Lindsay Buziak Murder


Lindsay Buziak Murder

on November 11, 2011

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This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada.  Lindsay Buziak was a beautiful hardworking 24 year old woman who was viciously murdered in the Victoria suburb of Saanich at 1702 De Sousa Place on February 2, 2008.  She was stabbed to death at 5:38 – 5:41 p.m. while performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple.  Her killers and planners are still free.  Her murder remains unsolved by Saanich Police lead by Constable Chris Horsley.  If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsay’s murder please contact CRIME STOPPERS or Lindsay’s father Jeff Buziak:  There is a reward being offered.

This site is for the exclusive use of serious individuals wanting to make posts and share their information and personal thoughts that pertain to Lindsay’s murder.  We are grateful for your support.  Justice must be imposed on those individuals involved in this heinous act.  As Facebook has closed down discussion boards this is where our quest will continue for the truth and facts pertaining to Lindsay’s mysterious execution style murder.  Information on this site is from personal opinions and cannot be guaranteed or warranted by this site or its administrators in any way.

Thank You,

Justice for Lindsay Supporters

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  1. Angela White says:

    Throwing shade to divert

  2. Jeff Buziak, father says:

    Let’s not forget what experts said:

    It was speculated that Buziak’s murder may have been ordered by a drug cartel because she was believed to be a police informant. The detectives investigated the possibility but quickly ruled it out as a motive because she was not an informant and the personal nature of her murder did not fit a hired killer’s method of operation. Crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary and veteran Homicide Detective Dwayne Stanton[9] both agree that Buziak’s murder was not a contracted murder related to a drug cartel; it was brutal but too amateurish. Both seasoned investigators stated that they do believe that Buziak’s murder was very personal and planned by someone very close to her; someone who had access to inside information from the Re/Max office where she worked.

    • Rosanne says:

      It has been 7 almost 8 months since Saanich’s big FBI announcement, shouldn’t they be announcing something about the progress they have made on this case before we figure out it was another stalling trick and the kind vulnerable unprotected citizens of Saanich realize they paid for nothing yet another year?

    • Mark Roush says:

      Very personal ? Very Planned ? Very close to Her ? = The Woman that hired her into re-max, Lindsay’s Boss and Mother of her soon to be ex-boyfriend had ALL inside information inside that re-max real estate agency ! The answer is SHIRLEY ZAILO !!!

      • Svetlana says:

        On Dateline which from 2010 episode, Shirley Z mentions that she and Lindsay took a walk the day before the murder and that she talked about her ex-boyfriend, “she was afraid of Matt”.
        The interviewer asked her “why was she afraid of Matt?”
        SZ: I don’t think she really got into the details. I guess she was a little disappointed in how Matt treated her throughout their relationship.

        According to police Matt and Lindsay had no contact for months before the murder.

        In my opinion I don’t know how many women would be talking to their boyfriend’s mothers about ex-boyfriends. Why SZ would have mentioned Matt as a topic of conversation? I think this walk is a lie. It’s used to hold the conversation of Matt that supposedly took place. This is a very conniving plan which makes me think that this is to move eyes away from her son.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Shirley’s response that Lindsay was afraid of Matt does not in any way fit the response she gave as to why she was afraid. If you leave a conversation where someone has confided to you that they are afraid of someone else they tell you why and you don’t forget why. That she wasn’t happy with the way Matt had treated her is not a reason to be AFRAID of that person after being separated for a period of time. She was telling her dad that she still had feelings for Matt. You don’t still have feelings for someone you are telling people you are afraid of. I think Shirley should have been caught in a lie there. Hey SPD, did you notice that glaring discrepancy?

          • Svetlana says:

            Exactly – words of a crafty woman. I think there is something there. Are the police that stupid to not see just this important fact and clue? What do they need to get things rolling?

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              They don’t appear to have paid any attention to that, clearing them all shortly after that interview. I don’t necessarily buy that there was a walk to begin with. I don’t believe there is any proof of that and seems unlikely as they didn’t like each other. Her statement that Lindsay was afraid of Matt was probably a desperate spur of the moment move to throw suspicion away from her son. Her response years after the fact that Lindsay ” wasn’t happy with the way Matt treated her ” is imo pure BS. And sounds like it………

              • Svetlana says:

                There’s a deep, dark meaning behind those words for sure. She meant along these lines…. we treated you so well and gave you everything and instead you were thinking of Matt

            • Robin says:

              Are the police that stupid? It Shirley seems that the SPD are that clued out. A round of DUH for all of them.

          • see closely says:

            Am I missing something?I thought all this time that Matt was also Shirley’s son.If so the above comments are irrelevant.

      • Robin says:

        Ding 🛎 Ding 🛎 Ding 🛎 Ding 🛎
        And that is the answer-correct-correct-and for the winning answer we have $650,000 USD for you to launder. The B.C. Casinos are the best ones to frequent. Hit them all 10,000-15,000 $$
        a night and you’ll be buying up Victoria real estate like the rest of the POS who play the dirty game. Feel free to ask Chris Horsley how to play if you are stuck. He knows this game well. Yes Mark good job, Shirley Zailo is the answer we were looking for. 🏆💰💵💰💵
        Money money money it’s a rich man’s world. Yah Mark

    • magnus says:

      OK, I have always believed that the information provided had to be privy to only a handful of people that worked in that real estate agency. How is this not a slam dunk years ago?
      It’s really contained within that narrow envelope.
      It’s a very small town. At this point there have to be a number of people that know exactly who murdered Lindsay. I’d be willing to bet that there are low rent street level people that know. That’s the bush the Police department needs to be shaking.
      The complacency on display here is pathetic.

      • Svetlana says:

        Like Shane Wilson? (he’s pictured in the Undesirables Victoria section on right side) Is it a coincidence that he was murdered after the news this past winter of FBI looking into the case of Lindsay?

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      They practically said ” The Zailos are your prime suspects. ” Wasn’t it right after that interview that the whole Zailo family was cleared with one stroke of the pen.

    • Mark Roush says:

      The murder plot was based entirely on a real estate theme, derived from within the camosun real estate office !!! The murderer had complete knowledge of Lindsay’s work history and complete knowledge of Lindsay’s client’s since she began her career in real estate at that camosun real estate office. Why was this unknown to us Name chosen by the murderer to use on Lindsay to gain her confidence ??? The Name only the Insiders could of and did have Access to !!! Who is this Person that was used by the murderer as a reference to DECEIVE Lindsay and was it a coincidence that Lindsay’s phone call to the “Reference” person went to an answering machine that said “I’m unable to answer your phone call because I’m “out of town.” Murder is NO coincidence !!! Were the Zailo’s a friend and confidant[e] with the Name they had chosen from Lindsay’s client list ???

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        That is what I suspect. An answering machine with an outgoing message specifically recorded for this crime. They had to be sure that nothing went wrong with that “reference”. Did they actually go out of town? Maybe.

      • Svetlana says:

        And this narrows it down to a very few people. Which leads us to ask why did the police not do proper investigations on them?

    • see closely says:

      You mean Rianne?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Maybe. Or much more likely, see homicide 101, the mother of the (man?) who was caught eavesdropping as Lindsay told her friend she was planning on leaving him soon. That same mother also being her boss at the real estate company they both worked for.

        • Svetlana says:

          Did the two friends perhaps talk about Matt and it was overheard by JZ? Maybe that’s why his mom made up the story about the walk and talk with Lindsay about how Lindsay was soooo scared of Matt and that’s the day before the murder.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            That makes no sense. Matt had moved on and was not in Lindsay’s life anymore at all. There was zero reason for Lindsay to be afraid of Matt in fact she missed him. What she was going to do is leave Jason as she confided to her dad and friends with Jason overhearing one of those conversations. I thought it was very telling when on the Dateline episode Matt when being interviewed literally let out a gut wrenching sob when talking about Lindsay. Jason, on the other hand, wipes a fake tear away once as does his mom immediately on seeing him do that. Last minute, spur of the moment terrible acting.

            • Svetlana says:

              I thought it was very fake too. What made her think of Matt and put the blame on him? Did she say the same thing to the police in 2008 or did she say it a couple of years later on Dateline?

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Hard to say. Desperate people do and say desperate things……..I wouldn’t be surprised if she made that up on the spur of the moment.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                And they can’t think of everything. Example: Jason, when you are picking up Cohen make sure that the security camera can see that it is you there. What she forgot to say: Don’t do anything out of the ordinary, like going to the drivers door and opening it for Cohen as if you are on a date and do not stare up into the camera as if you are obviously making sure that the camera gets a good look at your face. Note to herself: Do not suddenly decide in the middle of an interview to attempt to throw suspicion on Llindsay’s ex by saying that you had completely uncharacteristically invited Lindsay to go on a walk with you at which time she confided to you that she is fearful of said ex if there is nothing to back that up. It would be comical if not so horrendous.

              • ConnectTheDots says:

                Hard to say if she brought that up another time. Desperate people do desperate things. I think she just decided to throw that out there not thinking that this case would get the scrutiny it is.

    • clifford danco says:

      That someone who had access to inside information was likely Rianne Garcia, who was very close with VID at the time. She is not innocent in this.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        She may not be innocent but Shirley was also privy to all of the same information in that real estate office and had all of the other necessary connections.

  3. Anna says:

    I’ve been following this case for over ten years now. One thing that has always left me pause . How was this beautiful girl murdered in just under 10 minutes ( or less) . I’m not an expert on Murder ( thank god – but how could this happen in such a timeline?- is it possible that Lindsay was killed earlier ? This timeline confuses me . Maybe I’m crazy ! Not sure what others think ?

    • Wyatt says:

      I’m not a coroner or medical expert, but what I understand is; having ones throat slit takes but a couple minutes to bleed out and die, much like the inner thigh artery. I firmly believe Lindsay was butchered around her arrival time (circa 16:45 – 17:15) leaving a larger window for her to bleed out and die, hence why she was hopelessly deceased when discovered, no amount of CPR would revive a body devoid of blood and wasn’t she “chilly” to the touch and colourless when medical team arrived?

      • Wyatt says:

        Forgot to mention the 40+ stab wounds which would also expedite dying in a relatively short period of time.

        • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

          This question and response are so unnecessary for this post. We have all heard about the stab wounds and the graphics are not necessary. Sick So can the administrator remove this PLEASE.

          • Wyatt says:

            What? What graphics? I think the person who witnessed “graphics” was Jeff. What are you afraid of? Facts?

            • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

              Wyatt I am not afraid of anything. I honestly thought Jeff did not need to read this, that is all. I do not know anything or anyone involved. I just want justice for Lindsay and her family!!

              • Rosanne says:

                Until Mr. Buziak gets answers and closure this is going to be an open wound. From my grieving, one never forgets. What he would live with daily would be far worse than the truth. Without answers anything and everything is possible and those thoughts battle in one’s mind. The pain is always hovering to return in a heartbeat. Why the Saanich police department chooses to not let Mr. Buziak’s wounds start to heal, not to reassure him they are moving in the right direction and protecting his family and not the causes of all this pain, is beyond me.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Sick yes. But also important that we all remember the personal nature of this murder.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Wyatt has been instrumental to this investigation for a long time. It is important that people appreciate the personal nature of this horrendous crime. Yes, it is ugly but real.

    • Mark Roush says:

      The timeline that was created by Chaotic Chris Horsley and the Saanich police department is completely false ! Chaotic Chris Horsley’s mission involving Lindsay’s case has only been to create disorder and confusion with the public! Chaotic Chris Horsley’s main duty with the Saanich police department has not been to SERVE and PROTECT it’s Citizens, but to serve and protect himself, the Zailo’s and certain police officers, especially from the past that were involved in criminal activities with the Zailo’s. Remember, a certain police officer was involved in a Relationship with Shirley Zailo, What’s His name and where is He now ? Lindsay was Lured by Jason Zailo to the Sauce restaurant and from there to SHC Autographx to be murdered by His mother Shirley at SHC Autographx and then Transported to the Joe Desousa house at 1702 Desousa place. All Policing communities throughout Canada need to Investigate Chris Horsley for who He Truly is,a CORRUPT man behind a badge in the Saanich police department !!!

    • Svetlana says:

      I don’t believe Horsely’s deduction that the call to Lindsay’s contact at about 5:40 from her phone was a pocket dial. I think it was a Zailo looking through her phone to make sure nothing was there that would incriminate them.

  4. Russ K says:

    Clearing all members of the Zailo family in late 2009 before the investigation even began was a huge red flag for me that something was very off. We need to look back in time and see just who was head of the file at the time. The commonality factor I see here, is that there is one detective that was assigned to Lindsay’s case in 2008 and has been on the case ever since. That officer was Detective Sgt. Chris Horsley. There is a hierarchy though and a decision as important as this one could not be made without the say of the reigning police chief who at that time was Chief Michael Chadwick. Inspector Bob Downie was also around at that time, though I am not sure he would have had the power to make the final call to clear the Zailos. The other factor to consider is Chief Chadwick only became Chief in 2009 so just how acquainted with the file would he have been?

    In the Times Colonist in 2010, the Saanich Police made a statement saying they were stumped as to why Lindsay Buziak was targeted, and said there was nothing in her background that points to a motive. That same year Sgt. Chris Horsley, the lead investigator in the case revealed new details to the Times Colonist about the killing, saying the police were looking for fresh tips since they are were running into more closed doors than open ones lately. Horsley claims the killers operated at a level seen in professional killings. In November that year Det. Sgt. Horsley and Insp Rob McColl appeared on Dateline.

    Here we are, it’s 2021 and we are no closer to knowing what happened to Lindsay Buziak on that fateful night of February 2nd 2008. One thing seems very clear. All roads lead back to the Zailo’s so I have to ask my question again. Why was this entire family cleared in 2009 when there was so much evidence that screamed of their involvement. I mean no disrespect to the Saanich Police Department when I say this. Detective Chris Horsley is the “one and only” police officer who has been involved in this case since the beginning so clearly he would know better than anyone why the Zailo family was cleared. As the lead investigator at that time he had to be the one who decided that the Zailo’s had no involvement in Lindsay’s murder. Of course we need to know if it was Chief Mike Chadwick who made the final call and if so what were the facts of the case that they so boldly chose to clear a family who appeared to be prime suspects in the case?

    • Svetlana says:

      Only a woman would think up of something like a real estate show-house-to-buyers murder setup. For some reason, I can’t see a man conjuring such a plan. Of course the son played along.

    • Wyatt says:

      And there lies (pun intended) the problem, Horsefly, urrrr, Horsley, seems this corrupt dirty copper has to stick to the file cause he’s got a whole lot of “covering up” to do and the only way it remains unsolved is because it’s in the clutches of a dirty copper! And it would appear many more higher-ups are complicit or inept or both so they practice wilful blindness whenever applicable in order to cover their own arses. I always thought that conduct was not only unbecoming to police forces, but why isn’t obstruction of justice exercised? I suspect we have a flurry of whimps at the helm and there appears to be no political will out there, they’re all too busy running around patting themselves on the back for perceived accomplishments. I feel sorry for the “good coppers of Saanich” I’m pretty sure there a few but they neither have the power or authority to expose their dirty coppers.
      I fear year 14 approaching without further results and I keep hoping and antagonizing whomever I can to motivate the file to be removed from Horsefly & Saanich police. Psychopaths have no conscious or remorse, they have NO empathy or sympathy for victims of crime, so I wonder, is that how these dirty coppers sleep at night? Because they’re psychopaths?

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Exactly. And then you throw in the bizarre way the SPD treated the previous mayor Richard Atwell pulling him over multiple times during the election without just cause as well as after his win. Saanich council attempting to freeze him out and installing spyware without his knowledge. Even more bizarre was the lack of response to Richard speaking of these incidents via the media from any police chief, police overseer or politician tasked with making sure the police don’t abuse their powers. The SPD are happy with the latest mayor. Hmmm………

        • lbmurder says:

          That may change, stay tuned.

          • ConnectTheDots says:

            Oh I, like many others, will. This case needs to be solved and we need to have an investigation into what the SPD have been up to for the last 13 years and more. They can start with who authorized their trip to Calgary to harrass Jeff and what was their justification for clearing the Zailos and why haven’t they been uncleared all these years later.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      That is what I keep saying. How do you clear the whole family of text book suspects all at once when you clearly don’t have the evidence to prove that someone else did it. And so early on in the investigation. Unless you have the evidence to prove who else did it there is no good reason for doing that. I think the SPD thought this would all be swept under the carpet and no one would notice this very bizarre move by them.

      • Robin says:

        Tend to agree with you too, the SPD were sure they could make this go away. We aren’t going anywhere til there are arrests and the corruption is exposed. We’re here for a long time not a good time.

      • olephildebrand says:

        likely the murderers of Lindsay will be jailed with no bond option before year-end.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I sure hope you are right. It is beyond ridiculous that this case is still unsolved.

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          Time will tell, won’t it?

        • Rob says:

          Friends of Lindsay’s speak up. Give her Father some closure. People know why this happened. There are rumours on why she was killed and some distanced friends and associated friends know why this happened. Send her dad a private message and tell him why she was killed it’s all anonymous, it’s the least you can do, and maybe then you can sleep at night.

          • Wyatt says:

            I cringe everytime I read/hear the term “closure.” The only people who speak that word are those who have never experienced murder of their loved one. There is NEVER closure in the case of murder and tenfold when it’s your child. There may be some semblance of peace, but NEVER closure. A buzz word created by the media some years ago and very inappropriately applied.
            But, yeah, ALL you informants out there, get on the “right” wagon, muster up that courage and start talking!

          • Rosanne says:

            Excellent point. Many of the young people with some knowledge now have moved on to have families of their own. They must be able to look at their children and get a sense of what it must be like walking in Mr. Buziak’s shoes. What they thought they were “protecting “ by keeping quiet compared to the damage being continually done to a father and family, must now be clear what should have already happened and needs to get done now!

  5. Rob Pridemore says:

    Follow the money. The evil drug trading mother Zallo flush with unaccounted cash (millions) and the controlling dim witted boyfriend Jason obviously hired the killers. The police are either on the take or totally incompetent.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      CRA could have gotten involved in this with audits of these people, did they? No, no no. They still could!

  6. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    Yesterday I lost one of the best uncles I’ve ever experienced. Gus Buziak. Ole Unc Gus as he called himself died of ravaging bladder cancer and a broken heart at 88 years old in the Rockyview Hospital here in Calgary. I spent time at his bedside before and after he died. A true gentleman and prince of a man in every way. Family man, decorated multiple times as an RCMP member. Commmissioned by the prime minister’s office, Requested to head security by the Queen directly, the Pope and many other dignitaries. In his day the youngest detective in the RCMP where he ended his career upon retirement as head of corporate crime for the province of Alberta. He went on after retiring from the RCMP to become head of security for Gulf Canada worldwide in their various oil, gas and mining operations. An amazing guy who was very professional, wise, understanding, compassionate and sincere. Someone I really looked up to and respected a lot. He loved his children and especially loved his Janis my aunt. Married for over 50 years and an example of what a couple should be. My aunt was amazing as well and ole unc Gus praised her until the day he died and will now join her as she died 2 years ago and he was broken hearted ever since. I miss them both as both were examples for me of how a couple should be and how a man and a woman should be.

    About Lindsay’s murder, ole unc Gus told me in private, reluctantly being an ex-cop, at 78 yrs old that everything Saanich police needed was at that house and they fucked up and are now trying to catch up and/or cover-up. There is no better opinion than from a career detective decorated from the Queen down and trained with the FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Saanich police fucked up!

  7. Saanich Resident says:

    Who runs to underworld in Victoria?

  8. Margaret Kinlaw says:

    Interesting. Hope the authorities and those involved in her murder read these comments.

    • Svetlana says:

      Shout out to @Cohen Oatman. Hope the police interview you again and again till you say what really happened and how you really feel about a big strong man throwing you over the fence, the one who just moments before threatened to the police that he’ll break the door or something, the one who opened the car door for you (what was that all about) and the one who looked up at the camera full face to make sure he was caught on camera with you. Don’t the police usually ask everyone who they suspect “did it”?

  9. Oliver says:

    Did the SPD ever question Shirley Zailo about the real estate purchases she made in 2007? It’s odd that in just a six-month period this woman put out over $2.M on a rental condo, a recreational waterfront home and a commercial property up in Brentwood Bay. Is it a coincidence that this all took place around the same time Lindsay’s murder was being orchestrated? Did this woman pay cash for any of these properties and if not, what was the source of the sweet $2M she was so freeing tossing around? Was she refinancing or did she acquire this cash flow from another source? This woman may be the brains behind the operation to take Lindsay out, and even after all these years her motive for wanting Lindsay dead is still unclear.

    Just how powerful is this woman? Is it possible that she was following orders from someone more powerful than herself? Could she have been ordered to play her part in the conspiracy to murder Lindsay? Did she feel she had no choice? It’s beyond obvious that her and her sons played a major role in seeing to it that Lindsay never returned home that night. Her and her boys are so damn sure that if they keep their mouths shut the cops will never be able to figure it out. At this point I’m inclined to think they just might be right. We have to believe though, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, that after all these years there are people who have had enough and are finally talking to the cops. Shirley has proved to be a tough nut to crack, but if the cops are going to find the motive for Lindsay’s murder they will have to find a way to make that happen no matter what it takes.

    • Russ K says:

      This is a conspiracy of epic proportions with the Zailo family deeply entrenched. Ms. Zailo believed she could leverage the scenario to her own advantage but she came to realize she was in way over her head with no way out. She now has a large target on her back and she can’t afford to make one wrong move. If she gives up who is at the top she’s dead and she knows it, her only recourse is to keep her mouth shut. The new task force, if there really is one, needs to start fresh by looking deep into this woman’s every move in the months leading up to Lindsay’s murder. For Lindsay to be such a liability she had to have seen something that could take some powerful people down. Look for a powerful family in the community that used Ms. Zailo to launder large amounts of cash and do back door real estate transactions. Whoever it is has known this woman for a very long time because it takes years to build up that kind of trust.

      Follow the money. People involved in financial crimes, fraud, do it through smurfing and other forms of money laundering. It’s done to avoid triggering financial institutions to file reports required by law, avoiding detection at all costs. I suspect Ms. Zailo had set up offshore accounts in another country and though it will be a daunting task for law enforcement to track these accounts they need to do this if they are ever to get the evidence they need to prove her involvement in this conspiracy to murder Lindsay. Didn’t her family vacation in Mexico every year, and what other countries did they visit around the time Lindsay’s murder was being planned. If the money was flowing around the time of Lindsay’s murder it was coming from somewhere, and she was probably being paid well for her role in this murder for hire. She was working for someone very powerful ____ just who was it?

    • Darwin says:

      The world started coming down on realtors and mortgage folks in 2007, that was the start of, in no particular order: 1) the mortgage crisis, 2) Virginia tech massacre, 3) iPhone Mania, 4) Brazil’s big oil fire then segwayed into 2008 with 1) OJ Simpson prison / robbery, 2) Caylee Anthony and 3) Horrifying bus stabbing of Tim McLean on Greyhound bus Canada. That man (Li) was arrested, sentenced and then released 9 years later. Lindsay Buziak was murdered at work in early 2008. No one has been arrested, charged or convicted. She was with her boyfriend Jason Zailo before the murder and afterwards. Jason worked in the mortgage business. His mother and brother were working as realtors along with Lindsay. Ryan Zailo brother of Jason recruited Lindsay. Shirley Zailo at the time was dating a European man from the Netherlands who was a transplant to Victoria BC. His name is Paul Bergshoeff. His friend happened to be a Portuguese/ Brazilian family, the De Sousa’s. Owners of 1702 De Sousa place, where Lindsay was found murdered. On the same block or enclave were two other families that were tight with the De Sousa’s. One of them was Terry Schein. Terry before the time of Lindsay’s murder worked as the GM at Victoria Golf Club, 12 minutes from the De Sousa enclave in Gordon Head.
      After Lindsay’s murder in February 2008 Paul opened a coffee shop in Brentwood Bay and Terry opens a Menchies Yogurt store. Everyone, including everyone in the Zailo family, an entrepreneur in Victoria B.C. Including Shirley, Ryan and Jason who continue to do business there. Paul returned (or fled?) to the Netherlands and has not been heard of since.
      Jason had a female boss but also stayed close with his mother, brother and Lindsay and did business with them and other small business owners in Victoria. Those include persons who had direct ability to refute or deny that Jason came and went from SHC auto graphics on the night of Lindsay’s murder, providing him with an alibi during the time period that Lindsay was murdered. The neighboring business of SHC is fast-signs. Saanich police claim that Lindsay’s file is open and active. Saanich police refuse to mark her file as a cold case so that they can withhold information to the public. Shirley returned to dating someone retired from the Saanich Police. Saanich police, flew from Saanich Victoria to Calgary to threaten Jeff Buziak Lindsay’s father and warned him not to post information publicly. They may have threatened him a second time. The murder was personal, orchestrated and not done by a novice to crime and criminal activity. The murderers used Lindsay’s desire to do a good job and be a good realtor to lie to her and lure her to a property so that they could murder her. To date, Re/MAX company or the Zailo family have not helped the murder investigation or Lindsay’s dad Jeff obtain justice for Lindsay. It’s cold and incriminating.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        . “She was with her boyfriend Jason Zailo before the murder and afterwards.”
        Very good point.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        “Those include persons who had direct ability to refute or deny that Jason came and went from SHC auto graphics on the night of Lindsay’s murder, providing him with an alibi during the time period that Lindsay was murdered.”

        That video clip does look staged with the way Jason stares up into the camera and opens the door for his friend like they are on a date. I think someone once mentioned too that the lighting is off in that it isn’t dark enough out for the time of day in February that they are supposed to be there.

  10. IHeart80s says:

    People leave trace evidence of what they think and how they feel eeverywhere they go. Breadcrumbing. Since Lindsays murder seems to be of a very personal nature, and this fits into the same time frame…if i were the lead investigator i would want to know who she put down as her Emergency Contact when she had her implants done. That’s different than who’s giving you a ride after surgery. If she listed for example her dad as emergency contact, its letting us know that she didnt think Jason would be helpful in a crisis. I would also want to know who she listed as a work references. All of the microevidence is relevant here because its not a random stranger homicide.

  11. Svetlana says:

    How can Saanich police not suspect the boyfriend? In any country the boyfriend would be prime suspect.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Exactly. How could the SPD justify clearing the boyfriend AND his mother who was known to harbor negative feelings about her and was also her boss who worked in the same real estate office as she did especially given the ties to real estate and inside knowledge of Lindsay’s clients AND the boyfriends brother who she had once jilted. All cleared at once. How on earth could they justify that given that in this country too the boyfriend is the prime suspect especially if the victim has been talking about leaving them. Well, SPD, we would love to hear how you justified clearing the whole Zailo family in one swoop early on in the investigation especially given that you still have not solved this vicious murder of an innocent young woman who was just doing her job.

    • Robin says:

      Simple, corrupt police department, corrupt politicians, corrupt citizens. Lindsay knew too much of JaSIN Zailo’s mother’s corrupt business practices. With Lindsay wanting to leave that family fold she became a risk to Mommy Dearest and her corrupt associates. British Columbia has thrived on tainted Real Estate practises for years now, this has involved money laundering, casino gate and income for provincial government. These people all know what happens in B.C. and aren’t willing to have the murder of one young women get in the way of tainted livelihoods or money to run corrupt government. This is one hell of a fight for JUSTICE for Lindsay. People need to rise up with Jeff. Justice will happen when enough people demand it!

  12. Debra says:

    Jeff, there is a youtube channel called antphrodite, he is a good psychic, he says things and it happens, ive asked him to do a reading on who killed Lindsay and why. If he does a reading ill link it to you, or be on the look out on his channel in case he does a video.

  13. Rob says:

    Is it that difficult for a friend of a friend of a friend of Lindsay’s to just private message her father and let him know why this happened to her . It would mean a lot to him I’m sure. You don’t have to say who , just why . That’s all. Give him something.

    • Svetlana says:

      Everyone should tell him what they know. What did the police do with the thousands of leads that Horsley mentioned? How much does the judge know about this case as they had seen the police reports?

      • see closely says:

        Of course.If AG office did not approve the charges by SPD,then NO judge could have seen ANY police reports because it would not be brought into the courthouse.
        Does anybody in this blog knows for sure that any case was opened/or not in Lindsay’s murder?
        I certainly am not aware that any charges were approved for justice to consider.

    • Notsherlock says:

      I greatly wish that for Lindsay and her family.

  14. Wyatt says:

    So I’m fishing around into some older media articles in regards to this regurgitated claim from the SPD about “getting assistance” from outside agencies and how they’re “working hard” at solving Lindsay’s Execution…. On the CBC site I made the following in their comment sections:

    * Wyatt

    6 months ago
    Is the powers that-be actually going to clean up the SPD? This is why the case is not solved AFTER 13 YEARS! There’s several dirty police and a ton of corruption infested in the SPD with police socializing and associating with criminals, just like the rookie RCMP who just got busted. SPD has been corrupt for a very long time! Homework people!
    Visit …. for full details


    Yes… you read correctly, CBC deactivated my comment, guess it was too close to the truth and they were afraid….. interesting.

    I firmly believe that the SPD made this ball-faced lie in order to deflect interest or pressure from those of us who continue to hard press them to clean up their dirty coppers, corruption and let another agency SOLVE Lindsay’s MURDER!

    • Svetlana says:

      What do you expect from CBC? It’s a government television station.

    • OW says:

      What about the back door? if I read correctly, the “south side” of 1702 De Sousa has inadmissible / uncollected (I now forget how these are coded) DNA. There are more than 3 main areas spread apart in the house (including the fence) where DNA evidence could have been collected and tested. The driveway, the back door, the master bedroom window, the master bedroom and the master bath, the front door, the keyfobby thing attached to the house where Lindsay was said to have opened it to get the key (this also makes absolutely no sense given that the couple that owned the home were have said to have been cleaning it just before Lindsay arrived and someone came to turn the lights on- so why is she then having to open the lock box with her fob? unless its part of the grand lie about what happened, where and what time?) – is Lindsay’s DNA even on the keyfob? that she supposedly opened? and then the area where her shoes were found. So if you add all those spaces up, it’s more than just the South Side of the house. Enter and escape through a window, a door or fence? Enter and exit through one or more- your DNA and fibers are on them no matter how you wish it wasn’t. This is more than bad policing. This (not working on solving Lindsay’s murder) is basically inhumane.

      • lbmurder says:

        Thank you. What police work? Just a bunch of glorified security guards at Saanich managed by incompetent corrupted bosses who were former glorified security guards.

  15. Rosanne says:

    I don’t make anything up and I could care less about getting attention. I only do stuff to be kind and helpful and owe you nothing.

    • Wyatt says:

      It’s a good PR campaign by the Saanich police,” said father Jeff Buziak of Calgary. “We’ve heard something from them every year about what they’re going to do and how they’re going to do it, and nothing’s happened in 13 years.”

      If being “kind and helpful” is stating that you have “inside” information from a “trusted source” but not prepared to disclose that, than how exactly is that kind and helpful? It gives the impression that the old school age “secrets” we all participated in while growing up held some kind of power over others by giving the “I know a secret” and “I’m not telling” scenario. If you are privy to valid information than it should be transparent and shared with us. Otherwise the “birdie” is just another figment on one’s imagination and self importance. We are trying to keep the facts from fiction, unlike the SPD.

      No DRAMA by the way, that’s another imaginative statement.

      • Rosanne says:

        It is being kind and helpful so people don’t waste their time on a lie you just made up. I have the message to prove what I said just not the permission to share it. Do you have proof nothing is being done?

        • Wyatt says:

          Yup… 13 years and counting! Nothing being done, except great coverup and corruption.
          What lie do you speak of?
          If your “message” (birdie) requires permission to post than I would suggest you should have not “mentioned” that information until you feel seeking of same was acquired. I do not see how throwing teasing secrets out to us is helpful or kind, in fact it is a waste of our attention.

  16. Oliver says:

    If Jason Zailo thinks for one minute he is home free I think he is living in his Bear Mountain fantasy dream world . Over the years there has been so much circumstantial evidence against Jason, and it makes one wonder just what else the police needed in order to make an arrest. If this new group of investigators are pulling out all the stops they will read old witness statements talk to old witnesses, then perhaps be able to take all those lies Jason told and connect them to other parts of this conspiracy Jason played a part in. There is so much new material that has surfaced in the past few years so these investigators have a lot of new information to work with that wasn’t available before.

    On Dateline NBC Nov 2010 Jason said that he saw two shadows through the frosted glass in the front door. A few years later Jason tells the police that he actually saw the man standing outside the front door. For a long time that story confused me – now I am thinking that Jason needed to come up with an explanation for why he didn’t go into the house right away. By telling the police he saw the man standing outside, then turn around and go back in, that gave him an open door to tell the authorities he thought the showing was just starting. Perfect story Jason but did the police really believe you? Maybe not. Remember, Lindsay greeted the couple at 5:30 so it was not likely they stood out in the cold for 15 minutes before going in.

    Whey did Jason lie and tell the police that he was going to the house because he had real estate papers for Lindsay to sign? At the time the police must have taken Jason’s word for it because Det. Chris Horsley told the exact same story to the press. The truth was he was really going to the house because Lindsay had asked him to be there. No documents to sign. Once again, maybe the police didn’t believe a word Jason said, but their hands were tied to do anything about it. They needed more evidence, lots more evidence. What with new eyes, the FBI, the RCMP all over this case now there is no reason for there not to be arrests forthcoming.

  17. Just a Canadian Citizen says:

    I believe the people of Saanich are scared. Until they find someone to trust to shut down the corruption, people won’t talk. They talk among themselves but they fear for their lives. What a sad way to live.

  18. Mark Roush says:

    Who has Chris Horsley been protecting ? I believe Chris Horsley has been protecting himself and his cohorts, past and present from the Saanich police department. I believe Chris Horsley, along with his cohorts were and are racketeers. How much longer will the mantle be passed within the Saanich police department ? How much longer will the truth be concealed ? Step forward Semren Brothers, step forward detail oriented “eye witness,” step forward Paul Bergshoeff and expose the Zailo’s for who they truly are, MURDERERS. I hope and pray that the RCMP and FBI vigorously interrogate the above mentioned ! The RCMP and FBI need to take a flight to the Netherlands and track down Paul Bergshoeff. When Lindsay’s Murderers are finally brought to Justice, the RCMP/FBI can purge the Saanich police department’s racketeers.

    • see closely says:

      You are confused.FBI has-at best-only advisory function in Canada and probably none in Lindsay’s case.

      • Mark Roush says:

        Who’s “CONFUSED”? Feb1,2021,Vancouver News (ctvnews).Saanich police Constable Markus Anastasiades.

  19. Just A Canadian Citizen says:

    Here is the issue with this whole case, were there really people that saw Lindsay (or a look alike that day) were Jason and Lindsay really at Sauce for lunch. I believe these are JZ comments so looked into by SPD. Is there any evidence beyond JZ that prove this is true? So many lies, so much corruption.

  20. OW says:

    The other realtors you are referring to may be JZ, SZ, and RZ. Jason is claiming that he hadn’t been to the house on De Sousa even though his mother SZ was dating PB, De Sousas friend at the time. I refute the lie here that Jason did not know where 1702 De Sousa Place was before going there, along with CO to meet Lindsay. Jason was both a mortgage broker and real estate agent at the and would have seen the developement of 4 or 6 homes there of his mothers boyfriends friend. It’s just another part of a string of bs used to cover up his involvement.

    • Svetlana says:

      Did Lindsay have her laptop in the car while it was parked at De Sousa house? I think if it was, the police would have confiscated it at the scene of the murder. Jason provided them with the laptop which means it was in his possession. But what if it was taken from her car by the murderers, perhaps before Jason and Cohen got there? His family is involved with this crime and police were not saying much.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Makes sense and I think you are right about that. So why would he tell that lie? Didn’t he say he called Ryan for the directions? Did he need an excuse to be contacting Ryan at that time?

      • Rosanne says:

        The other realtors you are referring to may be JZ, SZ, and RZ. Jason is claiming that he hadn’t been to the house on De Sousa even though his mother SZ was dating PB, De Sousas friend at the time. I refute the lie here that Jason did not know where 1702 De Sousa Place […]

        Makes sense and I think you are right about that. So why would he tell that lie? Didn’t he say he called Ryan for the directions? Did he need an excuse to be contacting Ryan at that time?

        I AM TRYING TO RESPOND WITH THIS BUT SEEM TO BE HAVING TROUBLE. What I wanted to say to ConnectTheDots is everything Jason did after leaving the late lunch restaurant is in pursuit of making himself an alibi. So making one for his Mother and Brother may have been included in his “role”. The planning of this murder is way over the top. You can just imagine a little note pinned to his shirt. 1. Take Lindsay to lunch. 2 Get someone to be with you for an alibi. 3. Go to a public place with cameras. 4. Look into the camera. 6. Call your Brother to establish an alibi for him. Police like 2 different people saying the same thing. 5. Be late enough getting to the house that Lindsay is not outside waiting for you. 6. Don’t go to the house if you see anyone there. 6. Move the car so it does not seem like you are waiting too long if someone sees it. 7. When you have sat on a quiet street with nothing happening for long enough, go check the front door. 8. If Lindsay does not answer it, don’t go near the backyard to see if they are out there, assume that now there is only her left in the house and Call the police, call Mom to establish and alibi for her. 9. Now check the back of the house for the open door. 10. Send in your friend because you don’t want the police to wonder how you knew there weren’t going to be murderers in there or worse they have not left yet and I don’t want you getting hurt if it is too soon to go in. If your friend doesn’t open the door for you go back to your car! If he does open the door, go in so any evidence is contaminated before the police arrive. 10. Call the police again from inside the house so it does not make them think the only reason you are in the house is to contaminate evidence. 11. Take this note off of your shirt and ditch it before you pick up Lindsay for lunch!! XOXO

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think you have pretty much nailed it Rosanne.

        • Wyatt says:

          That’s so perfect! 🤣

        • OW says:

          I keep also wanting to post something about the open window. Either Jason opened the window on the second floor master bedroom himself before he was waving his arms to the first responders, or the window was already opened by those who were supposedly there before Jason and CO. Does anyone know who opened the window? Was it Jason or CO? I did not see or hear the policeman asking Jason about that when they did the video where Jason walked through the scene with the officer. Unless I missed something, the Master Bedroom window and potential DNA on it seems to have been overlooked.

          • Svetlana says:

            If the window was already opened, was that a sign to Jason to come to the house?

            I really hope the FBI checks this part out and look at the notes in the file for it. It’s so discouraging to see so many things overlooked.

            • Wyatt says:

              Svet…. I don’t mean to burst your bubble but there is NO ONE “looking into” this murder file! Certainly not the FBI. That claim was a ruse from the corrupt SPD at the anniversary date in order to give the public and us advocates a false sense of the murder being solved. The corrupt and dirty cops of Saanich continue their cover up of not only their incompetence but their corruption.

              • Rosanne says:

                A little birdie is saying different. Just not how much different but in the right frigging direction. The days might be numbered.

              • Rosanne says:

                A little birdie is saying different. Just not how much different but in the right frigging direction. The days might be numbered.

                • Wyatt says:

                  Are you saying you are privy to information the rest of us know nothing about?

                  • Rosanne says:

                    I talk to anyone I can about this as I feel it is disgusting the way it is being handled. I still am in the dark as much as anyone else because people don’t let stuff that is being WORKED ON out of the bag… but… every once in awhile one might see a comment in a message that makes them think well if that is true it is going in a right direction.

                    • Wyatt says:

                      You talk in riddles. Do you OR do you not have information in regards to this “birdie?” Or do you just make it up as you go along to puff your feathers?

                  • Robin says:

                    Good Question Wyatt? Please explain Roseann. I want to understand the bird.

                    • Rosanne says:

                      Wyatt said no one was working on Lindsay’s case. I didn’t mean for this to be drama. Somebody, who I trust and it is their business to tell the group disagrees with him.

                    • ConnectTheDots says:

                      Good to hear Rosanne. Thank you for sharing and giving us much needed hope.

      • OW says:

        I hardly think he needed directions when he was always in that area, the golf course and surrounding because his friends lived nearby, even those renting from his mom. He was frankly going through the motions as if they all gave him good alibi but that’s just another hole in a string of lies. He was playing the role of a disoriented, busy, distracted boyfriend but some how was able to make a beeline to the master bedroom. Based on what? Intuition? A single moment a clarity …he so just happened to know where her dead body was but had never been on the property before. How stupid do you think everyone is Jason?

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          They thought this would be long forgotten by now just like the other murders that have taken place around this circle of thugs. What they didn’t count on was Jeff keeping it in the public eye. And in the public eye it will stay until arrests are made……

          • Robin says:

            U r absolutely correct in saying that. The SPD were going on past knowledge that this is what happens after a loved one gets murdered. I bet Chris Horsley and 2/4 chiefs made that exact statement to the FUp’s that murdered, planned and now know that Lindsay’s murder is a cover up for drug dealers, money launderers and public and unknown people getting paid to Shut up or who live off the proceeds of crime. It’s pretty obvious who these people are. No wonder Horsley was so bold as to go to Calgary to try and get Jeff to shut down this blog. If anything bad happens to Jeff we know exactly who is involved. This is one of the most disgusting stories in Canada. What justice system do we have here when people are paid to shut up or threatened to STFU. Our only recourse is to keep writing politicians in hopes someone does something. Hey Wayne Rideout would that be YOUR job? What a twisted province.
            I would also like to suggest everyone to read Sam Cooper’s book called Wilful Blindness. Sam is the journalist who had busted his ass trying to expose corruption in B.C. Sam works for Global. He’s one of the good guys. If anything happens to Sam we’ll know why.
            Read his book.

            • Wyatt says:

              Thanks for the reference. I am reading as we post. Un*frigging* believable. No wonder we’re up against a mob, the political mob, they have much to loose in this whole case and it’s aftermath. I’ll be writing the Cullen Commission to suggest he include this book in his evidence.

      • Svetlana says:

        Jason would not have been able to pull this crime off without the support and assistance of his family. That call to his brother was probably a secret code..

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          That’s what I think. A code, an attempt to make it look like Ryan was not involved or a way to pass information to someone else who would have had Ryan’s phone so as to make it look like Ryan was at home or at a friends house. Certainly not to get directions.

          • Robin says:

            Right u r. He phoned him to make it look like RZ was anywhere but 1702 De Sousa Place. Was there not a witness that overheard RZ say he murdered Lindsay. There it is. Someone had RZ’s phone and JaSIN called knowing full well RZ and SZ were just in the midst of exiting the house after murdering Lindsay. The alibi was be created for SZ and RZ. They were also waiting upstairs. They arrived early to house. That is why JaSIN called both of them on both of them between 5:30-6:00. Lousy Mfkrs. And they were fkin cleared in record time weren’t they but no one else was. WTF
            Wayne Rideout, Mike Farnsworth wake the FK UP

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              Yes, I think you are right Robin. That’s why those two phone calls. Shirley had to already be in the neighborhood but I’ll bet her phone wasn’t. She was already in the neighborhood and so showed up after the murder on foot. She didn’t think there would be this much scrutiny over how she arrived at the scene. I have always thought it was not a coincidence that the witness descriptions of the buyers were basically a description of SZ in a wig and the man could have easily been Ryan. Your thoughts? I do recall someone posting that Ryan had bragged about the murder.

              • Robin says:

                SZ never expected this much scrutiny over Lindsay’s murder. She was jealous of Lindsay and full of hate because Lindsay didn’t want to be part of that fkd up family of hers. She is used to assholes who can be bought for vehicles, plastic surgery, watches. Lindsay didn’t need any of that crap and she still shone brighter than the man made Barbie!
                I do not think for 1 second that it was SZ or RZ meeting Lindsay outside. They were already inside waiting(freaks of nature that they R) A wig a coat would not have fooled Lindsay if it was them. Not a chance. If it was them Lindsay would have reacted like a wild cat. I wish people would stop saying this because I really do think they were on the inside waiting, the unknowns were just that unknown. The woman and SZ fkd up with that gross, dated dress of SZ’s. That was a old old dress of SZ’s and she thought no one would put 2 and 2 together EVER. She was advised by Horsley that Lindsay’s murder would be forgotten after the excitement of Xmas and NY 2009. They are twisted mtrfkrsz.
                Do your job Mike Farnsworth.. quit putting lipstick on pigs Wayne Rideout, get to work FFS. You’re proving to us you r just like Gordon Campbell and Crispy Clark.

                • Wyatt says:

                  GAWD I love your posting!
                  You print what I am thinking. 🧐

                • ConnectTheDots says:

                  I agree that if it was them Lindsay would have definitely recognized them right away so if that was the case the meeting would have to have been staged with someone portraying Lindsay and Lindsay already murdered inside the house. Hence the lie about Lindsay going home to change to throw the timeline of the murder off when in reality she most likely went straight to the house to prepare herself for the showing. They were there waiting for her. Joe could have let her in. Afterwards they staged the arrival of the buyers. Just a theory. I had not thought of the woman borrowing a dress from Shirley.

          • Svetlana says:

            Funny how I didn’t hear about these calls to Mother and Brother by Detective Horsley on Dateline or Crimewatch. Who are they protecting?

    • Wyatt says:

      Yeah, like the corrupt, dirty coppers of Saanich couldn’t figure out their 1st clue was JaSIN’s claim not to know the location of the house. Hello. If you promised “to be there” during the showing, wouldn’t you have figured out beforehand where you’re going? Such a dah, obvious FU!

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        You are so right. He probably already knew where the house was given his mother’s relationship with the good friend of De Sousa’s but even if he didn’t they would have certainly gone over that at the restaurant.

  21. Jeffrey Brown says:

    I just saw the Crime daily show on this case and was wondering if the police looked into other realtors in the area? My wife works as a realtor and the competition is tough and maybe someone saw her as a threat or taking away business from them. I was unable to find any info whether the police had investigated other realtors in her market area. Just a thought.

  22. Jeff Buziak, father says:


    In all my years on this planet called earth I have had many heartbreaking experiences and even some near death experiences however losing a child as a result of murder is in my opinion without doubt the most devastating, debilitating experience a human can go through. An unsolved murder makes matters worse. I don’t care if you are a doctor, dentist, politician, civil servant, coroner, furrier, logger, cop, fireman or counsellor, you have no concept what a parent must endure, withstand or process after losing your child to homicide. According to statistics directly from the mouth of a former Canadian Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Major Crimes, well over 40% of the parents of children taken by homicide don’t make it. They don’t move on. They don’t survive. They don’t find a happiness ever again. They don’t ever return to a normal lifestyle. They further fall victim to debilitating depression, suicide, alcohol abuse, illegal drug abuse, prescription drug abuse and other dependencies, gambling abuse and other behavioural disorders. It’s life changing, it’s traumatic, it’s devastating, it’s truly gut wrenching. No one understands what loved ones of a homicide victim goes through unless you have experienced it. No one! It’s do or die. You crumble or you survive. There is no putting it behind you. At best you learn how to manage it and somehow continue. In a perfect world you counsel, you heal, you find a balance and you make dam sure Justice is served… matter what or who tries to scupper or delay that fundamental thing that our great country Canada is based on; The Law and Murder is against the law! You hope the Justice System does its job!

    Murder is the most heinous crime known to mankind and has been since the beginning of history. Murder is serious, very, very serious. Murder isn’t a time for game playing, ignoring, political strategizing, avoidance, pacifying, buck passing, lying, untruths, half-truths, misinformation or just plain baloney. Thats what the criminals do! It’s a time of truth, absolute truth, of action, of directness, of clear communication, of performance at the highest level by the best trained and capable individuals who make things happen to see Justice is served swiftly, precisely, succinctly and professionally. Unfortunately this has not been the case since my daughter, Lindsay Buziak, was savagely murdered in the late afternoon of February 2, 2008 while showing a property as part of her job as a real estate professional of ReMax Camosun in Saanich, BC.

    There have been 3 Mayors of Saanich, 4 police chiefs at Saanich police, at least 4 heads of the Lindsay’s murder file at Saanich police, numerous lead detectives, numerous detectives, 3 premiers of British Columbia, 3 political parties in power in British Columbia, numerous Attorney Generals, Solicitor Generals, Ministers of Public Safety, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers of British Columbia and a Director of Policing for British Columbia and we have nothing in the resolution of Lindsay Buziak’s murder. Nothing except the public clearing of main suspects. We have had lots of explanations, excuses, buck passing, grandstanding, threats, cop talk, broken promises, ignoring but, no arrests and no charges. All these people above failed at their jobs, at their duty to the people of British Columbia, to the friends and family of Lindsay Buziak, to women in British Columbia, to the life of Lindsay Buziak and continue to do so to this very day. It’s appalling! Lindsay’s murder is acknowledged internationally and people around the world are shocked and disgusted Lindsay’s murder hasn’t been solved. Everyone who knows about Lindsay’s murder are shocked, stunned and angry Lindsay’s murder isn’t solved except I guess all the glib, incompetent, uncaring people in charge mentioned above who are certainly proven so far to be experts at talking but not performing.

    Time does not lie. World wars have been solved in 6 years, men were put on the moon in less than 8 years after it was announced, children are educated in 12 years, heart transplants are done in hours but the murder of a wonderful young woman while working in Saanich, BC seems to puzzle all the police, politicians, and officials mentioned above who have the full power of the laws of this country along with the support of most everyone, everyone knowing who did it and everyone does seem to know who did it except Saanich (if you are our friend we will protect you) police. Why? Is this how bad the Justice system in BC has become or is murder allowed in Saanich, BC? Is murder okay in British Columbia? This appears to be the case ladies and gentlemen.

    Isn’t there one person with authority in British Columbia Canada who has the fortitude to say heh, something is seriously wrong here and I am going to do something about this? So far apparently not! So far it seems it is me, Jeff Buziak, the father of murdered realtor Lindsay Buziak, and his group of supporters, appearing to police and officials to be some kind of obsessed, angry-dad disrupting the merry lives of police and politicians who can’t be bothered to solve a murder because someone will eventually talk, who knows when, and if they have time they will do something about it at that time maybe. Here’s their best line, “Jeff, these things take time and are very complicated. We take this very serious. Oh by the way, I’m going on holidays (I’m retiring)”.

    It’s 14 years now since Lindsay was murdered. That sweet child you know who it seems just started school has graduated….two years ago! Yea, it takes time. For what? Thinking up a new line to tell the grieving family and friends? Plan your retirement? Plan your next fun holiday? Allow criminals to do it again or simply laugh at the system? How to get rid and shut-up this crazy persistent dad because he won’t let go of thinking there needs to be Justice for the murder of his daughter while she was working in Saanich, British Columbia? Yea that’s it. We need to crush that dad! He’s a pain. What a freak! He wants Justice and is making us all look bad! Jesus, relax man, these things are complicated and take time. I’m going on holidays (I’m retiring). Yea, relax man, it’s only murder! Its only Murder!

    Justice for Lindsay Buziak!

    Solving Lindsay’s murder isn’t the problem;
    Saanich police are THE problem!

    • IHeart80s says:

      Look at Lindsay’s murder in the context of a workplace murder. Which is what it is. Based on 2012 survey, according to Canada Statistics, there are about 350,000 cases of workplace violence a year. 67% of workers have been victims or witnesses of at least one form of workplace violence. 13% of women and 14% of men reported having experienced workplace violence in 2018. There are 4 types of workplace violence. Pay attention to this: 1) Criminal Intent, 2) Customer / Client, 3) worker on worker, and 4) personal relationships. Compare to Lindsay’s murder. She had a #3 and #4 posing as a #2 that was doing a #1 (act of terrorism). Let’s revisit: her murders were both someone’s that she worked with, and they were people that had personal relationships with her. However- and this is the big one- Saanich PD are treating this like a non-workplace murder and a simply a homicide of a personal nature.
      This is where the situation is bungled. Because Saanich police are not paying attention to the workplace component. Bill 168 says that Employers in Canada need to make provisions for workplace violence. This bill was passed in 2009. What else can we glean?
      Feb. 28th 2014, 2 dead, 4 injured in workplace stabbing. Police caught the suspect.
      2014- Toronto workplace stabbing: Suspect caught
      2021: 2 women stabbed at work in Hamilton. Suspect caught:
      2017: Man stabbed at work in Montreal. Suspect arrested.
      Do I need to go on? ….2008 Saanich Female Stabbed at work. No suspects arrested. Justice for Lindsay! To those not paying attention: Lindsay Buziak was at work when she was murdered.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Just heartbreaking and totally unacceptable that this murder has not been solved. If the SPD had cops that were professional they would be communicating with the family on a regular basis and not trying to shut them down from getting this murder solved. The only thing that comes to mind is the severe corruption in beautiful BC. Someone in Canada in a high position must have the right to overrule these SPD cops. I tried contacting Trudeau, ha ha what a joke. Who the hell ever voted him in anyways. Western Canadians never vote Liberal. So who stands tall enough to take this away from the SPD and give this family the justice they deserve? This whole case is sickening.

      • lbmurder says:

        Yes, minister of public safety and solicitor general mike farnworth. He has ultimate power over policing in bc. He has a director of policing Wayne Rideout who can do whatever necessary under the direct order if the Premier John Horgan through the minister of public safety. Please write these politicians and also Ellie Horgan the premiers wife who can certainly light a fire under the premiers butt!

  23. Mark Roush says:

    In my opinion, Lindsay’s case can be solved through “Touch DNA.” Items belonging to Lindsay were handled. Unless Chris Horsley or others that were in charge of Lindsay’s case file WASHED them ???

    • IHeart80s says:

      I think that DNA evidence of Lindsay’s should have also been collected from Sauce which seems to have played a prominent role in Lindsay’s murder or at least a major role in the time line. And, a bar like that on the Wharf would have damn well had a camera just outside, inside or pointing at the door because those types of places get hit by cash thieves all the time. So why isn’t camera evidence available to verify if Jason and Lindsay walked in or out of Sauce at the times stated? At that time, February 2008, it appears as though there would have been quite a few cameras in the area. Why just one camera picking up Jason at SHC? If I were the Saanic PD someone’s verbal should be followed by a purchased receipt AND a video back up.

  24. Saif says:

    I’m surprise police didn’t check her boyfriend’s phone and computer. She talked to her father about the relationship 6 weeks before the murder, then the phone was purchased 12 weeks before the murder. It’s possible he hired a hitman just because she tried to leave him.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Do you really think a “hitman” would kill Lindsay the way she was killed. A “hitman” would have shot her dead. I do believe you have the right person that was involved in her execution.

    • Svetlana says:

      13 weeks before the murder was Lindsay’s birthday. So that means that one week afterwards the phone was bought (but not sure of the day). I find that the photo of Jason holding the knife sitting next to her and another guy very weird, and he was looking at the camera with devil eyes (maybe some kind of message to the person holding the camera?) She seemed to be happy there but not in the photos at the following winter vacation in the mountains in December.

      Hope FBI can retrieve messages from around that timeframe onwards…

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        I agree. Who holds a knife in front of their girlfriend the way he did. Creepy. I think he was playing with the knowledge of what was to come. He didn’t think for a minute that the picture would make it into the public eye.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      I think his mother played a bigger role in this than he did.

      • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

        Do not believe for a minute that baby Jason and Ryan both knew what was going to happen.,

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Oh I think they both knew what was going to happen and were both involved in the murder. Ryan may have been involved way more than we have considered. I also believe that their mother was the mastermind and played a big role herself.

        • Robin says:

          I’m very curious why you would be thinking that. Care to explain?

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          Sorry, typo on my part. Baby Jason and Ryan knew exactly what was happening that evening as well as their overbearing, controlling mother.

      • PandaBear says:

        and maybe his friend (the alibi).

  25. Mark Roush says:

    Typo correction. ” And Judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” Justice for Lindsay and All those that are awaiting Justice !!!

  26. Mark Roush says:

    Chris Horsley is a FRAUD ! Chris Horsley should not be in a position of Public Trust! Chris Horsley was HANDED the TASK to keep Lindsay’s case file under wraps at all cost. He’s just following in the footsteps of those that had complete Control of Lindsay’s case file before Him. The GOOD Policemen and Policewoman with GOOD CONSCIOUS need to FORM together and REBEL against Chris Horsley and His CRONIES within the police department and have them FACE the TRUTH regarding Lindsay’s case file or RESIGN or be REMOVED legally. Who’s TRULY in CONTROL of Lindsay’s case file, Is it the CROOKED police that were on the TAKE from SPD PAST ??? What are the CITIZENS of SAANICH AFRAID of, a knock on there doors from Chris Horsley Himself to ONLY be INTIMIDATED such as Mr. Buziak was at His place of business ??? People may GROUP together on a Facebook, where are the GOOD CITIZENS of SAANICH, is there not any ??? The GOOD PEOPLE of SAANICH need to start forming a GROUP together to END the CORRUPTION within the SAANICH police department and SEEK JUSTICE for Lindsay and ALL those that fell Victim under the SAANICH police department’s Jurisdiction !! “And Judgment is turned away backward, and Justice standers afar off:For Truth is fallen in the street,and equity cannot enter.”

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      I totally agree. People need to realize there is strength and safety in numbers. If no one ever stands up to these bullies nothing will ever change. It will only take one person to start and the rest will follow. Take your beautiful home back from the corruption.

    • PandaBear says:

      His accountant/banker must know some things if he has investments holdings.

  27. “This site has been created for the sole purpose of sharing information to help SOLVE THE HEINOUS MURDER of LINDSAY BUZIAK of Victoria B.C. Canada”

    Let’s cool it trolling Saanich Police??

    • Wyatt says:

      It is unfortunate you fail to see the connection that solving Lindsay’s execution is directly related to the negligence, corruption and dirty cops of SPD. Your “lecture” on posting on this site falls short of credibility. WE are in a fight to cleanup the corruption in order to solve this murder. Claiming prudence on behalf of Jeff is not required. IF you read past posting from Jeff, you will understand that WE fight with him to EXPOSE the SPD and their ineptness. Me thinks you have a connection with SPD and are in need to justify and excuse their corruption.

    • Svetlana says:

      Why does this site bother you? In case you didn’t know by now, the police are indeed controlling the file kept in their dept. and not in the courts. Maybe a few top officers have access to it. There is information there that will solve Lindsay’s murder. It needs to go public. They waited too long and people are getting older or are gone. Is there some kind of coverup of going on?

    • IHeart80s says:

      “….And to those brave enough to seek what’s missing”~Deborah Haber, author of The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths are Solving Americas Coldest Cases

      Hello: The Saanich police have not/ are not doing their job. Pointing out what Deborah says which is “DNA is useless as an identification tool without a sample to compare it to”. You had 13 years Saanich PD to collect, check and get organized for an arrest. Police have access to more collection tools and technology (DNA and other data) than average citizens have. If Saanich PD didn’t have what they needed day 1 of Lindsay’s murder to gather enough evidence to make an arrest, they should have been forcing the issue with their superiors or turning the file over to an outfit that has more capabilities and capacity. If I can’t do my job at work, I always have my boss, the company owner or a colleague that can help me. Plain and simple so I can get that done in less than 13 years.
      >>> Citizens should demand that a 6 month to 2.5 year rule be put into place, so if there is no solve on a murder which is the worst of crimes against humanity, local cops should have to turn the file over to who’s ever above them or mark the case cold so that the public can see what transpired (or did not). <<< Why make the families of these victims suffer in agony for years on end with no end in sight, when they have already lost their loved one?

    • JayCee says:

      We must also remember that another realtor, Callaghan O’Connor, was reported to them too (initiated by Oak Bay PD and referred to Saanich PD in 2018). The woman said she was drugged and tells the story of being at a party on Beach Dr. with a friend and being woken up on the bathroom floor of the house when two men were trying to pull her pants up and put her in a cab. She had a forensic exam done at the hospital and handed over evidence to police. They even interviewed the cabby and the people at the party. They brushed the whole thing under the rug, hoping it would go away and did nothing to get her any justice – so she used the tools of the media as her only recourse.

      The realtor’s father is a “high powered” lawyer with close personal relationships with members of Saanich PD.

      Saanich had the evidence all this time and did NOTHING about it. Why?! Why do they keep thinking that sexual assault victims are just going to go away. Why shouldn’t they be questioned on their inadequacies and problematic relationships?To serve and protect, indeed.

      • Oliver says:

        Lindsay Buziak’s 13-year unsolved murder has put the Saanich Police under a microscope, and it has become clear that their incompetence is why Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved. Now we hear of sexual assault victims who have gone to the Saanich Police looking for justice, and instead these women were left humiliated by their experience. Treated poorly and sent away with the message “you probably asked for it.” Either the officers who interviewed these girls are poorly trained in how to handle sexual assault victims or they have no respect for women in the first place.

        Callaghan O’Connor is a privileged rich kid with a sense of entitlement and from what I’ve heard the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It infuriates me when I see Boulevard Magazine featuring Callaghan on the front page like he is an elite member of society. He is a realtor, nothing more. He is an alleged rapist just like Bowman Rutledge and Andy Rogers. All three of these guys worked for Engel & Volker’s at the time of the assaults and it’s hard to believe that the owner broker of this office did not know what was going on. Bowman and Andy were tag team drug rapists who assaulted women right in the Engel and Volker’s office. Was their no security cameras? Surely there is some record of who entered the building during those hours the assaults took place? I believe the owner broker knew exactly what went on in his office but chose to turn a blind eye to all of it. After all these high-producing realtors were keeping his office name high profile. As always it’s all about the money!

        Scott Piercy is the owner broker of that office and his reputation is not squeaky clean either. Back in 2016 when he was working with Sotheby’s he was reprimanded by the Real Estate Council, issued a discipline penalty to the Board of $5,000, and enforcement expenses of $1500 to the Council. He was also ordered to take courses. Maybe he became an owner broker of Engel & Volkers because he couldn’t get a job anywhere else.

        Callaghan O’Connor, Bowman Rutledge and Andy Rogers are all friends of Jason Zailo’s. They golf together, they drink together so it’s clear that the dirty dogs like to play in the same mud puddle. The only way to clean up Victoria once and for all is for the Saanich Police to start treating the victims of crime with the respect they so rightfully deserve. Lay charges against these guys, Callaghan O’Connor, but especially the tag team drug rapists Rogers and Rutledge. As for Jason Zailo he should have been arrested and brought to justice years ago.

        Let’s not forget Jason Craveiro, the alleged rapist realtor you protected because his father was a retired Saanich cop. Your department has hit the wall of shame and it will be very difficult to clean up the mess you have created for yourselves.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          I think this whole scenario speaks to the huge money laundering problem in B.C. and the level of corruption that goes along with that at all levels.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Illegal drugs also play a big role.

        • Jessica says:

          I am very familiar with the case.

          – It was a female officer investigating if that was not clear to anyone.

          -They did not read him his rights because he promptly went down there on his own free will (by himself, not with a lawyer or with his dad who didn’t even know about it) to be questioned without knowing who had made an allegation against him. He was not read his rights because he was not under arrest, he was informed that he was free to leave the interview at any time. This was a non-custodial interview.

          – This was two people matching on a dating app, her deciding to meet him at his house, them both agreeing that coming over did not equate to an expectation of sex, fooling around together and at some point the line being moved when she asked him if he had a condom to which any reasonable person would perceive as communicated consent to have sex. No mention of the word ‘no’ in either person’s account(only mentioning this because the story mentions that multiple times). Add in her acknowledgment to police about moaning and pulling his hair plus other things that would lead anyone involved or hearing this to believe there was consent. This is all in the police report.

          – Setting a boundary then later moving that boundary because you were enjoying yourself is probably something most people have done. Regretting that decision and blaming the other person involved is not.

          – This is why it was deemed unfounded (the most appropriate scoring prior to 2019 when they revised the coding system to reflect a more victim-centered approached) and not because of some “oops” moment. The updated coding of ‘founded – not cleared’ (not the one made up in the story) reflects a positive change in social climate where instead of saying it is unfounded because there is no proof it happened, it is founded because there is no proof that it didn’t happen. The not cleared part, in this case, relates to there being insufficient evidence – which no evidence would still fall under.

          -If how the story reads was consistent with her original statement to police then it seems highly unlikely that he would have walked out of there. Perhaps it was the reporter who trumped-up the details in an attempt to make a name for themselves by piggybacking off of someone that was a huge story earlier this year.

          -If , for a moment, you are willing to accept that the above information is all true, ask yourself how much of a joke is SPD for throwing anyone they can under the bus to fall over themselves in an attempt to avoid further bad press?

  28. Hello Everyone,

    With all do respect, don’t you think all of these posts should be directly about Lindsay and her unsolved murder case??

    I understand there was definitely police incompetence involved in Lindsay’s case and that is likely why her case remains unsolved (I do not think this correlation is lost on any of us)…
    With that being said, there are posts on here that do not even mention Lindsay, and their naming victims/perpetrators that are involved in a completely unrelated sexual assault case.

    Try to empathize with Jeff Buziak (and the rest of Lindsay’s family and friends) when you post something on here. He lost his daughter to a disgusting vicious murder.

    As a loving father, he likely receives these notifications and checks them at all hours of the day and night, hoping that something may lead to an arrest/conviction in her case. It is hard to imagine 13 minutes of that, let alone 13 years.

    I’m sure it is quite depressing for him to receive these notifications when we are using this platform to rail on the Saanich Police Department.

    Don’t you think that Jeff Buziak is more aware than any of us when it comes to police incompetence in this region??

    • Robin says:

      Disagree, I think Lindsay’s site is a perfect place to expose everything about the SPD. It’s high time. They have been literally getting away with murder and they need to be exposed for every corrupt action they have covered up. The Saanich way needs full exposure so bring it on. I’m sure Lindsay and Jeff won’t mind in the least. Carry on exposing the SPD for who they really are.

      Did I read today that Walter Craveiro was a Saanich cop and the girl Chelsea that reported being raped by his son Jasin Craveiro to the SPD did not get dealt with appropriately? Yes I did read that. Did I
      also read that the Saanich Mayor, Fred Haynes and Saanich’s Chief of Police Scott Green apologized publicly to Chelsea? Yes I did! Well as good old Dr. Phil says this “The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior.”
      Did I read the Zailo’s were cleared by a polygraph test….huh..what for so they could collect insurance money on Lindsay and split it with a Saanich cop?
      Remove Lindsay’s unsolved murder from these scoundrels immediately!!! Premier Horgan? Minister Mike Farnsworth? Attorney General David Eby? WTF

      Chelsea I am so sorry you were mishandled and mistreated. Someone needs to be in jail, I mean LOTS of scoundrels need to be in jail. I hope you are picking up the pieces Chelsea. Blessings to you. 💜

      • Mike says:

        I disagree as well…..two cases both tragic and the same modus operandi was in play by the SPD. ¨(a method of operation or pattern of criminal behavior so distinctive that separate crimes or wrongful conduct are recognized as the work of the same person.) In both cases the investigations appear to show a deliberate and willful collusion to obtain a favorable outcome so outrageous for the average human to comprehend. This is the sort of evidence I don’t think can be overlooked here. If there was a reason to bring in another organization to investigate then this is it.

    • Wyatt says:

      Gregory… YOUR level of respect is sadly misplaced. WE, the advocates for Jeff and more importantly Lindsay, will continue to “troll” and trash the SPD until results are forthcoming.

  29. Wyatt says:

    Saanich police apologize for inadequate handling of sexual assault survivor’s report

    The July 28 article, Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice, details how officers misrecorded part of a 2016 interview with the survivor – identified as Chelsea – and took steps that made incriminating aspects of the accused’s interview inadmissible in court.

    And in there lies a smug photo of snotty, Scotty Green! How pathetic!
    Saanich residence should be knocking down the politicians to dismantle this very inept, corrupt and useless police department. Time to amalgamate with Victoria, clean out the dirty corrupt coppers, dismiss Green for negligence of duty and take all their files (especially Lindsays) and give them to the real coppers! Wake up Saanich, you got a real messy police department on your hands, CLEAN IT UP!

    • Oliver says:

      The realtor’s name is Jason Craveiro. At the time of Chelsea’s assault in 2016 Jason was a realtor with Royal LePage. It does not look like Jason is licensed at this time but he is working with his brother at Pemberton Homes. Yes, their father was a retired Saanich Police officer at the time of Chelsea’s assault in 2016.


      but just who were the Saanich Police protecting? Certainly not Chelsea, the victim of a sexual assault.

      • Oliver says:

        At the time of Chelsea’s complaint in 2016 the head of the Saanich Police Department was Chief Constable Bob Downie. The Deputy Chief Scott Green was Bob’s good friend. When Bob Downie retired in 2018, Scott Green took his place – Chief Constable Scott Green. Interesting too, because Bob Downie and his wife Jennifer were good friends with Jason Craveiro’s father.

        I want to know who the officer handling Chelsea’s file was – and who made the final decision to close the file and call the allegations UNFOUNDED? That police officer should be charged with obstruction of justice. If the Chief of Police sanctioned that ruling he should be charged too. Not only that Chelsea should seriously consider filing a civil action against the Saanich Police Department.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          100% correct. The suspect needs to be arrested too.

        • Saanich Resident says:

          She would file a civil suit against the District Of Saanich and would have to give notice of damages within 30 days of realizing damages pursuant to the local government act.

      • Wyatt says:

        Wow! The circle of corruption just gets bigger and bigger. How many cases are not public that have been met with the same obstruction? Un *friggin* believable!

    • Svetlana says:

      At least poor Chelsea was still alive to make a complaint against her perpetrator. And she described it as “her degrading experience with officers”. Yet the police closed the file? I am shocked but why should I be shocked considering how they covered up Lindsay’s case. Why the redactions in the police report that capital daily got a hold of?

      They seem to coverup all their “friends” probably affluent ones. Who’s in charge of the police, the mayor? Vancouver police? BC premier? RCMP? Someone is not doing their verification.

  30. Robert says:

    I’m going to try to be more concise than my original comment
    1 the police saw certain that the burner phone and the couple that called her to set up that appointment was the start of this murder plot
    They say it was about 3 months prior to her murder
    So why it’s nobody pointing out that this possibility of some drug gang killing her
    As that was 6 weeks prior to her murder when they say that there was a huge drug bust involving a lot of money lost to drug dealers so why then was her murder planned approximately a month before that even happened it doesn’t make sense it’s clear to me that drug situation is irrelevant to her yet nobody seems to point that out and in the episode of crime watch June 2nd 2020 they were pretty much all given everything they had why didn’t anybody clearly state six weeks prior to her murder these people were arrested and possibly short revenge against her but the murder had been planned at least a month before with the burner phone okay so that’s number one
    2 let’s talk about the fact that Lindsay was very weary of these people that called to set up this appointment they told her that one of her specified clients gave them her number and Lindsay told her dad that she called that client but they were away on vacation well I’m sure they returned at some point has nobody spoken to them and asked them because if they did then they know who the people are and if they didn’t then it was someone that knew her clients very well and knew that her clients were away and that’s why they used her name and we know who that would be
    3 she was so weary of these people that she had her boyfriend agreed to go with her on this showing then why when she’s meeting them at 5:30 is he on his way there at 5:30 when at 5:29 she’s opening up the door he text her like 5:31 she tells him this is a key point that they are already there he tells her he’ll be there in some time what was it 10 minutes or so
    He then text her at 5:38 but she doesn’t respond now he full well knew that she was very weary of these people and she’s in the house alone with them or whoever they would be might be and now she’s not responding to his text another key point to keep in mind
    When hw gets there at 5:45 he sees this couple he says and they abruptly turn and go back into the house and the policeman stated that her boyfriend was thinking well they’re just starting to show the house now that’s a bunch of baloney he knows already that they were there at 5:30 and what does he do he waits some 10 to 20 minutes before attempting to go see what’s going on this is totally absurd he should have been there at 5:30 if he supposed to go with her to show the house what good does it do her if he’s going to show up 15 minutes later than the appointment then he knows that they’ve been already there for that 15 minutes and yet he’s saying that he thinks they’re just showing the house now at 5:45 who is not picking up on this
    Then the interviewer was mentioning that there was witnesses that’s plural to the couple described as a blonde woman with a certain type of dress and a Caucasian male with dark hair then later on she says witness now who was that witness and how convenient that the boyfriend describes the same dress and the same Caucasian guy the timeline that the boyfriend is going through all this it doesn’t add up
    4 now the police say that dress could have been bought and verifiably so in a department store in that area I’m sure the department store would have records because they take inventory of how many of those dresses were sold and when and even if the person paid cash they could find the date and time and maybe they have cameras so what’s up with that
    These are all things that the policemen her father were talking about to this interview on crime watch June 2nd 2020 so it’s not hearsay these are facts
    Now I’ve read some of these comments with people are saying that her boyfriend’s friend was invited out to dinner which he stated was uncharacteristic for this boyfriend to do
    And the boyfriend is immediately running upstairs the fact that her high heels are at the foot of the stairs could be the reason but not really she could have kicked them off as she came in the door and was walking through the downstairs unless he had his friend searched the downstairs while he ran upstairs but there was no mention of any of that so he just ran up the stairs and then he’s saying he tried to resuscitate her now they said she was stabbed more than 40 times something’s not ringing right with his story or his timeline
    Then other commenters said her boyfriend and his mom were involved with shady business in real estate and something about drugs
    Okay so the detective said the boyfriend passed a lie detector test some people can do that
    The drug thing when she visited her dad on that island or whatever it was I forget the name was 6 weeks prior to her murder that murder was already put in place approximately 6 weeks before that incident so that doesn’t make any sense why is nobody pulling that apart
    And why is her boyfriend tell him to detective when he saw the couple go inside at 5:45 he thought they would just starting to view the home when he knows already that she told him they were already there at 5:30 via her text and he knows at 5:38 when he text her are you okay she never responded yet he pulls up at 5:45 and waits outside some 10 to 20 minutes not concerned for her I’d be very concerned she didn’t answer her text these people were walking out and then went back in she was weary all along and again I say why wasn’t he there at 5:30 with her and not to fault her at all but she’s weary about whoever she’s meeting she asks him to go with her he not only did not go with her but he gets there 15 minutes later knowing at 5:38 she didn’t answer his text knowing that at 5:30 she said they were already there but why would she not if he didn’t go actually with her at the same time wait outside in her car for him to arrive why did she open the door to go in with them alone
    All of this doesn’t make any sense the whole thing is she was very very weary of these people and she couldn’t get validation that this particular client by name referred them that’s the second time she tried to figure this out so she set up a plan to have her boyfriend go with her but he did not go with her I know I’m repeating things but it just boggles my mind he doesn’t go with her she tells him that they are at 5:30 she doesn’t respond to his text at 5:38 he shows up at 5:45 sees them going back into the house tells the detective oh I figured they’re just starting the showing now but what happened in that 15 minutes and then he waits another 10 to 20 minutes before he decides to go to the house no this doesn’t sound right at all.
    I mean I can’t believe it I watched this crime watch story and they’re talking about 6 weeks prior to her murder there was this major drug bust and she had been in that island and called the cousin and went on Facebook with the same cousin of the drug dealer so they might have thought she called the police on them and they went to kill her but the burner phone was purchased approximately 6 weeks prior to that drug bust so that drug bust has nothing to do with her murder why isn’t anybody calling that out????
    These things that I mentioned are clearly like pertinent I’m dumbfounded and there’s all this talk as she’s wearing she’s weary her boyfriend was going with her to show this home and he doesn’t go with her and he texts her and she tells him they’re there at 5:30 when he’s just starting to be on his way and then he texts her at 5:38 to ask her if she’s okay and she doesn’t respond is that not a huge red flag then he arrives there at 5:45 sees the couple going back in the house so he says and then he says he figures that just showing the house now well then where was she why isn’t she by the door opening the door to let them in this is clearly crazy and then on top of that he waits 10 to 20 minutes before he goes no this stinks I call somebody at 5:38 or text him are you okay because I know the people arrived at least 8 to 10 minutes earlier and they don’t answer my text I’m worried if I get there 7 minutes after that and I see the couple this couple going back into the house I call her again and say what’s going on you didn’t answer my text but no he just sits outside and waits another 10 to 20 minutes no something stinks with his story I don’t care that he passed the lie detector test something is not right with his story at all and that drug conspiracy thing doesn’t even apply that murder was set in place when that burned a phone was purchased they say that’s fact and it has to be because they showed up for the appointment that they made on that burner phone they were the killers but who hired them had nothing to do with the drug deal at all I mean the drug bust and nobody’s calling that out this perplexes me can somebody comment on this

    • eight says:

      Robert, burner phones are commonly purchased by gangs just to have around as a normal part of doing their business. The fact that the particular phone used to contact Lindsay was purchased well in advance of when it was first used to contact her means little. The key part of the phone issue is that Saanich police are reported to know who purchased it. How that hasn’t advanced the case is curious.

      The drug bust wasn’t on an island, it was in Calgary, a major city in the province of Alberta, about an hour’s flight east from Vancouver. There’s little doubt that kingpins involved in that bust would be out for revenge if they believed they had a snitch identified. But would they really be so stupid as to murder Lindsay knowing that if she was the snitch police would likely have protective eyes on her, and more importantly, them? Maybe. But if they’re that stupid, how have they evaded arrest all this time?

      Could be we’re looking at smarter people higher up the food and political chain, where the real money and laundering of it happens. I also wonder if the next apology from the Saanich police Board will be for losing a supposedly protected witness who accidentally saw too much.

      Until the perpetrators are nailed, anyone’s theory might be correct. We just don’t know what we don’t know.

      • lbmurder says:

        Involving a Saanich police officer possible as well.

        • Robert says:

          I appreciate your feedback thank you but I’m still not clear on the timing she went and thank you for that Calgary or Calgary 6 weeks prior to her murder there she contact via Facebook and via text message a cousin of this drug kingpin after she left this big drug bust went down and they’re saying that possibly that’s why she was murdered but again I say the burner phone had been purchased approximately 6 weeks before that drug bust so whoever purchased that phone already had her murder planned and they weren’t planning it the day they purchased the phone that plan had already been said the phone was just another thing they had to do so if 6 weeks prior to the drug bust that means the drug bust was irrelevant feel free to reply I’m still confused on that….
          I’m also wanting someone to comment about her boyfriend’s timeline she was scared concerned about these people that called her so she planned to go with her boyfriend she arrives on time at 5:30 but he doesn’t even meet her there at 5:30 he calls her and Lindsay tells him there ever there already he says he’ll be there like 10-15 minutes at 5:38 he text her are you okay she doesn’t respond wouldn’t he be in a little bit of a concern mode at that point but no he arrives sees these people leaving at about 5:45 then they turn around and go back in the house and he still waits outside another 10-20 minutes it doesn’t make sense
          Let’s say I had a daughter or a son 16 or 22 whatever tell me they’re afraid to go they want me to go with them I go with them and if for some reason I’m not there and they text me or I text them and they say well the people are already here I make sure I rush to get there and if I text them again 8 minutes later and say are you okay and they don’t respond I’m on high alert so when I get there at 5:45 and see people walking out and then turning around and walking back in I immediately follow after them regardless I don’t sit out in the parking lot wait another 10-20 minutes when I already know that they didn’t respond to my text at 5:38
          And I’m still wanting to know about the client that gave them the phone number to call her did they ever ask this person about it did she give the number if she did she’s in cahoots if she didn’t it was someone in the inner circle that knew Lindsay’s clients to me I guess I have to say it now it comes back to her boyfriend it’s probably one of those things where it’s so blatantly obvious that nobody sees it that would be her boyfriend
          Now I didn’t see this on the interview but someone commented that the boyfriend asked out an acquaintance for lunch and the aquarium said that’s a rarity and uncharacteristic of the boyfriend so again it comes back to the boyfriend
          And over 40 stables that’s a vengeful murder that’s a murder of passion if in fact the boyfriend put somebody to do it he told them make her suffer obviously someone not only wanted her dead they wanted her painfully dead
          The fact that he passed a polygraph I mean I understand they’re not infallible please to comment on these things if you will I’m just so curious but that timeline of the drug bust and the burner phone I still maintain it had nothing to do with the drugs

      • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

        Druglords would not kill a snitch the way Lindsay was killed. She would have been shot dead. This murder is very very personal. Who would take the time to do to her what was done without severe anger, personal anger.

      • Robert says:

        Oh pardon me I reread what you were saying yes you’re correct it doesn’t matter how far in advance the phone was purchased but it was my thinking that when the phone was purchased they set up that appointment so I guess I would need to know when did she receive that call now I understand oh boy my bad

      • Robin says:

        Well said 8. May I also add that when criminals buy burner phones they buy maybe 3 or 4at a time. They also pay Joe needsomeblow to buy the phones for them. They always have extra cell phones because they replace them like chopsticks.
        And the snitch imo is Lily Munster… aka SZ. Think about it. Oh yah, then did she pin it on Lindsay? Not only that Lily and Ede wanted Lindsay gone, she pissed them off. They were insulted that no amount of luxury items could make Lindsay (Marilyn) want to stay with a Munster family.
        The corrupt Saanich cops are a nightmare to all decent working citizens. Same for the corrupt real estate, money launders and government workers who are all on the take.
        Fk off all of U. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  31. Rob says:

    I’ve just watched the crime watch June 2nd 2020 episode and I’m a little bit surprised. To start with they threw up this thing about when she went to visit her father that she had called someone related to this drug dealer or something and that was 6 weeks before she was murdered and they say that possibly because of the drug bust on these people she was targeted for murder.
    But here’s the thing the burner phone that was purchased to set up that meeting at that house was purchased 3 months before her murder that would totally discredit anything to do with her trip to visit her father and talking to or texting a relative of this drug guy.
    And I’m confused and surprised as to why nobody throws that out there why would the police not clarify that?
    Lindseys father is doing the best he can why doesn’t he even realize the burner phone was purchased 3 months prior to her murder that murder had been planned at least 6 weeks before she went to visit her father.
    Another thing is she was theyre saying concerned about this phone call looking to purchase a house and the caller told her that a particular client gave them her phone number and that she had called that client but they were on vacation why is there no mention of what happened now that she had been murdered when these people returned from vacation there’s no mention of it that’s a key point right there to find out whether or not those people actually gave that phone number and if they did to whom they gave it like this is unbelievable that its not mentioned in this crime watch episode where the police are talking and the father is talking and giving what they seem to believe are pertinent facts why was this not brought up so that’s number two.
    Number three she was nervous as stated earlier about meeting these people so she enlisted her boyfriend to meet her there it’s odd that at 5:29 she’s opening the lock box and the boyfriend at 5:30 the timing is just incredible at 5:30 he calls her and she says they’re here and she ends the call then at 5:38 he texts her I’ll be a few more minutes before I’m there a couple of things a few things are wrong with this whole timeline and calling business why wasn’t he there before even 5:30 because the whole point was to make sure that she’s okay that she was weary of these people yet he’s calling her just as she’s opening the lock box and she tells him they’re here … it’s almost too convenient for him this timeline then he arrives there what was it 5:41 I might be a minute or two off on all these times but the timeline still stands of what I’m explaining he says he seen a couple with this particular dress and blonde hair and a tall white man exiting the home and they see him and abruptly turn around and go back into the house and he assumes oh they’re about to view the home well that doesn’t make any sense at all if she told him at 5:30 they were there why would he assume they’re just seeing the home now why is nobody picking that story apart and on top of that keep in mind this convenient timeline for him he waits an additional what was it 10 minutes before he even tries to enter the home and he had texted her in between that saying I’ll be there in a few minutes but she didn’t respond back that would be a huge huge huge red flag that she was in trouble and he arrives there knowing that she didn’t respond to the text and she was totally weary of these people from the first place he doesn’t get there when they’re supposed to be there he gets there later and now he’s waiting 10 minutes even though she did not respond to his text so this is extremely questionable now the police defend him till no end based on forensics they say based on his lie detector test etc but yet these things I’m mentioning are very crucial something doesn’t add up with his not being there at 5:30 and waiting another 10 minutes after getting there and the father mentioned that part a little bit like when he saw them go in why didn’t he go in then but he didn’t mention about the timelines of why he wasn’t there at 5:30 and he doesn’t point out that Lindsay didn’t answer the boyfriend’s last text yet he still waited 10 minutes outside knowing he just saw two people attempting to leave and then abruptly going back inside he conveniently is leaving on his way to get there at the time he knew their appointment was when he should have been there already. And yes as her father stated he supposedly had never been in that home before and out of concern he immediately makes that quick right turn and runs up the stairs to the master bedroom one might say well her heels were at the bottom of the stairs that doesn’t mean anything I would think he would run through the bottom of the house unless he told his friend search the bottom I’m running upstairs but that wasn’t mentioned either so these things boggle my mind and it bears repeating the burner phone was purchased 3 months before her murder her trip to visit her father was six weeks before her murder the burner phone was the whole thing that’s the people that she met they’re either the people that murdered her or was sent by the people that set up that appointment the drug business had nothing to do with her murder if anybody could answer the questions that I’ve put forth please do so.
    If you want to add to it the father says Lindsay was thinking seriously about breaking up with this guy now I’m not saying he did it I’m not saying he set it up but I’m saying these are valid questions he should have been there at 5:30 but his timeline it’s just so perfect for him she’s meeting them there at 5:30 yet he’s on his way there at 5:30 when he’s some 15 minutes away or so then she tells him at 5:30 they’re there he pulls up later after they murdered her sees them going back inside and he’s still waits outside 10 minutes and clearly states he thought they were just starting to show the house that’s a huge red flag and he declined to comment to crime watch now one might say well he’s done answering questions but listen if a loved one of mine was murdered I would speak to these people something isn’t right here so I want to know what client of Lindsay gave these people the number whatever came of that why are they’re talking about this drug business when the burner phone was purchased clearly 6 weeks before she ever went there and why this boyfriend’s timeline is wacky and then the cop says when the boyfriend spoke to her she gave no indication of any problem well of course not she was just basically opening the door at that point to go inside so at that time they’re not going to show her anything but yet the police officer wanted to make that a very clear point that she didn’t seem to be in distress at that time almost to make it easy for people to understand why he would wait outside 10 minutes but NO he should have known those people had already seen that house if they arrived there when she told him at 5:30 yet he waits outside another 10 minutes by his words not mine when he seen them exiting the house and it’s very strange how they abruptly turn around and go back in. And he already knew that when he texted her around 5:38 she did not respond and if they’re leaving going out the door and he still hasn’t heard from her and he should have been there at 5:30 something is not right with his story
    I watch this crime watch episode two times and these questions still boggle my mind I hope this helps her father to put things into better perspective I applaud this man and I feel sorry for this man it’s been too long the officer said this is a solvable case and I believe that it is and then he says the father going online and whatnot could hinder the prosecution it’s almost like he wants the father to let It go I don’t know what’s going on with this I know that certain things can hinder prosecution but at the same time something’s not adding up with what people are saying or not saying and these people that become aggressive when the father asks them questions if they don’t come out and say I don’t know they just get aggressive and don’t want to talk to him that’s another red flag can’t they be subpoenaed into court to answer these questions? any and all feedback is appreciated because I have raised very valid concerns about this these are police detectives stating that a burner phone was purchased 3 months prior to Lindsay’s murder they know for a fact that whoever purchased those phones and called her were involved and responsible for her murder yet they’re bringing up this drug bust 6 weeks before her murder it was the burner phone the three month ago timeline that’s when her murder was playing had nothing absolutely nothing to do with this conspiracy theory of a drug dealer being arrested and she had called his cousin nothing it could not possibly unless they want to take the burner phone people off the hook and the couple outside that house off the hook and they say it’s definitely a hit because she was stabbed over 40 times anytime I’ve read about or so on television a hit it’s usually one or two gunshots at most this was a revenge or a crime of passion murder over 40 times stabbing I get why they sent a couple because of female might not have been able to take her on by herself and she would have been doubly weary if it was just one man the couple would put her more at ease so I get why they sent the couple do I believe the couple were the ones who wanted him dead no they would definitely hired by someone else and it was not the drug people that theory has to go six weeks before her murder that’s ridiculous I can’t believe they still mentioning that it bears repeating over and over again the burner phone was purchased 6 weeks before she went to that place I forget what they called it and called and texted a cousin or something of that drug dealer that burner phone was the start of that planned murder 6 weeks before she ever texted that drug person’s cousin and this is professional the police are actually thinking that it could have something to do with that doesn’t add up please anybody let me know what you think about that but again I hope this helps her father but it seems too simple that I think he knows all of this but why then will they just giving out certain parts of information and to me they were expressing everything they knew and the police were seriously considering this drug conspiracy and that doesn’t fly at all

  32. jgordon123 says:

    Hey everyone, I recently heard about this and it instantly caught my interest. So much so, I want to know More and “investigate” this very unfortunate murder. If ANYBODY has ANY information (theories too), whether it’s a conspiracy theory, circumstantial evidence, or confirmed information that I may or may not know about, please email me at: Please, if you can, give me a link or something to your sources. Also, Mr. Buziak, I am so sorry for your loss, but don’t worry the killer will be revealed eventually. I will be commenting this monthly so if anyone new has any new info, they can email me.

  33. Oliver says:



    August 11, 2021

    Saanich police apologize for inadequate handling of sexual assault survivor’s report. The Saanich Police Board has apologized for the department’s treatment of a sexual assault survivor’s report after she shared their missteps and her degrading experience with officers in a Black Press Media article last month.

    The July 28 article, Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice, details how officers mis-recorded part of a 2016 interview with the survivor – identified as Chelsea – and took steps that made incriminating aspects of the accused’s interview inadmissible in court.
    Officers ultimately chose not to recommend charges against the accused and incorrectly classified Chelsea’s report as “unfounded,” a label exposed by a 20-month Globe and Mail investigation as proof of police bias and mishandling of sexual assault reports in Canada.

    When Chelsea returned to the police in 2020 to complain about their handling of her report, the officer she spoke with acknowledged their mistakes and agreed she was in fact a survivor of sexual assault. Her file was changed to “FOUNDED but not charged.”

    A statement last week is the first time the police board and department have formally acknowledged mistakes, though. Signed by Chief Const. Scott Green and Mayor Fred Haynes, the statement thanks Chelsea for having the courage to speak up and advocate for change.
    Saanich police apologize for inadequate handling of sexual assault survivor’s report – Saanich News.
    What is not included in SPDs statement or press articles and releases regarding Chelsea’s case is that the father of the accused was a veteran of Saanich PD who has since retired at the time of Chelsea’s report!
    Of course! Corruption!

    • Oliver says:


    • ConnectTheDots says:

      Given the experience we have all had with regards to the SPD doing their job I’m not surprised by this at all. Sounds like business as usual for the SPD. Time to end their ” business as usual “. This is one of the many reasons there is a call to defund the police. They are no longer working for the public. The only reason this has even come up again is due to Chelsea’s brave determination. Otherwise you can bet there would be nothing but crickets……….

  34. ConcernedBC says:

    First of all, I am so sorry for your loss and praying your daughter gets the justice she so badly deserves.

    I’m a BC resident of no relation to the case but I can tell you, we’re sick of the balant corruption. We feel used as so much dirty money destroys our housing market and the tainted drugs kill our citizens. A lot of us are aware something is seriously wrong and are frustrated our officials either seem corrupt or incompetent or both. We’re all hoping a change in provincial leadership yields some investigations but seems unlikely. We’re such a beautiful province and this is my home, but it’s getting harder and harder to live here as greed skyrockets the prices of even the non-urban areas, where affordability should be expected.

    Another issue is the terrible treatment of our Indegenous women and girls. I mean we have a Highway of Tears and VPD slept on the Pickton murders for years. Indegenous women are treated the worst but I’m seriously concerned for the safety of many young women here as clearly, prosecuting sexual assault seems of low priority to the different jurisdictions. You can get away with a lot here for a very long time. One of the Pickton brothers still prowls the DTES for crying out loud! The community tries their best to protect themselves on their own, with posters and warnings, but with no official help of any kind.

    It’s appalling and I thank you Mr. Buziak for your tireless advocacy for your daughter and other women who have been victims of violence.

    My question to the Saanich police is what do they need to solve this case? They keep saying it’s solvable and claim optimism, but most detectives would not be so chipper after 13years. They would either arrest their suspects (or at least haul them in for questioning) or they would be ripping their hair out in frustration and beg for some help. What do they need from the public? Considering all these shady connections, you’d think they do as so many detectives have done in other cases and start laying down unrelated charges to put pressure on some of these associates. Drug charges come to mind. Start small, work your way up the ladder. That’s pretty standard in cases of organized crime, which they say is involved.

    Has their been any liason with the Alberta police? Saanich seems sure their drug bust had something to do with Lindsay’s death. Have they spoken with the officers who busted these people? Have those officers been granted any access to the file to perhaps help? Lindsay’s killers traveled from Vancouver (where there’s a major airport) to Victoria via ferry. Were the killers called in from Alberta? If not, who in Vancouver has connections to Lindsay? Or did they travel to Vancouver, buy a phone, then traveled back, knowing that they would be traced? Who in this case had been away from Victoria during the purchase? Victoria and Vancouver are fairly close, you can get from one city to the other in a day, easily.

    Why have the Zhailos been cleared, despite their strong connection to drug trafficking? Was Shirley Zhailo involved romantically with one of the Saanich police? So many questions and so many reasons the Saanich police need to do the right thing and hand over the case. Too many conflict of interests. Their strange attitude and deep ties to the Zhailos is casting serious doubt on their ability or desire to solve this murder. It is disturbing. If they have nothing to hide, there’s no reason not to have other detectives review the case. They keep saying the FBI is involved, now the RCMP. So why haven’t these bodies interviewed anyone? Why haven’t they done anything significant? We can’t even tell if they’re actually participating.

    This murder was committed by people who knew the Victoria real state business, knew the name of a client Lindsay worked with, knew her private number. They must have known the house, studied the neighbourhood. They must have realized the work crew next door would be done by 5pm. They had insider knowledge and I have serious doubts criminals from Alberta would have that much knowledge of local real state and development. Whoever planned this murder is likely a Victoria resident. You will not find the hired killers first. They were likely just doing a job. Probably didn’t even know Lindsay. So you need to figure out who wanted Lindsay gone. Who wanted Lindsay gone in such a violent manner? I don’t believe this was a case of mistaken identity. There’s no indication Lindsay knew much or participated in the Alberta bust. That’s a lot of effort to kill someone on the faintest whisper they may have talked.

    Meanwhile you have a boyfriend she was planning on leaving. A boyfriend who was supposed to watch over her at the viewing but failed to. He didn’t even text Lindsay until after the viewing started. He parked so far away that he had no sight on the house. However, later he books it to the master bedroom as if he’s lived there his whole life! He has motive, he has access to resources to hire killers, he has shady connections to shady people, and he’s acting very, very strange. He’s a realtor, why didn’t he accompany Lindsay on the sale? Why did he encourage her to go alone, against her better judgment? Why did he make plans with someone and then drag them to the house? Why was he late to the viewing, knowing full well she afraid?! Again, how did he know Lindsay was in the master bedroom? That alone raises considerable alarm bells. He passed a polygraph? Cool story but it hardly negates his suspicious knowledge of the crime scene, it just means he probably lacked any emotional response to trigger the flawed machine. Know who else passed a polygraph? Gary Ridgeway. People who have no remorse whatsoever tend to be good at lying to those things. Hate polygraph tests, flawed and outdated. Hardly worth even bothering with anymore, do more harm than good in my opinion. It certainly isn’t enough to clear the most obvious suspect with the strongest motive.

    My theory is fairly obvious. Many have come to the same conclusion. The Zhailos killed Lindsay. It was a combination of Jason being angry at her for planning on leaving him (perhaps he thought she was cheating on him with her ex?) and Shirley Zhailo’s fear Lindsay would turn her in. That’s why the murder was so specific. The Zhailos had plenty of money, had the real state knowledge, and likely, deep connections to the Saanich police. Hence why they chose that house for their plan. Also, it seems to me that the Zhailos were trying to make Lindsay happy during the course of the relationship. They bought houses and poured money into them. It seemed excessively generous, perhaps as a way to buy her silence? When that didn’t work and she rejected not only Jason, but the opportunity to join this twisted family, they had her killed. Unlike so many of their friends and associates, money couldn’t buy her happiness and she wanted out. It’s tragic because it shows she had moral integrity.

    Someone knows something and if some pressure was applied, they’d probably crack, but that doesn’t appear to be happening so Saanich needs to be removed. This case hits so hard because not only was a promising young women so brutally murdered but the corruption involved speaks to the worst of B.C.

    We can’t let go of this case. It needs to be solved. Her family needs justice and our system needs to work. This corruption is ruining our province and we need to demand proper oversight into the serious allegations of misconduct.

    The head detective went on Casefile (the popular podcast) and told the host that “no one” has called him. Just posting on the internet. That’s your job. To follow up, to book interviews, it’s not up to the witnesses, possible informants to call you up and hand you the case on a silver platter. It’s disgrace and his treatment of Mr. Buziak is disgusting. He needs to be removed from case at the very least.

    More people need to know about this case! More people need to demand justice for Lindsay and her family.

    • Rosanne says:

      Wow, I have to wonder if more work was done on this post then officially on the case in the last 13 years.

    • ConnectTheDots says:

      “Why have the Zhailos been cleared, despite their strong connection to drug trafficking?”

      And despite their strong connection to Lindsay. I mean, come on, the boyfriend she was going to leave and his hateful mother who was also her boss. Outrageous!!

      • jgordon123 says:

        I guess all they really have is circumstantial evidence

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          At this point maybe. A LOT of circumstantial evidence. So much so that there is no way in hell that anyone should have been cleared. So why were all three of the Zailo’s cleared so early on? This is what needs to be investigated.

    • see closely says:

      I am pretty sure that SPD looked into all relation of Lindsay.This is the first line of investigation into Lindsay’s murder.SPD could not avoid this line of investigation.
      Surely they investigated both maternal and paternal relations of Lindsay.
      They either came-up short of any evidence or were prevented by AG from charging anybody from that line of inquiry.Why would not AG approve the charges if there was any evidence is something that I don’t know.We will never know unless any other charges will be filed against somebody else.

    • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

      Great response. That is what we have all been waiting for, from someone in BC that can see the light behind the BS. To Jordan 123 many many murders have been tried and convicted on circumstantial evidence, do some research. This case is so clear that all one has to do is start taking them down and the house of cards will fall. BC is a beautiful province in our country, I have never been to Saanich but I imagine it as beautiful too. This unsolved murder and all the corruption has really put BC in a place that I don’t care to visit anymore. Somehow we need to get the citizens of BC to bombard the FBI and RCMP to get your province cleaned up. Starting with Linday’s unsolved murder is a great place to start.

  35. LaLa says:

    Mark my words, this case will be solved by the end of the year. There are 7 I repeat SEVEN people who are going down. Good luck to them as they rot in prison. Those who thought they escaped to California and got away with murder, you truly believe that time is on your side and your only punishment is the judgment you will face when you meet your maker, you are dead wrong. It is coming and it is coming VERY soon. Enjoy your last summer of freedom. To the “woman” in the crazy dress, you had your chance to come forward and turn witness, you could have been out of prison already, you could have cleared your conscience and moved on with your life, started over completely but it’s too late for that now.

    • Just a Canadian Citizen says:

      Sounds like you know more than most. Hopefully this will be over soon.

    • Saanich Resident says:

      How do you form this conclusion? What sources have indicated that this could be solved this year? You reference 7 people…. how are you so sure of this?

  36. I heard of this murder on the news after it happened. My immediate thinking was” how risky it is for a female real estate agent to show houses by herself, as she was most likely sexually attacked. When I further found out there was no sexual attack and no robbery… before knowing any other facts about this crime I said” it was personal, someone wanted her dead. Know years later and being on this page for years… I believe it is CLEAR to everyone here… Lindsey’s murder was calculated and planned by someone who personally wanted her off the planet and had serious anger and resentment towards her based on the horrendous aggressive way she was killed. Given the small amount of people on the island..I believe it is quite obvious to e v e r y o n e who was involved in her murder and who had the most to lose if Lindsey spoke about what she was aware of and what was transpiring at that time in illegal activity. It was most likely a woman that murdered her..hence no sexual assault. Women don’t kill other women very often that violently over jealousy or theft or randomly. This has a really dark component of HATE that to me is the same measure that a mama bear would attack anyone that was a threat to her cubs or family… Hmmmm wonder who fits that description.

    • Robin says:

      Could it be…..uummmmm Shirley Zailo

      • ?? no robbery no sexual attack.. what is the motivation.. Victoria is a very small island.. everyone knows everyone.. people know who did this.. the fact they are not coming forth to ” tell” is because they are scared that in itself tells you that the killer is close by. There are countless crimes that are un-solved in the world.. this case and the guilty parties even to a laymen is ” obvious” but i also understand you need evidence to charge someone with a crime.. but i believe there was enough circumstantial evidence to lay charges to Z mother and her pathetic J cub. I have said for years where the police dropped the ball which in itself speaks volumes is.. they should have then and since then charged her with ” Money laundering” ” conspiracy” & perhaps Drug Trafficking” and got her and her family operation shut down! the fact they still have not charged her with anything tells you.. there is a conspiracy here and collusion.. corruption at the highest levels. If they got her for that… and not for lindseys murder.. that would atleast be ” something” and they have not even done that. ~ why? follow the money they say… ~

        • PLUS if the charged her for her own criminal activity and she was locked up.. I guarantee you people would come forth and testify what they know… because they would feel somewhat safe. THEY LET so many morons involved in drug trafficking away with it.. on an island!! the cops know what they are doing then and now.. and what do they do? N O T H I N G

    • IHeart80s says:

      The Saanich PD are moted. How hard can it be? There are limited disposable phone carriers in Vancouver. Here is the list.
      -best buy
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      -compare cellular
      My intuition tells me that the disposable phone purchase was made near the murderer’s home, their work or at a shop that themselves or their family members own. Nope, can’t keep running, hiding, or avoiding getting caught. Turn yourself in. I can’t say as I believe 7 people were involved that sounds like a murderous gang. If it was a core of 2-3 people then the other 3 or 4 must know only bits, accessories to or like C.O., completely dumbfounded and dragged in.

  37. Oliver says:


    Saanich Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice. The Saanich Police didn’t recommended charges against a local real estate agent, instead deemed case ‘unfounded’.

    Saanich police made several mistakes in the handling of Chelsea’s report, including failing to read the agent his rights before questioning him – making any incriminating aspects of what he said inadmissible in court – and mislabeling Chelsea’s file as “unfounded.” The department has ultimately acknowledged this.

    Between 2011 and May 25, 2021, the Saanich Police Department received 858 sexual assault reports. Of those, charge consideration reports were sent to Crown on 173 instances, and 153 of those went to court. That means Saanich police sent forward about 20 per cent of sexual assault reports. Yet a 2016 meta-analysis published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found 95 per cent of reported sexual assaults are true.

    Police missteps leave Greater Victoria sexual assault survivor without justice – Saanich News

  38. Ben says:

    Didn’t the police announce a major breakthrough in this case a few months ago? Details were to be given at a later date – but I have herd nothing. What happened?

  39. Greg says:

    ***This is simply my opinion on the theory of the crime***

    Jason and Shirley Zailo set Lindsay up for this murder. Jason gave Lindsay a false sense of security saying he would go there and help her with the showing. The fact that he looked up at the camera (when he was getting those documents signed with his partner) and text Lindsay at exactly 5:30 saying he would be late, explains everything. He knew that at 5:30 she would be in a position where she couldn’t back out from the showing. Why wouldn’t he have texted her at say 5:15 to let her know he would be late and to wait for him? I’m not sure about other people, but when I am going to be late, I don’t know notify my loved ones that I’m going to be late after the time has passed. I think most normal people would let the person they love know beforehand (Especially when they were going to be alone with strangers and they were SCARED).

    Upon his arrival, he doesn’t go up to the house (if he actually cared about her, he would have told her to tell the people that he would be arriving at some point and participating in the showing– That way she would have been safe. That’s what a real man does for someone he loves)… Instead, he parks far enough away where his partner cannot see in the windows of the house and also couldn’t hear Lindsay if she screamed.

    None of this is to mention how he acted after she didn’t return his messages. This guy is 6 ft 3 250 lb muscular man. He should have smashed those windows by the door to unlock it, in order to go straight into the house. Instead, like an absolute Coward, he gave his business partner a boost over the fence to check for an open window or door (lo and behold the killers conveniently left the back door open for him). Honorable mention to the fact that when he did get let into the house by his partner, he made a beeline for the murder scene (why did he wait until after 6pm without a worry in the world, but then suddenly is running up the stairs like a fat Usain Bolt? This was a five bedroom home with four bathrooms. I think Jason did this to ensure that Lindsay was dead. Saying that he wanted to try and revive her through CPR is absolute garbage in my opinion.

    Then this loser (Jason Zailo) calls his mom asking for the garage code. The reason he did this was to provide his mom with an alibi by proving she didn’t have access to the house/garage. The reason for this is because there was obviously a third party laying in wait for her. And that begs the question how did that person get into the house?… Answer: Shirley Zailo likely provided the garage code that she said she didn’t have access to. I am assuming this was done because if neighbours saw a man enter through the garage after 5pm, she would have her butt covered. I believe this phone call was calculated beforehand.

    That man who participated in the showing was seen outside of the house at 5:45, he would have been absolutely drenched in blood. The third party was waiting in that bathroom, with a change of clothes. He committed the murder, and then sent that other man outside to signal Jason that the deed was done. I believe that it was predetermined that once Jason saw this man he was to wait 15-20 minutes in order for the couple and the third party to make a clean getaway.

    Please remember that by all accounts, Jason and his business partner were not friends. His business partner stated that Jason had asked him to go out for dinner that night and it was very uncharacteristic of him to do that. Also, it was apparently not mentioned to his business partner that they needed to make this stop to see Lindsay until After they were already in the vehicle… Try and picture if Jason shows up to that murder scene alone how much explaining he has to do to the police. Everything was just so convenient for him that he was on camera, was with an alibi/witness, and was texting the murder of victim at the time she was being killed.

    If I were to guess what the motive was, Jason (and Shirley) did everything in their power to keep Lindsay close by. She knew something about the drugs (and likely other shady dealings) that They were involved in. Who buys a 1.3 million dollar home and puts $250,000 into renovations for an unmarried couple (Shirley Zailo apparently)? When Lindsay starts to back away, they move into his brother’s condo and then Shirley dumps $70,000 into renovations of that place. I know Realtors can make some pretty good money, but let’s get real here. These people were involved in the distribution of narcotics. Remember that Shirley Zailo was renting a home to Ziggy, who was a hardcore drug dealer and a violent criminal (he lived there for 5 years and at one point was busted with a huge amount of narcotics, which included 13 kg of marijuana– imagine how hard it would be to hide that smell from your landlord)…

    I think the higher ups in the drug/criminal organization thought there was a rat, Jason found out Lindsay wanted to leave, so they set her up for a fall. It just way too convenient that the place she gets murdered in happens to have close contact with Shirley, Jason and her other son Ryan. Don’t forget that the reference that was provided to Lindsay by the fake couple. That reference was apparently legit, and very conveniently out of town at the time. That is really really fortunate for the couple that she was unable to contact that person (let’s remember these people had money and cell phones were very prevalent at that time).

    I saw a post on here stating they thought the builders were involved. In my opinion I really don’t think they were a part of this, but obviously cannot say for sure.

    The Zailo family is absolute trash, and I think they are actually really really unintelligent. This whole situation was so sketchy and disingenuous, that it absolutely sickens me.

    • Robert says:

      I like your theory you know this is off topic a little bit but Joe Kenda that ex cop that had that show then it ended and now he has a new show about unsolvable crimes and then he States until they weren’t unsolvable because he solved them I might be grasping at straws here but they should call him in see if he’ll investigate also I know this is a long shot also but how about a psychic sometimes they’ve been known to help

      • lbmurder says:

        Over a dozen psychics were communicated with and they mostly all said police involvement. Boyfriend and family. Some cop like h Ho Ho hor horse like horsey. We should ask Constable Chris Horsley, head of Lindsay’s file, if he recognizes anyone at Saanich police with that name?

      • Thanks Robert,

        I am familiar with him (my dad loves the guy lol). There needs to be pressure put on these cops for anything to happen, so that may be a way to do it! Email the show!

    • Following says:

      I agree with this 98% I think Lindsay did know something and this was part of a money laundering through real estate venture. I don’t think any higher ups decided – I think S decided and J was complicit because she was leaving him. J is pretty immature. A bit dumb. She had to have been killed immediately and with deadly force. The delays were important. If she was stabbed in the heart, that would do it. Sorry to be descriptive. There is huge money in money laundering. They weren’t about to let that gravy train get exposed. As with the Peterson case here in California – when everything is coincidentally falling into place so seamlessly, thats a huge red flag. Life doesn’t work that way. Even more so in the moment. That was a finite plan requiring timely steps. Life doesn’t work that way. And if J didn’t see the people leaving why didn’t he call out and bang loudly. How quickly did he rush to the back yard. Technically, someone murdering a realtor does the deed and leaves through the front door. Not through the convenient fence hole in the back. Murder of a realtor is either sexual in nature or robbery in nature. Not thrill seeking. As a realtor for 30+ years, every weirdo situation for me was of a sexual intent. To determine if it was money laundering through drugs and real estate, a lot of S transactions would have been cash and probably through multiple buyers and sellers. Examining the buyers and sellers that have had multiple transactions through her brokerage (different realtors) might provide a clue to the money laundering. Not sure if RCMP have jurisdiction. Here in America it is FBI. I would definitely show this possible scenario that was written to someone connected to RCMP. Its all very suspicious that every step in this crime was “coincidental” – the timeline is very very short. It was too planned.

  40. Saanich Resdient says:

    1) How are the Saanich Police Department members indirectly or directly involved?
    2) What members of the Saanich Police department would have exposure to this and why?
    3) What members of the Saanich Police department have dirty relationships, and with whom?
    4) What organizations of organized crime could be linked to this, and how are they associated to Lindsay?
    5) Something is missing here, you have massive corruption and people are looking aside.

    What could be so big that the SPD are covering up?

    • Rosanne says:

      Interesting that with a woman brutally murdered while working and her case not solved, that you want or need information about the speculations as to why the police department has not solved it instead of worrying about public safety. Well, right off the top of my head, Saanich Police are violating Mr. Buziak’s Victim’ rights. Go read the part about communication. Their behaviour is cruel and criminal. Where do the Saanich Police get the idea that anyone would support this? What would motivate a police chief to ignore a victim’s father? What would motivate detectives to threaten to destroy a victim’s father if he didn’t stop trying to get justice? What would motivate a police department to ignore a murder case? What would motivate them to keep saying a file is active and a case is ongoing without proof year after year? I can also not find another example where a Canadian Police force cleared a whole family in record time! Some exonerated people take longer to clear. What is up with that? In my opinion it seems at least part of the Saanich police are more concerned about criticism of their work then they are about doing a job that can’t be picked apart. Even a poor job should have something to show after 13 years. The Saanich police should be thrilled that people suspect they are wrapped up in some criminal activity and protecting something because the alternative is the belief that they are incapable of doing what they are paid to do and aren’t protecting anyone, except their own ass. To use your words” What could be so big that the SPD are covering up?” Their choice.

      • ConnectTheDots says:

        Very interesting points and well said Rosanne. It is shocking that a young woman was so savagely murdered and yet there has been no movement on this case for over a decade. This case should be their number one priority. They say the FBI has been brought in but I’ll believe it when I see it. How dare they treat the victims father as they are. It is cruel and criminal. Clearing the whole family of the people who have to be their prime suspects is insane. What could be so big? Illegal drug and real estate activity and money laundering.

        • Ole P Hildebrand says:

          sometime after the murder the mom was in a BF/GF relationship with one of the retired SPD detectives

      • lbmurder says:

        Well said! Saanich police need to be replaced and seriously investigated if for nothing else negligence of duty. 13+ years have shown all they have been capable of is protecting the conspirators and murderers while seriously mistreating all those wanting to help and/or holding them accountable to perform their duty in a professional manner. The work culture at Saanich police is corrupted and is in dire need of a complete overhaul. They function like gangsters with complete heartless disregard for all victims of serious crimes!

        • Just A Canadian Citizen says:

          I totally agree that something is wrong with this case duh, who couldn’t figure that out after 13 years. What needs to be done is to get the SPD off of this case. After many of us, on this blog, writing letters to higher ups and getting no response I believe this is in the hands of the Saanich residents. Get together and do something. This is your home, your taxpayer money supporting these officers, your safety and your children’s are at risk.

      • Ole P Hildebrand says:

        It would have been interesting to see, if any, how many Real Estate/Mortgage deals was done with the mom and the SPD including their families families, prior to the murder of Lindsay.

      • Saanich Resident says:

        While I do agree with many of your comments they do not accurately lay out a purpose behind their incompetence on this file, nor why detectives have threatened Jeff personally. There has to be a bigger issue here and that’s not abundantly clear. You stated that they “aren’t protecting anyone but their own ass”…… what do they have to protect by botching a murder investigation?

        • lbmurder says:

          That they seriously botched a murder investigation and don’t have a clue of what the fook they are doing.

    • Svetlana says:

      Wonder how much real estate was bought by them through Camosun or JZ business.

    • Oliver says:

      I don’t see corruption, dirty relationships, or involvement in organized crime. What I do see is a police department that did not have seasoned homicide investigators that could take on a crime of this magnitude. No matter how well meaning, Saanich Police were a small organization who were way over their heads thinking they could solve this crime without outside help. What I will say too, is that after this investigation got underway it became so evident that incompetence played a serious role in the investigation going sideways. Chasing false leads, putting trust in witnesses that were clearly not trustworthy, and not taking the time to interview witnesses that were key to the investigation led to a serious setback. We can only hope that the Saanich Police, the FBI and whoever else is involved has gone back to the drawing board, started fresh and picked up where they went wrong.

      • lbmurder says:

        Unfortunately they can’t figure out how to “pick up” a stick they keep tripping on.

        • ConnectTheDots says:

          Still can’t get past the murder happening on the day after all or almost all of the seasoned homicide detectives that they did have retired ( all on the same day ) and a lot of the other officers had been out celebrating that retirement the night before. If I remember correctly there was a gap in time between the senior officers retiring and new homicide detectives being brought in. Coincidence? I think not.

          • Notsherlock says:

            I’m just curious what the retirement and the celebration the night before has to do with this murder. Other people have brought this point up in the past. What am I missing?

            • lbmurder says:

              I really hope your question is sincere and not cynical or sarcastic which would be sinister. Senior, very experienced people gone. Not common for that many at once in a small department. Someone informed of the mass retirement and that being a good time for murder. People’s guard down because of celebrations to name a few. We know Saanich police are corrupted and leadership is poor and incestuous.

            • ConnectTheDots says:

              The murder was committed on a day that the SPD were drastically down on their homicide investigators ( due to the many retirements ) and the police officers that they did have had been out celebrating the retirement of all the others and therefore were not in the best of shape to be investigating a vicious murder such as this. I do not believe that was a coincidence. They must have had inside knowledge that the retirements and the celebrations were going to happen on the day before and so planned it for the day after when the SPD would be at their weakest. It took them a while to get replacements for all of those retired homicide detectives. It was the perfect day to commit such a murder in Saanich.

      • Svetlana says:

        Arrest Jason Zailo. That’s a start.

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