Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



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  1. Shari says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, i ask for complete peace that only you can provide, as Lindsay’s dad continues to pursue justice. Father, we ask for your help in getting this justice. We love you and praise you and thank you.

  2. EA says:

    Have they looked at the other real estate agents… she was young and quickly rising, maybe someone had an issue with the young RE when they have been trying to get there for many years. Another RE might have more access to her clients and their whereabouts etc.

  3. Nancy Drew says:

    “A new Operational Stress Intervention Dog Team is making its mark on Vancouver Island, Executive Director of the VICD program, completed the training of Beacon, who will be stationed at the Saanich Police Headquarters.

    Beacon will assist the Saanich Police Services Wellness Unit with his handler Lynn George of the Saanich Police as an Operational Stress Intervention Dog.

    These handlers undergo training to learn the tasks that the dogs can perform, and how those tasks can be specifically used within their operational work environment.

    “His impact on the organization and the people that work here has been tremendous,” says Saanich Police Chief Constable Dean Duthie.
    Beacon is the fourth OSID placement in BC”

    I am a financial supporter of the BC/ALTA Service Dog program. I was a tad cheeky when I read this article cause I couldn’t help but relate that the SPD and their inability to solve Lindsay’s execution must have caused them some real PTSD stuff with “operational work environment” trauma. I don’t begrudge service dugs for work related trauma, I too have witnessed those situations, I just couldn’t help but see the irony with this initiative and Lindsay’s UNSOLVED murder that drags on for year 16! Too bad the victims of Lindsay’s murder aren’t offered the same opportunity to have a service dog for their trauma. I write all this with an Elvis-sneer because I just don’t have ANY compassion or sympathy for such an incompetent bunch of detectives to which I don’t have an ounce of respect or trust. IMO

  4. Melissa Gyfteas says:

    I don’t understand why they never looked at the buyers or someone who had it out for the sellers; a murder in a house drops the price and it seems that this house took about a year to sell and the price dropped about $200k.
    The sellers were stuck with the house for an additional year, paying the mortgage on that house and the house they were living in, and took over a $200k loss.
    Scenario A: someone wanted to ruin the seller(s) financially (were the sellers divorced and one was responsible possibly) and Lindsay was collateral damage.
    Scenario B: Someone wanted that house but it was out of their price range; a house that someone was murdered in (obviously) sells for a lot less. Do the current owners have an alibi for the date in question? Even if the woman isn’t blonde, there’s an invention called a wig.
    Lindsay said the accent sounded fake, makes sense they’d fake accents so when they moved in they could use their own vernacular.

    • lbmurder says:

      The name used to purchase the cell phone is a very common Brazilian name. Paulo Rodrigues. Brazil was once occupied by the Portuguese so their language is a Portuguese/Spanish fusion.
      The developer of the property and current occupant of the house is Portuguese and was friends with Shirley Zailo and her boyfriend Paul Bergshoeff at the time of Lindsay’s murder.
      There is a possibility Lindsay heard a Portuguese accent and is why she said the woman’s accent kind of sounded like Mexican but not really.

      • Melissa says:

        Was Shirley the listing agent at the time? Did she end up getting the listing and the sale? If the occupants are friends of hers and the developer is as well, doesn’t it make sense that this was all for commissions?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, just too off the wall. Story does not fit the picture. Just to poke a hole in this ridiculous theory of your real estate MO, it would be a mega list of “coincidences” that led to Lindsay being “collateral damage.” And had you done your homework you would have known the current owner/resident of the murder house is none other than the developer/contractor that offered it up for the location to execute Lindsay – Joe Desousa. Hence the name of the caldesac – Desousa Place. My guess is, no one wanted to buy the murder mansion, given its history so Desousa was burdened with owning it! Some consider that karma but if I was part/parcel of that Desousa party you wouldn’t catch me living in it. Hope Lindsay haunts them!

      • BW says:

        How about it was listed with the only intention to murder Lindsay. Maybe Joe DeSousa owed 🐿️ a favour. I bet he is a dirty player anyway so was ok with putting his house on the market for the convenience of the murderer. Ironic PaulB fled back to Europe isn’t it? It was not an accident that Lindsay was murdered there. It was planned. I heard through a grapevine quite awhile back that DeSousa’s son and daughter-in-law were living in the house. Neighborhood talk. There is just so much circumstantial evidence in Lindsay’s murder. B.C. must have some real duds as crown prosecutors. That is another bizarre reason this murder is not solved. Lots of craziness that makes no sense whatsoever to someone who can think. Prosecutors get a zero, and negative 1000 for not even trying. Very disappointing in the Crown. Lame.

        • Archie says:

          So true. They could start to redeem themselves by retracting that “clearance” statement in regards to the most obvious suspects in Lindsay’s murder. Then they can disclose to the public all their incompetence as to why Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved. They can “hand over” the file to another agency dedicated and competent to solve Lindsay’s COLD CASE. Then we can DEFUND the SPD and their jurisdiction could be amalgamated with one of the MANY other in that area. Just think for all those local tax payers how efficient and effective their tax dollars would be spent by DEFUNDING SPD!

    • Crime Junkie says:

      You came up with the house being the main focus on everything that’s been reported how?? It doesn’t make sense, like seriously ZERO!! Why would they specifically call Lindsay to show the home if the home was the target? Like seriously they could have chosen any realtor at that point js. As far as the sellers, I’m pretty doggone sure there are a million different ways someone could ruin a home buying process for a seller then taking a life!! I’m sorry, I’m not being mean but obviously you need to really listen, look into the case a little better but it never once gave any impressions that a house/buyer/seller was the vocal point of the case. Someone wanted this poor young woman killed therefore she was targeted & that’s what they are trying to find out why & the who!

  5. markguszak says:

    Mexican cartel. Overkill, about sending message. She was presumed to be a snitch. This is how a cartel warns others about ratting in the future. The two people that did this felt nothing during or after, done it before. They came in from out of town and left right after. The idea that Jason or his family did this is ridiculous. This was a bloody massacre, not stuff done by real estate agents. Do you really think a normal Joe can hack someone up like this? These stupid rabbit holes you have created have confused this case beyond ever being solved. Fact of the matter is, this won’t be solved. This is cartel, nobody is gonna talk, look what happened to Lindsey because she was perceived to have talked. You track those pings on the burner, you will find the area of the guy that called it.

    • lbmurder says:

      Would you please show some respect by spelling Lindsay’s name correctly before you try to engage us with your questionable intelligence again. Thank you.

    • bubba says:

      You must be a realtor working for the Zailos

    • Nissen B says:

      To the writer of “Mexican Cartel-Overkill, I am really sure you must be a cop-police officer that are unable to solve the local murder of LB, directing this case into a wrong direction to create additional confusion.

    • Joe says:

      U need to read up on Lindsay’s murder and watch Dateline. Even the 3 well qualified experts Dateline had on the show said it was personal and had real estate connections. There was circumstantial evidence all over Lindsay’s murder that indicates this was NOT cartel.

    • HRH Detective says:

      OK, I gotta have some fun here…….
      “this is how cartel warns others about ratting….”
      WRONG. Their MO is one bullet to the head, also known as execution style, typical of the “cartel”
      “two people did this, felt nothing, done it before”
      WHATS your evidence to suggest/substantiate that?
      “…idea that Jason or his family did this is ridiculous.”
      CORRECT. The evidence suggests that the parties to whom you refer did not weld the murder weapon and killed with extreme violence, but that doesn’t absolve them of knowledge, information or conspire with those who did.
      “came from out of town, left right after”
      WHERE’s your evidence to suggest/substantiate that?
      “a bloody massacre, stuff not done by real estate agents”
      WELL, no one is suggesting or convinced the “massacre” was executed by “realtors”
      “a normal Joe can not hack someone like this”
      AGREED. Because it wasn’t a ‘normal Joe’ who carried out the murder. (no brainer)
      “stupid rabbit holes, created confusion beyond solving Lindsay’s murder…”
      UNFORTUNATELY, the only ‘rabbit holes’ that you refer were created by the police and the ignorant ones that think us ‘layperson’ lack intelligence and common sense.
      “track those pings on the burner, you will find the area of the guy…”
      STAY tuned…. if you had done your homework, you would be aware, according to the court documents that were fought to be exposed to the public, the police claim that they did “ping” the ‘murder cell’ in an area that was identified with those named in previous postings. Also, if you had been paying attention, it also came to light from the court docs that there were TWO burner phones connected to each other and Lindsay’s murder. Something the police NEVER shared with the public in their pathetic plea for “any information” to help them solve Lindsay’s murder.
      Please come to the table with some information/theory that will assist in the plight of justice of Lindsay.

    • DJ says:

      God help any of us if you ever wind up on a jury. Yes, you are that ignorant and naive. Drug cartel, my azz! Wake the H up!

      • G says:

        There was a level of highly detailed and complex sophistication involved in the timing aspect of the murder. There is little chance that two random hitters swooped in, set all of that up (complete with down to the minute timing and location) landed in the perfect spot, committed the murder and then left town. This thing had many moving parts, more than one or two people involved, and required a lot of inside information and coordination.
        The Saanich Police department botched this thing from day one (they are still botching it). They just released a video that is over a year old asking for the publics help in the solving of a vicious beating on a schoolyard playground involving weapons. They actually have the license plate of the vehicle that the perpetrators fled in…..still no arrests. That’s what is going on here unfortunately. Gross incompetence.

  6. Rj says:

    From all that I’ve read on this horrific crime I say it’s the boyfriend
    A friend of the boyfriend had testified or said that it was uncommon for the boyfriend to spend time with him or something and then he wanted him to have dinner meanwhile Lindsay had told the boyfriend she was quite nervous about this couple looking to buy this home and requested that he be there meanwhile he gets there late he claims he saw two people about to leave and then go back in and shut the door and what does he do he sits in the car and waits and then when they did finally go in he went running up the stairs and he had never been supposedly in that house before yet he knew where to run I think it’s just too close to home and that’s why they’re not solving it meaning it’s right under their nose and though they did look into that I understand there very well off and have connections I think they need to revisit the boyfriend that’s just my two cents it’s a shame what people do to set her up like that and then repeatedly stab her to death it’s terrible but there is a higher power somewhere and those people will pay for this crime at some point the father was absolutely heartbroken it’s a shame what happened to her

    • Nona says:

      Yes yes and YES. Many people see that young girl’s death face them as they try to get to sleep. That Z family knows how it all went down. I can only think corruption is stopping Lindsay’s murder from being solved. Victoria people have thrived on dirty money. Too much to lose for too many people. Lindsay the sacrificial lamb. So so sad. Girls get attracted to bad bad boys. My own child was one. May she and Lindsay RIP. Our in charge people can do way better than this. What is the Crown doing to help with prosecution I wonder?

  7. HRH Detective says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist.
    I’m a “things aren’t adding up and it’s pretty obvious” theorist.

    Well folks, its in our 16th year to have this COLD CASE of Lindsay’s execution/murder solved – our most deepest wish – to have these criminal(s) charged with this vicious, sinful murder of a law-abiding, society-contributing CANADIAN.

    Here we sit, absolutely NOTHING from the police who cry to the public year after year for “assistance, information and – a confession.” These supposedly experienced, trained and talented detectives (and there have been many occupying that chair) who swear Lindsay’s execution is “solvable” yet just can’t seem to come up with ANYTHING 15+ years after her murder. Now, why is that? Is it incompetence? Is it negligence? Is it corruption? Is it a cover up? What are the police hiding? Who are the police hiding? Is it crime scene evidence rendered compromised/unprofessionally collected and thereby the hard evidence is inadmissible or worse, contaminated.

    Whose to verify and ensure that “tips” from the public have been received by the police? Back in time when the public TRUSTED the police and provided them with tips/information. How do we know that those Crime Stoppers Tips (anonymous BTW) haven’t been useful and detrimental to solving Lindsay’s murder? Do you think the anonymous tipper did a follow up on their tip? How do we know if those yellow post-it tips were entered into the file? Did they end up in the shredder? Selective tips file? Pretend we (police) never received it? Its very suspicious that after more then 15+ years the police haven’t received critical and substantive tips to advance their investigation, one, because they continue to plead to the public for tips/information yet lack transparency to advise the public of what they have accomplished (absolutely nothing BTW) and how about giving us a hint to what tip/information you seek? There are likely citizens out there that don’t have an inkling that they possess a vital piece of this murder-puzzle because the police have given the public no clue what they’re looking for. Of course, the flip side and very damaging side to NOT receiving tips is the inherent mistrust and disrespect that the public has with the SPD and therefore would not share ANY tips as the SPD can not be trusted. Their history is clear, the SPD have declared many inaccuracies and misinformation with the public. Also worth noting is those who do possess valuable information but fear for their own safety. After all, if the killer(s) get away with Lindsay’s murder, then why wouldn’t the tipsters think the same thing would happen to them? Of course the inherent mistrust with the SPD would make sense – not to share anything with them as doing so would only jeopardize your safety. IMO.

    As murder cases run into COLD CASE status, for years, the likelihood of solving it is slim to none. Is that the MO of the SPD? Eventually the victim’s family will die, advocates will be lost, witnesses die, statements/memories become vague and inconsistent, murderers get away with murder. Sounds like a very low level of reputation for the SPD, after all, they do have a very tarnished history of being unable to solve serious crime – a great example of that is the Tanya/Jay Murders. They (SPD) gladly passed these murders off to the Americans, knowing full well the SPD’s incompetence and inability to solve murders in their jurisdiction was not going to happen. BTW, Thank you Americans for tenaciously bringing their murderer to justice for our CANADIANS. And, of course, that Reena Virk murder comes to mind, for those of us who recall. It not only took the SPD (Horsley BTW) a week to take Reena’s disappearance seriously, because….. According to SPD, she was a repeat runaway and the information the police received from the “school kids” about her being assaulted were labelled as “teenage gossip.” I took the SPD over a week to take Reena’s “disappearance” seriously. They finally located 14 year old Reena’s body floating in the gorge. Their investigation and their evidence was weak, sloppy and incomplete because it took 3 TRIALS, 2 APPEALS and TEN YEARS to secure a conviction! Probably wouldn’t be prosecuted under today’s rules of Crown playing the roles of judge, jury and executioner as they have the extreme power to not lay charges if THEY determine there is an unlikely outcome of a conviction. I suspect, if we are EVER fortunate to have the killer(s) identified, Crown will dismiss or stay any charges based on the unlikelihood to secure a conviction AND that decision would be supported by the sloppy, incompetent investigation by SPD. When are the police going to make a public apology and take responsibility for their negligence in “clearing” anyone of Lindsay’s murder? When are they going to back peddle, admit their atrocious misconduct and errors and put EVERYONE back on the person-of-interest list OR suspect list? When are they going to refer Lindsay’s file to an outside independent body of detectives who take their duties seriously, have credibility with the public and have the tenacity to solve Lindsay’s execution? The public have no faith or trust in the SPD, their reputation is tarnished beyond redemption/repair. Defund the SPD. That would go a long way to reinstate a level of confidence, trust and support for policing.

    Here’s a good example of the SPD’s pathetic inability to “solve” and “investigate” serious crimes. Interesting to watch Horsley/Downie make a ridiculous effort to award themselves brownie points.
    (no link. Must access via Roku or Amazon. CRIME STORIES S8-E7/E8)

  8. Gabriela says:

    I just saw the documentary and let me tell you my instinct went to boyfriend immediately. If she asked for his help and they had lunch together right before meeting up with clients why take separate cars or go separate ways?
    He stopped at car shop to greet his friend only to build alibi and to be cleared out. Why wait outside of the house if you saw people opening doors and them closing them again and never coming out? YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS GOING ON!!
    Boyfriend instincts: 0
    Also person who referred Lindsay to those “clients” knew her and when she tried calling number she couldn’t reach person that referred her because that person doesn’t exist as a previous client. Only person that knows who killers are is her boyfriend.
    On that street where house was is there no street cameras or house surveillance?
    Feel like they should look more into it and bring this to an rend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, you are so instinctively correct! There’s so many holes in the BF’s alibi statements its insulting. Can’t imagine how silly those keystone coppers must feel, you know, after all, they “cleared” the entire Zailo clan despite the gaping obvious.
      I particularly like the reference to the BF needing directions to the murder house – while he’s on route. If the plan (as he claims) was to meet poor Lindsay at the house yet he didn’t know where it was, when they were having lunch, don’t ya think he would have inquired then? Oh sorry, thats right, the Stupid Police CLEARED them. Clearly, the BF didn’t slaughter Lindsay, he was not there and no one suggests he did the actual murder, however, because the murderers were aware the first suspect in murder is the spouse/BF, part of the “planned execution” was to provide the BF an alibi and it was choreographed like a ballet, BUT the flip side is (clearly cops can’t figure that out) that one does not have to be holding the smoking gun to be involved or have knowledge of a murder. Right? Someone should instruct the cops to make a public announcement that they were negligent and incompetent to CLEAR anyone of Lindsay’s execution UNTIL someone is charged! Hello! Isn’t that detective 101? The SPD are very proficient at making public apologies, they do it for rape and many other crimes they don’t appear to solve or process proficiently.

      • Margaret says:

        Yes, I had commented awhile ago that I thought it was odd that Jason didn’t confirm with Lindsay, while having lunch, on how to get to the property since she had concerns about the upcoming appointment. Knowing the importance of him being there, most people would be sure to have the address & driving instructions beforehand. He also called his brother for directions, his mother for information on the lockbox, had dinner plans with his friend after having lunch at 4:30, changed those & took his friend along to the house Lindsay was showing. He provided alibis for everyone!! Maybe he’s just not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but all the unnecessary texts back & forth with Lindsay before he finally gets there just seem off.
        I’ve followed this case for years & will never understand why no arrests have been made. It’s shameful.

        • Who Dun It? says:

          So True. He not only ISN’T the sharpest blade in the drawer, but all those steroid drugs (his physic is obvious) plays havoc and damages your brain cells, the ‘history’ of steroid use is well documented. Users become irrational, violent, possessive, paranoid and well….. just plain stupid. BUT, remember, the SPD “cleared” him and the Zailo clan so they are very secure in their denials and choregraphed alibis. Doesn’t matter that their alibis are littered with gaping holes, more then swiss cheese! Doesn’t matter that their inconsistencies having been brought to the surface over the years. Doesn’t matter that the story DOES NOT FIT the picture! That’s the strength behind THE TRUTH – it NEVER changes – lies on the other hand are impossible to keep straight, can’t “remember’ what lie you told where.

  9. Ihategangsters. says:

    Ive done a bit of research, on trying to figure out the case. The only thing I can come up with is that she found out about people laundering money, probably related to drugs. Its the only thing that makes sense…. I think these people in real estate need to be investigated…. I could be wrong, but its all I could get from looking into everything thats online. I think this is much bigger then what people know…. its obvious something is being covered up…. maybe the police are scared…. maybe they have been paid off….. I dont think its hard to find who did this to your daughter… I think it will be hard to prove it though.

  10. Anonymous says:

    SAANICH POLICE …. (Ink still wet from the presses)

    SAANICH Police seized vape kits, pens, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, tanks and disposable items, along with tobacco and liquids that were up to 98 per cent THC.
    Over $100,000 worth of vaping products destined for sale to youth at local schools has been seized by SAANICH POLICE detectives.
    The seizure stems from an investigation that began in November after police received reports that people were going to middle schools and high schools in Saanich to sell vaping products to students under the age of 18.
    “It is clear that the items are branded and marketed in such a way to entice youth into buying them, and these individuals specifically targeted schools to sell their products,” said Const. Markus Anastasiades.
    Tobacco and Vaping Products Act prohibits the distribution of tobacco or vaping product to anyone under 18.
    Over the course of the investigation, officers saw the products being sold at schools across the capital region, both during and after school hours.
    People were also seen selling items to youth at malls and parks — even accepting payment through portable point-of-sale machines.
    The products were put in food-delivery bags, duffle bags and plastic totes to conceal what they were.
    SAANICH’s Street Crime Unit and the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant on March 17 at a business in the 700-block of Vanalman Avenue.
    Items included vape kits, pens, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, tanks and disposable items, along with tobacco and liquids that were up to 98 per cent THC — the active ingredient in marijuana.

    WE REPEAT …..

    (Sound familiar?)

    IMO … “no arrests/investigation continues” is the ABSOLUTE NORM for SAANICH POLICE! Same story line for LINDSAYS MURDER. I do not understand how they continue their road of incompetence and negligence. The Saanich Police should be defunded, dismantled and their jurisdiction amalgamated with a credible police force. Clearly they are incapable of solving crime and certainly SERIOUS CRIME such as murder/slaughter of innocent women. If the residents of Saanich just cant bring themselves to tossing out the Saanich police then at least minimize their abilities to execute police duties, they should be scaled back to General Duty/traffic because their reputation is dismal at best and solving crime is a stretch for them to achieve. Talk about no confidence in your local police.

    • TatooU says:

      Citizens effing other citizens runs deep here. It’s obvious if you care to open your EYES. They parade the wife as an RN who works in our hospital. They live across from a school and have a janitorial job with school district. They look like hard working guys and can fool ya. Take the clothes off and it’s GANGSTA crap. With clothes on they scream Catholic and confession absolves them of their sins!!!! Don’t piss them off because they are thugs who belong in the slammer not acting like an upstanding decent family. They are someone’s neighbour and they act like one of us. Power in numbers really. Get it? Open your curtains people they aren’t hiding.

  11. Sweetkeyz88 Evans says:

    Your defense against Zailos should be…

    “Why did they wait 14-15 years to come forward and tell the Zander journalist a completely different story?????

    They never said anything on Dateline! All SZ said was “we went for a walk the day before and that Lindsay said something to the effect she was afraid of M. Previous BF.
    That’s Deflection! Manipulation!

    She never said anything about offering to go help Lindsay to help with the listing so she could go to Vancouver…

    Why did they put you and all of us all these years, through all what you’ve been through if what they say is true after all theses years

    You need to file a Writ and Counter Sue her
    and request it from Supreme Court in Vancouver? Take it out if Victoria!

    Im sure SZ
    Calling you that day when it was said FBI was getting involved. Fear followed by Manipulation?

    Why didn’t they speak up from the beginning until now? I’m sure the right Judge would Like to hear about this!

    • Anony says:

      The best defence to defamation is the Truth. And the truth is; no one has been charged with Lindsay’s execution, the suspicion of who conspired and who actually did the killing is fair game. The TRUTH is: the public has no absolute “truth” other then what little to insignificant information and a litany of misinformation that has been provided by SP – some circumstantial evidence and the fact that no one may EVER be charged with Lindsays murder because the SP have compromised the case/evidence from the beginning. SP detectives have negligently processed the crime scene to which ANY hard evidence is likely inadmissible or labeled contaminated. The local community and the residents have clearly shared their suspicions of those we suspect played a very significant role to “setting up” the murder of Lindsay. IMO, we are all in agreement it was a targeted and orchestrated execution AND it was personal, VERY PERSONAL. Just those 3 agreed upon FACTS brings all suspicions back to the inside circle of Lindsay’s personal life. Those who were “closest” to her, those who knew her character, those who knew her habits, those who knew her movements, those who knew precisely how she would react to the setup. Those who were involved or had knowledge would dismiss and minimize her concerns or suspicions that something wasn’t right. The two conditions to generate a crime – motive and opportunity. IMO, the “opportunity” is clearly demonstrated by the very convenient time and location. It is by no coincidence that Lindsay was murdered at the Desousa house – not a chance! Now, the “motive” remains PERSONAL so that doesn’t leave a long list of suspects. Conclusion is based on the obvious, the glaring, common sense and to those who received benefit from Lindsay’s murder. Could be money (thats personal). Could be soon-TB-scorned (very personal). Could be threat of criminal exposure (very scary for that suspect and very personal) no matter what avenue you view Lindsay’s slaughter, IT IS PERSONAL, IT IS A MESSAGE, AND LIKELY AN ACT OF REVENGE. IT WAS SETUP, CHOREOGRAPHED like a ballet, AND EXECUTED under the noses of the very incompetent and negligent cops of SPD. And if SPD claim they were NOT negligent or incompetent then they have played a significant role in either covering up or willful blindness. Can’t have both SP – pick one!

  12. Anonymous says:


    Crown alleges that Alexander killed Brown to put an END TO THE LAWSUIT that would have made the Hells Angels and its puppet club, the Devil’s Army, look bad. Brown was suing the Voodoo Lounge in Campbell River for injuries he received in a fight with three to five bikers in November 2015.
    Around this time, Brown received phone calls from someone who wanted to resolve the lawsuit. Brown was frustrated because the arrangements kept changing.

    The week before Brown’s death, he told his girlfriend the issue was resolved and he was going to be paid $10,000 in exchange for him dropping the lawsuit.

    In a text message on March 11 at 1:11 p.m. his girlfriend asked when he was coming back to Victoria.

    “Maybe today, just waiting to see this guy, get my coin,” he texted back.

    Never heard from Brown again!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Careful what you wish for….. how does that saying go?

    Crown alleges that Alexander killed Brown to put an END TO THE LAWSUIT that would have made the Hells Angels and its puppet club, the Devil’s Army, look bad. Brown was suing the Voodoo Lounge in Campbell River for injuries he received in a fight with three to five bikers in November 2015.
    Around this time, Brown received phone calls from someone who wanted to resolve the lawsuit. Brown was frustrated because the arrangements kept changing.

    The week before Brown’s death, he told his girlfriend the issue was resolved and he was going to be paid $10,000 in exchange for him dropping the lawsuit.

    In a text message on March 11 at 1:11 p.m. his girlfriend asked when he was coming back to Victoria.

    “Maybe today, just waiting to see this guy, get my coin,” he texted back.

    Never heard from him again!

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is a report from Castanet ……
    All I got to say …….careful what ya wish for…..

    Richard Alexander, the former ­president of the Devil’s Army ­motorcycle club, killed Dillon Brown to terminate a lawsuit that would have made the Hells Angels look bad, the Crown charged Friday in B.C. Supreme Court.

    “It’s not clear what his exact ­motivation for the killing was, but Brown’s death was put in motion when he started his lawsuit,” Crown ­prosecutor ­Kimberly Henders Miller told the jury during final submissions

    Alexander is on trial for the ­first-degree murder of Brown on March 11, 2016.
    Alexander began negotiating the lawsuit with Brown on Jan. 30, 2016. He was worried criminal charges against the bikers would arise out of the civil suit, said the Crown. Evidence revealed there were phone calls and text ­messages between the two men.

    Alexander began stringing Brown along, promising him a payout of $10,000 for his injuries, said Henders Miller.

    “By March 11, the payout was no longer the plan. The plan was murder,” she said. “The events of that day demonstrate the murder was planned and deliberate.”

  15. Anonymous says:

    Excerpts from Gail Balmes, webmaster, Murder on Desousa website(MOD)
    March 3, 2023
    Apparently this is a group who are supporters of Shirley Zailo and they include Lindsay Buziak’s mother, Evelyn, whistle blower, Sandra and retired RCMP ‘homicide detective and coroner turned crime writer’, Garry Rodgers. Try as I might, I can’t fathom how I was lumped in with this ‘group’ when anybody who has read my blog knows I am on the other side of the fence with both feet on the ground. In fact, I believe my thoughts are more closely aligned with another poster also named ‘Anonymous’ (who suggests, “How’s about we all post under “anonymous?” That should give this complainant and her lawyer something to stew about.”).

    Gail Balmes continues to deny, deny and deny ANY ‘involvement’ with the likes of those listed above (Evelyn, Sandra Bryant, Garry Rodgers) Interesting enough, here are some additional excerpts from her website that will put these claims into question.

    …I was contacted by Cpl. David Ryzuk of the Westshore RCMP (Serious Crimes Division). This is the conversation as I remember it. He asked if I was the owner of the Murder on Desousa website. As I had no intentions of lying I answered yes. Cpl. Ryzuk went on to tell me that the Westshore police had been monitoring my blog for sometime now and noticed that I would often make changes and he wondered why I would do that. He asked why I was targeting the Zailo family and was I not concerned that I might be putting their life in danger. Cpl. Ryzuk then went on to tell me he knew that I was a regular poster on another blog and that I was posting under numerous aliases. According to him the Westshore Police had been tracking me for a long time. Cpl. Ryzuk was lying and I knew it. For one thing I rarely even look at this blog he speaks of, and another thing, in order to be tracking my IP the police would need a warrant/court order. In order to get a court order you need evidence and there was none. NONE! Shouldn’t police officers working in Westshore RCMP Serious Crimes Division be hunting down real criminals, solving real crimes?
    OMG Cpl. Ryzuk, just who do you think you are talking to? Do you think I am that stupid that I do not know the law, that I do not know my legal rights? You claim that the Westshore Police are considering charging me with criminal harassment but those are idle threats sir. You are a bully and your intimidation tactics are not working on me. You speak with forked tongue and I knew there was not a word of truth to what you were saying. Perhaps you should have read the “OWNER PROFILE” page on my site prior to calling me. UPDATE; Profile deleted
    It clearly states that I hate LIARS, and once you have lied to me once you are never to be trusted again. Excuse me sir, I am not affiliated in any way with the blog you are referring to. I am NOT a regular poster on that site. If my memory serves me correctly I have posted on that site maybe 3-4 times in the last four years. You are sadly misinformed and a very misguided soul. You could not possibly have tracked my IP to that site because I rarely even look at it. It seems a member of the Zailo family had filed a complaint against me and that was the reason for your call. …….Cpl. Ryzuk you believed everything Shirley Zailo told you, and without a doubt she was the one who convinced you that I was a regular poster on this other site. If you had done your homework sir, you would know that Shirley Zailo is not always truthful. Well, Cpl. Ryzuk you are just one more police officer who got played by Shirley Zailo so I will add you to the list …of well meaning and highly experienced officers that have fallen into the black widow’s web. You accepted her statement and accused me accordingly. You do not have the evidence to bring criminal harassment charges against me .. You were manipulated…You did not have the correct facts prior to contacting me, therefore you fell short in your fishing expedition. You have made numerous false accusations against me sir, and I do not take this lightly. Next time be sure to do your research before you call someone and threaten them.
    CRIMINAL HARASSMENT (Gail Balms definition extracted from Criminal Code)


    She is a realtor who resides in Surrey and works under the Two Percent Realty, West Coast.

    I’m not in the habit of hunting and stalking individuals so this is all I care to share in regards to her ‘identity’ and her location. Not to mention, I like to exercise the RIGHT TO PRIVACY so I do not research genealogy or trace IP addresses or hack email or websites to obtain that information.

    I have a couple questions for Gail Balmes.

    If you don’t “frequent our website” then how do you explain these copied posts from here to your website?
    Do you understand the law and the consequences of breaching and violating privacy legislation? Do you understand that obtaining personal and private information that you may/may not have gleamed from your self-proclaimed genealogy skills have EVER been used for personal gain for yourself or another party is defined as breaching privacy?

    Have you EVER made contact OR conversed with a self-proclaimed know-it-all who is AKA a pee-collector?

    Have you EVER provided personal and private information to this pee-collector that would identify bloggers on this website?

    Have you EVER provided personal or private information to Shirley Zailo in regards to identifying bloggers on this website?

    Do you have an understanding of why posters utilize pseudonyms?

    Did you yourself not work with Sandra Bryant? The ‘fired volunteer?” Did you not participate in many of the blogs that Sherman puts in his yellow journalism report? It’s a shame, isn’t it? That Sherman too has taken up arms with the dark side? What was once a credible and interesting report on Lindsay’s murder, has turned into a paparazzi, tabloid style bunch of rubbish. Think he’s lost his credibility. None of that report remotely helps solve Lindsay’s murder.

    Do you know who is?

    Apparently, HE knows you! Here’s an excerpt (with redacted info for privacy purposes) from an email that HE communicated to SHIRLEY ZAILO on
    September 23, 2020.

    “These are comments made by (redacted) …. I was able to provide IP info which matches with the comments (redacted) made in 2020. I do not have access to the IP info for the year 2019 on these comments because I did not save it. In 2019
    I was only keeping track of defamatory comments about Chris and the SPD and provided him with that info. I believe someone contacted (redacted) aka (redacted) because (redacted) deactivated .. FB account. I think if you contact (redacted) and bluff (redacted) with personal info you have about (redacted), it will scare (redacted) off. Maybe mention to (redacted) you know (redacted) family members because you do “family trees” lol (Gail does family trees and knows everyone’s family history!! Including mine!)”

    Does this email not reflect your privacy breaches and your collusion to share personal/private information with the owner of this email? Who in turn shared with Shirley Zailo.

    Did your heart take an extra beat there Gail? Hope so. Cause there’s plenty more where that came from, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If I were you, I’d be very concerned about being called as a witness in this case. Here’s some sound advice, you should be more cautious with whom you line your interests and with whom you share that personal and private information that you may/may not obtained while violating the Breach of Privacy Act.

    Apparently, in accordance with MOD website, you take exception to having your picture taken in a court house while attending a court hearing for criminals. You took the time to write a scathing letter to the judge and courts to insist that your safety and security would be in jeopardy if these pictures exist. Not sure how and why the drama, but apparently its perfectly fine for you to throw bloggers under the bus and assist in hunting and stalking to identify their persons so you can relay that to the pee-collector and Shirley Zailo and thereby placing bloggers’ safety and security in jeopardy. All for the use of Shirley Zailo to hunt, stalk and identify alleged bloggers who call a spade a spade.

    When I shared your current blog with other posters (to this site) here’s a suggestion I think you should consider.

    “Gail, you might want to start to apologize to those caught up in this vexatious, frivolous, vengeful lawsuit as a result of you not following cognitive thinking and instead irrationally following instructions from idiots with alternative agendas not in line with why no arrests in Lindsay’s unsolved murder?”

    Gail Balmes, you made reference in your blog that you “…. hate LIARS” Ever looked in the mirror lately? Well, perhaps that’s a tad harsh. Maybe not ball-faced lying, but how about withholding the truth?

    In all fairness, I actually have taken the time to read most, if not all of your posts on your blog. I will give you credit that you do appear to have some legitimate information but I also refer to you as a “pancake” —- flips and flops depending on your narrative of the day and contrary to your disclaimer:

    “Try as I might, I can’t fathom how I was lumped in with this ‘group’ when anybody who has read my blog knows I am on the other side of the fence with both feet on the ground.”

    You may at the moment, be on the right-side of the fence, but BOTH your feet have NEVER been planted on the ground!

    And if any of this offends you, know that I could give a rats behind. You’ve certainly offended us bloggers on this website so we’ll call it even, ok? Besides, I’d give you that same advice I give Shirley Zailo and all her minions, if you don’t like what’s written here – GO FIND ONE YOU DO! Frankly, treat websites like the radio or TV, if you take offence to what you’re reading/watching, well change the channel and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE that provides you with the reassurance that “you are special” and in need of some confidence.

    Sincere Regards,

    PS now could we PLEASE try to find the killer(s) who mutilated Lindsay? Apparently the SPD is in desperate need for the “publics” involvement cause their ability to solve murder is dismal.

    • xo says:

      “the person” has taken issue with the comment, and is now trying to explain why communication with Garry soured after three years.They have more holes in their explanation than a swiss cheese sandwich. Avoid eating the cheese. Besides Garry, numerous others were contacted and eventually severed ties with “the person.”

  16. Suzanne Leonard says:

    I think the father had an enemy or enemies. This is how you hurt a parent by killing
    Thier child. She had just seen her father shortly before she died. Look into anyone jealous or angry at her parents.

    • lbmurder says:

      I think you need to cut back on the weed.

    • DJ says:

      Not even close to why she was murdered!

    • anonymous says:

      I cant even get a chuckle out of the ridiculous. Yet another from the dark side. Send her an application to join the other group of rejects from society.

      • Anonymous says:

        Right u r. A chuckle? I felt my BS thermometer rise to an absolute nonsense level. Unfkin-real the morons we share the planet with. Definitely a fool from the dark side of criminal activity I’d say.

      • Rosanne Day says:

        Well isn’t this a perfect example of how the world should work? A stranger accuses another stranger of something, in this case a false connection to a murder, but the accusation could be anything. The reaction is the interesting part. The innocent person doesn’t own it, he thinks it is ridicules, and shoots it down and moves on.

        • lbmurder says:

          In our absolutely stupid pronoun world you may have yours confused darling. I’m guessing this is a she vs she.

  17. lbmurder says:


    Who Benefits from Lindsay’s Unsolved Murder?

    This is a post I’ve been wanting to make for years with questions people avoid answering or simply refuse to answer. This involves Shirley Zailo, Jason Zailo, Evelyn Reitmayer and Saanich police. Since these people along with their very supportive media partner Zander Sherman and lawyer Michael Scherr want to challenge my credibility let’s see if any of this troupe of Jeff haters will finally answer some very fundamental questions everyone should know the answers to?

    First and foremost I must state again that I don’t care Who It Is that murdered Lindsay. I and everyone reading this I’m sure want arrests, charges and harsh sentences for all involved. I certainly have my suspicions as Lindsay’s father but in reality I just want Justice and am completely baffled why there isn’t any after all these years. This really puzzles me and insults my intelligence which I’m sure does yours as well. There is something fishy about this whole scenario surrounding Lindsay’s murder and the so-called investigation by Saanich police.

    Secondly, why in God’s name are the people mentioned above trying to thwart my efforts to see police are held accountable and Justice is served? Why are the people above not joining with me in a combined effort to see police are held accountable and people are informed. Why are they in opposition to everything I do?

    There are conspirators and killers on the streets of Greater Victoria and these people have nothing better to do than attack me. What are their motives for their pushback towards my efforts? I am assuming everyone wants Lindsay’s murder solved and those responsible put behind bars forever? Doesn’t this troupe want the same? I wonder sometimes?

    I include Sandra Bryant, the Jane Doe-Whistleblower in Zander Sherman’s pathetic article/podcast in this as well although she won’t know the answers to my questions. I’m sure Michael Scherr, Zailos lawyer from the Victoria law firm Pearlman Lindholm now realizes the quagmire he mistakenly got himself involved in and may know the answers to what I have been refused for years and years. Here we go.

    Who benefited from Lindsay’s murder?

    We know Lindsay’s murder was not a sexual assault, random or a robbery. We know Lindsay’s murder was personal. It was filled with rage! The person/persons involved wanted payback for the emotional hurt they suffered. They wanted payback for the wrong they felt Lindsay imposed on their egos. They wanted to shut Lindsay up because their lifestyles would end if Lindsay exposed what she saw. Lindsay saw something very illegal she shouldn’t have seen involving them and that put them at high risk so they murdered and the BC Government along with Saanich police have let them get away with it for 15 years and counting!

    Who benefits from Lindsay’s unsolved murder?

    The same as above along with the BC Court System which is bogged down with gangsters killing each other and doesn’t have time for the killing of innocents. It does seem to have time for frivolous lawsuits filed and supported by the people mentioned above though. Hmmm.

    It is said to follow the money and in this case it is most likely true. What money you say? It costs money to murder unless you do it yourself. Was someone paid? It costs money to coverup a murder and who is paying who to do this in Lindsay’s unsolved murder?

    If you have access to big money and cash flow and you are involved that money does you little good behind bars except to be able to hire high priced lawyers from the top law firms. Money can afford you murder and money can afford you covering up murder to protect your lavish lifestyle and reputation in the community. Lindsay saw something she shouldn’t have seen and knew things about people who wanted to protect their lifestyle and were mad at her. Hence rage! A SAVAGE murder as publicly described by a senior Saanich police investigator! People’s lifestyles are safe with Lindsay’s unsolved murder.


    These question I direct at Shirley Zailo, Jason Zailo, Evelyn Reitmayer, Lindsay’s mother, and of course Saanich Police. Why do you continue to refuse to answer these fundamental questions?


    1. I have been told there was personal life insurance on Lindsay. I was told it was 1 million dollars? Who received that money?

    2. Who received the life insurance benefit from The Victoria Real Estate Board/BCREA? Every board member is covered and Lindsay was a member.

    3. Who received the life insurance benefits from Lindsay’s credit cards which all have automatic life insurance?

    4. Lindsay had unconditional real estate deals closing after her death which fees from were substantial! Who received these fees due to Lindsay and her estate?

    5. Who received Lindsay’s personal assets and what were done with them? Clothes, shoes, jewellery, automobile etc….

    Why are the people above refusing to answer these simple questions I would think a father should know and in some cases the public since Lindsay’s unsolved murder is very public!

    Shortly after Lindsay’s murder, Lindsay’s mother Evelyn Reitmayer asked me to sign a legal authorization to allow her to solely deal with Lindsay’s personal affairs. She reasoned she knew all about Lindsay’s personal affairs and promised to fully inform me of everything that transpired. In good faith I acquiesced to her request. Following me signing that document, I was totally blocked and Evelyn Reitmayer reverted back to her bitter vengeful ex wife role doing everything in her power to discredit and thwart all I do to see Justice is served for the murder of OUR precious daughter. Why? Why won’t Shirley and Jason Zailo answer these questions? Evelyn Reitmayer and Shirley Zailo are personal friends. What is going on here? Are these women both just vengeful man hating bitter ex wives or are they hiding something?

    Why won’t these people answer these fundamental questions?

    Thank you for your support.


    Jeff Buziak, father

    • interested says:

      sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes the bad bad people get to comfortable…..carma is a bitch……s….how many times have you kissed passionately….you sick fucks….im carma, can’t wait to meet u.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Evelyn Reitmayer and Shirley Zailo are personal friends.”

      Wow! Just WOW! RU friggin’ kidding me?
      Whats with all these weak, gullible ….. well …. stupid people who take up camp with darkness. Why do they go to the dark side? What is the attraction she has on the likes of Sandra Bryant (fired volunteer!) Gail Balmes -murder on desousa webmaster and that goofy Garry Rodgers, AKA the pee-collector and now the Mother of the murdered daughter? I don’t think a mother can be anymore dysfunctional then to take up arms with the person/s who more LIKELY than NOT has knowledge and information in regards to the murder of your daughter. There are way too many weak, gullible individuals out there that have no boundaries – these people have none and they actually insult their own intelligence by socializing or associating themselves with members of their community who contribute nothing to society and simply feed off us law abiding citizens. Please people, get your head out of your A– and let the sunshine in!

    • BR says:

      That makes me sick to think she would be friends with Shirley Zailo! I remember hearing she didn’t think it Jason and liked him on Dateline.

      What is her thoughts on who did this to her daughter? In being friends with Shirley does she not get any information out of her of some of the common questions that go unanswered?

      Clearly, Matt D wasn’t the killer. So that prior theory is out of the picture.

  18. DJ says:

    Correct Why did Shirley need Lindsay dead?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Four Unsolved Murders under SPD

    Saanich Police Staff Sergeant, Chris Horsley says they have four unsolved murders on their books: Molly Justice, 15, murdered in 1943; Carmen Robinson, missing at 17 since December 1973, whose disappearance from Saanich is being investigated in conjunction with the RCMP; Cherie Lynn Smith, 18, who was found murdered in 1990; and Lindsay Buziak, 24, real estate agent who was stabbed to death in 2008 while showing a house in Saanich. Horsley says that before I (Eve Lazarus) started looking into it, he had never heard of Myfanwy Sanders’ case. (nickname Dot)
    It’s hard to know why Dot’s murder slipped through the cracks. Was it incompetence on behalf of the police force – the same one that botched Molly Justice’s murder investigation just two years earlier? ….. Whatever the reason, Myfanwy Sanders deserves at the very least to have her death classified as an unsolved murder and for police to take another look.

    Jay Cook/Tanya murders November 1987 (recently solved through genealogy DNA)

    Chris Horsley is now the staff sergeant (now retired) at the Saanich Police, but in 1984 he was in the same graduating class as Jay Cook. “He was a super nice guy. Not a guy who would say a mean thing to anybody,” says Horsley. “He was just a good-hearted person, a very kind person. Quiet.”

    Horsley started work with the Saanich Police in 1994, several years after the murders. “By that time, it was really an American case, because sadly we knew what happened to them,” he says. “But the initial file back in 1987 was a Saanich investigation, because it was a missing person file. It wasn’t until their bodies were discovered that the US took over the primary role. The file was quite large, lots of information, lots of tips received by Saanich, and all of that had to be disclosed.”

    C.C. Moore – Genealogy Expert

    For Moore this case (Jay/Tanya) was personal. Her father had grown up on Gabriola Island in BC, and she’d often travelled to Vancouver to visit relatives when she was a child. She was also familiar with Jay/Tanya double murder. “Tanya was exactly my age. She was murdered as I was graduating high school and going to college,” says Moore. “Her life was cut short right when mine was really beginning.”

    Moore is a leader in the field of genetic genealogy, and while this was her first criminal case, she had years of experience reuniting adoptees ….

    These excerpts are taken from a book written by Eve Lazarus called Cold Case BC.

    I found it very interesting, if not coincidental that retired staff sergeant, ‘lead investigator’ to Lindsay’s murder was also quite unsuccessful at solving these murders. I suspect they too are classified as “ongoing & active” in order to keep the public scrutiny at large. I especially find it suspicious that SPD has failed to take CC Moore up on her offer to provide her expertise in relation to ANY DNA that was collected at Lindsay’s murder scene. Why is that? Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this amazing work this woman does, not to mention her personal interests in this murder. And can you imagine the link that would or could be established? Is it because SPD did such an incompetent job processing the crime scene that they either don’t have DNA to assist in their investigation OR its been compromised to render useless.

    Was I the only one who caught the EMS’s statement in regards to their being one of the first at the crime scene? Here’s an excerpt transcript of what transpired.

    EMS …. just a couple police cars and us, parked in front of house and her partner said, “I’ll go in first, if I need you, I’ll radio. What I saw, was, nobody wearing booties, the police were in/out – nobody at the front door marking who was coming in/out of the house.

    ZS SPD said they locked down the house immediately. No comment from SPD.
    ZS How did that compare to other crime scenes you had attended, in the past?

    EMS Yeah, that was the most uncontrolled police scene I have ever witnessed.

    EMS continued to watch until her partner returned to the ambulance.

    EMS He was very shaken, just said it was a very blood, a very bloody scene.

    After 15 years and absolutely NO RESULTS and this DISCLOSURE of a “most uncontrolled police scene I have ever witnessed” only tells us that Horsley and the SPD are maintaining their level of incompetence and negligence and have clearly sabotaged, tainted and compromised this investigation from the very beginning. They’ve just put 15 years of their inability to solve murder at the foot of the public by telling us that it is “complicated” – “complex” all the time claiming Lindsay’s murder was a “solvable case” and “clearing suspects.” Didn’t know the police were in the business of “clearing” persons of interest.

    So, here we are at the helm with CC Moore who has offered her services to the SPD who have failed to take her up on that offer. Why? Likely because they don’t have ANY DNA! And perhaps if they did “collect” any, it’s been seriously compromised by the UNCONTROLLED crime scene. In other words, the SPD have been the ones who have compromised and sabotaged the investigation, that is why folks, its been 15 YEARS and no results! Cause the SPD has no evidence to support a charge. They will NEVER admit their errors and confess their suspicions. They’re too busy “clearing” persons of interest!

    It is sad when our American neighbours have the tenacity and integrity that our Canadian Law Enforcement lack. It was the Americans who fought to find the killers of two teenage Canadians! The SPD were very happy to “hand over” the Jay/Tanya murder file simply because they could wipe their hands and expense to solve the murders. Do you think SPD would have employed the DNA genealogy avenue if the “file” was here? I doubt it. The SPD likely would have continued to cry for the public’s help because they can not solve murder cases and nothing helps them solve their murders more than the public – right? Lindsay’s murder has been ‘investigated’ and ‘processed’ in the same manner as the other unsolved murders of Saanich. Without integrity. With immense incompetence. And the uncanny ability to compromise and sabotage a murder investigation beyond being solved – EVER!

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure I “watched” or “read” where Horsley states …. “this is a very solvable case” to “clearing” persons of interest to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AFTER 15 YEARS! No Persons of Interest. No suspects. No charges. No convictions. Yup, I’d have to say its anything BUT solvable.

    • Mike says:

      Well written. The SPD are trying like hell to hide their incompetence. Look at the experience they have. All the way back to Molly Justice in 1943. I will read up on that later but if I remember correctly the suspect the stepson of the then Attorney General of B.C. and it was covered up. That whole island is corrupt Saanich is the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who wants a murder solved would never refuse CC Moore. Nightmares in Saanich, a community of unsolved murders should be the headline on the front of all papers in Canada.

      • MJG says:

        DANG! It doesn’t get any clearer than that, SPD refusing the help of an expert investigator….and free of charge. HOLY SMOKES, it definitely has the perfume smell of “cover-up, guilt, suspicion and bribery”! Prove this reasonable doubt otherwise…by starting with “WHY WAS LINDSEY BUZIAK MURDERED?” The “WHY” is the main priority and the “key” to this 15 year old (cold) case. Once the “WHY” is confirmed, affirmed, the participant(s) killer(s) will follow…..
        Opinion only!

  20. grams says:

    TRUTH does not mind being questioned,
    A LIE does not like being challenged
    Let that sink in ………….

  21. Anonymous says:

    In reference to the CD podcasts and the media BS that the lawyer and his client splattered all over the public forums …… I thought cases were NOT TO BE commented or tried in the media when they are before the courts? I’m no lawyer but I would think that all this media rubbish would be grounds for dismissal? How is one to get a “fair” trial or hearing if the claimant has presented her case in all this media?

    • interested says:

      …..but and an ALSO, didn’t the mom contact Jeff by phone herself? So at least up to that date nothing can be used against Jeff because she called him herself and never once on that call from what I remember Jeff saying, didn’t mention her unhappiness with Jeff. So secondly, I’m pretty sure Jeff felt very provoked by the phone call and therefore a very mitigating factor and can be used as a successful defense to anything the mom is claiming! Is Jeff counterclaiming against her for first degree murder? I’m pretty sure in civil cases there isn’t a need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The weight of mere circumstantial evidence is enough if the judge see’s fit!

      • Anonymous says:

        True, in civil cases its preponderance vs reasonable doubt (criminal) meaning the “threshold” is substantially lower and evidence only needs to be likely in the eyes of the court. As for wrongful death suit? Theres a two year limit and thats long past.

  22. MJG says:

    A lying tongue(s) is one that speaks falsehood, knowingly and willingly with an intent to deceive others…(also to cover-up).
    Lying can used to impugn the character of a person (sounds familiar). It is the “MOST” detestable evil and nothing we do causes us to more closely resemble the evil power of the father of all lies, the devil himself.
    Now, by my understanding…JEFF BUZIAK is being attacked by that same evil power!

    • Persone says:

      Yeah, it is not really a difficult mystery, the murder of Lindsay Buziak. If you take a week out and start viewing all available information and blogs related to the murder, including the minute by minute in the afternoon of February 2, 2008, likely you will get a good idea how it all came about. But I wonder why the Real Estate Association of BC has not come up with a hefty amount of dollars to support the channel of information to this murder, and also the Agency she worked for? Here in Victoria it feels like all avenues for solving this horrendous crime are BLOCKED, including the Blue Door of SPD. Feels like it is a huge scare about this murder case here in Greater Victoria, a scare created by some very influencial people?? Or that of a criminal enterprice?? Corruption?? Well, take a week out and read all public info and view all blogs, you surely will have not too many more questions to ask. I can feel a slite vibration in the grounds here in Greater Victoria and it is on the increase, getting stronger week by week……..soon the cover uppers, the planners and the murderers will have a room of 6 X 8, for the rest of their lifes…for ever!!!

      • MJG says:

        Could that slite vibration be an earthquake of “truth” wanting to come out of the earth’s crust of Greater Victoria? Could the volcano filled with lies soon be erupting from its mouth of evils? Could the ghost of Lindsey Buziak’s name be on the mind(s) of her killer(s)? She will absolutely never go away nor be at rest until her file is totally solved!

        • Persone says:

          yeah the earth has started to viberate, travelling by the parking lot to SPD in the back of the building for the past 2-3 weeks, you will observe dusins of unmarked police vehicles not belonging to SPD, that is not normal for a force that always want be very independent….some other police force are hanging out with SPD…

      • KD says:

        Won’t be a day to soon either.
        Who was head of the Real Estate Board at the time of Lindsay’s murder. Whoever it was is sure an asshole for not doing more to help with money, time and answers. I hope that persons has been interviewed many times by the police at least. He/she must have a feel for what happened Feb 02/08.

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