Lindsay Buziak Murder



Past info/articles condensed to one page for easy reference.


SERIES of seizures spanning a YEAR – total of 80 Kilos. (Jan – Dec 2008)

“Staff Sergeant Bossley was lead investigator (a.k.a. the “Team Boss”) on a joint Calgary City Police and RCMP Investigation named “Operation High Noon” into suspected cocaine trafficking between British Columbia and Alberta. The investigation was conducted by the Drug Undercover Street Team (“DUST”) from NOVEMBER 2007 to December 2008.” (read more by clicking links)

“Officers had been WORKING on the investigation for about TWO MONTHS when, around 9:00 pm Tuesday, they witnessed what they believed was a drug transaction between TWO vehicles.” This vehicle search LED the officers to the home on Hawthorne Dr.

Operation High Noon began approx the same time frame the crime phone was purchased that was used in Lindsay’s murder.(often burner phones are purchased in bulk and used at a later date) Police from Victoria were also involved in this investigation along with other departments.  The crime phone used in Lindsay’s case was activated 24 hours before she was murdered and traveled to the Island 24 hours before her murder. Erickson was denied bail February 1, 2008 the day before Lindsay was murdered.  Erickson and Graham Scott Taylor were the first TWO arrested on January 22, 2008, while the remaining individuals were arrested MONTHS later.  Someone snitched but it wasn’t Lindsay.  

January 22, 2008 (total of 25 kilos of cocaine seized that night)($217,000 in cash)
January 28, 2008 (42 kilos of cocaine found in safe that was seized Jan 22/08)
months later (13 kilos seized)
total = 80 kilos

“A criminal organization that used hidden compartments in vehicles to funnel cocaine into Calgary has taken a hit, police said Monday, after wrapping up a year long investigation that led to charges against TWELVE Calgarians and TWO British Columbians.”

At approximately 9 p.m., on Tuesday, January 22, 2008, members of the CPS Drug Unit conducted a traffic stop in the 300 block of Hawthorne Drive N.W. Inside the vehicle officers discovered five kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $150,000. An additional $105,000 in cash was also found.

Further investigation led drug unit officers to a home on the same block. A search warrant on the home revealed a further 20 kilograms of cocaine worth an estimated $600,000, as well as another $112,000 in cash.

Police seized three handguns and a rifle from the home.

During the execution of the search warrant at the residence, a large safe was located in the garage.

This safe was opened on Monday, January 28, 2008. Inside, police discovered 42 kilograms of cocaine, valued at $1.26 million.


“In the months AFTER that police found an additional 13 kg of cocaine cleverly hidden in VEHICLES in what was a sophisticated operation.”

“The active part of the investigation ENDED in DECEMBER 2008.”

“Police held off on announcing the ENTIRE SCOPE of the seizures until prosecutors were CERTAIN they could lay trafficking conspiracy charges – an offence rarely alleged by local authorities.”

Police also seized $330,000 in cash from the suspects in an investigation that involved police forces in BC and throughout Alberta.


– Alycia Lynn Faithful-Lebrun, 26, of Calgary;

– Christian Balmore Zepeda, 37, of Calgary;

– Thuan Xuan Ngo, 33, of Calgary;

– An Xuan Go, 27, of Calgary;

– Kayla Elizabeth Wright, 24, of Calgary

– Duncan Howard Bailey, 24, of Calgary;

– Kevin James Wambolt, 23, of Calgary;

– Miguel Ernesto Rivas Franco, 28, of Calgary;

– Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran, 34, of Calgary;

– Anthony Raymond Middlekoop, 25, of Calgary;

– Carlos Enrique Aguirre, 41, of Calgary;

– Roberto Stanley Olmedo-Rajo, 26, of Surrey, B.C.

– Graham Scott Taylor, 30, of Calgary;

– Erickson Lopez Delalcazar, 28, of Victoria

Miguel Rivas Franco and Alycia Faithful-Lebrun are also charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Conspiracy charges also incur stricter penalties; the Crown is looking for 15 to 20 year sentences for the two accused of conspiracy
(*NOTE*) Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran is married to Miguel and Medardo Rivas’s sister.   Edwardson aka SANDY Del Alcazar is  best friends with Medardo Rivas whilst Miguel Rivas is the best friend of ERICKSON Del Alcazar.

“Police from Victoria, Vancouver and Lethbridge, along with RCMP officers in Cranbrook and Osoyoos took part in the operation.”

“Cave said investigators believe the operation disrupted in Calgary has links to a distribution network spread through the “United States, beyond that to Mexico and South America.”

“The involvement of police in Victoria suggests the cocaine may be transported from Mexico along the coast — avoiding the United States — and coming in through Victoria, he said, adding he believes the lack of marine border security on the coast leaves an “open gate for drug smugglers.”


Lindsay was murdered the day after ERICKSON DELALCAZAR was denied BAIL There was a rumor that Lindsay snitched on Erickson.  Lindsay WAS NOT THE SNITCH.

Who knew Lindsay was going to Calgary and who was privy to people she would be in contact with while on that visit? ie: Rianne Gracia

Lindsay told her Dad in 2006 that  “she saw something she shouldn’t have.”   She mentioned this again in  2007 while visiting her Father in Calgary. From my understanding he wasn’t sure if Lindsay was referring to the same event(2006).

Court transcripts:

RE: An Xuan Ngo and Thuan Xuan Ngo

RE: Kayla Elizabeth Wright, Anthony Raymond Middlekoop and Roberto Stanley Olmedo-Rajo

Leopoldo Fernando Rojo Beltran, 34, was deported in 2000 and 2003, and now faces charges of returning without authorization.

Read bloggers comments below. (Some claim MC, Triad and UN ties) I guess you can’t believe everything you read or hear unless you know the facts yourself. It has been mentioned before that the composite sketch looked “Asian”. There is a large number of Ethnic groups throughout Asia. That would include “Filipinos” Numerous articles have been posted re: Asian connection.

The Real Scoop – Kim Bolan
“Police in Alberta Nab 14 in Massive Coke Bust”

X says:
June 10, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Does anybody know why it took our hard working police officers a whole year to bust this case???? It’s because this case was passed on from agency to agency and nobody wanted to take it….It’s not because they were hard at work. Victoria doesn’t have the budget for something this big…. read more of comment:

“In December 2007, Buziak visited her father in Calgary and, while there, met with old friends she grew up with. A month later, one of those men was arrested in connection with the largest cocaine bust in Alberta history.”

“Buziak’s boyfriend, Jason Zailo, was the source for most of what police know about the killing.”

Zailo, in his first media interview about the case, said he arranged to meet Buziak at the De Sousa Place house to drop off papers.

“We don’t know why she was murdered,” Fast says, adding that whoever plotted the murder used the fact she was an agent to lure her to the house. “That’s how it was set up.”

Police have determined that the cellphone was purchased under the name Paulo Rodriguez, an alias that investigators believe was “used as a diversion,” and brought to Vancouver Island from the Lower Mainland in the 24 hours before Ms. Buziak’s death.

“Investigators now know that the cell phone used to call Buziak was purchased in Vancouver in late November 2007. The phone was activated late January 2008 in Vancouver under a user name of Paulo Rodriguez with a Vancouver address. Police have since determined that while the address exists, it is not connected with the crime. Police also believe the Paulo Rodriguez name is an alias. Fast says police are interested in hearing from anyone who may also have encountered that name. The phone was deactivated after the murder.”

****Erickson Lopez Delalcazar and Graham Scotty Taylor were arrested January 22, 2008.

****  Crime phone used in Lindsay’s murder was activated late January 2008.

*****Erickson Lopez Delalcazar denied bail February 1, 2008

*****Crime phone used in Lindsay’s murder travels to the Island 24 hours prior to her murder

*****Lindsay murdered February 2, 2008




  1. Michelle says:

    Hi, Does anybody know what neighbourhood or area of Vancouver the phones were purchased at? I know the police know. It doesn’t seem important but in Vancouver certain neighbourhoods and areas of Vancouver can tell you a lot.

  2. Ahm Trammel says:

    Although the Zailos come across as despicable etc
    I just don’t think that they are brazen enough let alone intelligent enough to pull something like this off.
    Drug cartels commit brutal murders of this ilk often.
    If you look at some YouTube docs their enemies were dismembered with chainsaws etc.
    To most of us Lindsay’s wounds appear rage inspired and personal but to a psychotic cartel assassin it’s probably standard practice. Particularly if they want to set an example.

    • Svetlana says:

      No, it looks like Jason was behind it along with his brother. Intense, jealous and hatred feelings can drive some people to go over the line. Go to the main page of over 5000 comments and you will see most people know who did it but it’s getting the police to do their job that is the problem. But they will be caught, they are being watched.

  3. Jill Carter says:

    Have you ever talked to a guy named Cody Bates. He apparently was a drug lord and gang member during this time in Calgary. He wrote a book called The Devil’s Pupil.

  4. Following says:

    It’s quite possible the burner phone purchased was standard practice for the drug dealers. It could be that the burner phone was purchased so they had one and then when the arrests took place they had a reason to activate and use it. I’m pretty sure drug dealers regularly buy burner phones to create distance between the time they buy them and the actual time they use them. Probably with all surveillance cameras now the longer the time between purchase and use, the better.

  5. mark says:

    OK, i saw this story on Dateline. Logic would tell you that Lindsays childhood friends she met in 2007, then one was busted for major cocaine traffiking.? I bet either he falsley suspected Lindsay ratted him out which caused a major drug ring bust including 20 people arrested and millions lost. Or, someone he worked with thought it was her. Either way, i believe she was hit by someone related to the drug ring bust. I mean a latino woman was spotted, the throw away phone was bought by a latino alias name, it jist sounds like this is exactly what happened. And, didnt i read that lindsay told her father that she saw something she shouldnt have? Well, her childhood friend who she met up with in Calgary whom also got busted for drugs is probably what she saw or heard. She was killed right after her friend was refused bail. He probably blamed her! Or, his employer or anyone else who got busted could have blamed her. Even if she never did snitch to police, the drug criminals may have thought that she did. The connection is too steong. Drug dealers put a hit out on her as revenge even though she may not have ever wronged them. They thought she did. if not boyfriend, its the only other theory that makes total sense.
    It would be hard to catch them if they came up from mexico then left out of country. planned killing obviously. Eventually, someone who was arrested will talk. Lose lips sink ships. Cops should send an undercover prisoner in to jail to buddy up with lindsays childhood friend who was arrested, or the others and get them talking.

    • Jeff Buziak says:

      Lindsay was stabbed in excess of 40 times, her breasts were mutilated and her throat slit. Lindsay was 5′ 2″ and weighed 99 lbs.

      • Chad says:

        Just curious Jeff ,did Lindsay actually say to you that she had seen something she shouldn’t have or is that just more rumor ? If she did mention this then obviously it seems pretty black and white that these narrow minded thugs probably assumed mistakenly that she had ratted on them. It seems that there is alot of incompetence on the part of police also. At the time of the incident do you know if they checked traffic cams or any and all cameras within a mile radius to track the escape vehicle in question? What ever came of sentencing for the individuals in th drug bust.? Do you know if they tried leveraging these losers against eachother or offer any of them sentence reduction for valid info. in regards to your daughter’s murder? It just makes no sense as Im sure you realize. Definitely not a random crime. I feel like if this had happened in the US where I live it would have been solved already. My condolences to you and your family.

    • Crystal Star says:

      well, if i understand this. Then she had a bunch of people trying to kill her. She knew she was in danger and Jason probably feared for his life and turned to his mommy for help. BUT she was 100% killed by someone related and pissed about this drug bust. This One. I think a Calgary police officer paid his Vancouver contact to kill Lindsey. Triggered by her childhood “friend” bail being refused. This guy in jail was a problem. The problem that he was Lindsay’s friend. Killings like this don’t happen in Victoria. Killings like this are not random. This kind of killing should be easy to catch. Trust me they are from Langford. These guys aren’t even th A-Team of drug dealers. They are stupid. They don’t live a good life. Scum. Their friends are losers. The criminals aka dummies are involved with the police. A tainted police officer(s) was involved. Let’s figure that out. Why don’t you name, photo and post the addresses of the police individuals involved or The “childhood” friends she shared supper with.

      • JH says:

        My absolute sympathies to Lindsays families, i hope this is resolved soon. I would never give up, either.

  6. mipoopoo89 says:

    I was just curious.. I might be wrong but looks like the bust was in January 2008 but the suspects bought the cell phone way before that in the previous November before the arrest. Seems unlikely you would buy a cell phone to plan to murder someone you think will snitch on you in the future. Does that make sense? I don’t think the drug bust is related if my dates are correct !

  7. Christian says:

    Do you know if the wounds on Lindsay’s body are all the same size? This would indicate if only one knife was used or 2. We could conclude that only one assailant stabbed Lindsay, or if a second person also assaulted her.

  8. C. Caissie says:

    I am by no means an expert in these matters, but I do believe I have an acute sense of intuition, gut feeling and what one would call driven by logic and proper reasoning.

    The drug bust theory is always possible and I’m not discounting it, but I must say this whole angle of Jason knowing or believing Lindsay was going to leave him, and knowing that Lindsay may have been contemplating leaving the Re/Max office managed by Shirley (who I believe is Jason’s mother), and now knowing these people (Zailos) were described as being “controlling, overbearing, jealous and possessive”…this particular information is quite disturbing, and it does give motive and a reasonable assumption or theory that needs to be scrutinized very closely by law enforcement.

    Experts looking at this case have gone on record as saying they believe whoever was responsible for Lindsay’s murder was known to her…maybe not her direct killers as the mystery couple is concerned, but i am talking about a murder for hire plot perpetrated by someone she knew and wanted her gone.

    Jason showing little to no emotion for Lindsay’s death was and always will be something that perplexes me (when people you supposedly love die and you show no emotion, well to me that makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever). This whole “people show emotion in different ways crap” just doesn’t cut it for me. She was brutally murdered, if I was her boyfriend and loved her, I’d be a wreck and a total mess.

    His appearance at the crime scene and reason given for being there could have been a further ruse to make his story more believable that he was actually a “so-called victim in all this” as opposed to an individual who was actually behind this plot. It gave his story a “cover for being there” and somehow in his view it probably was more believable if it appeared like he tried to help Lindsay, as opposed to being responsible for her death.That way, he was insulating himself from scrutiny for being present in the house, touching her body, having her blood on him, etc…while trying to “show” he was there to help.

    This mystery couple was seen, so it cannot be denied that Lindsay met and interacted with this mystery couple (on the phone prior to meeting them face to face, and at the house that day), and they were most probably responsible for her direct murder. However, a murder for hire scenario is quite possible, and the exchange of texts between Jason and Lindsay could have been a “cover” or alibi for Jason. The exact timing of the murder, the texts, and then Jason and his buddy entering the house (while this mystery couple vanishes without a trace) is puzzling. Jason parked on the road to the side of the house and out of view (while the murder was taking place) could have been deliberate on his part. How is this all connected? Is it all connected?

    The fact that Jason had a buddy with him does not exclude his possible involvement or culpability at all, because either his buddy could have been in on it and knew what was happening, or only Jason could have known what was going on and he was just bringing his buddy with him for the ride…and as a “cover” to further his alibi (unbeknownst to his buddy). Anything is possible with this scenario, as well as the fact that Shirley (knowing Lindsay was so well liked by everyone) may have been upset and/or very angry that if Lindsay was to leave her son, plus leave Re/Max…it could have been too much to take, a bitter pill impossible to swallow. Shirley would have probably surmised that Lindsay would take her clients with her if she left Re/Max, perhaps hurt Re/Max business for Shirley’s office and affecting Shirley’s pocket book in some way. It could have been planned between both the son and mother, for personal and professional reasons.

    There is motive in this scenario (by one or both), and I tend to believe this angle of Lindsay murdered by someone she knew, and someone who knew she could be lured to a specific house…all because of a control issue, jealousy, possessiveness (“if I can’t have you, no one will” type deal). Murder for hire plots can be hard to prove and disentangle, can be complex and met with a lot of silence (reason why nobody is talking). Were Jason or Shirley ever asked to take a polygraph? Also, the murder occurring the day after the big party for the retirees…was this open knowledge known to many ppl? Was this information known well in advance at the time this murder for hire plot could have been in the planning stages?

    One last thing, on the Dateline program, Jason flat out denied that Lindsay was perhaps planning on leaving him (which in his view, if that was an affirmative that she was, suspicion would surely have been directed his way and a lot more heat, so he denied it and shot that notion down and said “absolutely not” – or something to that effect). Whereas we know Lindsay talked to her father in private about leaving Jason, and she told other things to her friends that makes a lot of this information very relevant in this case (in my opinion) and it’s information that Jason cannot dispute or deny if this info was said to other people. She did say to some people she was planning on leaving Jason and she was not happy, and Jason’s denial of that fact means nothing to support his story. Would he not be expected to deny it? Would he actually admit “Oh yes, she was planning on leaving me or talked about it” then she ends up murdered…how well would that look for him? So of course he was going to say no.

    • Casey Dent says:

      i agree with you.. Well WELL said!

    • Monica Torres says:

      How did the caller know the name of Lindsays recent client? The one that “referred” her to the supposed killers… the only people that knew that type of information were Lindsay, her boyfriend (who did financing on the properties she would sell and the boyfriends mother who runs the Re/Max where Lindsay worked. I highly doubt that she was murdered by members of a drug cartel. I think that was used as a diversion. I just can’t imagine the guy being denied bail and ordering for her to be killed immediately. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  9. Richard says:

    The stabbing is pure rage. When you are employed to hit you just get it done and get out of there. A lot of our problems in life are closer then we think. Read about McStay murder.

    • deegee says:

      No this was a cold and calculated assassination to send a message to a group of drug dealers/importers that they knew a snitch was there somewhere.The losses sustained in the Calgary arrests were too much of a threat and too lucrative to be shut down ! Her name would be known to a least some of the gang and the word would spread.She was collateral damage ! The murder was probably a message sent as a stop gap to scare the snitch until they could find the real informer.

    • mark says:

      rage is when you stab someone 50 times. she was stabbed only a few times, it was a hit from the drug.bust all the way.

      • lbmurder says:

        Lindsay was stabbed in excess of 40 times, her breasts mutilated and her throat slit.

      • Kaverlro says:

        Bro maybe get informed, before making claims.

        • Jeff Buziak says:

          Bro, how about you inform us fully what you know rather than criticizing?
          Easy to be an armchair expert.
          Tell us what you know.Kaverlro…….

      • Robin says:

        Mark you seem to have some knowledge of Lindsay’s murder I’d say. You also clearly want people to believe Lindsay was murdered because of the drugs bust. Who are you that it’s so important to get people looking away from the Zailo’s? Lindsay’s murder went into the planning stages very quickly after dickhead was eavesdropping on Lindsay’s conversation in November. Shirley Zailo was very busy November, December and January planning Lindsay’s demise. Shirley Zailo is covered in Lindsay’s blood. Quit trying to get people to look away from the Zailo’s, it’s bloody well obvious they were the conspirators and I bet SZ was even the murderer. The Zailo’s are connected to shifty cops, and the shifty people on earth. Poor Lindsay didn’t know how dirty the Zailo’s really were, the Zailo’s will fry somewhere, sometime.

        • Laura says:

          I agree with you Robin all the way,for Jason to deny she was leaving when Niki her best friend was there to witness him freaking out when he was listening from the bedroom they thought he was sleeping says he is a liar, just like Shirley she lied about calling Niki in early hours with a disguised voice just as she set the appt up withLindsay the disguised voice. Even the former girlfriend of Jason, Jasmin Parsons was contacted by the disguised voice Shirley you can see the pattern pardon the pun. Also Shirley rented her home to bad guy Scott Matheson known as Ziggy for 5 years claimed she didnt know when he was busted but he was close friends with both of her sons.Many pics taken to prove,its interesting that Shirley dated a retired cop who later returned to Netherlands and not talking certainly seems the cops are protecting someone within,and its also interesting that Brother Ryan was with Ashley Lum Sister to Michelle Lum who was charged with unlawfull confinement and 2006 witness to murder conveniently lives 1.5 blocks from the murder and has been known to sport a blonde wig in past.She could have hooked up with the murder phone culprits when they met proven by telephone pings after getting off the ferry. Jason needed to wait as much time as possible for them to kill her and then get back to the ferry end of story he and his family are responsible to some degree. Even Ziggy had his ex girlfriend killed after they broke up he and co killer shoot Kevin Blackat the Liquid Nightclub when he saw him with Shannon ,then after she survives an almost deadly beating she is overdosed with heroin so she cannot testify against Ziggy,what a web they have weaved.
          Yes l believe this will soon be solved ,l believe there is enough information here for a civil case to proceed and prove the guilt of murder. The Karma you put out will come back to you,l pray.

  10. Team Lindsay says:

    Did anyone ever say they knew that Lindsay was meeting with Law Enforcement during 2007? Was Lindsay a drug dealer or user? If Lindsay was meeting with people in Calgary because she was a snitch, do you think she would tell Rianne Gracia knowing she was a friend of Vid? The answer to all of these questions is NO! Snitches are usually drug dealers, users, someone in trouble with the law or they are undercover agents. So was Lindsay an undercover agent? NO! So if Lindsay was not working as an undercover agent, why is anyone even considering this? The SPD put this theory out to the public on Dateline.

    During the Dateline episode, McCoy states that Lindsay spoke to two friends when she visited Calgary and one was arrested in the Alberta Drug bust. During the recent Crime Watch episode, Chris Horsley says that she spoke to a REALITIVE of Erickson DelAlcazar. There is a big difference making contact with the old friends, but not Erickson himself. This new information makes an extremely weak theory that Lindsay was believed to be a snitch, ridiculous. Why was the SPD so misleading? I find it very disturbing that SPD would put out false information that resulted in a huge distortion of the facts resulting in a major distraction from the real perpetrators.

    Lindsay was not someone who fits the profile of a snitch, not even close. This is the first time I heard confirmation that there even was a snitch in the Alberta drug bust. Personally, I do not believe there was a snitch at all. LE knew about the Lopez/DelAlcazar cartel for years. All they had to do was use simple surveillance on the gang of goofs to see the obvious cocaine trafficking routes. They were being watched for about one year from both Victoria and Calgary and LE finally busted them using a simple traffic stop. For the DelAlcazars to believe Lindsay was a snitch even if the Zailos lied and said she was, is a far reach for anyone to believe. The elaborate planning for Lindsay’s murder could not have taken place during January 22nd and February 1st. That is ridiculous to believe.

    There was a snitch mentioned in the Everywitchway scandal in court records for a court ruling because it was unusual for defense attorneys to be present when they testify. Their identity was revealed to those charged with crimes but it was definitely not Lindsay and Baines knew who it was so her murder is not connected here either.

    The first day after a crime is committed is the most crucial for gathering testimony and evidence. Lindsay was murdered on the Saturday, exactly one day after nine senior police officers retired in Saanich. The department had been to a big party the night before. Two of the lead homicide detectives Don Wiebe and Robert Wall, that would have been assigned to Lindsay’s murder, were included in the group of retirees. Saanich Police Det. Sgt. Craig Sampson, was assigned to be the lead detective on Lindsay’s case. These three detectives have been involved in an SPD CVSA/polygraph scandal in 2011 that includes cases in 2008, and the investigation of Lindsay’s murder. The murder was committed in Saanich for a reason and someone involved in the planning had inside information.

    The drug busts are just another distraction from who arranged for Lindsay’s murder and the real motive. Due to the complexity of the plan, the conspirators would have had to start planning as early as late November, early December, about the same time when she decided she was going to leave Jason and the Re/Max office managed by Shirley. This was going to be her second attempt after being enticed/coerced with the Sudders condo when she tried to flee Zailo isolation at the Shawnigan Lake house. This point in time is something important to focus on in a murder investigation. Around that time, Lindsay was overheard by a spying Jason saying she was waiting for some deals to close and then was planning on leaving the Zailos who she described as being controlling, overbearing, jealous and possessive. This is motive for murder and it occurred around the time when the planning of her murder started. The murder was scheduled for the day after the SPD retirement at that time.

    The Dateline professional criminal profilers believe Lindsay’s murder had nothing to do with a drug bust and there is no logical sense that a drug cartel would be involved. They felt it was planned by someone she knows who was close to her and worked in the same Re/Max office. They felt it was planned but not professional. They said the violence used was personal, not a method used to send a message.

    • mark says:

      She may not have actually snitched or been undercover.
      The people busted including her friend only had to think, or believe or suspect that she snitched to het her killed. It was the drug bust for sure.
      20 people went down, employers lost millions in cash and drugs…someone was to blame. Even if they wrongly blamed her, it doesnt matter, someone in that drug circle.might have still thought it was her even if it wasnt and had her killed. the killing was exactly like a clever planned, man woman team hit. in and out, a few stabs, they leave the country never to be caught. It sounds like a drug hit all the way. No boyfriend did it. you cant judge peoples emotions like her boyfriend.
      She was known to one who was vusted who she met up with right before her murder. i mean cmon its spelled out. Police dont have the evidence, but they known its related to the drug bust.

      • Dmarina says:

        “It was a drug bust for sure.” It’s one thing to share theories and speculations, but it’s incredibly unreasonable to make such a definitive statement, and to do it repetitively, as you have on this thread. Your persistence is suspicious, you’re what the kids these days would call “extra”. It strongly appears to be a “thou doth protest too much” situation. At this point, to suspect you know more would actually be a practical assumption. Adding to said suspicion, you’ve also downplayed her injuries on this thread…more than once. To repetitively label such brutality (sliced throat, mutilated breasts, and OVER FORTY stab wounds, etc.) as a “few stabs” is the most absurd of all. Idk man, I know everyone is on edge on this site, but you’re definitely one fishy guy.

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