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  1. David Dane says:

    And l hope that you get this because tonight l think l figured out five very important things:
    1.) What Lindsay saw that she wasn’t supposed to see!
    2.) Why Lindsay was murdered!
    3.) Whose fault it is that Lindsay was murdered!
    4.) Who gave the assassins Lindsays clients information!
    5.) How this ties in to Vid!
    6.) How all of this is tied into The High Noon Drug Bust!
    You wanna know what l think she saw or intercepted? I think she saw the communication between the informant and The Police in Calgary! (R.G.)
    Lindsay was murdered because she knew the identity of the informant!
    It’s (R.G.s ) fault that Lindsay was murdered because she was the real informant and therefore upon being discovered needed to throw the suspicion onto the person who knew her identity!
    (R.G.) gave out Lindsays client to Vid who gave it to the hit-team, maybe she lied and told Vid that Lindsay was an informant and that she had stmbled onto it!
    I think that maybe Lindsay might have tried to reach out to Erickson because she didn’t know how to get herself out of the mess she was in so after she got to Calgary she tried to call Erickson to come and meet her to no avail!

    • David Dane says:

      I think l can now provide you with about 95% of the ground-work and blue print of this entire scenario! Would you like an answer as to why this case has not gone to court, why Jason Zailo brought Cohen Oatmen with him to the crime scene as well as why Jason didn’t enter the house, well i’m going to provide every bit of that and more right here!
      Let’s get started: The reason why this case has never seen the inside of a court-room?
      Answer: VID is only as good as what he saw and what he heard! I.E.- VID may simply say that as soon as he and the owners of the murder phone arrived in SAANICH that the trio went there own way for the next few hours! VID went sight seeing and the three of them came together later on and went back to VIDS CRIB together! See no evil, hear no evil! If there’s no way to put VID in that house, and there isn’t, then there’s no way to make him a witness! The murder couple isn’t going to put him in the house! (Away from that, the crime scene was improperly processed and it’s content compromised) !
      Why did Jason Zailo bring Cohen Oatmen with him, and why did he choose not to accompany Lindsay into the confines of 1702 Desousa Place?
      Answer: Because he’s not as tough as he looks! He was afraid of taking part in an actual confrontation which brings me to his reason for his begging Cohen Oatmen to be there! He wanted C.O. there incase there really was a confrontation!
      I swung by C.O.’S Facebook page one time! He’s well built and looks powerful!
      What panicked poor Lindsay?
      Answer: l think that she saw the communication between the informant and The Calgary Police Department, maybe on a glowing computer monitor in a dark office, suddenly, Rianne, who’s been ratting out VID the entire time appears at Lindsays shoulder breathing down her neck! Lindsay turns and sees the face of the woman whose words will soon get her killed! Now it’s Lindsay or Rianne!
      Why l don’t believe that Shirley is the rat!
      Answer: I can’t imagine why VID would confide in her!
      Rianne is in that house and privy to VIDS words and actions!
      (Hope that the above is some help to you)

      • David Dane says:

        I should properly clarify myself, which, in my exhaustion, l failed to do! In other words, can SANNICH P.D. nor THE F.B.I. put VID at, or, at least very near 1702 De Sousa Place on or around the time of LINDSAYS MURDER then they cannot hold an accessorie charge over his head in order to get him to talk!
        The other issue is the rehabilitation of VIDS Character on the stand not to mention the improperly processed crime scene!
        The glaring issue- A good defence lawyer will tear the shit out of VIDS credibility! What could be used to rehab his image? His charity work? His positive standing within the community? His love and kindness toward others? His gainful employment? There’s absolutely nothing! This is not Justin Trudeau or Joe Biden! that we’re talking about here! VIDS candor is of issue in this situation!

        • lbmurder says:

          Yea defence will be up to us to publicly destroy them just like gangster cop Horsley threatened Jeff he would do to him.

          • David Dane says:

            You’re l assume, referencing defence lawyers in general through your commentary?
            I don’t know what Horsely and his partner thought that they were doing in your office that day! The conduct displayed by both was completely improper not to mention un-proffessional! Yeah, The Police out here have tried…
            Wait a minute! What if there were two informants? What if SHIRLEY orchestrated a plot wherein RIANNE would become VIDS girlfriend in order to gather intel from him? I mean, l haven’t seen more than one photo of RIANNE, but VID, YIKES! At some point LINDSAY becomes a victim, or falls victim to my own personal brand of terrible luck and walks into a pitch-black room with a glowing computer terminal in it humming along melodiously to the tune of the offices ventilation ducts! Her precious heart flutters in her chest at the discovery that she’s made, and when she turns RIANNE is standing in the absence of light behind her with the reflection from the computer terminal and its ominous overures in her eyes! It has now dawned on LINDSAY that what she has seen may get her into serious trouble, however, she confides in no one until she goes to visit her Father, JEFF in Calgary!
            Jeff, l think that after LINDSAYS execution was carried out RIANNE and SHIRLEY turned on one another, and maybe RIANNE learned to fear her boss, maybe that’s why there’s still a threat assessment going on over there!
            I don’t think that the remark about ERICKSONS SAFE was born of intel, but rather of sheer luck, hopefulness, and basic common sense!
            Had LINDSAY come to me would l have advised her to reach out to ERICKSON in an attempt to keep the wolves in their den? That’s a question that i’ll have to answer at a later date, because i’d want to give such a decision further consideration! I would’ve accompanied her into that house though, even at the risk, JASON ZAILO should have done so to!

          • David Dane says:

            I assume in your commentary that you’re referring to all defence lawyers? Horselys conduct at your office was totally un-proffessional and completely un-called for! That, and his colleague should have been demoted to traffic duty!
            What if there were two informants? What if SHIRLEY recruited RIANNE to become VIDS girlfriend in order to gather intel from him?
            At some point LINDSAY enters a pitch-black room with a glowing computer terminal in it humming away melodiously to the tune of the offices ventilation ducts! As she discovers what’s on the screen she turns to see RIANNE standing in the absence of light behind her with the reflection from the computer terminal and its ominous overures in her eyes! The bad dream of Saanich has begun! As LINDSAYS precious heart flutters in her chest she realization of what she’s just seen and it’s potential consequences reach the core of her anxiety, but she says nothing to no one until she goes to visit her Father and Real Estate Shark, Jeff, in Calgary!
            Jeff, l think that after LINDSAYS execution RIANNE AND SHIRLEY turned on one another, l also think that that’s why there is still a risk assessment going on over there! I also think that the eventual inevitability is that RIANNE learned to fear her former boss!
            I don’t think that the remark about ERICKSONS SAFE was born of intel but rather of sheer luck, hopefulness, and basic common sense!
            I would’ve accompanied LINDSAY into the house, even at the risk! JASON ZAILO should have done as much instead of leaving LINDSAY to enter a panther atrium alone!
            Had l known LINDSAY at the time would l have advised her to reach out to ERICKSON? That is an answer for a later date as l would want to give it more thought!
            Now l want to address a person that l have never addressed before-Sarah Buziak! I was watching a documentary on LINDSAYS CASE a couple of days ago when l saw you on there telling the story of how LINDSAY had created a Facebook page for people who love Sarah! After hearing you tell that story my eyes were not and are not dry! That made me get emotional! I am so sorry for your loss Sarah, no one can ever give you back what you’ve lost, but l am 100% sure of one thing, LINDSAY is up in Heaven watching over you and your Dad and she couldn’t be any prouder of you both!
            God bless Lindsay Buziak!
            Rest in peace!
            (Jeff, l think l lost the the entire first blog that l formatted tonight, if not, then you may post both)

            • David Dane says:

              ASSUMPTION- I don’t know why l never thought to connect my hatred of this word to LINDSAYS CASE! I personally have had to bear the brunt of this words affliction for most of my life, and now, here it is again…. ASSUMPTION! And remember what ZACHARY MATHESON said… “LINDSAYS death was a mistake”! Someone called out LINDSAYS name and a number was placed on her head! Did anyone bother to do, oh l don’t know, some INVESTIGATING? Somehow l don’t think so! It seems to me that someone yelled out “LINDSAY BUZIAK”, and that was that! They made an, ASSUMPTION! Oh my, what a foul, disgusting, vile, wicked, repugnant, serpentine and dangerous word! See, and l posted this a couple of months ago- We have replaced, asking, with ASSUMPTION! Is it because assuming takes less time and requires less effort? I am repulsed by the existence of this word!
              Did you know, that 19 years ago and only one block away, l came within an eye-lash of having a green light placed on my head because an under-boss assumed that l was a dealer because l was showing up with MONICA when things were going on and l wasn’t buying anything for myself? Had it not been for my friend Jean-Pierre who sat in on the meeting from which a contract against me was to be carried out i’d be dead right now! He saved my life, and he lied in order to do it! He told them that he’d known me for 10 years which was a far cry from the truth!
              In LINDSAYS case, the ASSUMPTION rolled all the way to its final destination! This is how dangerous it is not to do a proper investigation and see every angle through to it’s conclusion! Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the answer!
              The vile, wretched word, ASSUMPTION cost poor LINDSAY her life, let’s be mindful of that the next time that we seek to practice assumption! Let’s do that to honor LINDSAY !!!

              • David Dane says:

                SHIIIT, my bad! I meant to say, they thought l was a NARC, not DEALER as l accidentally printed above!
                Sorry Jeff!
                I wish there was a way to go back and edit blogs, but l don’t see one!
                Oh, well!

                • David Dane says:

                  MERRY CHRISTMAS CHICO!
                  GOD BLESS!

                  • David Dane says:

                    Itl’s Von! Hope you’re having a much happier 2022 than l am!
                    I want to open this with the disclaimer that some will believe in the form of topic that l speak of here while others will not! It is explained in Neighbourhood of Night that l lay claim to being a sensitive, peoples thoughts, fears, aspirations and emotions, l read them on a higher level then most others! I have also drempt of places that l have never been and then shown up there later on!
                    Here goes! I went to bed very early tonight and in my sleep l drempt of a huge manor style living room with low lighting and a roaring fire! The floor was clothed in beige carpet and a screen with a revolving globe on it hung on the far wall! It is here that through which, Lindsay spoke to me! I am able to remember it all because my phone sits by my bed and l texted it to myself! as soon as my eyes weren’t full of sleep anymore!
                    Here is what Lindsay said, ” You know my Father! I want to speak to him! The one who is evil, is hat! They conned me! Took me to a place of sensibility and then unspeakable terror! My Father must beware of Asian woman who is closed for the season”! (End of communication)
                    But wait, because l MIGHT have met this Asian woman some two seconds later in the dream!
                    She’s young, long black hair wearing a blue silk nightie with bare feet, very attractive, approximately 5’4 and about 25 years old!
                    In this frame of the dream, it was deepest dusk, and she walked toward me in the twilight across an empty mall or cinema parking lot, and said “We’re closed”! Oh, and there were yellow speed bump, block, divider things for cars to park infront of and what possibly could’ve been a cinema style structure in the not so far off distance!
                    End of dream!
                    Jeff, l think that Lindsay wants you to communicate with her through a medium or paranormal advisor! That, or i’m crazy!

    • David Dane says:


  2. Leena Mae says:

    It’s so sorry for your loss, I wish your family peace and healing. I pray justice will be served for Lindsay! I listened to a podcast reviewing her untimely death and as a young female, she did everything ‘right’ and what I do when I am uncomfortable in a situation. May Lindsay’s memory bring you joy and happiness 💜

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