Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Ken Cool Alderman says:

    This happened in 2008, Right before the great recession . I watched this story. Did anyone have insurance on her as a beneficiary? Did the the police ever find out if she, was ever questioned by authorities about the drug bust Because I do not not buy the drug connection. It was someone close to her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who benefited from Lindsay’s estate? Where did her pending commission from pre-murder sales go? Was the soon-to-be ex-boyfriend identified as next of kin? Were the Zailos “cleared” so they could collect life insurance? Where did all her assets go?
      Frankly, I fear the SPD have sabotaged this case so badly that even IF someone was charged with Lindsay murder, the crown would not seek a conviction based on their assessment of probable conviction. Any charge would be whittled down to a suspended sentence, if that. Likely, charges would be stayed based on the SPD compromising the case – repeatedly from day one! What a bunch of incompetent “detectives” …. In title only, they have zero experience, fortitude or integrity to solve ANY murder!

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        Great points, where did all of her assets go????????? This case is so heartbreaking and unfair.

      • DJ says:

        Yep! SPD are a bunch of fugg-ups! Jason & his old lady hatched the plan! The plan is to never solve Lindsay’s murder! May they burn in eternal hell!

  2. newsworthy says:


    Jun. 13, 2022 12:10 p.m.

    Nineteen police officers across the province are under investigation, following alleged misconduct during an undercover officer training course earlier this year. B.C.’s police complaint commissioner announced the investigation Monday (June 13), involving allegations against police officers from city police departments in Abbotsford, Vancouver, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Saanich, Victoria and the Metro Vancouver Transit Police.

  3. Reeko says:

    Yeah that woman Shirley seems MIGHTY suspicious.

  4. Mike says:

    Can anyone tell me what the Zailo’s have done to help solve Lindsay’s murder? From what I can tell the answer is NOTHING. I have searched high and low to see anything. I only see Shirley and Jason on 1 walk. This is highly suspect all by itself. If they truly cared they would be doing something to help bring justice to this brutal crime that took Lindsay’s life. What gives? Where is Remax?

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Totally agree Mike. If you don’t want to look guilty of something then be there to support the search for the young woman that was murdered that you loved. That includes the whole family. Wonder why people are making accusations towards you Shirley and family? Where have you been all these years?

  5. Lelian says:

    I listened to this murder case today and after I thought of what happened a long 12 years I mostly sure that Jessen and his mother relate to this case ,

    1- her phone number is taken from Jessen

    2- who called Lindsay with strange language was his mother

    3- he took his friend with him to be just witness of his innocence

    4- he saw that lady when she opens the door to leave and didn’t do anything like he gave them the enough time to escape

    5- the only one that can know her Facebook account was Jessen because of his jealous

    6- he convinced her to accept the offer to achieve what he want

    7- when Lindsay talked before to his father , according to her psychology she wanted to tell him thing about Jessen but change the subject to talk about his jealous.

    8- when Jessen enter the house he immediately go up stairs before check any other place cause he knew where he will go and where he will find Lindsay

    9- I think Lindsay planned with someone in her Facebook account to leave Jessen because she totally bothered from his actions of jealous when he knew that he did this murder and that’s why he totally was not upset or sad on her murder.

    the police men can take a lot of information if they work more harder , like the shops where they can find dress like of the female killer or location of the phone number of the customer that called Lindsay or even the deleted messages form Lindsay Facebook , or check up on what is the meaning of the message on Lindsay’s father website that said that her friends are all fake

  6. Lelian says:

    the police men can take a lot of information if they work more harder , like the shops where they can find dress like of the female killer or location of the phone number of the customer that called Lindsay or even the deleted messages form Lindsay Facebook , or check up on what is the meaning of the message on Lindsay’s father website that said that her friends are all fake

  7. Lelian says:

    I listened to this murder case today and after I thought of what happened a long 12 years I mostly sure that Jessen and his mother relate to this case ,
    1- her phone number is taken from Jessen
    2- who called Lindsay with strange language was his mother
    3- he took his friend with him to be just witness of his innocence
    4- he saw that lady when she opens the door to leave and didn’t do anything like he gave them the enough time to escape
    5- the only one that can know her Facebook account was Jessen because of his jealous
    6- he convinced her to accept the offer to achieve what he want
    7- when Lindsay talked before to his father , according to her psychology she wanted to tell him thing about Jessen but change the subject to talk about his jealous.
    I hope this analysis help you to solve this case , and I hope that Lindsay rests in peace.

    • Lelian says:

      I can add to the analysis that
      8- when Jessen enter the house he immediately go up stairs before check any other place cause he knew where he will go and where he will find Lindsay

  8. Lelian says:

    I hope justice will be achieved and her soul will rest in peace

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s do this! Only the truth will prevail.
    Justice For Lindsay

  10. Just A Canadian Citizen says:

    It is too bad that Shirley Zailo, family and friends did not stand by Jeff in getting this murder solved. You know Shirley that Canada has freedom of speech and people posting are just expressing their own opinions based on what the public has seen, Perhaps some on this site know more than others I don’t know, I don’t know any of you, don’t live there. Maybe talk with Jeff and come onto this blog and post your thoughts instead of getting a civil suit going against people that are suffering due to an unsolved very brutal murder of a young woman. Speak up on here with your truth! Everyone on here just wants Justice for Lindsay. If anyone has any information that can help solve this time to speak up, get it over with.

    • Jus saying says:

      Jus saying…mommas ex, as i recall he moved ahortly after..any word from him?? Or…shhhhh the game we play while we pick on the obvious…come on your better than that….

    • Lee Hilton says:

      I have followed this case for years. I can’t believe no one has been arrested. I can’t imagine the personal hell her dad and fam have to live in everyday bc the monsters that killed her. I really hope we get answers soon. Never give up or stop fighting, Jeff. You are such an amazing dad.

  11. Just A Canadian Citizen says:

    OMG being sued by Shirley? Seriously? What the hell is this world coming to. BC really has alot more issues than anyone ever realized.

  12. Mr. HR Butts says:

    Sometimes the morale corruption of our society really demonstrates just how prevalent it is…. That being, in this case, a Defamation Civil Suit!!! Who does that? Worse, who sue’s the father of a murdered daughter? Clearly, this lawsuit is a targeted and vindictive attack on Jeff whom we all know, is hated and despised by SZ, evident in her many vial comments given to him.
    What is wrong with you people? Did your parents neglect to teach you shame in your upbringing? Why is all your mental anguish and perhaps mental illness the responsibility of everyone else but yourself or of your own making? When do people like SZ take responsibility for their own destiny? When does she cease blaming everyone else for her issues? Using civil court to address your insecurities, low self-esteem, mental health issues or general misfit into society is not what courts are intended. This defamation suit is just airing YOUR DIRTY laundry – which belongs to you! It would appear by your (SZ) media statements that your community and society in general, do not want you amongst their midst. That would be due to YOUR REPUTATION & CHARACTER not because some post on social media. The court of public opinion just doesn’t hold that level of influence over YOUR REPUTATION and CHARACTER. Stop insulting the intelligence of your community who clearly (per YOUR media statements) want you out of dodge, you’re not welcome in their law abiding neighbourhoods.
    The courts would be best represented by throwing this frivolous case out before it begins. It reeks of communism and the courts have no business in the jurisdiction of social media (ie internet) last I understood we are not part of China or Russia, we are a democracy and hearing this case would only put our democracy and courts in disrepute.
    The most simple rule to practice in regards to negative posts that one might find offensive –
    Why go there? I didn’t witness an open invitation for SZ to visit this site, perhaps her presence isn’t welcome there. You don’t have to visit sites which you find offensive, change the channel, turn it off, or better yet, stick to the sites that you feel don’t offend you.
    GROW UP SZ, your immaturity is showing and no one’s coming to your pity party!
    I suggest you follow your community’s assessment of YOUR reputation and character, put your tail between your legs, crawl back in your criminal cave and get the (bleep) outta dodge, sell your million dollar homes, luxury vehicles, go reside at your Palm Desert residence, you know the one purchased with all that “lost income” you make reference in your suit. It befuddles me how the CRA has not shown interest in your source of income & all those lavish benefits derived from that “lost” income, it is my understanding that the “normal” real estate commission could not possibly sustain this level of lifestyle. Oh… and let’s not forget your recent marriage. Doesn’t sound like your personal life is suffering… someone claims to love you enough to marry you.
    Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

    Footnote for the unethical lawyer (Michael Scherr) who appears to represent this civil case. I would think his advice was very poorly given. I guess money dictates no matter the subject. On your own website your advise is: Demand a retraction and apology.
    The Legal Help BC website provides a helpful summary of the purpose of demand letters in BC. Essentially, a demand letter is a formal letter that demands the other person (or corporation) performs a legal obligation, such as fixing a problem, paying a sum of money, or honoring a contract. The letter gives the recipient a chance to fix the issue without being taken to court. Demand letters are a beneficial first step as it is less costly as opposed to commencing litigation.

    To the legal firm (Pearlmam Lindholm) that employees this lawyer, I would think you’ve created a target on your business, I know I wouldn’t seek out your firm knowing this lawyer is on your payroll. Again, pointing to reputation and ethical professional business practices.

  13. Racha'el says:

    This is the first time I’m seeing this website in several years. It drew my attention because I heard that Shirley Zailo is suing the father of her employee and near daughter-in-law who was murdered while at work …… for defamation of character. 🤔

    In my opinion, this lawsuit speaks more to the quality of her character than any of the personal speculations made by any of the posters and commenters here, but what do I know? Does this mean she has a duty to sue herself?

    Anyway, now that I’m here, might as well read every word. Thanks, Shirley, for helping to bring more attention to this important case!

    In a completely unrelated topic, vengeance belongs to the Most High. No one gets away with anything forever.

    “Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.”
    Romans (Rom) 12:21 CJB

  14. MJG says:

    Is there a lawyer….brave enough….to represent Jeff Buziak, free bono…and defend this man who has and is still searching for Justice of the horrible murder of his beloved daughter Lindsey Buziak….murdered 14 years ago. UNBELIEVABLE….14 YEARS WITHOUT JUSTICE…what is going on with whomever is in charge of this case? Do you honestly think that this case will go away? Do you hope for Jeff Buziak to give up? Do you really think that Lindsey’s murder is forgotten? Do you think that within a few more years that it will finally be forgotten? Let me tell you this….Lindsey’s spirit is alive and cannot ever ever die…her flesh was killed but not her spirit. She will live on forever and, be reassured that…SHE IS WAITING FOR YOU, YES YOU…YOU, WHO BRUTALLY TOOK HER LIFE THAT DAY…she has eternity on her side….what have you got to look forward to… can you possibly think that you will always get away… that you will never be got nor punished….well think again …LINDSEY is there, right near you… SHE WATCHES YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP…SHE WATCHES YOU AGE…SHE IS IN YOUR MIND….AND SHE IS WAITING FOR YOU! THAT IS A GUARANTEE LIFE TIME SENTENCE!

  15. DukeofSaanich says:

    Why would the Saanich coppers release this sketch one year after Lindsay Buziak was murdered? Strange really? What about “seize the day”.
    Hhheeelllooo is there anybody in there, just nod if you can hear me, is there anybody home?
    Lindsay has an Uncle this article says, blimey, a spokesperson to boot.
    From article ⬇️

    We’ve known that they had other evidence for a period of time but what specifically that was they don’t tell us”, said Buziak’s uncle and family spokesman, Art Reitneyer.

    Where did Art Reitmayer go to? Seems like there is plenty to speak about. Let’s look at another quote from this article
    A year is a long time to pass before clearing the name of a suspect so close to the victim, Boyd said, noting that most murders are committed by someone known to the victim. However, he said too much information released too soon can jeopardize a police investigation.
    What? But it’s a likeness of potential murderer.
    It’s over 14 years, time to be releasing more information if you can’t make any arrests over there.
    Stay strong Jeff, you have 6 committed supporters here at “The Altered Case” do yuz like the name of our pub? Not pulling your chain either. We spend hours discussing your daughter’s murder. Every week we take turns bringing something to attach our minds to concerning Lindsay’s unsolved murder, no desire to chat about Coronation Street so much now. This week the topic was this article and the fact the sketch was released one year after Lindsay was murdered.
    Hello Art Reitmayer, speak to us.
    England has some old torture techniques we’d be happy to share with your Saanich Police, seems like they need them.

    Good on ya Jeff, we’re paying attention across the pond.
    Cheers Jeff🍻
    Not at all happy with civil
    action. We will collect for lawyer. In pounds too.

  16. Sheila Barnes says:

    This lawsuit filed against you is most disturbing. Certainly I understand the Zailo family being upset by the negative publicity, but most of it has been brought on by their own accord. I’m wondering if they’ve ever asked to sit down with you privately and hash things out? All the lies Jason has been caught up in have put him under a large umbrella of suspicious.

    Reading the Capital Daily news article I noticed that Jason said. “the toshiba laptop”, him and Lindsay shared. Who in business shares a laptop, makes no sense? This entire mess all began on dateline when Jason told the host that everything was fine with him and Lindsay, no problems he said. Then his mother steps in and points the finger at Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend.

    What about seeing figures through smoked glass in the door? Then wait, a few years later it’s he saw the couple standing outside. Who deleted the facebook messages? So many lies have caused the confusion and all this could have been cleared up years ago, if Jason had only reached out to you to explain all the discrepancies in his statements then how dare his mother come after you 14 years later.

    Their cowardly behavior and refusal to help has put them in this position….and now they think they can cry about what’s happened to them and sue you. You sir have a mass of support out there and this lawsuit they’ve brought against you is being looked at with grave distain. Do I believe they killed anyone? Of course not. Do I believe they were involved? I really don’t know but their behavior has lead me in that direction. Do I believe they know far more than they are saying? Absolutely, and from what I see so does everyone else.

    Emotions are high, people are angry. Will anyone ever be arrested for this horrible heinous act? Fourteen years is a long time to wait for justice, and I do question if the police are any closer to arrests than they were 14 years ago. I pray they are.

  17. Ironman says:

    Discovery in this civil suit will be interesting, will also afford Jeff the opportunity to tear down the walls and get some solid evidence on the record under oath.

    I suggest Jeff retain counsel from Vancouver…. Victoria’s legal scene is small and lots of corrupt lawyers who are all part of the old boys club from the union club.

    Unfortunate that it has come to this, an utter distraction away from solving the murder.

  18. Jeff Buziak, Lindsay’s father says:


    Aggravating Sidetrack

    I love my daughters with all my heart. Always have. Always will until I die.
    My relationship with my daughters has been like a dream come true to me. I can’t imagine how it could be any better. If there have been any glitches we address and fix them. With my daughters, I used to believe like Michael Hutchence sang, “Never Tear Us Apart”! That was horribly shattered late afternoon February 2, 2008 when our precious Lindsay was viciously terminated. This devastated everyone beyond belief. Lindsay’s mom, the best mom you could imagine, Lindsay’s sister, so close and the best sister ever. Best daughter ever. Lindsay’s friends, I smile when I say this because they were like a cult into themselves. Family, Neighbours, the Community, The City and now the world! Oh yes and me. Gutted, humbled, sick, confused, angry, barely clinging to reality, to life, to sanity. Bouncing from nonstop crying to feeling your head wants to explode, to exiting this world, to beast where you are going to kill. For sure you want to KILL. How do you make sense of it all?

    It takes time. Decisions have to be made internally. Rational thoughts must come back. Somehow you have to get a grip. Many, many just can’t do this and I fully understand. The grief can be unbearable and it doesn’t go away…….ever! If you are lucky it comes and goes at times giving you some respite from the tremendous burden that is crushing you and you feel destroying you. You want it to go away, it’s not real, bad dream, how do I exit this program. If you are lucky you learn to deal with it. I counselled, I prayed, I prayed, I prayed. I cried to God, I swore at God, I screamed at God! There was no light. There was no tunnel. There was only darkness. The ugliest darkness you can’t even imagine. You just want to succumb to it. I’m outta here. Poor me…… poooooor me.

    No. No! NO! I can’t. I won’t. This cannot crush me. This isn’t about me. Look in the mirror boy. This isn’t about you. This isn’t about you! Reach down in front of you below your waist. What are those? This isn’t about you Jeff! This isn’t about you. Open your pathetic fucking eyes. Get out of your “poor me” mind, temper that anger, look beyond your nose for some light. Any light. You ain’t going anywhere boy. This is man’s stuff. This is about Lindsay. This is about one of the two most precious loves I will ever have with women in my life. Never tear us apart. NEVER TEAR US APART.


    Try to imagine if you even want to go there. Lindsay, five foot two and one half inches, 99 lbs. full of life. Amazing personality, loving devoted friend, daughter, the nicest sweetest soul ever. Focussed on her career. Wanting to love, wanting to be loved. Loved beyond belief by her fabulous mom, her amazing sister and a huge gaggle of friends. By me with all my heart. Stabbed to death at work! WARNING! First stab from behind in her neck. This severed her spinal cord leaving her immobile and not able to function but alive and conscious. the horror. They turned her around and continued stabbing, while she watched them in horror, excessively possibly over 40 times, ravaging her, savage like, mutilating her breasts, slitting her throat, looking her in the eyes watching her in horror, helpless, defenceless, draining life from her. Lindsay watched those killers. Lindsay knows who killed her. She ran out of blood. She was dead. The horror. The horror!

    This is all about Lindsay. This is about women. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about Shirley Zailo!
    Ryan, reach down in front of yourself below your waist is there anything there son? This ain’t about you! Jason, reach down in front of yourself below the waist and grab those things. This ain’t about you boy! Man the fuck up you two. Shirley, oh Shirley I know you have nothing to grab down there because your balls are up your ass. Yes I know you don’t take shit from anyone and you are widely known as the black widow of Langford and your reputation is that no one, no one fucks with you or you crush them. Good for you. Wow! What a force. Sadly, this ain’t about you hunny. Get over yourself. This is about the savage unsolved murder of a wonderful young women at the cusp of an amazing career under your care, your supervision as her boss, her mother-in-law, that you let go to a showing at a friend of yours unsold home that you knew she was very worried about and you allowed to get savagely executed. This isn’t about you Shirley. This isn’t about you Jason, This isn’t about you Ryan Zailo. This is about the unsolved murder of Lindsay Buziak.

    This isn’t about my divorce. Please help. What the hell is wrong with you people? THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU!

    I love you Lindsay. We are going to get them and make the community a safer place for women. We will. With or without Shirley Zailo.


  19. Jeff Buziak says:

    I really get tired of the scumbags who constantly phone and threaten to sue me. Really! You are going to sue me for what someone else says about you or what I say that is my truth. What kind of twisted human beings would do that and what kind of sleaseball lawyer would take a case on like that? What upstanding law firm would allow any lawyer to even consider a case like that? Seriously! Desperation, warped mind, no conscience at all? Pretty sick stuff!

    As you all know, my wonderful daughter Lindsay was savagely murder while working as a ReMax realtor in Victoria, BC February 2, 2008. There have been no arrests and no suspects named to this date making everyone a suspect until there are arrests. NO ONE is cleared not even me. I have devoted these last 14 years to making sure Justice is served and the community of Greater Victoria is a safer place for women especially and people in general because there are murderers roaming free. Unfortunately Saanich police assign various tweedle dee and tweedle dum dums to sometimes have a look with no results as we all know. Honestly, if it wasn’t for all the wonderful support of people Lindsay’s murder would have been swept under the carpet a long, long time ago. We have had 3 Mayors of Saanich, 5 police chiefs of Saanich, 3 or 4 governments of British Columbia and probably 6 heads of Lindsay’s file and nothing in 14 agonizing years! NOTHING! They have all failed at their duty.

    Statistically, well over 40% of people in my situation never recover from loosing a loved one to homicide/murder. These people go on permanent disability, they suffer severe depression, turn to drugs and alcohol dependency both legal and illegal. Some commit suicide! I’ve seen them. I’ve met them. I cry for/with them. I fight for them!

    I participated in 6 years of personal counselling, I attended group counselling. I’ve spoke at 3 conferences on the recovery from the effects of homicide of a loved one. I have also spent and cashed in\sold every thing of value over the years to survive the low times because I don’t have benefits and did not have a job where you get a pay check every 2 weeks. Most of my working time has been commission only but yet I continue to fight for the safety of women from the same predators who have walked free for the last 14 years while I have been in a mental hell. I mostly drive a vehicle I paid $500 for that was not running when I bought it when the vehicle I was driving was on its last couple breaths. I have literally been in a mental/financial prison, a hell, since loosing a precious child to savage murder with nothing being done about it. I continue my fight though and will not stop!

    Have I had tremendous support over the years? Absolutely!! The unbelievable support I receive from the public is overwhelming and really what has kept me alive and willing to battle on year after year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. While my work has improved somewhat, the battle to see killers are put behind bars to make the world a safer place for women carries on and I do not intend to stop until we succeed! I’ve put my whole life on the line for this. Protect women so they don’t suffer the same fate as Lindsay. I believe this with all my being and will die for this if I have to!

    Do you want to know who have been my biggest enemies in this battle? Without a doubt number one has been Saanich Police. Without a doubt number two has been Shirley Zailo. Both have fought with me, tried to manipulate, threaten and bully me. Both have been cunning, conniving and very aggressive in their ways and continue to this day. At Walk time this past year Shirley Zailo hollered at me on the phone that I was an evil, lying asshole! Fuck you, both of you. A wonderful young woman was savagely murdered 14 years ago and both you entities have done nothing about it but whine, complain, attack and attempt to bully me. What’s next in your twisted minds?

    So people want to sue me for dedicating 14 years of my life and everything I own to making Victoria, BC, the World, a safer place for women? Go ahead slimeballs. Whatever turns your twisted, self absorbed, self centred pathetic lives. You can have my $500 vehicle if that will make you feel happy. I’m on your side losers. Try thinking about suing Saanich police, the Mayor of Saanich Fred Haynes or Premier of BC John Horgan or BC Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth or Attorney General of BC David Eby for failing to do their duty. I’m trying to protect women by making sure the system does it’s job and puts killers in jail for life! What a rotten guy right? Go ahead and sue me for doing that. It will show what slime balls you really are.

    For all the rest of you wonderful, caring, loving people, thank you very, very much for all your support. I remain dedicated.

    Jeff Buziak, father


    • Svetlana says:

      And that judge who has power did not allow Capital Daily to the UNredacted documents of Lindsay Buziak’s case. That would be Justice Robert Punnett of the BC Supreme Court. What does he know of this case-to me it looks like he’s hiding things himself as surely he must have read those UNSCRATCHED COURT documents.

    • BR says:

      God Bless you, Jeff!! Aruba had an Alabama teen go missing… missing …not found murdered, it killed the business there. For years. The parents kept with the exposure and the authorities did nothing but help cover it up bc of the suspect father being a local judge…. That was UNTIL exposure on the case flooded that island with people, accusers, national media exposure. An official there final got on a news said they had lost so much business during peaks season from the case. I hope they feel the affect of that there.

      2 years ago, our group of about 20-30 people always take a trip to a new place once a year. Victoria/Vancover came up and I said absolutely f’in not. Which added more people to wanting to see justice for this case too. I hope and pray you get justice soon!!

      Absolutely ridiculous someone would call you with bs like that anytime of the year let alone around the month of her murder. Offer more help, show and prove you even care about the murder of someone that was in your life for the length of time… ZAILOS. At the very least if you didn’t know who you’ve heard more that could help.

      What we can’t list names on here?!? Sue for what?!? I’m in Souther Eastern of US. Sue you?? They have to sue every commenter on here. Clearly police aren’t going to take the time to do that. That big recent bust was probably bc FB was involved. It doesn’t seem like there is much of a support system legally in those areas otherwise! Shitty shitty city. It’s odd FBI hasn’t released anything. Hopefully that drug bust has weak links who don’t want long time behind bars and might mention some clues of who these hired killers were or the staffed people who showed up!! That’s what I’ve been praying for since reading that report. How the hell do you do a bust and obtain all that stuff of the street but no formal arrest? Wth goes on up there.

      Justice for this family and for the life of Lindsay! It’s been long enough!!!

      Sue you?!? For seeking justice for your daughter!!!!!! There’s special place for people like that, I hope they get all and more.

    • Skitter says:

      How ridiculous, suing for defamation! If she thought she was defamed before civil action the fallout from this stupid claim will definitely show her that she’s not wanted in society. It’s society/community that dictates whether you belong and this idiot doesn’t belong amongst law abiding citizens. What ethical lawyer would represent her?
      Here’s how I see her…
      SHE = Amber Heard (aka Amber Turd)
      Histrionic Personalty Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder
      Do you see a difference? I don’t see a difference.
      PREPARE FOR THE FALLOUT… it’s not going to be pretty.

    • Cheryle says:

      If there was no robbery, its one of two people either closest person to her (bf)or jealous person at work. Cannot be a random act no one else would know she was going to be there.

    • Mark Roush says:

      To ALL those who were involved in the planning and execution of Lindsay Buziak, to ALL those past and present within the Municipality of Saanich that have been from the Onset aiding in the cover up, know thee this. Ecclesiastes 12:14. “for God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” Justice for Lindsay !!!

  20. Lillian says:

    Heads Up Folks…..
    Received court documents today, filed in Victoria by Shirley Zailo who seems to think we have defamed her character.
    Checking the Court docs, it would appear Jeff is on the list also.
    Interesting how we seem to be have such an influence on Shirley’s character/reputation.
    Clearly, they are viewing/monitoring this website and attempting to “shut us up and shut us down”

    • Margaret says:

      She probably thought that after 14+ years things would have died down & people would have lost interest in solving Lindsay’s murder. Little did she know that Jeff would keep going & the commentators on here would continue to post & support his efforts.
      I hope that we keep her up at night & that she fumes when she reads what we have to say.

  21. Five O says:

    Do you sleuths on this site realize that someone very close to Lindsay was the one who informed the Calgary cops about the drugs arriving in Calgary? You need to think harder about this. I keep waiting and watching for the penny to drop here. Think about 2 birds, one stone sleuths. Why isn’t Lindsay’s murder solved you wonder? There is only one person with that much motive and knew how to organize this much evil and still eat her cake so to speak. It’s easier for criminals to get it and they got it. You have got to be one to think like one. Fkin Dicktoria, criminals lurking around everywhere in Dicktoria. All Kardashians. Fakes

  22. Edward Mosley says:

    Justice for Lindsay❤
    I have watched a video about her case already and it really touched my heart deeply.😢

  23. Mark Roush says:

    This one’s for the Coroner! A Coroner who is well connected to the small municipality called Saanich. Well connected to there Crime Syndicate. The Timeline of Lindsay’s murder is Fake ! The Timeline was based solely on Horsley’s “it truly was a pocket dial” lie to Josh Mankiewicz from dateline. I don’t believe Mr. Mankiewicz was duped into the obvious deception tactic by Horsley. Horsley’s apparent attempt with his “Truly” rubbish changed to “somehow buttons were pressed on Lindsay’s blackberry” when he was on crime watch daily with Ana Garcia. Shirley Zailo was in possession of Lindsay’s telephone and taking ques from Jason. From Jason’s first telephone call/text to his last, starting at SHC Autographx to Lindsay’s telephone, all of them were calls to action for His Mother. The Timeline was based on Lindsay’s blackberry from Shirley Zailo herself according to their overplanned crime against Lindsay. Absolutely Impossible for anyone to make a “pocket dial” or “somehow press buttons” by being attacked from behind with a knife as savagely as Lindsay was. All this telephone business by Jason was intended to que his Mother to action. Justice for Lindsay !!!

    • Irina says:

      Great info. Yeah that pocket dial seemed bs however are you saying she was killed before or after. I am just wanting more clarification

    • Svetlana says:

      It could also just be the murderers taking the phone to delete some things and pressed a button by mistake. This means they knew Lindsay very personally and were in that house, because a hired stranger would not be doing that. I don’t think the killers were hired – it was JZ’s little gang that did it. PUT THEM IN PRISON. Unfortunately, there is no capital punishment in Canada.

      • Mark Roush says:

        Delete some things? Mistake? Shirley Zailo randomly dialed out a name from Lindsay’s contacts and slid Lindsay’s telephone back in Lindsay’s pocket as the telephone was dialing the number that caused as Horsely put it, a “Muffled Sound.” This “Muffled Sound did NOT Occur during the attack as Horsely would have you to believe. This “Muffled Sound” either came from Lindsay’s telephone going to the random names voicemail or the random name answered there telephone and described the “Muffled Sound” to the So-Called Investigators.Who was the Person that Shirley Zailo called to set up their FAKE TIMELINE? Justice for Lindsay !!!

  24. Mark Roush says:

    Hey Roseanne, Who are the Conspirators? Who are as You call them, the “Bit Players”? What makes You think that the Police were “Set Up”? Arrest who the Police know were involved? Who are the Police going to arrest? CURIOUS…

  25. Mahmoud Mikdadi says:

    May Allah give mercy to her soul…

  26. Sue says:

    Why is it that this heinous crime hasn’t been solved?
    I’m sure they have suspects. I read they came from Vancouver?
    Why was she killed? Mistaken identity
    Or the killers were given misinformation?
    I know by listening to her dad and others she was hard working innocent girl.
    My hope for the police in Saanich give it to a Cold Case unit to be solved. This I pray.

    • Rosanne says:

      Lindsay was set up, the police were set up. The chance of a murder conviction at this point is almost nil. Lindsay still needs Justice and it is time to start charging conspirators and bit players. Arrest who the police know we’re involved. The worst that can happen is the case will get thrown out and the person will walk free. Hey wait a minute, isn’t that happening now? Justice for Lindsay! Justice for the good people trying to lead good lives. Saanich shine a light on the scum your actions are protecting.

      • Lone Wolf says:

        Rosanne, I think you are correct, start charging the people which SPD dicks know was involved.
        I am trying to buy advertising on the large Advertising Posts located at the Highway, related to the Failed Investigation to the Murder of Lindsay Buziak.

        • Margaret says:

          Yes, they should go after them and, if nothing else, disrupt their cushy criminal lifestyles, force them to hire attorneys, plaster their faces everywhere they can & remind the community of it’s failure to find justice for this young woman’s death.
          It’s hard to believe that those lowlives have outwitted the local Police Dept, RCMP, the FBI & others involved. It makes no sense after 14+ years.

        • BR says:

          Longwolf… I’ll contribute. Get a gofund account going. Here when a billboard is put up like that they list with…” LAST SEEN WITH”, well that’s Jason. OR Shirley if when she stopped by the condo before the showing unless it was the night before. Either way it’s Zailio name on a billboard or last seen with her boyfriend. Then draws even more people to look the case up. Looking a Google Earth I’m floored that no surrounding home owners SAW NOTHING! This case infuriates me!!!

      • Robin says:

        I couldn’t agree more with this comment except why do you think a conviction is almost nil?

        • Rosanne says:

          Beyond a reasonable doubt is what the court needs to make a conviction. The accused in a gong show gets the consideration if the process was fair to them, handled correctly, efficiently, truthfully and with integrity. “The law holds that It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” If I was a judge before I even heard one piece of evidence, I feel one of the worst defence lawyers could convince me that this accused might not be getting a fair deal with this investigation. Don’t even get me started on if one of the “cleared” is sitting in the chair because there can only be reasonable doubt if the police were saying innocent and oh, heck wait a minute now we think they did it. It also could be used if a stranger is sitting as an accused because a lawyer could argue that “look over here the police thought these cleared people could have done it and did a questionable job of how the police ruled them out.

      • Margaret says:

        Yes, I wish they would go after the suspects. Disrupt their cushy criminal lifestyles, force them to hire lawyers, contribute to sleepless nights & plaster their faces everywhere they could. The community needs to be reminded that Lindsay was let down by the Saanich police, the RCMP, the FBI &
        everyone else involved. Fourteen+ years with no progress – it’s simply not believable.

    • Svetlana says:

      I think she saw everyone was corrupt in that family. Their relationship was not going so well and I think Jason was probably having affairs and at the same time saying he loved her and she just wanted out. She probably also saw some shady dealings he was doing.

  27. Margaret says:

    I’ve often wondered how this murder was planned. Those involved seem to have thought of everything down to the last detail to pull this off, so one has to assume they met in person to hammer out the details & used burner phones to communicate. I don’t know much about burner phones, but were the police able to trace the one purchased in Vancouver in Dec because it was used to call Lindsay? In other words, a call made from one burner phone to another burner cannot be traced.

  28. Robin says:

    Please send emls to Premier and public safety minister, this cluster fuck needs people working who can do the right thing and uphold the laws of this country. This is all so wrong.
    Justice for Lindsay 💜

    Premier John Horgan

    Minister Mike Farnsworth

    Attorney General
    David Eby

    These men are the ones who can help… TELL them that.

  29. Margaret says:

    BR – Given that Jason knew the couple were flying in from Vancouver that afternoon, he could have thought they were dropped off (car service or taxi) when there was no second car around so I don’t find that particularly odd. However, I believe that the man stepping briefly out the front door & retreating back inside was a signal for Jason that things were taken care of & that he could shortly move his car around the corner & begin his pretend rescue of Lindsay.
    I never understood why it was thought that the couple planned to leave by the front door when there was obviously another escape route planned. It was around 6pm, still light out so why would they risk being seen again?
    So many questions on this case.

  30. BR says:

    I saw some replies and comments that continued on where I last commented. Then I saw someone copy in a link of the autopsy report. Wow! I don’t if that is the standard for your area, but that’s insane if that’s all that was on the report. Anyone ever look into her connection to the SPD? Below (if it copied in) is a report from a well known celebrity so you would imagine there would be some respect of keeping something sealed but not here in the US. Look at how in depth it is. I can’t believe their isn’t much more description on that report. I assume since they want to keep it an active case that the crime scene report isn’t available? Furthermore, what’s up with the petition and the signatures? How confident is the community where you all live that if there is enough signatures that where you all trying to get it transferred will help with this case? If pretty confident, how many more signatures are needed? Let’s get that petition going again and get some movement on this case!?!

    I would just like to say I see a lot of theories on here, I just truly believe after reading everything over the years. That location is where she was tragically murdered. I think either Shirley was waiting for her or Shirley was there as “protection” that’s why it seemed it was a couple. Which could possibly make sense why such a red flag as coming up on foot made Lindsey not questioned to stop the showing after already being suspicious of the caller(s). I just wish she would have went with her gut feeling, but unfortunately it sounds like she had people in her day to day life that tried to ease her mind of it that helped in this transpiring. Sad and awful, that people like this exists.

    Justice for Lindsey!

    Click to access mj_autopsy.pdf

    • Rosanne says:

      What you saw was the conclusion of the autopsy report. Everything is looked at and recorded in the actual autopsy report in Canada too.

    • eight says:

      I believe the link you referenced was to the coroner’s report, which is a public document in Canada . An autopsy report (obviously much more medically thorough) is not a public document per se in Canada, although under certain conditions parts or all of it may be released. It would be very unlikely for an autopsy report to be made public, especially while an “active” homicide investigation is open.

    • Mac and Cheese says:

      What you are looking at is the coroner’s report, not the autopsy. Lindsay’s case is an active and open investigation therefore the autopsy is sealed. Only the autopsy would have detailed information.

    • BR says:

      Thank you everyone! I over looked that and should have known with the “active case” that it would be sealed still. I’ve never been to Canada…but, I think of this case at a minimum once a week. I’m in the mortgage industry and came from real estate prior too, so I stay really busy. So that just goes to show you how much her case has captivated people and so many want to see justice for the murder of this pretty lady!
      Prayers to her friends and family!

      • Margaret says:

        I too have followed this case for a long time after watching the Dateline episode years ago & still have it on my DVR to watch periodically. I enjoy reading the comments and theories put forward, but here we are 14 years later with no arrests. It’s very sad and frustrating.

    • Margaret says:

      We’ll never know what Lindsay thought of the couple arriving on foot, but if she thought they were flying in from Vancouver they could have explained that they took a taxi/car service & arrived a bit early so they decided to take a look around the neighborhood. It would make sense if they were considering buying a home. Lindsay was seen shaking hands with the couple so I don’t think the female was Shirley.

      • Wyatt says:

        All of that scenario was a setup. That was not Lindsay “shaking hands” with the alleged Mexicans. Lindsay was already deceased.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          That’s what I suspect.

          • Lone Wolf says:

            in my view, after reading any available public information to the murder case of Lindsay for several years now, yes it was Lindsay that met the Fake Buyers outside 1207 DeSousa Pl at 5:30PM on February 2, 2008. If the Fake Lady buyer was not wearing a Human Mask covering her identity, another Murdering Lady was in wait hiding in the Master Bathroom for Lindsay to enter the Master Bedroom. When entering the Main Bedroom, likely Lindsay was knifed in the back of her neck enabling her to fight back when either the Fake Mask Wearing Lady or Lady in Hiding continued the attack from Lindsay’s frontage. Do to the known nature of the KILLINg, as we know, that attack must have been accomplished with a huge hate and dislike for the victim, only to be produced by a Mamasan’s Sick and Corrupted Mind, with no Respect or Feelings for normal HUMAN ADFERD. And to Top it Up, after 14 PLUS years, For what we have learned, SPD Investigators are idling in the case, and the Murderers are likely working and living in our communities, here on South Vancouver Island. AS we know, Lindsay’s moment of death was stated by the Coroners Office to be at 5:40PM, Which was 10 minutes past the time she met the Fake Buyers and walked together with them into 1702 DeSousa Pl . AMEN!

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              No one is suggesting anything that would entail anyone wearing a fake human mask. The witness description does not, imo, look like Lindsay but the female buyer sure looks identical to Shirley in a blonde wig.

        • Lone Wolf says:

          Hi, could not have been deceased prior to the first meeting with the “Fake Buyers”.at 17:30. According to the Coroners report her death was at 17:40. (5:40PM) Please get with it! If

          • Wyatt says:

            Well, I wouldn’t put a whole lot of credence in that “exact” time, in fact, I would say that’s a negligent statement because any coroner with credibility knows you cannot pinpoint EXACT time of death to the minute! This remark was written based on the police report and the alleged access box, which we all know was not done by Lindsay. So, the coroner was absolutely incorrect to state such an exact time, any good one ALWAYS uses a wide window of guesstimate. Besides, coroners are not exact science and any rocket scientist can see she bleed out long before the alleged handshake.

            • Rosanne says:

              Go look up how a coroner determines the time of death. It is a lot more involved than you are giving them credit for. Rigor, temperature, rate of and amount of blood loss. Even the condition of the blood changes right after a death can be a determining factor. The body farm has studied minute by minute after a death and the closer to the actual time of death the more precise they can be. Lindsay was alive at 4:20 and the scene was discovered less than 2 hours later. With so little time between the death and the examination, gathering evidence would be almost as close to accurate as possible.

              • Lone Wolf says:

                Hi Wyatt, did you read Rosanne’s input here at this BLOG, hopefully that will set you STRAIGHT, and stop your fake remarks, in respect to Lindsay Buziak’s death.

              • Wyatt says:

                YOU go look up the process of timing a death by coroner! Then go find yourself a credible, experienced, professional, unbiased coroner who will unequivocally state they do not assign an EXACT time of death BY THE MINUTE!
                When the “evidence” doesn’t correspond with the time of death and the evidence presented is by the very corrupt and dirty cops who present it, then the questionable coroner is especially influenced by the authority of the dirty coppers.
                In this particular case, you must think outside your box and consider that there are several “tag alongs” or followers to the dirty coppers and that box has no walls!
                You are following a red herring and trying to justify your naivety only demonstrates your ignorance.

                • Mike says:

                  I think it’s time some journalist takes this up to find out if the Coroner has had any dealings with Hoarsley or the Zailo’s. Check the cell phone as well. Perhaps a house purchase!

              • eight says:

                I agree. Very small window and with the “pocket dial” it seems eminently reasonable to establish the probable time of death at that point.

                Although remotely possible, the theory of murder at another location makes very little logical sense. Why on earth run the risk of detection and the involvement of additional personnel required to get the victim from the murder scene to somewhere she was going to go on her own within minutes anyway?

                Some of the theories I see posted on this site would have to involve a dozen or more active participants, not just people who knew about it, but actually participated in some element. Try to think of a murder you’ve read about, even in a fictional novel, where there have been close to that many active participants in a planned murder.

                It’s hard enough to get a dozen people together and coordinated to help you move on a weekend, let alone help murder someone. And getting that many to maintain radio silence throughout an investigation? Next to impossible.

                I’m convinced we’re looking at a small, tight group, with a strong common motivation and some criminal connections. Like a family.

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  A small tight group, like a family and a few others, could have pulled off that meet and greet which would explain the description of the woman being a dead ringer for Shirley. I believe they would have done that in an attempt to throw off the timeline allowing the perpetrators who had to get away the time to do that before the investigation got under way.

                • Margaret says:

                  Your last paragraph sums it up perfectly.

                • Rosanne says:

                  When the perpetrators are hiding in plain sight, it is time to look there. Witnesses, plural, saw a man and woman shaking hands, which would have taken less than a minute, but nobody reported 2 men sitting in a car right outside a murder scene for over 1/2 an hour? Or a suspicious move around thre corner? The least amount of people for this murder to happen, 1man and1woman. Jason saw Lindsay’s shoes “she kicked off” when she went in the house. His words not mine. The police have not been able to find the real killers chasing fake ones. Just my opinion.

                • Mike says:

                  So explain Dateline then. Has the Saanich Police ever gone on dateline before? Why was Hoarsley so eager to talk to the world. My guess would be he has a lot of people to protect! My second guess would be to steer the public away from a large group of regular citizen’s who would quickly be connected to the murder and lose everything they’ve been obtaining fraudulently through the Zailo’s. This large group likely consists of family and friends, Police, Coroner’s, Relator’s and the list goes on!

            • Lone Wolf says:

              Hi Wyatt, you really want this murder to have taken place somewhere else, your writing being so finely conducted. I am asking myself, “why does Wyatt want so badly to have us be going against the stream of good logic”??

              • Wyatt says:

                Lone Wolf…
                I never expressed that Lindsay’s murder “took place” anywhere else! I have always believed she was executed at the house, it is YOUR belief of the time line as the coroner stated that I disagree!

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              I agree.

        • Risanne says:

          The “witnesses” to this handshake should be looked at very closely. Could they have actually seen what they reported at that time of night in February? If they are just actors playing a role, there will be some small thing that could put them into the conspirators to commit murder category. I wonder if they know that the penalty for this is the same the actual murders would get. It would take people you trusted to “help you out” by playing a witness and that would mean there would be some kind of connection in their background to be found by a real detective. What are the odds there would be more than one exactly at the right place at the right time. Saanich Police must have thought with such a lucky break. they were going to solve this murder in minutes and after chasing red herrings for 15 years are no closer. Maybe they should solve the conspiracy?

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            I don’t think the witnesses were anything other than people just going about their business that briefly saw an exchange take place in the dark under street lamps but were still able to give a description of what they saw. If they were involved I think they would have been coached to give a description that was not such a dead ringer for Shirley. In fact the description, imo, would have been very different. Sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face, dress and all…….

        • Irina says:

          This is an interesting new take

          • Lone Wolf says:

            Irina, you wrote “All of that scenario was a setup. That was not Lindsay “shaking hands” with the alleged Mexicans. Lindsay was already deceased”. Regarding that note, please give us one intelligent reasonable fact to back your notation, please in that regards, do not take words out of the thin air. We are all waiting to hear back…..Lone Wolf here.

            • Mike says:

              How about one fact that proves it was Lindsay! Anything uttered by Hoarsley and not backed by science is Bullshit. It’s all to fit the Bullshit timeline!

              • Lone Wolf says:

                Hi Mike, I do wonder about the reason to “WHY” you are continuing with the same agenda…..may be one day I will learn WHY??

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              There are lots of things pointing to an attempt to throw off the timeline. From Jason saying that Lindsay went home to change ( why would she do that when she always dressed well and going home made her short of time to properly set up the million dollar home she was trying to sell ) to the text messages not really making sense unless someone wanted you to believe that they were doing one thing when in fact they were doing something else, to the pocket dial which was probably sent on purpose to the coroner issuing a time of death with a window of time that was only a few minutes impossible to do unless the autopsy was performed within an hour or two of the murder, to the witness description being a bang on description of Shirley in a blonde wig at the meet and greet complete with a dress that was 100% her style, to the suspicious video of Jason at the auto shop deliberately staring up into the . It is entirely possible that this was all done to throw off the timeline by about an hour giving the people who had to get away ( possibly off the island ) time to do that. They would be on their way to Vancouver? before Lindsay was even “discovered”. All of the evidence establishing the timeline is given by the Zailos, someone associated with the Zailos or something that could have been easily manipulated.

              • Lone Wolf says:

                went home to change, if I remember correctly, after the showing she was to travel to Vancouver to meet friends….

    • Svetlana says:

      In Capital Daily, the report said that Lindsay got a number of calls from Vancouver. So who was in Vancouver making those calls?

      Over the following days, there were 10 more calls between the Vancouver number and Buziak’s phone.

      On Friday, February 1, Buziak appears to have emailed some suggestions.

      At some point, according to the documents, the owners of what would come to be known as the main crime phone travelled to the Island via BC Ferries.

      • Robin says:

        Curios to know where and who those emls were sent to. That Shirley must have led the SPD to someone or something. It’s so disturbing because there shirley seems to be enough leads to take the SPD to someone more than the barista at Starbucks, wtf are they doing 14 yrs later. It’s absolutely baffling when u think they have not made an arrest, geezuz you know who!!!!!!
        Stick a some dynamite up there ass ffs.

      • Lone Wolf says:

        Hi, about the calls from Vancouver, if a Vancouver phone is located in Victoria when making calls it show the Vancouver number

      • Margaret says:

        I doubt that the ‘buyers’ would have provided Lindsay with a traceable email address, although she probably asked for one to confirm their phone conversations. I wonder what excuse they gave for not having one. It was also reported that Shirley was snooping around their condo on the Friday evening & overheard Lindsay give them the address over the phone. Shirley probably knew they would be calling & just happened to pop in at that time!

  31. Armchair Detective says:

    How much do we know about Jason’s ex-girlfriend, Jasmine Parsons?

    According to my research, Jason and Jasmine were a couple before Lindsay caught Jason’s eye. Did Jason leave Jasmine to pursue a relationship with Lindsay? Did Jason cheat on Jasmine?Jasmine was a younger Realtor working in Victoria at the time of Lindsay’s murder. She comes from a family of Realtors. Her dad Jim worked for ReMax, her three brothers, her sister-in-law, all Victoria Realtors. The Zailos and Parsons are both prominent real estate families in Victoria.

    Considering the evidence and statements made by experts, I can’t help but suspect that the planning of this savage murder was made by a woman scorned, a psychopath, a jealous woman with knowledge of Jason and Lindsay’s relationship, knowledge of their associates, inside knowledge of real estate, someone with the financial resources, intelligence, connections and, most importantly, motive.

    Does anyone know why Jason and Jasmine’s relationship ended? Did they get back together after Lindsay’s murder?

    Considering the real estate connection, I think forensic accounting can play a critical role in solving this case. Maybe Lindsay became aware of money laundering activity. A forensic accounting of all real estate transactions by suspects working in real estate might prove useful.

    Justice for Lindsay!

    • Blast from the past says:

      A woman scorned paragraph.
      You just described Shirley Zailo. I wonder how her new husband is enjoying sleeping with her? Must be a bit creepy in the dark of night with her beside you.

  32. Fawn says:

    Jason and his mom are guilty. I wish they could prove it, there HAS to be evidence… law enforcement needs to dig deeper!!
    Karma may be slow, but eventually it will reach its destination.
    ..My thoughts are with your family ❤️

  33. OC says:

    I dont understand why the police dont track down exactly when the burner phone was bought and spend days if they have to, looking at surveillance tapes to see who bought the burner phone that called Lindsay.
    Or even try and find where that ‘ infamous dress’ of one of the killers was purchased.
    The store where the phone was bought must have had a receipt, surveillance camera. etc.
    I pray the killers are finally caught. Unimaginable heinous crime. Makes me so upset.
    From the countless Datelines and 20/20 s Ive watched, there has to be a motive here. This was not a random crime of opport. The only person who would have a motive is Jason. He knew she was leaving him. And his mom clearly lied that Lindsay was having ” fears from her ex”. All of Lindsay’s family and friends confirmed she wanted to go back to her ex.
    I think Jason and his mom are in on this. Jason was so odd during the ” re-enactment to police”. Cant wait till technology nabs this guy. And if Im wrong, Ill apologize to the guy. ( but I doubt it)

  34. Julie says:

    I just saw a rerun of the Dateline story. It seems the only person that would have benefit from her death would have been her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. Did anyone check Her out?

  35. eight says:

    When Lindsay expressed reservations about the showing, Jason Zailo apparently encouraged her by reminding her she’d had a similar one previously, and by promising her he’d go along to the appointment. He then failed her. Did he fail her because he is an irresponsible lunkhead, or was it by design?

    Saanich Police investigators don’t say what factors were considered or what response he gave to questions asked of him that would lead them to quickly clear him. I hope they asked the following questions at a minimum.

    1. Lindsay clearly understood you would be there with her at the showing. She had even told her father as much. What understanding had you reached with her about your presence that would have you continually updating her on your progress?
    2. Why did you spend more time and effort arranging for Mr. Oatman to accompany you than you did getting to the showing on time?
    3. After giving Lindsay a running update on your estimated time of arrival, why did you not inform her that you had arrived?
    4. How did you expect Lindsay to know that you were on site?
    5. What caused you to choose your initial parking spot?
    6. Why did you change your parking location?
    7. Did you consider walking over to the house or past the house to the area of the Torquay parking area if what you wanted was a different viewpoint?
    8. Was your second parking spot occupied when you initially arrived?
    9. If your reason for not approaching the house in person and greeting Lindsay was that you didn’t want to appear as a meddler, why did you allow Mr. Oatman to accompany you on your first approach? Wouldn’t the presence of a second person be seen as even more of an intrusion?
    10. Why did you ask Lindsay if she was okay, rather than simply announcing your arrival or asking if she wanted you to come in?
    11. You apparently were bringing some documents that were important for Lindsay to have on a timely basis. Were you carrying them when you came to the door?
    12. Where are those documents now?

    • Robin says:

      Well done. We can meet at JaSIN’s place of business on Monday 3pm to ask him. I will let him know we will be arriving a few minutes before 3 pm. I can record this meeting. Should I bring an RCMP officer with me. God knows we don’t want a Saanich cop there. Monday April 4, 3 pm.
      I’ll bring the hand cuffs and lie detector machine. You bring the water boarding equipment.

      • eight says:

        Think his mommy would let him…?

      • eight says:

        Speaking of polygraphs, Saanich Police swear they did not use the discredited voice stress analysis equipment one of their own was actively marketing around that time in the investigation, and further that they did not use it in any homicide investigations. Even though they were using it to screen applicants for police service. If true, that means if Jason Zailo did sit for a polygraph test (and why would he agree to that but not a DNA sample?), it would have been either Victoria Police or the RCMP conducting it, because Saanich didn’t have its own and that was the protocol.

        If either of those organizations conducted a polygraph test on Mr. Zailo (or anyone else that was “cleared” partly on that result), it should be them that confirms it, not Saanich. Haven’t heard any reporters ask that question.

        If it had been my partner murdered under the circumstances Jason Zailo found himself in, I can assure you I would be sitting for every press interview I could arrange to fully explain my actions, turning over every rock that might be hiding evidence, and begging public officials and the general public to get involved to find out who did this. I am confident virtually every innocent person in that unfortunate position would do the same. Except for one mealy-mouthed interview on Dateline that left more questions than answers he’s done SFA. That coupled with his bizarre actions and non-actions preceding the murder leave me convinced Saanich Police ejaculated him prematurely.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Why would he agree to a poly test and not a DNA test? Because he was vain enough to believe he could fool a poly test and even if he did fail the results can’t be used in court but a DNA test is fool proof and could implicate anyone in his family. They ejaculated all three prematurely.

          • Rosanne says:

            AND how can the Saanich Police say he cooperated fully and clear him when he would not give that sample?

            • Margaret says:

              I read that the Zailo family had threatened the Police Dept to stop pursuing them & to offer a public message
              ‘clearing’ them of further investigation. It sounds as though the mother has a lot of influence in that community & it’s hard to fathom why any Police Dept would agree to do that when a crime is unsolved.

              • Wyatt says:

                Because the SPD are corrupt! That’s “why” they “agree” to “clear” the killers (Zailos) They are neck deep involved in this murder, part of and contributors. As long as the dirty cops of Saanich are employed by the dirty Board of Directors this case will continue to be covered up under the status of an “active investigation” despite the freezing (cold) case status. Year 15 on the horizon and still nobody’s smart enuf at SPD to clean up the mess and murder that shrouds their department. Shame. Shame. Shame.

    • Margaret says:

      Great questions. One more: Why would you not have the property address knowing the importance of your being there (it was reported that Lindsay texted it to him & he had to call his brother for directions).

      • eight says:

        My understanding is that he did have the address, but when he entered it into his onboard GPS system there was no match, possibly because his system had not been updated to include that relatively new address. He then asked about directions.

        What is clear is that irrespective of his ability to find his way there, he had no intention of showing up until after the showing because he was still at the auto detailing shop at 5:30pm which is when the showing was due to start.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        That and many of the texts Jason sent around that time don’t make a lot of sense. I think those texts could have been sent to throw off the timeline. ” I’m just minutes away ” could have been sent from the car as Jason kept watch out front or even from the house. Him saying he was minutes away wouldn’t raise suspicions if it pinged off of the same tower it would if he was in fact parked out front of the house. I think they used their cell phones to back up a fabricated story as to where they all were at specific times.

  36. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Murder Murder Murder

    Why do I have to continue this endless, draining, frustrating walk and push for justice for the murder of my daughter in 2008?
    Isn’t murder against the law in this country?
    Isn’t murder the most heinous crime you can commit?
    Why are the people least concerned the authorities?
    Why are police and politicians the least helpful in the last 14 years?
    What is wrong with the justice system and our country?
    It appears murder is okay!
    Maybe I should consider it an option?
    Why am I trying to uphold the law when police and politicians could care less about the savage murder of a wonderful young woman while at work in Saanich, British Columbia CANADA?
    In Saanich, BC murder is no worse than going through a stop sign. If no one sees you its no big deal.
    What a horrible place.
    What horrible useless police there.
    What horrible politicians in British Columbia.
    Murder is okay in Saanich, B.C. Ask Lindsay Buziak’s killers and planners. NO CONSEQUENCES.
    Saanich, BC – The Killing Zone – Police Approved
    Thank you everyone for your support.
    Please share this post.

  37. Svetlana says:

    “They” knew that there’d be no workers around de Souza place at that time 5:30.

    How many people knew? If any are innocent, did they ever tell someone the fact that the workers are gone at 5?

    Shirley Zailo
    Ryan Zailo
    Jason Zailo
    Joe De Souza and wife
    Paul Bergshoeff
    Laurie Lidstone
    Nancy Di Castri

    • Svetlana says:

      From Capital daily it says when Zailo and Cohen walked up to the house at around 6 pm, Zailo found it odd that the front door was closed and locked (during real estate showings, the front door is customarily left open). He rang the doorbell “about ten times” with no answer.

      He didn’t find it odd that the door was closed when he arrived and waited in his car on the street at about 5:45?

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