Lindsay Buziak Murder




Zachary Scott Matheson aka ZIGGY

ziggy house

Ziggy formerly lived at 2768 Claude Road, Langford, BC – Landlord was Shirley Zailo



ZIGGY’S CAPTAIN Brent Moreland




Ryan Zailo, Ziggy’s bestfriend –  3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC


Jason Zailo, Ziggy’s bestfriend – 3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC


Shirley Zailo, 3392 Haida Drive, Colwood, BC – former owner/Landlord at 2768 Claude Road, ZIGGY Matheson 


Brad Hickford –  Ziggy lawyer
Lawfirm for the above:
Bradley L. Hickford
1028 Fort St  Suite 203
Victoria, BC  V8V 3K4
Shirley claimed her family had no ties to Zachary Matheson but pictures don’t lie.
ryan and ziggy
Ziggy and Ryan Zailo
jason and ziggy
Ziggy and Jason Zailo
The Benders Victoria with murdering drug dealer Ziggy “Charlie Manson” Matheson.
Major drug haul, multiple arrests in bust at Langford residence.
Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of B.C.’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit — known as the province’s anti-gang force — said the two men, a 37-year-old Langford resident and a 27-year-old man from Saanich, are believed to be high-level drug traffickers on southern Vancouer Island.
Houghton said it was especially disturbing to police that the residence searched on Claude Road is in an especially populous area near family homes and adjacent to a daycare.
UPDATE: February 18, 2014
Charges Laid in large Langford drug bust

Charges have been announced for two suspects arrested in a large drug bust last June in Langford, which police say made a significant impact on the area’s drug trade.

Zachary Scott Matheson, a 36-year-old Langford man, now faces four counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, while Ali Arash Ziaee, a 26-year-old Saanich man, will be tried for one count of possession of a controlled substance and four counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The pair were originally arrested by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. following the search of an apartment in the 2700-block of Peatt Road on June 6, 2013. Two more search warrants were executed on the same day, one in Saanich and one in Langford, where a significant amount of drugs were seized.

Police estimate the street value of the drugs seized to be over $500,000.

“They’re believed to supply middle men in the drug industry here on Vancouver Island,” said CFSEU-BC spokesperson Sgt. Lindsey Houghton. “This put a significant dent in the drug trade.

“The impact is lasting but of course everyone realizes that when drugs and money are taken off the streets, there’s a void that’s created and the other people who are involved in the criminal drug industry look to fill that void.”

Police say Matheson has a lengthy criminal record for property, drug and violence-related offences and is well known throughout Greater Victoria law enforcement.

CFSEU-BC announced the charges Tueday, Feb. 18. Houghton said the past eight months have been devoted to the investigation, which took some time due to the need to analyze forensic evidence and put together a case for Crown counsel.

During this time the suspects remained free, as they continue to. Both men will appear in Western Communities Courthouse on March 13 at 9 a.m.
Zachary Matheson and Ali Arash Ziaee’s trial is set for 10:00 am, January 25, 2016.  Members of the public welcome.
UPDATE: February 3, 2016

Trial now underway into massive Langford drug bust



  1. Cynthia says:

    Need to understand something. I’m confused. The police said the phone that was used by the couple to contact Lindsay was purchased 3 months prior to her murder, making that the phone was purchased beginning of November. . Lindsay went to Calgary in December and, correct me if I got this wrong, but that is when she made the call to that fellow in Victoria. If this alarmed someone, and a murder was in place…this timing seems off with the phone purchase

  2. Aine Walsh says:

    I have followed this story for years, my husband is an FBI agent and I just found out they are involved (not my husband’s office) I’m so glad to hear this, if anyone can solve this case, they can. I fully believe Jason is involved with her death, he picked up his friend so he had a witness to corroborate his story. His emergency calls sounds entirely fake. I believe he helped set up this murder and I pray everyone involved is caught and justice is served.

    • Robin says:

      Dear Aine Walsh
      Can you verify with your husband for us that the FBI are helping out with Lindsay’s unsolved murder for us. It would be reassuring if you could let us know. The SPD’s word hasn’t proved to be reliable.
      Thank you

    • Charlene says:

      I so agree! I have thought that Jason was invoked from the very beginning. Everything just seemed so convenient. His alibi, him and his friend are late getting to the house with Lindsey. The nonchalant way he just opens the door to police with no urgency in his voice. Only God above should judge, but I think he is involved big time. God willing they will take him down big time!

    • bitey says:

      The FBI is for sure active in Canada. We may even have some of the other Alphabet Agencies here too….I would imagine at least.

      • Laura Johnston says:

        absolutely, regarding Jason you dont get to go from supporting her fears to showing the house alone as it didnt feel right a call from Mexican sounding clients you couldnt confirm their referrral.–to purposely not showing up for the appt for security fears and purposely keeping himself under cameras watchful eyes for alibi at a friends shop that is known to be of questionable business dealings,to purposefully bring a witness with him to the house ,actually wait outside even though you are security,then move the car to face backwards so only Jason could see the action in rear viea or sidedoor mirror. This was in response to seeing the front door open then close again thats when Jason should have made his move to the front door for security instead he ran away in car to hide until the hit was done,and then said he didnt want to be infringing somehow on her deal? The actions dont match the words of encourangement to go because its million dollar sale but not show up for support or security because of fears. Also hearing that the neighbour left the house early picking up wife insisting they go somewhere else rather than right home,and failed to mention that there was something going on. Anyway its very sad story of another girl getting mixed up with a real-bad boy that cost her ,her life.

  3. Mike says:

    Additional bits to chew on from my first bits to chew on:

    1.Is what Lindsay saw in Calgary known by the Calgary gang / family member in Calgary. If he knew what Lindsay saw then he most likely called Victoria who then put the plan in place with Gracia.
    2. If he didn’t know what Lindsay saw then refer to my original bits that Lindsay told her dad she saw something but then told Gracia what she saw. Plan in motion at that point.
    3. Lindsay tells Jason, Jason tells Shirley, Shirley tells associates, plan in motion.
    4. Highly unlikely she tells Shirley directly.
    5. We’ve never heard anybody state that Lindsay told anybody that she saw anything. Only that she told her dad she saw something.
    6. #1 or #2 are most plausible.
    7. If number #1 it makes sense to act like whatever she saw is no big deal because as professionals he couldn’t take her out without risk of tying himself to the murder because she contacted him on her cell phone. He knows that. He’s not stupid. Most likely down played it to ease Lindsay’s mind. This way, if it’s #2 he’s merely an old school friend who Lindsay contacted, end of story.
    8. If not # 7 which is a spin off #1 the number #2 is extremely plausible
    9. I don’t think she told Jason as I believe that would have been discovered in the polygraph providing the question was asked.

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