because Lindsay probably found out they were the rats and had chosen to leave. So SZ is in protection for the rat but the execution of Lindsay Buziak is something very different and there should be no protection there. When JZ found Lindsay, yup ran right up the stairs, would he not be horrified with what he saw? How many people has he seen murdered? Especially someone he supposedly loved? Did he vomit, did he shake, did he run out as most humans would finding what I have read was a very bloody crime scene. No he did not. There are people out there that are indeed psychopaths (it is hereditary) that only have feelings for themselves. This case is totally disturbing to any real human.

          • Mark Roush says:

            Jason BLEW past Cohen because He ALREADY knew that Lindsay was dead,and He was Present at SHC Autographx for 1 hour after He delivered Lindsay there from the Sauce restaurant to be murdered by His Mother! He called the police before Cohen opened the door for Him outside. The Reason why The Murderer and Her accomplices chose to have Lindsay rolled out of the Zailo’ Hockey equipment bag onto the upstairs bedroom floor was 1, the police were on there way and 2, downstairs wasn’t chosen because Cohen could have possibly found her and noticed that there was NO “bloody” footprints, No blood splatters on the walls. Jason blew past Cohen to get up there as fast as he could to CONTAMINATE the STAGED crime scene before the police and Cohen Saw it First. I am most Curious to see ALL of the STAGED crime scene photos!!!

  37. Kris says:

    First off I want to say I’m so sorry to Jeff and family! It is horrible to go through something like this let alone it be prolonged for over a decade.

    I’ve been following this story and I kind of have a theory.

    I think we are looking at this the wrong way. Lindsay knew all of these people, maybe she was involved somehow. It’s easy to get caught up in things when you’re in a smaller town and your bfs are associated with it. She may not have felt unsafe until there was a certain incident where she saw something she shouldn’t have.
    Then she wanted out. She was over that life. I find it hard to believe that someone who seems street smart wasn’t aware of what was going on with the Zailos. We can figure it out based on articles… we don’t think Lindsay knew? It wasn’t ONE thing she saw, she probably knew the entire operation to a certain extent.
    I’m sure the gang members threatened her, but stabbing someone repeatedly doesn’t make sense for a higher-level gang killing. I mean, unless they wanted it to seem like it was the Zailos. Look at the gang violence now, it’s all shootings. I doubt a gang would want to draw so much attention and scrutiny by a violent stabbing of a beautiful young women.
    I, too, thought it was gang related for awhile.
    But how Jason acted, making sure he had an alibi, inviting his coworker, running up to the bedroom. None of that adds up.
    Gang murders are planned, calculated, and FAST. Aka targeted shootings. This wasn’t an execution. This was someone who personally hated Lindsay. Who felt extremely threatened by her knowing this much, and felt like they may lose everything.
    There are plenty of people who are aware of gangs and there going ons; it’s not sustainable for gangs to go around killing everyone who has been friends with them.
    Unless Lindsay was either directly involved in dealings or saw something extremely incriminating that could take down the entire operation, I can’t see a higher-level gang killing her. And they probably would’ve done it by shooting.
    She knew what her bf was doing the entire time, she wanted to leave him, and his mom/bf felt threatened. So they set up an elaborate scheme to kill her.
    If a gang killed her, they wouldn’t put so much effort into it. Why would they when they know they won’t get charged anyway?

    I don’t mean to be insulting Lindsay at all. I just think she is a lot smarter than everyone is making her out to be. I don’t believe she could be dating, working in an office AND know some shadier people.. then not be aware of what the Zailos were doing.

    It was definitely someone close to her who felt betrayed, and that would be the Zailos. Imho.

    • Robin says:

      Exactly the Zailo’s. It all points to SZ looking out for baby ass JZ….no one hurts my pride and joy. 🤢🤑…after what we did for you.. the nerve of a little upstart who’s prettier than me…yup SZ mindset all over Lindsay’s murder. Wtf the SPD are doing besides covering this up is effing the dog.

    • Svetlana says:

      I’m not sure if this is a fact but I read on a website that Ziggy Matheson was also on the ski trip that December 2007. That jailbird drug dealer must be checked out as he was very good friends with Zailo brothers.

    • Someone who cares says:

      I agree, and feel that the Saanich crims got wind of her seeking out, and meeting up with, her old acquaintance Delalcazar, on this very brief trip to Calgary, on the pretense of just going to visit her father. Whether she tipped the Calgary crew off to the impending bust, or not, with whatever info she’d been ‘fed’, or indeed had genuinely stumbled upon, in Saanich, the Z family and cohorts believed she had betrayed them. If she did in fact tip off Delalcazar bro, it was either knowingly false info provided to Lindsay, or they simply didn’t act on it.

  38. see closely says:

    I somewhat agree with your opinion,especially the second part of it.

  39. Dan J Knadle says:

    Just saw the Dateline episode aired today, I understand the limitations of TV documentaries so forgive me if this has been addressed. Basic rule is “follow the money” and there was max money to be made on sale of this home, I believe motive may have been someone wanting to prevent this sale going forward and preventing her from getting the commission. Was this house ever sold and who got the commission? During the documentary they said very briefly that other real estate agents were considered but really glossed over it . Follow the money!

    • Svetlana says:

      Lindsay was not the listing agent for the house. It was actually two female real estate agents. Follow money may be right because whatever Lindsay knew, they did not want anyone else knowing and jeopardizing their lifestyle. I think the owner ended up living in the house.

  40. David says:

    After watching a rerun of this horrible crime on the ID channel today, I remember seeing this episode before. I decided to read about the case on few different websites and news articles.. There are usually telltale signs as to why someone is murdered. Jealousy, money, drugs, wrong place wrong time, hatred. It is also strange to have a male and female commit such a savage crime together, and even though it’s been said this was done by two people, there has never been any proof of that fact. The phone call could have easily been the work of a man using something to mask his voice. There also is no proof as some have said that there’s a third party who was the mastermind behind the murder. I wish I had more information on this case that seems very solvable, but if I were to start a search I’d be looking for someone who is obsessed with Lindsay. Someone who she might not know but was around in the background of her life and was either shunned or just disregarded. I would look into those who she either took her real estate course with or was in a setting where they could be easily overlooked. Stabbing is almost always personal so I don’t see this as a random crime, but there is also a possibility that she was killed to hurt someone she loved, like her boyfriend or father. Just my two cents. Hope you find the piece of garbage that did this.

    • teknobeam says:

      Your thoughts are commendable, However, this crime was staged and carefully set up (engineered). The cell phone that was used to lure the victim was purchased weeks in advance of the crime and was only used for that sole purpose, Its frustrating just thinking about this murder because the planning and investment of detail and commitment in carrying this out was at such a high level of organization that it almost precludes random nut jobs. The elaborate series of events involving the calls to the victim to lure her, as well as the phone itself, and the access to limited lists of clients and phone numbers specific to the murder really narrows this down. This isn’t some secret admirer that was rejected by Lindsay Buziak. The person or persons are somehow connected to the real estate business in Victoria. How can you ignore that. It’s right there.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Yup. Right there if front of everybody. Police included. So very very obvious. Shocking and shameful.

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