Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

DATELINE NBC     “Unsolved: The Dream House Mystery”



Brain Scratch – John Lordan
Part 3: 


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9,327 responses to “Lindsay Buziak Murder

  1. Dorie says:

    I live in NY and saw Lindsay’s story on Dateline recently. For the life of me I cannot understand what the local police have been doing and are still doing since 2008. There are very obvious signs that indicate who should be in jail by now. What in God’s green earth is wrong with the police in Canada? Who oversees your police? Oh no one I suppose. Is there no accountability after 14 years? It’s coming up 15 years soon. I am so sorry for Lindsay’s father and her family. I just don’t know what to say but wanted to acknowledge that I feel something is so very wrong with the investigation.

  2. Allison Olson says:

    I just wanted to let Lindsay’s dad know that I think of her often and wish/hope the evil people that took her from you are caught soon. Her friend on the Dateline episode is a very good friend and I hope she’s doing well too. Much love from Nebraska U.S.

  3. CMH says:

    So sorry for the loss of this beautiful girl. Did anyone try and track down this dress or where and who purchased one? Such a distinctive pattern. Then the conversation that SZ said Lindsay went on a walk the day before talking about the ex who she had no recent communication with. Why even talk to the boyfriends mother about her ex? Sounds like a lie or cover up. I think Lindsay told her she was about to end the relationship and that made her mad. She then decided now it’s time to put the plan in motion. Even though the phones were bought earlier the boyfriend had already told his mom Lindsay was going to end things. She never planned to go back to the ex or there would have been some kind of communication or signs they had talked. The mom knew way before that. Then he sees someone in the house but decided to not check on her. Then the timing was just too close. The killers couldn’t have gotten far after they discovered the body. Why didn’t the friend go running out to see if they were close or still in the area? I believe he pulled up seen the killers still in the house and decided to park to give them time to escape. Polygraphs do not hold up in the courts. All too suspicious. Who is this friend who climbed the fence? Why not her boyfriend? I would have busted out a window or something if he didn’t get a response or thought she was in harms way but instead parked and then decided to check on her. Police would have understood if not covering up something. Replace a window or door glass. If not involved he could have saved her life. His story and timing of surveillance camera was just too planned out. Mr. Buziak my heart goes out to you. RIP Lindsay! and one day the truth will come out.

    • Margaret says:

      All excellent points CMH. Below are my comments on some of the issues you raise, based on what has been reported on-line:
      The Dress: It was traced & apparently it was a common style/pattern by a Canadian designer that was sold in retail stores at that time. They were smart enough not to wear a designer dress that could be traced.
      Dateline: Like you, I don’t believe the ex-boyfriend had anything to do with the murder & that the little stroll Shirley supposedly took with Lindsay the day before was a lie. IF it did take place, I believe that it was to ensure that Lindsay had no suspicion about her upcoming showing of the home.
      Someone in the House – Whether Jason saw figures through the glass or a man step out briefly & return inside (as has been reported), I believe it was a signal for Jason that the deed was done & that he should move his car around the corner, giving them time to escape.
      Friend: I can’t remember his name, but he was a hockey buddy of Jason’s & he was surprised when Jason suggested having dinner that evening as it wasn’t something they normally did (he tried to get out of going but Jason kept on insisting & his wife finally said just go). Keeping in mind that Jason & Lindsay had a VERY late lunch that day it sounds as though Jason was creating an alibi using his ‘friend.’ And who jumped the wall, the friend not Jason – all planned.
      My personal believe is that the couple were not the killers (obviously they were involved), but that the killers were already inside.
      Either through real estate or home developer connections, the house was accessed earlier by the killers who had time to prepare for the clean-up & escape. The couple arrived on foot, so the group was either picked-up by a waiting car (out of sight of Jason & friend) or they fled to a home nearby.
      The tragic part is that 14-years later there has been no progress leading to arrests, even with the involvement of the FBI. Jeff believes that the FBI was never involved, it was just another bs statement made by the police to convince the public that something was being done.
      The only recent update is that Shirley Zailo is now suing Jeff in court for defamation of character. This poor man lost his daughter & now has to fight for his integrity. Shame on all who have let Lindsay down!!

      • Thin Horse says:

        In response to Margaret’s input here on the now famous Blog to the Murder of Lindsay Buziak, soon to be 15 years ago:
        Here is my view after studying this case and been reading all available information regarding this case for several years, Hearsay and Factual. I believe the SPD Detective Div. and the SPD Managers should have full knowledge by now, after soon to be 15 years, on how this murder came about, how it was conducted and how it was controlled after.
        However, the reason for no arrest and prosecution, is the real MYSTERY.
        To highlight this Horrendous Murder Case, for all to know, I personally have written multiple times to the Premier, The Minister of Safety, The AG who soon will be the Premier, the Mayor of Saanich who just was sent packing, the Chief of Police in Saanich who also was sent packing into early retirement, (6months). I never received any response in my dedicated concerns why this case was still ongoing and officially unsolved after 14 years. As a very old Senior Citizen of Saanich, this really concerns the “hell out of me”. Jeff does not need to fight for his Integrity, he is widely known as a dedicated hard working person and the best FATHER ever. It is only in the mind of Shirley Zailo this appears, mirroring herself, when she is suing Jeff for same. I Wonder how it would go if Jeff sued SPD Management in Civil court for “Mismanaging the Murder File # 2008XXXXXX???

        • look closely says:

          The case of knifing of 4 girls in Idaho(Moscow)is eerierly similar to Lindsay’s case in Victoria.
          I wonder whether Saanich’s PD and Moscow’s PD are cooperating regarding the methods(and other aspects)of respective murders.

  4. Just my 2 cents .. I do not think Jason nor his family was involved in the murder of Lindsey . Now if Jason had an ex – girlfriend who wanted them apart.. possibly . Whoever did it , it was planned 3 months in advance . I am sure the police went back into her life when the phone was purchased to see who was in her circle .. maybe a co-worker was jealous of her success ??? What gets me is the fact that all of the stabbing the killer didn’t leave one speck of their blood !!! It took only a few minutes to kill her , you think they would have been a bit nervous messy .. Lindsey did shake their hand .. why no dna from her ?? The fact that she didn’t try to fight back gets me too .. you think she would have scratched the killer or pulled hair or something for dna to left present .. if the killer put gloves on that would have put up a red flag to her ? I think it was someone close to her .

  5. Cynthia Joffrion says:

    Hello, it seems to me that whoever is responsible for this crime might have been a competitor in the real estate business. Who stood to gain more deals with Lindsay out of the picture? Was there someone who took over the deals she was working on before she died? Has this been investigated? I truly hope justice will be served in this tragic case.

    • MJG says:

      Cynthia: everything is quite possible with this particular horrific unsolved murder case, however, by far, just analyzing the high level of “passion” that was put into it’s planning just before it was taken into action of committing the act of murdering Lindsey! Furthermore, it’s quite obvious that it points towards someone that had, at that time, a huge amount of hate, past and present resentment and some form of revenge… by reason of the unthinkable amount of times Lindsey was stabbed with that same knife, repeatedly over and over…and….then, over again which proves that the murderer was definitely close to her…which he/she took great pleasure in watching Lindsey suffer then die! IT WAS PERSONAL! This/these murderer(s) is/are hiding in plain site, most likely behind money, power and connections. Moreover, the/their murderer(s)’s accomplice(s), on the other hand…and surly out of fear, “would no could” not dare come forward other than being betrayed themselves of their secret.
      Truth is…that very ancient existence of the “power of money” “money rules” ….it has always bought and controlled people, well, you know, those same ones who have always preferred money, money, money as appose to the “TRUTH”! Unfortunately, these people will always exist and will always disregard TRUTH!

  6. Camilla says:

    Dear Mr. Buziak. I’m so sorry for your loss! I’ve followed this case for 10,5 years or so. I sure hope CeCe Moore can help solve your daughter’s murder. Kind regards from Denmark

    • Elaine Peterson says:

      I have seen no information about DNA being collected. Lindsay shook hands with the people who seem to have been her killers. Were her hands swabbed? How could they have gotten out of the house without footprints? I’m a retired Realtor. I
      also find lost family members using dna. If there’s dna, CeCe should be given the chance to help.

  7. ranger rick says:

    A recent double homicide in Saanich…. already the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crimes Unit is involved. This seems to be the case for EVERY homicide the Saanich police handle now. Why is Lindsay’s case still in the clutches of only the Saanich police??? Major cover up, dirty cops. Shame on you.

  8. Halle says:

    When I was young I remember hearing about this brutal murder in my home town. I’m now watching this on Dr. Phil and I cannot believe the horrors her father has gone through. Dr Phil did NOT do a very good job. The police are not all amazing and non corrupt. Victoria Police are lazy and they don’t care about their jobs. They’d rather pass multiple homeless people overdosing on the sidewalks to pull over someone with a loud car. They simply don’t care!
    I really do hope one day her father will get justice for his daughter, Saanich Police department… DO BETTER

    • Ali says:

      Amen, I thought working at Canada Revenue was was a shit show but I think Saanich Police must be one of the bigger shit shows in this country. Can’t get my head around Lindsay’s unsolved murder. The statistics prove where they should concentrate all efforts. SMH

  9. Iris says:

    A woman planned murder maybe a teal estate rival…

  10. BR says:

    “2021 homicide at a Greater Victoria home” solved almost one year later…

    Report states “ Saanich police responded” and “ The investigation into his death was treated as a homicide and was taken over by the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit.”

    AND why again is this still unsolved with the same police department and it wasn’t handed off to VIIMCU????????????

    Seems real sketchy!!!!!!

  11. Reagan Reddy says:

    I was watching and people have this theory about she was killed by the gang which got caught but the police said that the phone that was used to call Lindsay was purchased 3 months before the murder so she went on that trip 6 weeks before so I don’t think that theory adds up. Whoever planned to kill her was a couple and they planned and executed it well. So the couple knew the area and maybe even staked out the murder area out well so I am sure if people are questioned and asked about people in the area days before the murders may bring some clues.

    • Obvious says:

      Drug dealers buy a few cel phones at a time. The phone that was used to call Lindsay was bought in Vancouver 3 months before Lindsay was murdered. Known and convicted drug dealer sent his right hand guy to Vancouver every 2 wks to pick up a couple K’s and take it back to VI. I’m sure that person picked up at least 2-4 phones every time he came to Vancouver. He would go to different VIDeo stores around the city to pick them up too. Never the same store twice. They had extra phones to give to murderer or the conspirators who they were friends with anyway. Get it!!!

  12. Teri says:

    Oh look what I found when I was sniffing around. A very interesting read. It’s simply amazing what is out there in the internet world. Why does everyone think Z’s.
    Things that make you go HMmmmm…..can everyone’s gut instinct be off?

    • Ginny says:

      That is interesting. Does anyone know more about Chris Horsley’s retirement? I wonder if he was told to go or he’d be let go? There sure is a lot of controversy around him and Lindsay’s murder. Maybe the public was right to question his integrity. He was in a position to keep Lindsay’s murder from being solved was he not?
      Curious to know what you think bloggers.

      • Mike says:

        My guess would be that he was offered a retirement package worth more than it should be. He’s then going to bid. I mean be illegally given as much as his Digging Business can handle in contracts when Saanich starts the Uptown reno. I see him weekly visiting his mistress. The wife has to know. He doesn’t hide it! Someone should be checking the Saanich municipal contracts to see who’s bidding on Hoarsley’s behalf. He’s probably then going to bill Saanich an atrocious amount and provide kick backs to all involved. And you wondered why Saanich raised the property taxes. So they can pay for the reno and Hoarsley’s retirement package. Someone should look into that and make it public knowledge.

      • Rosanne says:

        The only problem I have with this is he also had the power to arrest anyone for this murder and have that rejected for prosecution due to lack of evidence. If the theory is someone was hired to murder Lindsay with the option to going to jail for life, wouldn’t it be even easier for someone to be paid to be falsely charged in year 1 or 2? Since they didn’t do the crime there would never be the opportunity to get enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The family and public would have had an answer and it could of, would of, and should have stopped the further digging into this matter.

  13. Kim says:

    I have been checking other blogs that comment on the vicious murder of Lindsay and there is most definitely a common denominator amongst all blogs and sites. The common denominator is that the Zailo’s did it, were involved but most comments point directly to the mother. The comments on Websleuths, Reddit, Brain Scratch all say Zailo’s. I can not see how 3 people can be singled out from this blog when majority of people have all arrived at the same conclusion. People are only saying what they think to be true.

  14. Margaret says:

    I don’t know if the FBI is involved, but I know that Jeff commented at the time that he believed there was no FBI involvement – just more bs from the Saanich Police to make us believe that something was being done.

  15. April says:

    Here’s why it makes no difference if “representatives from the FBI” are aiding the investigation… it say they are “joining” and “chasing leads” WITH the same police dept. It’s another smoke n mirror deflection.
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to TAKE the case, as in remove it from them. Representatives from the FBI don’t mingle in with, hang around, tag along, or brainstorm with THE COPS THAT BOTCHED THE CASE. They don’t refer to themselves as “Representatives” of the FBI anyway- they are Agents. So using representative is being intentionally sketchy.

  16. April says:

    There is one absolute defense to a defamation case: the truth.
    And we all know what that is…it’s just been intentionally skirted around because the police were in on whatever illegal scams with that real estate family, which is why they spent the last decade finding ways to not work the case rather than actually working it.. they know the truth already their job is to hide it
    How much money did that family accumulate in the last couple decades, just saying.
    Well the best observation for last:
    Now that she has initiated a lawsuit, your lawyers can subpoena records for discovery. That means getting information you would not otherwise have legal access to. An element that she must prove is harm of some kind. Financial? She has to prove that with records then you know where to send subpoenas, emotional distress? Dr needs to testify, opens up her psyche info and also includes observations from social media that prob don’t at all look distressed. Whatever her claims she opens the door to more questions, for subpoenaed records, more lies documented under oath and then cemented. This is what’s going to do them in. Watch.

  17. The Realist says:

    You know 1 thing I find very odd that seems to be overlooked is when Jason was on his way to meet Lindsay at the house he very CLEARLY looked up at the surveillance camera in the parking lot he was in with his buddy. Almost as if he really wanted to make sure is Alibi was correct. Also the fact that Lindsay was contacted on her PERSONAL phone and not the number on her brochure screams that this was from someone she knew close, or atleast they gave up her number easily. I 100% believe someone pointed the finger at her for being a snitch but that wasn’t even the case, very sad. RIP

    • Rosanne says:

      I agree. The other part of she was targeted as the snitch, doesn’t work. Now the person trying to kill their snitch knows it wasn’t Lindsay and they didn’t get their revenge. Would a person who would think of that be sitting around for 14 years going oh the hit was made on the wrong person so my snitch doesn’t need to be kept quiet anymore? Hello? The real snitch may have lost you some drugs and money but is walking around with enough evidence to have you put away for murder? Best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour and they snitched on them once.

  18. Tanya says:

    Inspiring story there. What occurred after? Take care!

  19. Bri says:

    I’ve done a fair bit of research on this case and can’t believe Police have never arrested anyone or made a breakthrough on this horrific murder. This case screams out for a competent investigation which Iam sure could produce results even after all the years gone by. R.I.P. Lindsay, I truly hope your killers will finally get prosecuted, every day they get to breathe free air is a disgrace.

  20. Bri says:

    I’ve done a fair bit of research on this case and can’t believe Police have never arrested anyone or made a breakthrough on this horrific murder. This case screams out for a competent investigation which Iam sure could produce results even after all the years gone by. R.I.P. Lindsay, I truly hope your killers will finally get prosecuted, every day they get to breathe free air is a disgrace.

    • Margaret says:

      The US FBI became involved (probably the drug angle) toward the beginning of last year, & people who followed the case were hopeful that progress would be made. That hasn’t happened so far and here we are 14 years later reading not about arrests, but about Jeff & the two others fighting defamation charges. As you say, it’s a disgrace.

      • Debra Powell says:

        I do not think Ms. Zailo is going to like the questions that she will be asked in a defamation case. This certainly has the potential to put her right where many people want her. It is an absolute shame for Jeff and the 2 others. Finally some questions will be answered, not the ones the public were looking for though.

        • Rosanne says:

          I can’t wait until Ms. Z finds out Camille Vasquez is thinking of taking this case. Justice for Lindsay!

          • lbmurder says:

            Hi Mr. Buziak,

            I’m the host of the podcast “Les Petites Frousses”, a french True Crime podcast from Québec City.

            I’ve recently discovered the case of the murder of Lindsay. I was completely shocked about it because of how senseless it was. Your interview at Dr Phil made me cry and it was the first time I’ve cried about a case since the two years I’ve been working on my podcast.

            I really want to make an episode about her case and bring awareness about what happened from another area of our country.

            I will be sharing the gofundme page and the petition. A lot of people from Quebec and from the french speaking areas of Europe will be touched. They definitely will want to help you in your fight for justice.

            Everything will be done with respect towards you

          • Stacy says:

            We always think about you, angel.

      • April says:

        How do we know the FBI became involved, other than the police dept saying they were in touch with “representatives of the FBI”? Does anyone know this directly from the FBI?

  21. Frank Furillo says:

    Saanich.cop stalked ex-girlfriend for years using police computers, misconduct probe finds:

    • Margaret says:

      I guess this is what he was doing instead of looking for Lindsay’s killers. And how many others are misusing their access instead of doing their jobs & ending the nightmare for Jeff?

  22. BR says:

    First, Jeff you have so many supporters (it shows) in more ways than one! I’m praying something good even if just a small important piece of the puzzle comes to light from this lawsuit that’s been filed. I know with all going on with the lawsuit that comments probably aren’t going to come as often & openly as before. I do believe this effort to silence lawsuit is when support for you, expressed frustrations within the community, and local citizens concerns should continue on more than ever. I know this may go unanswered due to previous commenters/readers being worried if they are next with being tracked but can anyone clarify a couple of things for me, if it’s not too opposing on the case.

    *What is the timeframe reference of when Jason was listening in on her and her friend’s conversation? Does it line up right before or in November timeline when a burner phone was purchased but not yet activated? *Day after the murder Rianne (sp) quit, what has she done since for work? Is she still in the area or in hiding? Dating the same guy or estranged from him or still around the same type of crowd? Is she known to have doings with the Zailo’s since? *Has any of Lindsay’s friend elaborated on if there was messages or activity between them through her social media that proves the non-activity on her social media for that gap of time was deleted? *Was any proof screenshot or stored from Lindsay’s friend that said SZ did this bizarre call in the middle of the night? *Of course, it’s probably not direct communication, but has there been any response about the loss/death of Lindsay from Erickson Del Alcazar? Is he still doing time or confirmed of her reasoning for reaching out to him at that time? Not insinuating they were the best of friends. *Does Ziggy currently still reside in any property that is public knowledge of being owed by the Zailos? *Was proof ever established outside of her story, that SZ was at the condo the night before? (Oddly present on a Friday at 7pm for this particular business call) *JZ’s former girlfriend prior to Lindsay, what was the reason for their breakup?…what is her relationship and status-to-date with the family since their split? *was the listing agents vocal about anything suspicious of putting this on the market and who all had actual physically viewed the home in their office? *Is there any local update of the request/plan for more SPD documents to be released to the public? *is it known which branch area of the FBI the agents were from? Also, if this is known has a request of involvement statement from their office been asked for? *has an IPP address been tracked the same way they did to this site to see if they have been trolling or commented? *why did we not track the IPP address and expose the person who posted the fake confession post?

    Where is the update to show its ongoing, where is the pressure to make people fear of being caught, where is the investigative work for this case!!!

    I couldn’t imagine the family’s frustration on top of the loss of her! Jeff without you, I feel your daughter’s murder would not have any movement or exposure. For that you should be really proud of yourself as a parent & person. I really hope someone stands up and does some thorough ground work for you to get some breakthrough on this case! Continued prayers for Justice.

  23. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    The Real Shirley Zailo – Video Re-enactment

    I would like everyone to know who this woman is that is now suing two wonderful elderly woman and me all concerned about safety of women and why Lindsay’s murder is unsolved. Instead of focusing her energies on helping see Lindsay’s murder is solved and interacting with everyone else concerned, she would rather put her energy and resources into bullying people into her submission and control which you will see in the video and which I personally experienced as very, very demented.

    This is a video re-enactment of how I first met Shirley Zailo in the summer of 2007. I had never met her before and didn’t have any idea I was going to meet her this particular day. Lindsay had excitedly requested I come and spent a night with her and Jason at Shawnigan Lake where they had recently moved into a waterfront property purchased, renovated and furnished by Shirley Zailo to the tune of in excess of 1.5 million dollars.

    I was in the kitchen preparing salad dressing, marinating meat and washing some dishes in preparation for a bbq we were going to host that evening. One of Lindsay’s best friends was there along with a boatload of people who had arrived with Tim Quocksister – President – Silver Arrow Performance Cars Ltd. The group was all out front on the patio having drinks. I could see the front entry door from where I was at the kitchen sink and all of a sudden the entry door burst open and in came a large overweight woman followed by a tall larger man. The woman gave me a vicious, nasty glare without saying a word and stomped through the living room area to the lakeside of the home. I was thinking that must be Jason’s mom Shirley. I wondered what was up her craw? Within minutes I heard the Quocksister ski boat start up and leave and an eerie silence came over the previously happy day then Lindsay’s best friend comes hysterically running into the kitchen blurting out That Woman is Evil! She is Crazy! She has done this to me before. She is Evil! I’m leaving. I hugged her and said its okay and she said no father, she is evil and I can’t stay. I’m leaving and she ran out and left. I’m thinking WTF is going on here? THEN, but who appears by my side at the sink but Ms Nasty Evil herself! There is no Hello you must be Jeff or Hi, I’m Jason’s mom Shirley or anything!

    The video audio is not great but you will get the point. She starts with, “Get out of my way I want a glass………and quickly goes to DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHO I AM and continues as you will see. The most shocking, perverse, bizarre experience I have ever had with a woman in my life! The nastiest woman I have ever experienced in my life. In my opinion, pure Evil. Demented!
    This was my supposed introduction to Shirley Zailo and I had other similar experiences with her as nasty and as evil as this first encounter unfortunately they were after my wonderful daughter Lindsay was savagely murdered at Shirley Zailo’s friend Joe Desousa’s house on February 2, 2008.

    This is my truth.

    • clifford danco says:

      She is definitely a piece of work…. why she would approach you with such hostility is beyond me. You were there for a friendly BBQ wtf?

  24. Love from Ottawa says:

    Hoping the best for you and your family. Please don’t be deterred by the lawsuit. People in power LOVE to bully others into silence. I’m sure Shirley and those rat sons hate the power the internet has in allowing for this story to spread.

  25. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Hello Everyone

    After 14+ gruelling years since my daughter Lindsay Buziak was savagely murdered in Saanich, BC with zero results, a heaping dose of heartache, and now a lawsuit, I have decided to take a new direction in the pursuit of Justice for Lindsay. I am stepping things up. I have engaged the services of the highly respected Zonta Research Group from Vancouver, BC to work with me on Lindsay’s unsolved murder. The approach is twofold. One, they will look to get to the core of Lindsay’s unsolved murder, who is involved, see they are charged and secondly assist with opposing the bizarre lawsuit that the disjointed BC Justice system has allowed to be registered by Shirley Zailo and her Victoria lawyer Michael Scherr against myself and 2 other individuals.

    I am now going to be asking for your assistance more than ever. We must all push to see this horrible crime resolved and in saying that Zonta Research Group has established a tip line which I hope someone out there with pertinent information will use with their identity fully protected. Secondly, I am asking for your continued financial support for investigative and legal costs relating to the lawsuit and ultimately solving Lindsay’s murder via the gofundme established for this purpose.

    Thank you for your tremendous support over the years. Now is when it is really going to count.

    Jeff Buziak

  26. Lewis says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of ur daughter, I have two daughters and couldn’t imagine. I’d be doing everything in my power to figure out who those two people were that were looking at the home. Hope this heinous murder gets solved very soon

  27. clifford danco says:

    I’ve been following this blog for over 10 years. It’s sad this has never been solved. The police f*cked this one up. I’m really sorry Jeff.

    • Margaret says:

      Agreed. And now this poor man is having to defend himself in court against defamation charges brought by you know who.. It’s absolutely sickening.

  28. Callum McMurray says:

    Jason Zailo & his mother did everything in their power to ensure that Lindsay got to the Desousa house to do the showing the night she was murdered. The fact that they continue to deny their involvement is unconscionable and leads me to believe there is far more going on here than meets the eye.

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