Lindsay Buziak Murder


Timeline of Project EveryWhichWay BC Rail Scandal

Timeline of Project EveryWhichWay/BC Rail Scandal/background info

Approx 2001 to 2006: Matt and Lindsay were in a relationship. Jas Bains was the head of a Victoria-based criminal organization that was shipping kilograms of cocaine to the Toronto area. Bains was suspected of being the new “Mr Big” in West Coast organized crime. It is my understanding Jason began dating Lindsay around the end of 2006 shortly after Lindsay and Matt parted ways.

Cirilo Lopez is the Uncle of the Del Alcazar’s and in 2002 was Jas Bains rival in the cocaine trade. The arrest of drug dealer Cirilo Lopez had created an opening for a new drug boss on Vancouver Island. “The word on the street was that Jas Bains was going to be the person taking over.” Some info was received that VID’s main supplier at the time of Lindsay’s murder was Tony Singh. Tony Singh was charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana between Sept. 30th and December 9, 2003. Tony is one of the players involved in the BC Rail Scandal/Project EveryWhichWay.(see list below) Tony lives at Grandview Drive. He purchased the home privately from his friend Jarnail Samra. Corrections officer Jarnail Samra is co director of Dosam Developments Ltd. with former Victoria police Cst. Ravinder Dosanjh and in 2003 their business was associated to an address at Densmore Avenue. That business is now associated to Grandview Drive. Cst. Dosanjh owns a vast amount of properties. Aneal Basi was laundering money for Jas Bains by purchasing real estate.

Late 2006: Lindsay told her Father that she saw something she shouldn’t have seen. She never disclosed to him what it was.

Mid December 2007: While in Jason and Lindsay’s condo at 68 Songhees Lindsay told Nikki she was going to leave Jason after some real estate deals they were working on together closed. Lindsay heard a noise by the bedroom door and found Jason standing behind their bedroom door eavesdropping. He had heard everything. Both girls bolted from the condo. Jason tried to call Lindsay numerous times but she didn’t answer. He finally gave up and called his Mother instead. Lindsay returned to the condo a few hours later against the wishes of her friend Nikki. Jason never brought up what he heard and acted like nothing happened.

December 2007: While on a trip to Calgary to see her Father Lindsay again mentioned she saw something she shouldn’t have. She never disclosed what it was or if it was connected to the event in 2006. Since she mentioned this on two different occasions is it possible it had to do with both Matt MacDuff and Jason Zailo? She also disclosed to her Father she was going to leave Jason as she not happy in the relationship.   Lindsay was in a relationship with Matt part of 2006 and Jason in 2006/2007

Matt and Malcolm are very tight with Ovidio Acevedo and Jas Bains. In fact Malcolm was the best man at Jas Bains wedding. It was mentioned in a few BC rail articles that the MacDuff Brothers may have been possible witnesses. Malcolm MacDuff’s name was mentioned in the disclosure documents. According to Janet Winteringham, he ran a flooring and heating company called MacDuffco, that Basi tried to get a six figure BC government research grant for. Also mentioned is Jasmohan Bains(Jas Bains), for whom, according to Winteringham, Basi was trying to get a position with the BC government. Ms. Winteringham made these statements in court. She also mentioned that Michael MacDuff(I believe this is a typo by reporter, unsure which MacDuff brother reporter is referring to), the brother of Malcolm MacDuff was mentioned as one of the people arrested in an RCMP sting operation involving, I believe, grow ops. In December, 2007(planning phase of Lindsay’s murder) the special Prosecutor in the Basi Virk case provided the applicants with disclosure of a disc entitled “Long Form Censis 1 & 2 Bains Missing Audios” and a second disc entitled “Court Ordered Disclosure Vetted and Court Ordered Disclosures Vetted 31b” (these discs have well in excess of 5,000 pages), on the disc was a 130-page document from Malcolm McDuff, a video cassette statement of Jas Bains, and a large poster-size RCMP chart outlining contacts between Mr Basi and others.”

Timeline of Project Everywhichway and BC Rail Scandal:

Summer of 2002: Victoria Police and RCMP launch an investigation(project Everywhichway) involving drugs and organized crime. The probe centers on allegations of cocaine being shipped from Victoria and sold in Toronto.

Fall 2003: Nine people are arrested in Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria as part of the investigation into the cocaine conspiracy. During the Everywhichway investigation, wiretapped conversations led police to investigate potential influence peddling by non-elected political appointees in Government. Police are given court approval to monitor the emails and phones of two ministerial assistants in their Government offices. At one point, police inadvertently listened to a phone conversation between the finance minister and Premier Gordon Campbell.

December 9, 2003: Police find $30,000 in suspected drug money during a search of the house in Saanich of Mandeep Singh Sandhu. His cousin Rob Dosanjh, a Victoria police officer, will be convicted in 2006 based on wiretap evidence of encouraging Sandhu to lie to police about the source of the money.

December 11, 2003: William Berardino is appointed special prosecutor to oversee an investigation involving Victoria police officer Dosanjh and non-elected appointees at the legislature. In accordance with established practice, very few people in the senior levels of provincial government are informed of the appointment or know about the investigation.

December 28, 2003: Television cameras record “a shocking raid” by police officers into the legislative buildings of the provincial government of British Columbia. Images of officers of the RCMP and Victoria Police Department hauling boxes of evidence are widely broadcast. The offices searched belonged to Dave Basi, ministerial assistant to then-finance minister Gary Collins and Bob Virk, assistant to then-transportation minister Judith Reid.

December 29, 2003: Dave Basi is fired from his job as ministerial assistant to B.C. Finance Minister Gary Collins, immediately after a police raid on his legislature office. Virk is suspended with pay and is later terminated.

Sept. 14, 2004: Jas Bains was charged with conspiracy to possess cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, a charge changed on February 2006 in a new information to the charge on which he was convicted.

Sept. 15, 2004: Drug charges laid against Basi and seven others.

Dec. 21, 2004: Dave Basi and Virk charged with accepting bribes, influence peddling, breach of trust and fraud. Aneal Basi charged with money laundering. Aneal Basi is Dave Basi’s cousin and was also a government employee in communications.

June 2005: Dave Basi’s drug charges stayed. He had been charged with the production and possession of marijuana after police found a grow operation in a home he owned but rented out at Shawnigan Lake, north of Victoria. (blame the tenants defense)
Basi had been a strong supporter of Prime Minister Paul Martin and worked as an organizer for Martin’s leadership campaign.(2004 Paul Martin’s family vessel raided for drugs)

March 31, 2006: Additional charges filed against Dave Basi. The Crown alleges that Basi was paid $50,000 between January 2002 and September 2003 to help land developers get protected property removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve for the Sunriver Estates housing project in Sooke.The developers also face charges. (Sharon Ridley associated to Sunriver Estates. Sharon is Jas Bains ex mother-in-law)

December 2006 – Victoria police officer Ravinder (Rob) Singh Dosanjh is given a three-month conditional sentence on a charge of willfully attempting to obstruct justice. He was also ordered to perform 50 hours of community service and pay a fine of $100. Dosanjh had advised his cousin Mandeep Sandhu to lie to police about the source of $30,000 found in Sandhu’s house in December 2003.

(Timeline of when Lindsay’s murder was in the planning phase: cell phone purchased late November 2007)

Dec. 3, 2007: Journalist and trial observer Bill Tieleman returns from the courtroom to discover his office has been broken into and materials related to the trial moved around.

Dec. 6, 2007: BC Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett ruled against a pre-trial Crown request to exclude defense lawyers from an in-camera hearing on information involving a police informant. This decision would be appealed all the way to the nation’s top court, the Supreme Court of Canada.

February 2, 2008: Lindsay murdered

April – June 2008: Jas Bains finally goes to trial after multiple DELAYS

On January 8, 2007, the Crown and appellant appeared in court to set the trial date on information C-3. The Crown asked for a trial date in the spring or fall of 2007. There was no available court time in the spring but there was court time available in the fall of 2007. The Crown was also available at that time, however appellant’s counsel was not, having previously committed to represent an in-custody accused for a lengthy trial commencing on September 11, 2007. The appellant’s counsel advised the court that he could be available in March 2008. The court set the trial date to commence on April 7, 2008, for the voir dires, and for continuation in June 2008. A backup date was also set in fall 2007 in the event the appellant’s counsel became available but that contingency did not occur.

15] On March 3, 2008, appellant’s counsel advised the Crown that he would be making a s. 11(b) Charter application. That application was heard on April 7 and 8, 2008. On April 11, 2008, the trial judge delivered his ruling dismissing the application.

The balance of the trial was heard over five days, between June 16 and 26, 2008. On September 4, 2008, the trial judge delivered reasons for judgment in which he convicted the appellant. Seven days later, on September 11, 2008, he sentenced the appellant.

[19] The second package of money consisted of $57,310 received from Scallon. Ms. Vernon sent this money to Lawrence Williams at an address in Victoria belonging to the brother of Mr. Bains. This waybill also listed Blythe Vernon as the sender. It was delivered by an undercover policeman to a man identifying himself as J. Singh and matching the description of the accused. This police officer identified the accused in court as the person to whom he gave the package, but Mr. Bagnall gives cogent reasons, based upon the evidence, as to why the officer may be mistaken. The Victoria address was that of his brother, Jagmohan Bains, who is but one year younger and of similar size and weight. It is therefore not beyond doubt that the package of money might have been delivered to Jagmohan Bains, and not the accused, but it matters not. Based upon the transcripts of intercepted communications, I find that the accused Jasmohan Bains directed Scallon to send a different package of money to that address. Ms. Vernon used the same address for her delivery package. There is confirmation in the transcripts that the accused Bains had telephoned his brother prior to instructing Scallon in order to ascertain his brother’s address. I find that this was done for the express purpose of facilitating the shipment of money. I am certain that it ended up in the hands of Mr. Bains.

Drug dealer linked to legislature raid imprisoned
RCMP oddly silent about key victory against cocaine ring
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This significant event went apparently unreported until it appeared on citizen journalist Mary Mackie’s blog [] and was brought to my attention Monday.
I was surprised no one in the federal prosecutor’s office or the RCMP had issued a statement since this is the organized crime connection that led to the raid on legislature offices Dec. 28, 2003

July 10, 2008: The Supreme Court of Canada, the nation’s highest court, hears a Crown appeal (Regina v. Basi) of the decision to allow the defendants’ lawyers to be present during a pre-trial hearing regarding disclosure of documents to the defense that involved a police informant. The BC Court of Appeal had previously split 2-1 in upholding the trial judge’s decision.

September 2008: Jasmohan (Jas) Bains, convicted of charges related to cocaine. The police wiretap of Bains, a cousin of Dave Basi, in the original drug investigation had led them to investigate the legislature in 2003.

Main Player’s arrested and charged in Project Everywhichway and BC Rail – Charges and Convictions

Udhe Singh (David) Basi (Aneal’s cousin and Jas Bains cousin)
Aneal Basi (worked in Communications for the Gov.) (
Bobby Virk (brother in law of Dave Basi cousin of Aneal)
Cst. Ravinder Dosanjh (left the Victoria Police force)
Tony Young (Victoria Developer)
James Duncan (Victoria Developer) also partners with Swiftsure Developments

Arrested and charged with drug offences were:

Jasmohan Singh Bains (Dave Basi’s cousin)
Jaspal Tony Singh (cousin of Cst. Ravinder Dosanjh)
Mandeep Sandhu (cousin of Ravinder Dosanjh) (Sandhu had the charges against him stayed for evidentiary reasons)
John Scallon (co-accused of Jas Bains)
Michael Doyle (co-accused of Jas Bains)
Brahm Mikol (co-accused of Jas Bains)
Blythe Arianna Vernon (co-accused of Jas Bains and was once engaged to Ross Addicott)

Jas Bains, Brahm Mikol, Blythe Arianna Vernon and John Scallon – charged jointly with conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance between September 19, 2003, and December 9, 2003, in Victoria, B.C. Jas found guilty in 2008 and sentenced to 9 years. Blythe Vernon plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic. Sentenced to two years less a day. Brahm Mikol plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic. Sentenced to 4.5 years. (Note: Blythe Vernon is the ex of Ross Addicott and friend of Scott Everette Pedersen who was charged in the 1,001 kg coke seizure in Vancouver. Ross also worked at Dave Wheaton Pontiac where Mayor Leonard’s wife was employed)

Dave Basi – charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking between March 24, 2003, and December 28, 2003, and possession of a controlled substance on December 8, 2003, in Victoria, B.C. He was also charged with corruption. The drug charges against Basi were stayed by the Crown in 2005. Dave Basi and Bob Virk were charged with fraud, breach of trust and accepting a benefit related to government business.

Aneal Basi – was charged with money-laundering for allegedly accepting cheques and transferring funds to Dave Basi. Aneal Basi was laundering money for Jas Bains by purchasing real estate. Aneal’s charges were stayed after Dave Basi and Bob Virk plead guilty to their charges.

Jaspal Tony Singh and Mandeep Sandhu – charged with conspiracy to traffic in a controlled substance between September 30, 2003, and December 9, 2003, in Surrey, B.C. Tony Singh found guilty of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

John Scallon and Michael Doyle – charged with conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance on December 3, 2003, in Vancouver. John Scallon found G of conspiracy and sentenced to 5 years. Michael Doyle pleady guilty to Count 2 and received 16 months)

Tony Young and James Duncan – charged March 2006 with bribing Dave Basi in connection with “SUNRIVER ESTATES” Crown alleges Basi was paid $50,000 between Jan 2002 and Sept. 2003 to help James Duncan and Tony Young get land removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve for the giant “Sunriver Estates” housing project of 650 residential units on 382 acres being built in five phases through 2007. It is owned by Shambrook Hills Development Corp. Both ordered to stand trial in 2009

Ravinder Dosanjh – Charged with Obstruction of Justice and accused of counseling his cousin Mandeep Sandhu to lie to police about the source of $30,000 that was seized by investigators during a raid of Mr. Sandhu’s house on Dec. 9, 2003. The court heard that police believe the cash is drug money. Ravinder found guilty and received a 3 month conditional sentence


Relevant News Links:

Links to articles BC Rail naming the MacDuff Brother’s.

The key figure in Project Every Which Way, the organized crime investigation that triggered the raid on the legislature half a decade ago, has been convicted and sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment.

Prosecutor Janet Winteringham explained in pretrial proceedings that police learned in May 2002 that Bains was expanding his underworld empire after the arrest of one of his rivals.

Aneal Basi

– The BC Rail Scandal trial of Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi threatened the survival of the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark government and many of their “cooperating” corporate associates. The trial was dubiously conducted from the beginning of pre-trial hearings. It was slammed shut four years later in a way that has scandalized even usually unobserving Canadians.

material placed on public record was kept from the public, to protect, I believe, wrongly, a number of people

– Attorney General Barry Penner wanted a whitewash of the astounding payment made to cover the costs of two of the convicted in the Basi, Virk, and Basi case – six million dollars

(I believe the government paid the six million in legal fees because Basi/Virk had secrets that could take them all down)

Angela Araujo Court Transcript – 2003 Is “Jaspal (Tony) Singh the “TONY” being referenced in court transcript below? We know Cirilo was Jas Bains rival.

– the Crown alleges a chain of supply from Jenkins to Camara, Camara to Grandmaison, and Grandmaison to Oulton and Araujo and others.

– Juan Berreda calls Araujo. He says Cirilo has twenty-two. She says “I can’t right now ’cause I just already did something … I’m just waiting for him to come into town”. They discuss how Cirilo is “too high”, clearly a reference to prices.

Someone named Tony and another male speak to Araujo about Oulton getting caught in the United States, near the border. Two males named Tony call Araujo.
– Cirilo Lopez calls Araujo. Araujo had just been introduced to two men in Vancouver. Lopez is fearful of them.

Cirlilo Lopez is currently in prison serving a 10 year sentence for his role in the 2010 drug ring dubbed “Project Sport Track” The main supplier was Cirilio Lopez who supplied kilos of cocaine to individuals who distributed it in Winnipeg.

“Through the course of police surveillance, it was determined that Dritsas’s cocaine operation was substantially supplied by British Columbia resident Cirilo Lopez. Lopez was known to have many drug contacts and had conducted his operation on a long-term basis. Further, he was a member of the Rock Machine organization.”

As well, Cirilo Lopez, who played a major high-level role in the case, was sentenced to a little over 10 years. “He’s at the top of the heap,” Garber said of Lopez.

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  1. I think she was murdered by the boyfriend’s so called “M.M big,gurldfrielfriend. Sge vitium wanted to go bach to mr.big. she was not going to let that bitch take jim away. Never he was hers!!! So she kill her with male friends then get her dead then she is out of his way forever. Because mr.bigg woughld have takken her back 100%%%.

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      I feel the boyfriend, Jason had something to do with Lindsay’s murder. With his connections to the “drug cartel” and other shady individuals, the murder was so clean, orchestrated and he was “late” when he knew she felt nervous????? Then he parks his car sees a man go in and he doesn’t immediately run into the house since there is NO car at that address except Lindsay’s????? With the timeline, I do believe Jason knows or had it done. In the pictures of Undesirable Victoria, there are two pictures that I feel need to put the real picture!!! The picture of “Tony Lopez” looks like Al Pachino. The other picture that needs to put the real picture is “Langford Larry” looks like the Mob Boss John Gotti (Now deceased). Is he one of the Organized Crime Mob Bosses in Victoria or surrounding places?????

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